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June 24, 2022


I wish I shared your optimism, and admittedly, I haven’t read it. But I kinda feel - much like the election of Dolt45 gave the green light to saying the crazy out loud - SCOTUS just lit a fire under our Cold Civil War. With 400 million guns already out there, I sadly expect more Uvaldes, not less.

The New York law was overturned not because it required concealed carry licenses. But because officials could arbitrarily deny licenses. More often against minorities.

"Actor Ron Perlman tried to portray the decision as somehow racist. But many have attested that it's the New York rule requiring people show cause to legally carry concealed weapons that is applied in discriminatory ways, with black people and other racial and ethnic minorities less likely to be granted a permit and more likely to be arrested for carrying without a permit. The National African American Gun Association and Black Guns Matter both submitted amicus briefs to the Court in favor of overturning the law. So did a group of public defenders, who said it disproportionately affected black and Hispanic New Yorkers.
For what it's worth, a number of states don't require any permit at all for concealed carry, most require a permit but will issue to anyone who meets the criteria (such as safety training and no domestic violence convictions), and only eight states—including New York—say authorities can deny permits even if people meet these requirements. It's this last group that the new SCOTUS decision affects."

The Online Freakout Over Yesterday's Supreme Court Decisions

Open thread, so… On a lighter note, if not lighter fare, I got a deconstructed rouladen/Austrian goulash thing going on, inspired by some place in Salzburg I can’t remember the name of. It’s 81°F here, with a RealFeel (however they calculate that) of 88°F so I should probably be going with a cool chicken salad & a fresh tomato/bell pepper thing, but hey, when you get a hankerin’…

Bonus: had to crack a bottle of red to deglaze the pot & glaze the brain.

If that hasn’t offended everyone on the Continent, I dunno what else I can do. Summer Thanksgiving should make for plenty of conversational fireworks. I think I might just go fishing. Stay well, all.

Also, Austrian goulash beats Hungarian goulash and I will die on this hill. Fight me. ;-)

I think we should look to Jesus as an example. No, not that one, the one over there. Wait, what about that third one. No wonder, the tongues:

"In an old interview, Herschel Walker explains why he didn’t think his Multiple Personality Disorder is a mental illness: “Do our Lord Jesus Christ have a mental illness because he said he’s the father, the son and the Holy Spirit? To me, those are 3 different personalities.”

from https://www.wonkette.com/-2657544192

Someone made a funny the other day that Walker is like an advent calendar for newly discovered kids he has sired .... a new one every day.

I wonder if it would be funny to speculate on a similar advent calendar revealing possible fetuses not brought to term by his conquests.

Probably not. He's a conservative thug and would probably kill me for bringing it up.

I have a comment regarding the evil double-edged racist strategy of the conservative movement anointing low quality, unqualified black conservatives, as a supplement to the low quality white racist trash they recruit, for political office, but I can't decide how politically correct fragile conservative vermin will handle it.

I mean, I'm so elite, and all of them are so armed that one-way gunfire could result.

And Charles, I am all for black and other minority New Yorkers achieving equal status in concealed gun permitting with their more privileged counterparts, if we are going to allow concealed weapons in public at all.

In fact, I now want the concealment part to go away altogether.

What's to hide?

I want mandatory open carry of completely unregulated firearms for every man, woman, and child in all of America. I want fully loaded, safety off firearms of unlimited caliber and automatic capability on the table in plain sight for both sides during every political, commercial, boss/worker, dating, bartender/customer, doctor/patient, law enforcement/citizen, retail clerk/customer/shoplifter, judge/jury/defendant, student/teacher, clergy/layman, batter/umpire, theater usher/theater goer, Halloween trick or treat transaction in America, no exceptions, public, private, and personal.

Think of the politeness that will result. The honesty, the kindness, the fair play, the equality of intention and result that will ensue.

The absolute leveling of all power relationships.

And the silence.

You'll love the silence.

There is offline freakout as well.


Parents of dead fucking very late-term fetuses in Uvalde, Texas and all points America own weapons.

I'm sure they own at least 193 bullets between them if the game is to be played on the murderous genocidal terms the conservative movement is imposing on an armed population.

