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June 24, 2022


What a coincidence!

I think this is Debbie Lesko's family enjoying a quiet 4th on the front lawn:


Colorado Steps Up:


I hope our Governor has a well-armed professional 24-hour round the clock killer security detail.

Armed Christian Texans are heading our way.

Boris Johnson in eight and a half minutes:


The Voters of the world truly seem to hate themselves.


How low am I going to have to go?

What’s cutting edge about the slime conservative life in Kentucky …. that libertarian killing ground….., is there are guns present for rape, both forced and voluntary abortion, and chasing pregnant women across state lines to bring them back for further Christian raping and arrests for the next abortion, all at gunpoint, in between beating gay men to death for their inability and disinterest in being pregnant.

This is a series of bullseyes aimed directly at cold-blooded, blue-eyed killer Paul Ryan.


Everything conservatives touch is transformed into a deadly weapon to cause suffering, ruin, and death for millions and millions of Americans.

Putin couldn't do it better.

When subhuman conservatives cry their crocodile tears, it ain't for us or America.


If they do this, every bet has made since 1776 will perish in savage killing violence.

Do it:


Removal from office?


Nuke them.



Putin's fascist allies in the Conservative Soviet Republic of Texas, longing to be together again:


Biden should do a Putin and order all natural gas supplies to Texas cut off. Refuse all electricity transfers to their dumb grid.

Biden also must order that all registered Republicans and Libertarians in Texas and 20 or so other red states have all of their Social Security and Medicare payments halted permanently, while doubling their social security taxes and Medicare premiums.

Also interdict all weapons shipments from gun manufacturers around the country before they reach the Texas border.

If the gun runners resist, execute them.

Declare goddamned war.

Removal from office?


Nuke them.

Allow me to commend to your attention this book.
A Savage Order: How the World's Deadliest Countries Can Forge a Path to Security by Rachel Kleinfeld. She has also written and spoken about how democracies fail.

The lady's basic point is that the road to general political violence, and then to the collapse of democracy, involves normalizing violence. Which is what your constant calls for violence contribute to. If you care about this country, you will rein it in.

Calls from violence from me are made in pure self-defense, as any conservative would countenance.

They are arming the country for war. I didn't give them permission to do that. I did not give them permission to constantly threaten to water the tree of liberty, which is merely a shop worn, fakely-elegant metaphor for fucking murder.

What the conservative movement is doing amounts to a national car-jacking and/or home invasion, except that it is much worse.

When they rein it in, I will rein in my descriptions of what self-defense of my country, my government, BY my country and BY my government ... and I give it permission to do whatever it takes to accomplish the defeat of the enemies of America under the rule of law, which hangs by a slender thread, after 40 years of conservative effort to sunder those last fragile threads.

But I understand your point. Violence is not normal under any circumstances, though conservatives are always explaining to us what those circumstances are.

I'm merely following their lead.

They are armed and threaten violence ... daily. They threaten it against their co-workers on Capitol Hill in their workplace. I sense no reluctance on their part to carry through with their threats and/or wreck the joint of they don't get what they want.

THEY have already normalized the threat of violence in our daily discourse.

I'm merely recognizing that fact.

I'm not armed and I reluctantly warn of violent self-defense in response.

I'll read the book. By the time I get done reading all of the books warning of what is happening right now, all of us frogs will be par-boiled to perfection for the consuming.

I could shut up too, but then I'll be out walking the streets without your good influence, which I appreciate.

I owe you a book recommendation:

The Revenge of Power by Moises Naim.

It outlines how very far along the conservative fascism (it's all one thing with many gorgon heads) in a suit trend is on worldwide basis.

Nearly all resistance has been anesthetized, neutered, disappeared, and bought off.

The frogs are numbing fast.

nooneithinkisinmytree -- Your 1:52 is, like your comments and actions every time someone asks you to tone it down, the self-serving, self-exonerating bullshit of a gaslighting abuser.

You are not doing anyone any good, including yourself, you are just wallowing in a fruitless, despairing addiction to filth, and showering us with it because apparently that lets you tell yourself, and us, that you're "helping" somehow.

Get over yourself.


(Stop hitting me. It hurts.)

[Thwack] – I’m not hitting you.

And anyhow, it doesn’t hurt.


What's more, it’s for your own good.


You’ll be ready for the bigger bully when *he* comes along.


So actually, I'm peforming a public service!


I'm merely following their lead.

First, I believe you have agency. That is, you are a free agent who doesn't have to do things merely as a necessary response to what someone else has done.

Second, two wrongs don't make a right. (Something my parents impressed on me early on.)

Third, anything which contributes to the normalization of violence will increases the probability of violence. Which, I submit, is in nobody's interest.

Fruitless, yes.

Despairing, pretty close.

Janie, I have no issue with you. I've adhered to your druthers that I stay away from your threads, with an inadvertent exception or two.

But your 2:51 is mindreading. You know nothing about me. If I've revealed anything, it's maybe one percent of me.

It does not insult me, nor make me think any less of you.

I say what's on my mind, as you do.

I'm fully aware I push it too far.

We share contempt for the same trends and conservative personalities, and yours is no less dripping.

wj, I agree with everything you wrote at 3:03.

