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August 02, 2022



Between Pretty Boy Floyd, Al Capone, Leonard Peltier, and the murderous conservative movement Republican Party, J. Edgar Hoover would be wearing a bullet proof vest underneath his Vivan Vance bustier.

These fascists are still upset the FBI doesn't brag about hiring James Earle Ray to murder Martin Luther King.

Baby Face Nelson and any number of Mafia Dons over the past 80 years would love these Trump effs.

Speaking of Jesus:


When does this guy's mouth get a cork put into it and his pedestal sold for scrap.

His mouth is the only thing that is self-driving and I should know because I own the the patent for self-driving mouths.

There are rumors afoot that vermin traitorous conservative republican governors and their law enforcement operatives in Arizona and Texas along our southern border are permitting Putin's Russian SVR agents to enter the country illegally, the same tactics Putin used to infiltrate Ukraine leading up to the war there, some of whom were permitted to melt in with innocent immigrants the Texas fascists shipped to New York City and other blue cities.

Members of Russia's elite killers, the Wagner Group, are among them, as the subhuman conservative movement readies its move to totalitarian martial law and the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government in America under the Trump-DeSantis-Republican Party Axis.

I mean, why not let the professionals do the job the amateur Trump militias failed to accomplish on 1/6.

The conservative movement's clients, according to the clients themselves, were already sold and have in their possession the nuclear secrets Trump and company stole.


Oogabooga. Look over there.

That last is a direct quote from Joe McCarthy, William F. Buckley, Ayn Rand and the John Birch Society, the latter via the Chad Mitchell Trio, all previous undercover Soviet agents who gained a foothold in the ruthless subhuman conservative movement.



I wonder how disappointed the racist republican conservative movement mass suicides are who are getting ready for the big one that the FBI jackboots finally became woke and stopped murdering Fred Hampton to finally concentrate on them, the most and dangerous and true enemies of America, as they have always been.

This is along the lines of the subhuman racist conservative movement's sickening fake embrace of Martin Luther King these last 30 years after the "someone" who they speculated while he was alive should shoot him finally did murder him.

Interesting ... as in typically perverted ... that Trump didn't mention Hampton's murder as he and his deplorable subhumans, 80 million of them, not to mention his scurrying conservative dupe rats and rat fuckers disappearing overboard, set themselves up as martyrs to FBI law enforcement.

When I use the label "republican", know that I don't forget about the racist subhuman southern Democrat confederates, who for two centuries auditioned to become racist subhuman conservative republicans before finally succumbing to the casting couches of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and the Bush family, and making the grade.

As I've pointed out previously, the entire conservative war on "political correctness" and now "wokeness" is predicated on the quintessential conservative insistence on being able to return the "N" word to popular and acceptable usage in all plantational contexts, public and private, institutional and individual, corporate and governmental, especially voting.


It's protected free speech under the First Amendment, especially now for white Christian conservative nationalist racists, whose ranks are now as legion as the Orc armies.

All of this hits a snag in the Second Amendment, however, as fried chicken afficianados from all walks of life can hold the piece of chicken in one hand and a semi-automatic AR-15 in the other and ask these daring cucks to repeat what they just said to our faces.

I mean, the decent, rational Reverend Senator Warnock and conservative wanna-be Hershel Walker remain in conservative movement eyes equal under the rule of the "N" word, and Walker doesn't realize, well, he might, he was annointed by subhuman republicans so they can have their chicken and eat it too: he's a candidate AND he meets all of the stereotypes, as a mere individual with evil individual agency, of black men that racist vermin republicans depend on to make themselves feel superior over the black race, and women of all races.

Walker is a tool for conservatives to further erode what they deem to be wokeness and political correctness.

Peter Thiel and his fascist candidates are working the same grift with the "F" word.

They join with Walker in declaring that not only should women be denied the vote, but they should be able to beat the shit out of their hens, not to be confused with fried chicken.

These chicken metaphors tend to get away from me. Try to keep abreast.

When Walker loses, they, including Clarence Thomas, will cut him loose after twisting him in the wind like any other Emmett Till and then accuse Democrats of being the real racists for choosing Warnock, an actual Christian, over the wife-beating football player.

An armed society is ... what ... again?

The chickens' MMV.

Let's remember that all of the recovered documents Trump smuggled out of the White House are merely the unmasticated and unflushed ones.

It takes a pretty strong constitution to fully digest top secret intelligence.

Analysis of human sewage from sites surrounding Mar-a-Lago indicate nearby hot spots for continuing Covid-19 and Monkey Pox outbreaks, and a significantly high count of State secrets.

DeSantis is just now arresting the foks who analyze the sewage, while letting the human sewage residing at Mar-a-Lago run free.

Ted Cruz.

I don't know, I just like saying his name. It always comes to mind when I read the sewage trade magazines.

There were actually hundreds of large boxes of classified documents stolen and residing at Mar-a-Lago.

Where'd the rest of them go?

I mean, even with Trump tying on the feedbag to fill his fascist gullet during three squares a day, that's an awful lot of fiber for one reptile to consume and pass.

Glibertarian Rand Paul, the subject of many future firing squads, really should crack down on Second Amendment freedoms, given how impolite in his direction he is causing us to be:

Vlad Putin throws his voice and demands the Espionage Act be abolished:



Anywho, to the relief of all, I have far surpassed my quota of sewage, this week and next weeks', and then I have a road trip to the Tetons, so shut my mouth for awhile I intend to do.

I'm looking forward to discussing Liz Cheney with a bunch of Wyoming shitheads and jagoffs.

Be well, all. Try and keep the country on an even keel, for a country is a terrible thing to waste.

Hartmut wrote:

"The Holy Ghost/Spirit famously did a sex change from female (Hebrew Old Testament) to neutral (Greek New Testament) to male (Vulgate Latin Bible)."

That must have played havoc with public bathroom assignments and library reading hours for the kiddies.

And think of the book burnings at cross purposes.

Turns out Jesus wasn't crucified on the Cross, but rather was crucified for crossdressing.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Them.

my daughter, my sister, my daughter, my sister.

Fuhget it, Jake. All of history is Chinatown.

Back to silence.

If the CryptoScammers are targeting this blog, they must be pretty desperate, IMO.

Liz Cheney lost her primary, so now she's free to throw as many bombs as she wants in the direction of the MAGAgop. Burn it all down Liz, no sentients inside.

Sorry to make Snarki's comment mysterious, but Typepad automatically deletes comments when they're marked as spam. Presumably anyone wanting desperately to get into the crypto market will find a way!

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