I've heard grieving mothers have remarkable aim.

Of course SCOTUS allows, actually demanded and got a restriction on guns: within their own vicinity unless they belonged to their bodyguards. Your freedom ends within the range of a typical firearm of(f) them.

Prediction: Tyrannosaurus Rump gets quietly bypassed between now and ‘24 and De Santis takes over the Crazy Train. Indicted or not, I think evangelicals are going to salve their consciences with some easy scapegoating and continue on.

Prediction: Tyrannosaurus Rump gets quietly bypassed between now and ‘24 and De Santis takes over the Crazy Train.

Prediction: When they try to move on, Trump has a hissy fit.** And tells his cultists (overlaping, but not identical to, evangelicals) to stay home rather than vote for DeSantis (or whoever). Not unlike him saying that he would rather see Stacy Abrams as Governor of Georgia than another Kemp term.

** Among the world's safest predictions.

Pete, your edgy goulash provocation you are baiting us with does not trigger me as it is a far more controversial subject than I am emotionally equipped to opine on in these sedate, evenhanded times.

I’m trying hold it together over here.

If you want to fight about it, my card is full of less weighty issues.

Plus, I am not licensed to carry tongs, serving spoons or loose macaroni noodles on my person across state lines, and you may not know this, but both Hungarian and Austrian goulash recipes are prohibited from entering the American consciousness at our borders, so all this talk of the Continent has raised the hackles on our racist, nationalist border guards, who were born in Mexico, on ful alert.

Also typos!

DeSantis had threatened to close the border between his authoritarian monarchy and the state of Georgia if Stacey Abrams is elected Governor of Florida.

His assassins would of course be permitted to travel to Georgia for important conservative movement business.

Abrams … Governor of Georgia.

Goulash has addled me.


Where would you like me to go with that, conservatives?

Alas, liberal headlines get it wrong:


Proper will not work.

Thank you for that. I needed the laugh!

Related to the Digby thing et al, it’s nice to think Garland would be some keel that woulda kept the ship right, but I’m not so sure. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s got all the steel of a jellyfish. He was nominated for the virtue of being milquetoast.

But wait! There's more! Next week we get West Virginia v. EPA, when the Fossil Fuel Six hold that it's unconstitutional for the US to take any actions that might be effective against climate change, at either the federal or state level.

I thought Ministry For the Future was a little over the top with terrorists assassinating government executives and CEOs at fossil fuel companies. Maybe not.

Monsoon flow is erratic here so far. Not surprising, given it's here a month early.

You might note that the Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that California's age restriction on gun purchases is unconstitutional, a violation of the equal protection clause.

It certain that red flag laws violate the due process requirements, and eventually they will be ruled unconstitutional, also

The right to keep and bear arms is in the Constitution. The "right" to an abortion is not; it was a total fabrication, a penumbra.

Affirmative action is also clearly unconstitutional, because it is always racial discrimination.

Homosexual marriage is protected by the 14th Amendment.

Thanks bob sykes, you’re always a ray of sunshine whenever you show up.

Maybe it’s time to bump the number of justices up to 11 or 13. If that sounds like court packing, allow me to note that the court is already packed. And notably, by two POTUS who lost the popular vote.

Time to stop acting like the (R)’s are acting in good faith, or with any regard for precedent or process, or out of any desire to find anything remotely like common ground.

They seek power and they seek to use that power to impose their will. The rest of us need to respond in the light of that reality.

Folks clutch their pearls and say, gee, if the (D)’s take dramatic action, what will the (R)’s do when it’s their turn? They’re doing it now.

And FWIW, I live in one of the 8 states where “officials can arbitrarily deny licenses” to carry firearms. I think that is an outstanding policy, because every swinging d*ck who can check all the boxes should not necessarily be walking around with a gun.

The asshole with no criminal record, but who beats the crap out of his wife / girlfriend / whoever. The knucklehead who can’t get through a weekend without getting into a punch-up. For that matter, the suburban dad who can’t get through a kid’s ball game without threatening the life of the ref.

Fine with me if those folks can’t carry a gun around.