I'll back off and give it a rest.

Some Antifa activists have adopted violence. Has it helped their cause, and ours?

I say no.

But your 2:51 is mindreading.

The first paragraph of my 2:51 is a direct reading of your overt and incessantly repeated words and sneering attitudes on this blog, every time someone asks you to tone it down.

The first time I asked you not to use words like "vermin" to apply to other human beings, you responded by wallowing in the word "vermin," apparently just to shove it in my face that nyah nyah, you can do what you damned well please no matter what anyone else wants around here.

That pattern has been repeated over and over. Your replies to everyone who asks you to tone it down are condescending (to put it politely), as if we're all too stupid to know what's good for us, and you're the only one who does, followed by a phase of playing on the words of whoever addressed you, again, as with "vermin," as if to show us that you can and will turn our own words into fodder for your purposes.

You're correct that I don't know everything about you. I only know what you show me. I stand by my assessment of your persona here, which is based on your overt and very visible, insistently repeated actions and attitudes. If you keep whacking away, and not only won't stop when you're asked to, but are at pains to justify yourself and then make mock anyone who objects, I don't need or want to know the rest.

And that's to say nothing of your overt calls for killing people, or worse, for us to train our children to kill.

I don't want that in an environment where I hang out, and I don't know if or why anyone else here does either.

Some Antifa activists have adopted violence. Has it helped their cause, and ours?

I say no.

I say it's complicated, and it depends on which cause it is that is under consideration.

It has scared the straights, and RW media has made much of that fear. But the RW media has also lied about and misrepresented Antifa using the same tactics that it has used to demonize CRT and to weaponize trans-people as a wedge issue. I think the results of the RW disinformation campaign about Antifa would play out with little difference even if Antifa were committed to non-violence.

On the other side, I know that the RW militia types engage in power fantasies where political violence is concerned. I read it all the time and hear it from 3%er types. It is very much coming from the same psychological place as violent rape fantasies. It's about power and agency. And Antifa opposition to alt-right militants disrupts that power fantasy. That is a necessary step for interrupting the otherwise constant escalation and rehearsal of the violence fantasies.

It's a very narrow tightrope we walk right now. We cannot allow the RW to go unanswered and unopposed, but we need to guard ourselves against falling into the same violent fantasies and from dehumanizing those who are trying their best to destroy us. And it is a tightrope we have to continue to walk until that narrow path is taken away from us.

You may have the last word, Janie.

If I've revealed anything, it's maybe one percent of me.

I’m probably talking out of school here, but better judgment has never been one of my hallmarks. I appreciate the despondency rage because you wrote it so I don’t have to. And more bitingly & incisively & cleverly than I could. Your turn of phrase has cost me a few coffees & keyboards.

My sense of it, for esoteric values of “sense”, is it’s a quantity thing, not a quality thing.

2 Minutes of Hate is already a 24/7 channel. We all need cathartic release, but returns diminish quickly.

So, as a Bernie Sanders guy, which is another reason I come here rather than Balloon Juice, I don’t care about the 1%. I wanna hear more from the 99. I look forward to it.

I agree with nous's two last paragraphs at 04.06 completely, and regard the penultimate one expecially as a perfect psychological analysis.

(It's also more than likely that some Antifa participants are in it for impure reasons, and not just to disrupt and oppose the power fantasy of RW militias, but this does not take anything away from nous's analysis.)

We need to walk that tightrope, and continue to keep walking it, and quasi-masturbatory fantasies of slaughter of subhumans do not help us, let alone anybody who indulges in them. And, I would maintain, seeing any of our fellow humans as subhuman, no matter how abhorrent their views or actions, is to go some distance down the slippery slope, having long fallen off the tightrope.

I agree with GftNC

(It's also more than likely that some Antifa participants are in it for impure reasons, and not just to disrupt and oppose the power fantasy of RW militias...)

Agreed. The Black Brigade types love to stir shit, and there are contingents of thrill seekers and hooligans. I've known a few over the years. But few of them are ever in any positions of authority on the left. They really don't like to do any of the boring organizing or maintenance work. They are kept peripheral to any organized gathering and are generally chased clear of planned actions, but tolerated at the edges because they draw the violent RW thugs off of the vulnerable communities.

But you aren't going to find them hired as security for any progressive events or anything like what we see from Oath Keepers or Proud Boys or their fascist brethren.

You can't stop the Black Brigade types, so your best bet is to try to leave them a space where they do less harm (and maybe a bit of good when you are lucky).

This, in today's Guardian by Zayd Ayers Dohrn about his childhood, and his conversations with various militant leftists, seems relevant to our discussion:

Most of the people I spoke to – be they members of the Weather Underground or the Black Liberation Army – were first radicalised by the killing of Black people by police: specifically the murder of Fred Hampton in 1969 and Clifford Glover – a 10-year-old boy shot by an undercover cop in Queens in 1973. These killings enraged an entire generation of young activists, setting them on a path to violent revolution.

The more research I did for the podcast, the more I realised that there are crucial differences between leftwing revolutionaries and the rightwing fascist movement of today. The radical undergrounds of the 1970s were fighting state violence and racism; the insurrectionists at the Capitol acted on the orders of a sitting authoritarian president, while literally waving the flag of white nationalism. One side attempted to resist state power and real systems of oppression; the other is fighting for state power and injustice, often based on lies.

