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November 18, 2022


That nutcase is apparently a professional. He gave an antivaxx rant at a San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting a while back.

No word on where he actually lives. Perhaps speakers should be required to give their local address (or at least a street name and maybe block) before being heard.

As for Twitter, it appears that the folks who were laid off are being followed by a flood of resignations from people who aren't willing to deal with the excessive hours now being demanded.

I was particularly taken by this from Street Insider

“I was laid off from Twitter this afternoon. I was in charge of managing badge access to Twitter offices. Elon just called me and asked if I could come back to help them regain access to HQ as they shut off all badges and accidentally locked themselves out,” Cohen wrote on Twitter.

Mister 0:42 has already been appropriately immortalized:


He's from Ocean Beach, CA. and it seems he's trying to build his brand as a Drama Llama by going on tour.

Hail Spraytan!

"We can't accept these results," is a short hop to 'We won't accept these results' to 'We will substitute our results'...

The Four (Five) corner states are not Republican, even Arizona with it's influx of the White Raging Boomers won't become Florida 2.0 because those Boomers are staring into the abyss.

Rightwingers are going to use everything at their disposal to subvert and undermine the United States, those are the results we can't accept.

In contrast (that is, on an up note), we have this headline in the Washington Post;
Noted: Ga. Republican lieutenant governor leaves ballot blank rather than vote for Walker
[Can't make the link work; sorry]

Trump sure knows how to pick 'em!

I'm highly suspicious about "John Smith's" comment and advise people not to click on the link. Unless this is a joke about "identity"...

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