And I’m still waiting for the 2nd A hard-asses to explain what the whole “militia” part of that amendment is about. And no, it’s not about the right to get together with a bunch of your buddies and call yourself a militia. The worst thing we’ve done in this country in the last 50 years is tolerate the emergence of private armies.

Where is the right to hunt mentioned in the Constitution? Or to fish, for that matter? Do we have a Constitutional right to slaughter animals for food, or is that one of those penumbra things?


The right to keep and bear arms is in the Constitution.

It is. For a "well regulated militia". Applying it to individuals is a very recent extension. For enthusiasts of "original intent", that pretty clearly wasn't.

Maybe it’s time to bump the number of justices up to 11 or 13. If that sounds like court packing, allow me to note that the court is already packed. And notably, by two POTUS who lost the popular vote.

Time to stop acting like the (R)’s are acting in good faith, or with any regard for precedent or process, or out of any desire to find anything remotely like common ground.

They seek power and they seek to use that power to impose their will. The rest of us need to respond in the light of that reality.

This. Every. Single. Word.

The "right" to an abortion is not; it was a total fabrication, a penumbra.

Here's an argument that the right to an abortion is an unenumerated right and should receive the same respect as enumerated rights.

"At the heart of Justice Samuel Alito's opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which overturns Roe v. Wade (1973) and eliminates the constitutional right to abortion, is Alito's objection that "the Constitution makes no mention of abortion." For Alito and the many legal conservatives who think like him, unenumerated constitutional rights are inherently suspect. When a court recognizes an unenumerated right, these conservatives say, that court is almost certainly guilty of judicial activism.

But this conservative mindset is at odds with constitutional text and history, both of which make clear that unenumerated rights are entitled to the same respect as the small handful of rights that the Constitution specifically lists.
That same original understanding extends to the Ninth Amendment. Because the states followed the common law at the founding, the American people originally understood that lawmakers lacked the lawful power to prohibit women from ending an unwanted pregnancy during its early stages. The freedom to end an unwanted pregnancy before quickening thus falls within the original meaning and understanding of a right "retained by the people.""

Alito's Abortion Ruling Overturning Roe Is an Insult to the 9th Amendment: The Constitution protects many more rights than it mentions, as James Madison explained.

The Ds must act. The fundraising emails are just not cutting it. Another sternly worded talking to will not cut it.

Act. Correct later if necessary, but the fear and passive inertia must be broken.

These peaceful protestors must next time show up with Bill Sikes' recommended full individual self-defense Second Amendment protection against vermin subhuman fascist conservative government that deprives them of the protections afforded by all of the other constitutional amendments, including their free speech and freedom of assembly.


Those Uvalde, Texas children were butchered by not only the murderer who carried out the killings but by the vermin who sold him the weapon, the vermin who licensed the weapon, the vermin who voted to permit him to own and transport the weapon, the vermin judges who upheld those so-called rights, the vermin who elected the legislators, judges, at all levels of vermin conservative government, and the vermin governor and his thugs, who provided the murder weapon and the ammo, and all of the so-called citizens who voted for these filth.

The weapon was God-given. Then God requires a bullet in his universal brain stem, because he's nothing but a stinking mercenary gunrunner.

Those Uvalde parents and other family members of the dead should be gunning up now to wreak savage vengeance against all of the above parties.

The gunman is dead. But he was merely one killer in a battalion of murderers protecting him and having back as he mass murdered.

I'm going to let the Founders off the hook for the time being, because they are fucking dead, and because I can't definitely parse what they intended or could foresee in weapons technology and in their various misjudgements regarding vile human nature, I don't think much at all, but if they do show up somehow and tell me all of this shit is copacetic, I will direct them to speak into the business end of a fully loaded automatic weapon and speak up, I can't hear you.