None of this means the ends justify the means, or that leftwing radicals should be let off the hook for their mistakes. During our many conversations, I pressed my parents and their friends about the morality of violence, and about what they might regret today. Even though Weather Underground bombings never killed anyone, three of their own members – including my dad’s girlfriend at the time, Diana Oughton – died in 1970, building explosives in New York’s Greenwich village. And most former revolutionaries now regret that turn towards a military strategy and disavow actions in which innocent people might be hurt or killed.


most former revolutionaries now regret that turn towards a military strategy and disavow actions in which innocent people might be hurt or killed.

It may be interesting, a couple decades down the road, to see how many right wing militia members have followed the same path. (I wonder how much data there is on recovery times for cult members, once their guru is gone. I'm guessing that is a usual prerequisite.)

I'm merely following their lead.

why imitate violent nutjobs?


"antifa" has become a catch-all term for a variety of things.

there are anarchists who don't identify with a capitalist economy and who may destroy property as a political statement.

there are people who feel obliged to meet public demonstrations of fascism with all of its implied threat of violence with a response in kind.

and there are people who are more or less not plugged in to society in general, who aren't really part of any organized anything, and who basically just show up at the kinds of events where you are likely to see either of the above kinds of folks.

antifa per se are basically the second of these groups. they probably don't "help the cause" in the sense of inspiring popular opinion against fascist creeps like the Proud Boys or the 3 Percenter types, because most people are nice polite folks who find punch-ups distasteful.

on the other hand, they have provided a buffer that has kept non-violent folks safe in some of the more spectacularly violent events of the last few years. They also do good work around more or less street-level medical assistance, i.e. if you get pepper sprayed or clubbed over the head by cops or whoever.

I've been around antifa folks on a handful of occasions, and since I'm not a fascist or any other form of violent RW knucklehead, I've never felt anything but perfectly safe around them.

A lot of the time they come off as some kind of kiddie guerrilla cosplay club, but there are also times when they help keep people safe.

For me, personally, I find it pretty easy to distinguish between violent fascists, and people who want to punch violent fascists.

It remains to be seen if a forceful response to folks like the Proud Boys, or Patriot Front, or Oathkeepers, or 3 Percenters, is foolish or prescient. For various reasons, I personally am committed to non-violence as a strategy, but I can not and will not say that there is never a time or place for a forceful response to threats of violence.

For me, personally, I find it pretty easy to distinguish between violent fascists, and people who want to punch violent fascists.


And a useful condensation of clarity out of fog.

...there are crucial differences between leftwing revolutionaries and the rightwing fascist movement of today. The radical undergrounds of the 1970s were fighting state violence and racism; the insurrectionists at the Capitol acted on the orders of a sitting authoritarian president...

Yes, but.

The insurrectionists at the Capitol believed they were fighting agaisnt some sort of deep state.

Violence isn't OK just because you believe you're fighting for a just cause.

Violence might be justified if there's no peaceful alternative, for example if there were permanent minority rule with no peaceful way to overturn it.

And yes, I know that's what much of the Republican Party wants. With several on the Supreme Court behind them.

I can not and will not say that there is never a time or place for a forceful response to threats of violence.

I agree with this.

Violence isn't OK just because you believe you're fighting for a just cause.

If your just cause is to oppose violent thugs who are being given an easy pass by e.g. sympathetic police, then I think it is.

The insurrectionists at the Capitol might have believed they were fighting against the deep state, but they were bringing violence where there was no violence. In the case of leftwing revolutionaries fighting state violence and racism, they were bringing (very limited) violence to fight pervasive institutional violence.

In the case of leftwing revolutionaries fighting state violence and racism, they were bringing (very limited) violence to fight pervasive institutional violence.

I can remember bombs going off on an almost daily bases during the '60s-'70s.

If your just cause is to oppose violent thugs who are being given an easy pass by e.g. sympathetic police, then I think it is.

I would add a caveat that you personally have observed said violence. Otherwise you enable those who have been fed propaganda about how violent the other people on the other side are being. See the RWNJs who are sure there is massive left wing violence occurring across the country.

Believing the other guys are violent thugs is not enough. You need evidence from more than a "trusted source" -- which may not, objectively, be trustworthy. C.f. Faux News (although they are far from alone. QAnon comes to mind, too.)

The folks who rioted on Jan 6 because they believed they were fighting the “deep state” were wrong. Their reasons were lies.

Folks who fight fascists because they believe fascists want to deprive other people of their rights as citizens are not wrong. Their reasons are not lies.

We can discuss the effectiveness and/or the moral rightness of violence as a tactic if we like, but the motivations of the two sides here are not of equal merit.

I hope we can all agree on that.

I can remember bombs going off on an almost daily bases during the '60s-'70s.

15 years x 365 = 5475 days

Let's divide that by 3, perhaps not daily, but once every three days would be problematic

5475/3= 1875 bombings

lists only 407 terrorist incidents (which includes shootings and vehicular attacks) from 1835 to the present. So I'm wondering what country you are thinking about

Their reasons were lies...I hope we can all agree on that

Yes of course. But there has to be a reason not to resort to violence other than being mistaken in one's cause. No one thinks they're wrong.

