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October 03, 2023


Karikó's shared Nobel is just proof of how big the conspiracy really is.

Au contraire. The Nobel is proof that the conspiracy is not as pervasive as sometimes alleged.

At least she was an Adjunct, and got to share the Nobel.

Unlike a postdoc. The Nobel for "millisecond pulsars" went to the Sr. faculty AND grad students, but left out the postdoc becuase "hired help".

Luck plays a huge role.

And now, we have a Speaker Pro Tem in the US House. It seems that, being someone whose word is considered utterly worthless by everybody, left and right alike, is not a career enhancer.

Who wants to bet on how long it takes to elect a new Speaker this time?

Mike the Mad Biologist weighs in.

bobbyp -- thanks for the Mike the Mad Biologist link. Very concise and thought-provoking.

Agreed, on Mike the Mad Biologist. Also, I was delighted to read that Kariko is Hungarian: it was only when Janie mentioned John von Neumann some months ago, and I looked him up, that I discovered what Szilard said when people were discussing the Fermi paradox and wondering why no aliens had been discovered: "They are already here among us - they just call themselves Hungarians."

Individuals named as members of The Martians group include:

Paul Erdős, Paul Halmos, Theodore von Kármán
John G. Kemeny, John von Neumann, George Pólya
Leó Szilárd, , Edward Teller, Eugene Wigner
Franz Alexander, Peter Carl Goldmark,
John Harsanyi, Peter Lax, George Olah
Egon Orowan, John Polanyi, Valentine Telegdi
Cornelius Lanczos

When the question was put to Edward Teller – who was particularly proud of his monogram, E.T. (abbreviation of extraterrestrial)[2] – he looked worried, and said: "Von Kármán must have been talking."

According to György Marx, the extraterrestrial origin of the Hungarian scientists is proved by the fact that the names of Leó Szilárd, John von Neumann, and Theodore von Kármán cannot be found on the map of Budapest, but craters can be found on the Moon bearing their names:[2] Szilard, Von Neumann, Von Kármán, and a crater on Mars, Von Kármán.

From Wikipedia on The Martians, of course.

For some reason which remains obscure to me, the humour of mathematicians (when I understand it) makes me laugh.

"I can tell that she was born...... Hungarian"


"They are already here among us - they just call themselves Hungarians."

And all this time I thought it was the French.

Just to add a bit to this



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