That cuck dude who was waving around a semi-automatic in a retail space while wearing body armor the other week and was released without charges because he was breaking no law in fact broke MY personal laws, which is that if I need to walk or run away from such a fuck for fear that he is, by all appearances, whether in civilized public during the normal course of a day OR while I'm disembarking on Omaha Beach to be shot at by Nazis, going to shoot me, AND that I have been intimidated into stifling my First Amendment opinion ("Excuse me sir, but that is a very inappropriate way to dress and behave in this particular civilized context, could you perhaps return home and lose the gun, the body armor and that smirk on your face, ya know, for the sake of the children who are just now running away from you" .. or "Hey cocksucker, you wanna go, or you gonna put that fucking shit away in my presence?" both expressions of protected speech) for fear again of being shot dead if I speak.

I will not live like this, Bill Sikes, you and your trained constitutional killer dog too.

All future decisions about every item of governance in this country will be made under the threat of murderous gunfire, because it's the only available method in these late days of making the conservative movement back the goddamed fuck off.

If they hobble or do away with the federal administrative state, then I got news for ya.

I, and legions of pissed off citizens, are now the Administrators.

And foolish jagoffs have provided us with the full deadly force to enforce the regs and laws we decide should be enforced.

The conservative movement of course will kill all of us, because they have said so.

And FWIW, I live in one of the 8 states where “officials can arbitrarily deny licenses” to carry firearms.

A number of these states are likely to raise the bar for everyone wanting a concealed carry permit. Which will pass muster as long as the requirements are applied equally to everyone.

The asshole with no criminal record, but who beats the crap out of his wife / girlfriend / whoever. The knucklehead who can’t get through a weekend without getting into a punch-up. For that matter, the suburban dad who can’t get through a kid’s ball game without threatening the life of the ref.

The various states' laws already have requirements that applicants for permits not have criminal records, histories of domestic violence, etc. The law was overturned on the requirement that applicants had to convenience officials that they had a risk or circumstance that justified the need for a permit.


nous: Act. Correct later if necessary ...

"John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it," said Andrew Jackson, 19th century America's preview of He, Trump.

Joe Biden needs to take a cue from Jackson. Short term, suspend all federal funding of public works in states that restrict choice. Let them sue. Tell any judge or "Justice" who rules in their favor to pound sand. Start moving military operations out of bases in anti-choice states, be blatant about it, and ignore any lawsuits over it. Provide free transportation to pro-choice states out of those bases for women seeking abortions. Or just open abortion clinics there, and declare them to be under federal, not state, jurisdiction. Then invite all Senators and Congressmen from those anti-choice states to lunch, and explain very nicely that all will return to normal as soon as they vote to codify Roe in federal law.

I'd call that act now, correct later. But I'm an idiot, not a Democrat.


@Tony - Not disagreeing with your spirit, but just wanted to point out that failure to spend money that Congress has appropriated, for the purposes and in the places that Congress has specified, is unlawful. Another of those things we can thank Dick Nixon for. Nixon was notorious for impounding funds, and Congress finally had enough.

On the early side of Too Late, Alas, but let's keep it in our peripheral vision:


Putin's fifth column American comrades, all traitors, such as those at TAC, would be formidable opponents of any American response .. from a Democratic President ... to Putin genocide in eastern Europe, but they might quickly change their minds and become more amenable to mushroom clouds if it distracted tens of millions of Americans who are ready to declare civil war against America's right wing to halt the advances of its fascist plan for America.

Mitt Romney would not go along with them on that count, but how many divisions does he have left in the radical, ruthless Republican Party, except to defend his offshore accounts against taxation and let Joe Manchin rub up against him for the next grooming.

On the other hand, Putin might encourage them to mount a violent domestic resistance to America defending NATO and the Balkans with promises to support their further destruction and defunding of the US Government domestically, and undermining honest elections, the latter of which Romney would acquiesce to, being the two-faced fratboy religious poseur he is.

The conservative movement historically has always worked behind the scenes overseas to undermine Democratic Presidential foreign policy ... they ARE fucking traitorous bastards .. and they are persistently disciplined .... so they may try to encourage and goad China into invading Taiwan .... no more chips from Taiwan Semiconductor, goodbye entire American industries, including defense ... as another way of diverting attention away from their Christian, white nationalist anti-abortion, anti-LGBT Orthodox brother Putin's actions in Europe.