So I'm wondering what country you are thinking about

Apparently, most of the bombings weren't counted as terrorist attacks.

"Weather’s attacks began three months later, and by 1971 protest bombings had spread across the country. In a single eighteen-month period during 1971 and 1972, the FBI counted an amazing 2,500 bombings on American soil, almost five a day. Because they were typically detonated late at night, few caused serious injury, leading to a kind of grudging public acceptance. The deadliest underground attack of the decade, in fact, killed all of four people, in the January 1975 bombing of a Wall Street restaurant. News accounts rarely carried any expression or indication of public outrage.
The epidemic of bombings eased as the decade wore on, though this wasn’t readily apparent in San Francisco, where explosions remained so prevalent that, after an especially nasty series of attacks in 1976, an FBI spokesman termed the city “the Belfast of North America.’” And the violence actually grew more deadly as the number of underground groups dwindled and grew more desperate; the deadliest year for underground violence was 1981 when eleven people were killed in bombings and bank robberies gone bad."

The Bombings of America That We Forgot: September 20, 2016

In a single eighteen-month period during 1971 and 1972, the FBI counted an amazing 2,500 bombings on American soil, almost five a day.

I'd like to see some confirmation of that number. That time period was the final days of J Edgar Hoover, so I'd suggest there is some inflation in that count. Or perhaps counting each empty glass bottle and gas can as a 'firebomb'.

lj - if you want to explore the bombings in more detail you might check out Bryan Burrough's Days of Rage. I may have to check it out myself.

No one thinks they're wrong.

But there is a difference between thinking you're wrong and not being entirely sure that you're right. I doubt myself because I'm not so arrogant as to think that I really know with certainty all the things I believe.

I even have the thought that I could be the crazy one and that I just can't see the things that the people I think are crazy are actually right about. They think I'm as crazy as I think they are, and if I am, how would I know?

Mind you, I don't think that's the case. I'm reasonably sure the election wasn't stolen, that Antifa didn't stage 1/6 (or that the people who did participate weren't justified - pick one, nutters!), but that doesn't mean I want to go out busting heads over my beliefs, even as slightly doubted as they are.

Something else that's been rattling around in my head is the shifting narratives (or conspiracy theories, boogie men, scapegoats, etc.) that come and go among the more paranoid-right circles. They went from Atifa staging the attack on the Capitol to the participants being valiant patriots saving democracy without missing a beat.

I Sharia law still a big worry? That was going to destroy America. I guess CRT distracted everyone. I'm still waiting to die from Ebola (thanks, Obama!). Uranium One - remember that? Benghazi seems to have lost steam. Maybe it wasn't such a scandal, after all.

It's hard to remember all the things that were going to destroy us or that were the real story behind whatever controversy.

Amygdala hijacks don't need any continuity, because they don't operate rationally.

It's hard to remember all the things that were going to destroy us or that were the real story behind whatever controversy.

The thread which unites them all is: "Everything is terrible, and getting worse. And it's someone else's fault!" The particular "evidence" for this is actually irrelevant.

That's why it doesn't seem like debunking a particular example does any good -- even when you convince someone. After all, for them that was just one example among many. To change minds you have to get at the underlying worldview.

And you have to do it over the constant reinforcement from Faux News. Maybe some rich liberal (Soros? :-) could buy out the Murdochs and reorient the network. There world still be other sources, but none with nearly the audience that Fox has.

Telescopic Conspiracies:


A rhetorical question:

If I stop doom-scrolling, will there be less Doom?

Or just more whistling past the graveyard?

To change minds you have to get at the underlying worldview.

Immigrants are lazy and also taking our jobs and also criminals who don't want jobs. COVID is a hoax but also an engineered bioweapon but also harmless. Antifa and the DemoncRats are violent and destructive terrorists who are also peaceniks and afraid of guns. Keep the gov't away from my Medicare.

It's the whole Real American® thing and the conclusion is the starting point. The worldview isn't reached, it's presupposed. Hence "fake news" and "stolen elections" and anything that doesn't fit the narrative gets binned.

Unfortunately, since ya can't reason outta what ya didn't reason inta, it seems to me the only way to move the crazy towards the sane is the "benevolent dictator" scenario. Which would kinda explain a lot of what we see in the Republican Party (except for the benevolent part).

Pete, you left out the reaction to the Webb photos: the new Webb images were created by CGI, Photoshop, Hollywood special effects, or some combination of all of the above (because there is no Webb telescope). And also, it's a laser weapon which could be used against people on Earth.

Oh! The Giant Space Cannon? I don't know what they're thinking.

I mean, how else are we supposed to compete with Big Jewish in the space-based forest fire industry?

Amygdala hijacks don't need any continuity, because they don't operate rationally.

When I was much younger, I suffered from pretty severe agoraphobia. It was just kind of a general sense of anxiety or dread, not really tied to any realistic threat or danger.

As part of that, I was prone to a continuous mental playing out of disastrous scenarios, many of them kind of comical. "If a T Rex came running out of those woods, would I have time to get to the car before it got me?".

