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January 16, 2023


wj: sometimes I forget that I can't post links under my formal handle, and have to use GftNC to do so. In those cases, I usually just repost. So what you have restored may be duplicates. In future, if a post is too long to do again, I'll just post a short plea here to have it rescued. So then, whatever else you find in the spam folder from me can be safely discarded.

Eventually, we'll get all this sorted out and running smoothly. Eventually. Hopefully. :-)

Sure, wj.
Right after the last bug is eradicated from Windoze.

Typepad's version of Movable Type is not yet abandonware, but seems to be headed in that direction. No one who has messed with WordPress seriously thinks it will ever get truly sorted out. I spent part of yesterday reading people whining about Disqus.

Right after the last bug is eradicated from Windoze.

Presumably you are not counting the possibility that they will just issue a blanket reclassification of any remaining bugs as "features"....

Sometimes, the enthusiasm of some folks to shoot themselves in the foot is simply awesome.

Start with a tweet from Kari Lake of Arizona. It contains, as you can see, images of several voters signatures.

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fonte referred her to tha Arizona Attorney General.

Fontes pointed to state law involving public inspection of voter registration records. That law says records containing voter signatures “shall not be accessible or reproduced by any person other than the voter.”

Violation of that law, he wrote, is a felony.

She's a true discipline ot TFG.

I don't know the details about AZ's mail ballot system. In Colorado, and assuming the signatures in the tweet are in some fashion pairs of signatures that should match, they would get an envelope pulled out. Each election, about 2% of envelopes here fail. Many are "cured" by the election officials, either through phone calls, submission of additional paperwork, or even physical visits.

There is a court case in Colorado now to remove signatures completely from our mail ballot system. The lead plaintiff has ALS which makes it impossible for him to have a reproducible signature or travel to a polling place.

My sense, from a distance, is that the Arizona law is intended to help prevent voter fraud. By not letting would-be fraudsters have an example signature to copy. (Naturally, preventing voter fraud is not high on Lake's list of priorities.)

The signature law in California doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Mail ballots have to have a signature on the envelope, and those get compared to the file signature before the ballot is counted. But while anyone voting in person does have to sign in at the polls, there is no process to check that signature against anything.** And, if someone were to check later, no way to identify and remove that particular ballot. So, why do we bother?

** And, by law, poll workers may not ask voters for ID. Technically, if the voter offers one when asked for their name, we aren't supposed to look -- although in practice we do look whenever we aren't certain how the name is spelled, so we can find it in the voter roll.

And all of this because a nationaL ID card is considered blasphemy against the holy spirit ( ) in the US...

(and I am talking about one that does not store vast amounts of personal data but one whose whole function is to determine ID whereever needed.)

a national ID card is considered blasphemy against the holy spirit

Including by people who don't seem to have a problem with the state departments which issue driver's licenses also issuing IDs for those who are not drivers. Which they do because everybody needs an ID at some point, so they are fulfilling a real need.

Consistency doesn't seem to be a core competency with these folks.

I hear that some consider it even un-American to have a passport and that some (GOP) candidates got actually attacked for this sin by their rivals.
Sounds outright Chinese to me (there's nothing outside China worth any attention for a proper Chinese person)

Sounds outright Chinese to me (there's nothing outside China worth any attention for a proper Chinese person)

More, I think, along the lines of "How dare anyone outside the US expect us to carry identity documents?!?!? And how dare the US government ask for proof that we are 'Real Americans' (TM) when we come home?" (Unsurprisingly, they are unaware of the difference between a passport and a visa.)

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