The stuff I throw at the wall is outlandish, but even I'm amazed at how much of it regarding the ultimate aims of the anti-American conservative movement has stuck over the past 20 years of shooting my mouth off here, even if much of it has only reached its full stink recently.

I don't mind if folks throw it back at me. I just read what they say they are going to do.

Make no mistake, they are sincere.

I'll be interested to observe how Rod Dreher, in the midst now of a lengthy jaunt thru Europe photo-bombing with right wing orthodox celebrities, reacts when Russian troops pour into eastern Europe.

I would counsel the State Department to revoke his passport and not allow his return to America because his loyalties, except to traitor Trump, are suspect at best.

Just for him, Putin might, simultaneously with an invasion, begin rounding up and disappearing the Russian LGBT and liberal community and fully bringing Russian schooling under the iron rule of the Russian Orthodox Church and gosh, Rod would be torn, I suspect.

Much of his family in America doesn't even like him already, the little duped opportunist.

The basic point is .. we don't really know who and what we're dealing with in these villains.

Even now.

I know impoundment is unlawful Any court would agree. That's why I alluded to Andrew Jackson.

But are there any federal programs that fund state projects on a submit an application and we'll review it basis? Is the DoD required to keep every one of its operations based wherever it is now? And, just curious, does state law apply on military bases?

What about waivers of this or that regulation states apply for? Are any of those at the Administration's discretion?


just curious, does state law apply on military bases?

The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) applies to members of the military, on base or off. So the rwnjs can't touch them regardless.

IANAL, but I believe that Federal law, and not state law, applies on any Federal land -- not just military bases, but National Parks, etc., as well.

IANAL, but I believe that Federal law, and not state law, applies on any Federal land -- not just military bases, but National Parks, etc., as well.

Depends. In really simple form, with possible errors because IANAL either (but was a state legislative staffer who had to pretend to be one occasionally)... If a particular act performed on federal land violates a federal law, the feds have jurisdiction. If it does not violate a federal law, but does violate a state law, then the state has jurisdiction. As an example, murder is only a federal crime in some limited circumstances. If you kill someone in a national park, chances are you will be tried in a state court for violating a state law. Lots of things can be waived back and forth. Eg, the feds will probably let the state have a crack at the murder case before they file an "improper discharge of a firearm" case.

I think you're right about the UCMJ. Murder is a crime generally under the UCMJ, so for military members, that takes precedence.

Then there's that strange situation in Oklahoma that Justice Gorsuch got the four liberals to go along with while RBG was still alive.

Which will pass muster as long as the requirements are applied equally to everyone.

I live in MA. The requirements are the same for everyone. Your local police have to agree that you’re not someone who shouldn’t have a gun. As a practical matter, less than 2% of applications are denied, and if you are among that less-than-2-percent and feel you’ve been treated unfairly, you can appeal the decision.

The law in NY, if I understand correctly, was that you had to demonstrate a need to get a license to carry. Assuming everyone had to meet that same bar, then the requirements applied equally to everyone. Not applying equally would mean that some folks had to demonstrate need, and some did not.

The law in NY, if I understand correctly, was that you had to demonstrate a need to get a license to carry.

But the NY law was struck down because it required a subjective judgment on the part of officials. What constituted a valid necessity for a license could vary from official to official. Or the judgment of a single official could vary depending on who was asking for a license.

But the NY law was struck down because it required a subjective judgment on the part of officials

Does it say in the Constitution that officials must not exercise judgement? Does that apply to policemen?

Can't remember the police being mentioned in the Constitution at all. It's not part of common law either I presume given the deep-rooted hostility of the British to the very idea.

Does it say in the Constitution that officials must not exercise judgement?

We deal with it on a case-by-case basis. Judges are allowed to exercise judgement in sentencing. In places where they are perceived as abusing that authority, they get reined in: tight sentencing guidelines, for example. In other cases we don't allow judgement at all. OSHA inspectors ask, "Does this conform to the objective rule," rather than "Is this, IMO, safe?"

Analogies are always fraught. My basic take on Bruener is that the Court said concealed carry permits are subject to the sort of judgement we use for drivers licenses (shall issue, with a short list of exceptions), not the sort we use for explosives licenses (demonstrate a need).