It became kind of an amusing parlor game between my wife and I.

"If a tidal wave came up out of the ocean, do you think we are far enough inland to survive?".

"Yes, dear. Eat your lunch."

Basically, my amygdala was convinced I was in mortal danger, in spite of the clear evidence of my eyeballs, and my brain decided to make shit up to try to explain it.

I think a lot of the RW conspiracy stuff is like that. "I'm afraid, so there must be something to be afraid of".

Zoloft worked for me. Maybe we can put it in the drinking water.

"Yes, dear. Eat your lunch."

The solution to practically everything. ;-)

(Okay, maybe with a shot of Zoloft on the side.)

Zoloft worked for me. Maybe we can put it in the drinking water.

Which will leave us just the (highly armed) rural crazies who are still on well water. And they will doubtless go ballistic over putting stuff in the water which might impact people's politics.

Still, worth a try.

Take another hit of the Zoloft, kids:


There are tidal waves. And beware of the undertoad.

Our amygdalas evolved on account of preservation not FROM fear, but to protect us from what fear is warning us of. The conservative movement, Trump, and Putin are mainlining fear right at us.

Our reptilian brain stems are signaling that their reptilian brain stems, atop a T-Rex, have already charged out of the forest.

I definitely hope they determine who wiped those records. Charge them with Obstruction and with violating the Federal Records Act. Then go for maximum penalties (5 years and 20 years respectively), served consecutively. A fine could get paid (if only indirectly) by some PAC. So give them jail time and lots of it.

There may be those deep enough into the cult to risk long years in Federal prosom. But those who bow to Trump just to gain/keep power would be intimidated.

From GftNC's latest Marina Hyde Tory-reaming above:

"Boris Johnson insists he will leave Downing Street “with my head held high”. But by who? Which of our hopefuls will be grasping that severed noggin by the famously unkempt hair, and roaring something totally questionable about public service?"

I'm unclear about whether "But by who?" is the proper construction, but that seems a quibble that only Marie Antoinette would find of supreme importance ... as a diversion at the last minute.

Severed heads are, like T-Rexs and tidal waves, useful metaphors.

Until they happen.

But "roaring something totally questionable about public service" is the key line to understanding that the guillotine blade should be kept well-stropped and gleaming for near future basket-fillings in this world of nattily-dressed fascist louts.

Take another hit of the Zoloft, kids

sadly, there are some problems that are beyond the power of medication to fix.

One pill makes you ... want to take a second one, and secure a lifetime supply:



A raped ten-year old and her doctor are on the run.

I see Donald above is sedating himself with fantasy, because somehow in his precisely, evenly distributed goodness, and he is a better man than I am, but somehow he sees two equally evil T-Rexs, two equally destructive tidal waves, and two of everything else.

Maybe it's an optometry issue. I should have my eyes checked.

I don't know. I think one of the T-Rexs is a lame stegosaurus with indigestion from eating too many plants.

It's like when Germany decided in 1933 that Hitler was just like the old boss.

Heil Hindenburg doesn't quite have the same ominous music to it.

I'll shut the fuck up now.

Of course, Libertarians are racist white nationalist homophobic vermin, even the few black and gay conservative politically correct vermin among them:


Charlie Kirk and company, including red state Governors, legislatures, and attorney generals, and Vlad Putin, are as much a danger to the continuance of the Republic as the Confederate artillery crews who fired on Fort Sumter.


Racism, hate, rape and violence against the Other are now fully normalized among one major political party, its rump co-conspirator libertarian party, and America's major religion, Christianity.

Going forward with this experiment is impossible.

Genocidal murderers:


The only thing this, cruel, sadistic, malignant, Putin-supported, subhuman Christian conservative movement disagrees with the murderous Taliban mullahs about is that instead of the latter taking out the Twin Towers on 9/11, they should have chosen buildings in New York City filled with Democratic and liberal women, blacks, gays and transgenders, immigrants, and Jews.

You are the mortal enemies of America, conservatives.

Especially the mealy-mouthed dupes among them.


Let's rely on the multi-forked-tongue demon plutocrat snake Joe Manchin to stop any attempt to halt the surveillance of the American people and their plumbing, shall we?

Note that, in all the cases Digby cites, the reason for delay was "fetal heartbeat detected." I'm guessing that the new standard will be "Don't, very carefully don't, check for fetal heartbeat, because if you don't check you won't detect it."** It leaves doctors with less information, but may reasult in better outcomes.

** Although I suppose that, if they realize it, the reactionary, misogynist state legislatures may extend their interference in medical parctice to mandate it.


All 377 got stuck shoulder to shoulder in the faulty school doorway like so many Archie Bunkers and Meatheads clacking their AK-47 together struggling to get to the dinner table.

If there'd been an abortion in process, or a presentation by a 7-year old about BLM, or a couple of trans folks there for story hour in a classroom, the Magnificent 377 would have been in and out after shooting everyone in sight and awarded commendations by the murderous Christian Governor.

Jesus Christ on a tilted Merry-go-Round, the armed conservative rotten stinking blithering evil in this mistake of a country.

We still enjoy Sushi after nuking Japanese cities, and we still love our German cars and cameras and schitzel after firebombing German cities, so there will be nothing to prevent us from appropriating some fine Texas barbecue after we wipe that rightwing state off the face of the Earth.

We'll take in a modest number of refugees after proper vetting, disarmament, and re-education in civilized discourse and living.


On point.



No talk. Forget talk. Talk is done.

The murderous Trump Republican Party and the murderous Saudi Princes co-scuttled those pointless talks to further scuttle and steal all future American elections to put their agents in control of the US Government.



The Soviet fifth column in America .. the entire conservative movement, the Republican Party, the white Christian nationalist movement, the now clearly admitted racist and fascist Libertarian bowel movement ... cheer on Russia's coming genocide in Europe, the death of NATO and EU and the EURO as do the fascist Brexit vermin in England.

The Republican Party is merely a robust tentacle of Russia's and Putin's Federal Security Service (FSB), formerly and still the KGB.

No peace in America until all of this EVIL and every single one of its one billion conservative movement religious nationalist perpetrators are wiped off the face of the Earth.

The dupes in America, the tens of millions of them who enabled this disgrace will be put in cages and poked with sticks until they break down and beg that someone call their hated fucking US government to help them and even triple their stinking taxes.


But it will be ruined by the lying, thieving, cheating, anti-American conservative demon movement, even as inflation collapses (commodities, including gold, lumber,and copper are crashing, shipping rates have been crashing for a year, inventories are unsold and soaring, the supply chain, after being ravaged by Trump's hatred of foreigners, except for his fellow fascists, and his evil and thoroughly purposeful mishandling of the pandemic is regaining equilibrium, housing prices are leveling off and demand slumping ... the next lie you will hear from subhuman conservatives, even as they condemn inflation, is that Joe Biden has killed price appreciation, which only they deserve, in THEIR real estate holdings ... unpatriotic American oil and gas producers and their brethren in the Kremlin love the inflation in natural gas prices and squeezing the "consumer", and they love soaring temperatures in the summer and diving temperatures in the winter, and they hate all alternative energy options ..... because Americans who own shit love inflation in the prices of THEIR shit at the expense of everyone else who would like a piece of the action too.

Pregnant women, regardless of the intentions of their travel anywhere, now have the identical right to travel as criminal parolees, criminals out on bail, undocumented immigrants, Cuban boat people, Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, invasive bug species, Ebola victims, African-American escaped slaves during, well, just about any fucking time in American history, horse rustlers, auto thieves, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Sitting Bull.


Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, Desantis, any number of Texas conservative murderers, Ginny Thomas, and every big-haired, corrupt, Christian grifter come and go as they please as they kill America.

It's time that pro abortion rights folks begin keeping tabs on all pregnant conservative Republican women, especially those in the midst of an unfortunate miscarriage, in their neighborhoods, counties, cities, and states and every one of the latter who attempts to travel carrying anything more than a small purse should be reported to the authorities, ya know, the busybody conservative fucks in charge, and stopped, interrogated, and body cavity searched to allay suspicions that they are seeking abortions or other neonatal care in or out of state.

At gunpoint.

Headed for the beauty parlor, lady? Having yer nails done, are ya?

I here tell that place has an abortion clinic in the basement.

And why is this gay male conservative who is against abortion rights traveling with you?

Is he seeking some illicit fun across state lines, or perhaps marriage to someone of the identical, non-contradictory persuasion.

God commands that the two of you step out of the car please, and keep those hands visible at all times.

it's just a routine checkpoint in Soviet America.

If a woman dies during pregnancy for any reason related to her fetus, including being decided life-saving care whether the fetus is brought to term or not, why shouldn't the fetus, either born or posthumously, be brought up on charges of manslaughter, along with her doctors, the attending nurses, the hospital administrators, and six Supreme Court murderers as accessories to manslaughter or murder?

According to devout male Christian conservatives, every single one of their sperm are individual baby Jesus's and it's only the demon corruption of the woman, her very ovaries and eggs, that prevent the next cumming of Jesus.


That womb ain't yours, ladies, according to the Universal Church of Libertarian, Christian, Republican, and Conservative Subhuman Genocidal Motherfuckers.

When Putin sends his Cossacks into America to rape every little girl, teenage girl, grown woman, and elderly lady, by God, those fetuses will be brought to term and immediately appointed to government positions throughout America.

That's what I call fully successful Russian Kompromat..

Hail the millions of fresh-faced fascist Vlads at the next RNC sheebang.

Hey, looks like the Republican Party plans to enter Colorado in the coming savagely violent Civil War.

Good, it'll cut down on my travel miles to get to the fucking front.


Don't let any mealy-mouthed sub-human lying conservative tell you that jobs are their first priority:


This a line from LGM regarding the new fascist abortion regime:

"Nothing about this is unintentional. The cruelty has always been the point."

But it goes for every stinking policy, malignant ethic, ghoulish statement and opinion, and rancid breath and death rattle taken by conservatives.

America will be taken down to the pins and we will make savage cruelty against them the Rule of Law.

If he was black and standing there in public with those weapons, most Texans would shoot him in his head and then steal his guns:


We are going to come and get it.

This guy, an agent of an enemy foreign state, was permitted within stethoscope-length near Barack Obama.

He could have shown up at the Uvalde Elementary School with his substitute penises and been the 378th wet-ass pussy to cool his heels while little children were shot to bloody pieces.

I wonder how many abortions his former girlfriends' have had and how many others he arranged for women in Texas from his good offices as a highly-placed quack.

He threatened the President of the United States with deadly violence.

Nothing will be done because America is a conservative, moribund piece of dogshit.

The Presidency of the United States and the Oval Office are now the hidey-holes for criminal, traitorous Republicans.

Merrick Garland may be intentionally harboring criminals in our government.

One thing I've always kept in mind since McConnell stole that Supreme Court seat from Garland and Obama, in contravention of every civilized norm and precedent in American hiwtory, was that Garland is a stinking confederate conservative his own self anyway.

He's a Manchin snake in the grass without a boat.

Trust no one that has any history whatsoever with the fascist Republican Party.

They are liars, cheats, and thieves to a man and woman.

The dupes just look and act dumb.

From Putin all way down to the janitor at the RNC, they must be destroyed.

Here's another confederate Christian genocidal monster stepping up to thwart democracy and freedom:


They've tunneled under every single institution in America like the Viet Cong and the Mexican drug cartels.

They are killers.


The filth paid by armament manufacturers and the NRA and every other conservative Citizens United fuck to arm the shooter reach some investigative conclusions.

Except for one.


Appended to the DOJ departmental memo counseling "election-year sensitivity" were Garland's photos from his ongoing summer vacation in which he and his family appeared afraid of seeming authoritarian and partisan.

His second-in-command, F. Tonto Lickenspittle, led the cavalry down a box canyon to view wildflowers.

He led a sensitivity session which was interrupted by flaming arrows in his back from a Comanche war party that had them penned in on both sides.

The worldwide conservative movement set these fires with the flammable gases shot from their gobs.

Joe Manchin was seen sauntering away from the scene seeking a water hazard on a golf course.


Well, try this instead:


Garland's memo says, in part:

Simply put, partisan politics must play no role in the decisions of federal investigators or prosecutors regarding any investigations or criminal charges.
But one has to wonder if anyone has pointed out to him that failing to indict someone, just because they are a politician who is running for (or has held) office is, rather blatantly, a matter of politics playing a part.

Indeed, I'd argue that failing to indict, just because the case isn't, quite, a slam dunk is strictly a politican decision. And, since he seems to care about DoJ's reputation, will absolutely be seen that way. By a substantially bigger share of the population than will object to an indictment.

The winner of the tournament gets a meatbag full of frozen Jamal Khashoggi body hunks for later dining at their leisure or for Trump to auction off at the next CPAC cannibal fest at a hefty profit:


Any both-sides-do-it dummy dupe types wanna tee up Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia to beg Republican Party socialite and associate murderer Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman-Laden to be a human being and see how that flies as a riposte.

That would be a triple bogey choke out of a water hazard.

There are snipers on the 18th hole.

We're so fascistically fucked that the only thing left is to smoke a cigarette and then turn out the lights on dead dog shit America once and for all:


I'm certain that the FBI has the collected OBWI comments of nooneithinkisinmytree in their records and in triplicate in preparation for my arrest and disappearance the day after the Inauguration of Fascist DeTrumpis in January 2025, but they can't listen in, record and keep all conversations, texts, and emails by every federal employee in the Federal Government, just for fun.

It does seem a bit odd that the Secret Service's cell phone provider can't find a copy of those texts on one of their backups. But perhaps the committee is just demonstrating how far down the rabbit hole the Trump Secret Service went, while already obtaining the information elsewhere.


I have a religion.

Conservative subhumans are not going to like how I am going to enforce it and with complete liberty to do so.

It will be the God-given religious liberty of the Church of Never-Ending Savage Rage.

Anthony Fauci needs to carry large-clip semi-automatic weaponry with him for the remainder of his life and with body guards carrying the same.

Sit facing the door in restaurants.

He'll recognize these two subhuman fascist murderers and many others approaching him and take the appropriate conservatively-approved action, hails of gunfire, in self-defense:


Not sure if telecom providers keep copies of texts.

But I bet the NSA does.

As a SysAdmin once upon a time, mobile devices were always archived. The devices were kept until the new devices were confirmed working, free of defect, and with their own initial backup. Only after that were they zeroed & reset to factory. But the backups were always preserved.

That was just my own policy for small businesses. If the USSS has more lax data archiving and custody policies than that, they are guilty of gross negligence at the very least.

That strains credulity. Maybe 1/6 should also request data & device policy, including when those policies were implemented.


I demand, as a matter of the Rule of Law (ya know, the kind we had before Trump showed the way to destroying it) that every blue state and blue district and municipality in America pass a law that makes it a simple misdemeanor to murder any subhuman conservative movement Christian, Libertarian, and/or Republican who comes within 500 feet of any pregnant woman going about the business of her life.

600 feet for the six murderous Supreme Court Judges.

Now, if North Carolina passes that law over the veto of their Governor, I ask that it at least be amended to designate special and separate crossing lanes for pregnant women crossing the street to seek neonatal care, so that subhuman murderous conservative Christians, like the ones over at TAC, can get a clear shot at her with either their AK-47s or their low gas mileage SUVs without taking out what appear to be perfectly innocent people who are crossing the street to murder 20 little kids in an elementary school.

I mean, can't reasonable people agree on anything?

Language should also be added to the legislation cautioning subhuman conservative Christians, et al to limit their gunfire in school classrooms to only the targeted pregnant female teacher who might have made a suspicious doctor's appointment after school and try not to shoot to bloody pieces every little kid in the classroom, which I realize for these filth is tempting at all times.

If you take out the gay or trans teacher's aide too who happens to be in the classroom during your Mission from God, well, we'll take that to the highest court in the land to determine if you are with your sincere religious rights under the now defunct Establishment Clause, which stipulates that even if you are fucking insane, God protects you and the Taliban's right to kill anyone you special ones deem appropriate.

So many hills in a Civil War.

Why, it takes some deliberation to decide which one to die on.

They ALL look good to me.

By the way, that South Carolina legislation will likely not pass ..... for a while.

But it took even the efficient Nazi meat grinder a number of years to fully set into law anti-Jewish measures in the 1930s, first removing right after right and then separating .... gerrymandering ... their prey from the population as a whole.

It's not like it happened all at once and ipso fatso, off everyone went to Auschwitz in the blink of an eye.

The genocidal American Conservative Movement, of course, like the Nazi Party, and all other fascist movements, such as Putin's set in place many years of planned shelf turn-key milestones in their fascism and then steadily introduced them as they swarmed over and infested German institutions:


The Republican Party is a good deal more determined, organized, and impatient to seal all of us into their fascist Christian tomb, so time is of the essence.

They will kill all of us.

The logic of their poisonous movement gives them no alternative at this late date.

Also, hat tip to BA for that link at 3:57 pm

One perhaps virtuous thing about me is that I have no plan to monetize my rants and threats.

Strike "virtuous". It makes me sound full of myself.


Wiping the fascist conservative movement off the face of the Earth is a gratis charitable deed I will attain merely as thanks to what was once America for letting me live in a free country until 2016, with of course fascist warm-up rehearsal pit stops along the way thanks to Nixon, Reagan, Gingrich, and Bush the Younger.

On first read, this New Yorker article seems a taut, difficult, and empathetic but evocative and uplifting recounting of the extraordinary experiences of extraordinary physicians:


But as you re-read about these doctors trying to save fetal and mother's lives from the difficulties of birth and save the lives of gunshot victims, you begin to realize that these magnificent human beings are now in grave danger, for the slightest slip-up, the slightest human error of judgement and/or practice, of persecution, prosecution, public disgrace, career-ending lawsuits, harassment, stalking, possible deadly assault, along with their families and their patients, assassination, even with the tacit ..... if not full-throated ... approval of subhuman, malignant, sadistic lawmakers, judges, and Presidents, for their trouble and sacrifice, from the subhuman conservative movement.

From the subhuman genocidal Christian movement.

From the subhuman genocidal Libertarian movement.

From the subhuman genocidal Republican movement.

From the worldwide armed subhuman conservative genocidal movement.

Runways at two British airports melted.

Joe Manchin, while jerking off with one hand, signaled his private plane pilot with the other to bypass those airports.

More Misery for women from the Blow Me State:


The sweetie little girl wasn't a fetus, so she don't count no ways.


Whatever happens, America, open fire and kill while the killing is good.

Can you shoot a country? How 'bout a state?

The sweetie little girl wasn't a fetus, so she don't count no ways.

But more likely it was simply a matter of the killer being a man. Rather than, as in an abortion, a woman. Although your point may have provided additional support.

Well, let's say I was an armed bystander at the scene ... and a trigger-happy one at that, given the Texas-upbringing ... and I only HEARD the gunshots without witnessing the ATM theft and turned to see the shooter had shot into a car of innocent people, blood and viscera everywhere and I considered my life the other bystanders' lives in life-threatening danger and shot the shooter goddamned dead right then and there, cause maybe his next stop was an elementary school for all I and my firearm know.

The shooting does not have to stop after the first shots. Maybe a second bystander would glimpse me shooting the shooter and shoot me too.

Why, it'd be like "Who Shot Liberty Valance" in triplicate, with me playing Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, and Lee Marvin all in one role.

What would be the charge against me be and how would that Texas jury rule?

I mean how much money being withdrawn from the ATM ($200 maximum?) was worth trying to shoot the thief, who, natch, despite all the bloodshed, is probably making reservations at the French Laundry and signing up in Texas to be an election vote counter in the Fall.

One text. It said "Eat Me".


So, if you are Jill Biden, do you lay awake at night thinking that just maybe your husband, the elected President of the United States, might be slaughtered one day in a hail of gunfire by Donald Trump's Palace Guard who stayed on to make sure the transition was something other than peaceful.

Biden needs to fire the Secret Service from his presence and hire that black militia that included the guy with the flame thrower as his personal body guard.

How many current Secret Service agents are Putin double agents?

Nothing will be done.

Killing with impunity is now a Constitutional right in America:


It didn't have to be this way.

It was deliberately made this way by the ferociously murderous conservative movement.

They will kill us.

Alright, so we're half thru the week and I've had my say like a chattering magpie.

See ya. Be safe.

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