FWIW, it makes complete sense to me that the decision of whether someone should be able to carry a firearm would depend on who was asking for the license.

I absolutely do not see the 2nd A as referring to an individual right to own a firearm, let alone carry one with you anywhere you go, with no concern for broader public safety or for the character or behavior of the person in question. I doubt the blessed founders were that stupid.

Or at least, not all of them.

So no judgement across the board will be permitted on the part of regulators and law enforcement?

Nor may we judge it right and proper and safe and sane to uniformly and entirely ban weapons, at least in public.

Handing out gun carrying licenses will now be like handing out baseball trophies in a woke baseball little league.

Everyone gets one for showing up and arranging their faces into angelic innocence.

If the LAPD decides its arresting officers will use chokeholds on ALL suspects during all arrest proceedings, that's OK because it is uniform, objective policy across the board, kinda like Texas voting restrictions are OK because they apply to everyone ...based on the fucking subjective judgement of ONE political party, the EVIL one at that.

Natch, the US Supreme Court of Subjective Judgement and Ginny Thomas' Imposed Personal Opinions is exempt from this fresh Hell of a regime.

We can do away with Judges altogether.

Good riddance.

The Constitution sez nothing.

What exactly is this "self" that is evident in the truths we declare?

The only deciding bottom line in human interaction for conservatives and libertarians is who has better aim, more ammo, gets the first shot off, and is left standing.

Regarding the New York law, I am grateful that now if Bernie Goetz draws his weapon on the subway, the four other punks may now also draw their licensed guns and pump him full of lead, because I love a fair firefight in an enclosed area.

What a relief that the Uvalde mass murderer of children waltzed thru the regulatory apparatus under the pristinely non-judgemental eyes of Texas jagoffs, who are renowned for their even-handedness and having nor imposing any personal opinions whatsoever, except who to shoot when the shooting is good, and it ain't decided by the whites of their eyes, it's only the rest of the white that counts.

Re: Michael Cain’s Bruener analogy:

Cars are used to go from point A to point B. It seems pretty reasonable for folks to not have to demonstrate any particular need to do that.

Firearms exit to exert deadly force. If that doesn’t call for a demonstration of why an individual would need it, I’m not sure sure what does.

We’ve lost the ability to use our freaking heads.

'In other cases we don't allow judgement at all. OSHA inspectors ask, "Does this conform to the objective rule," rather than "Is this, IMO, safe?"'

Judgement or objective rule aside, it matters not, it will be the personal opinion of at least five Supreme Court Deciders that OSHA is dead administrative meat.


Is it the personal opinion or an objective truth among Libertarians and Conservatives that the Democratic candidate who was physically and violently assaulted would have been within his constitutional self-regulatory rights to shoot, by drawing and firing his concealed weapon, the assailant ... the Republican candidate ... goddamned dead in self defense?

Or would that assailant have to be black and climbing thru your bedroom window to heist your wallet?

If the roles were reversed in the attack at the abortion rally, would FOX News and conservatives not so much mind, as a personal matter, if a Democratic attacker was shot dead in self-defense by a Republican who got his nose bloodied.

These are important questions.

Please maintain total and self evident God-like objectivity.

Not off topic really, but rather directly in the file of "Too Late, Alas":


Rather than ask Who or Whom did this, who prevented all progress, to us for the millionth time, let's name the 80 million .... or at least the self-appointed members of the conservative vanguard ... mofos who did this to us and hang it around their wrung necks.

We know who they are.

I'd add a Moe-slap for the spineless, Manchin-cowed Democrats as well.

FWIW, it makes complete sense to me that the decision of whether someone should be able to carry a firearm would depend on who was asking for the license.

Criticisms of gun license laws like New York's were that, all too often, the officials' judgments of a person's need for a license were based not on the validity of the need but what kind of tan they had. Or some other characteristic irreverent to the need to carry a weapon.

Looks like conservative heartlanders disagree with the idea that there shall be no regulatory judgement of all comers:


Opinions may vary seems to live on.

One might mistake them for new age liberals in their druthers.

Does it say in the Constitution that officials must not exercise judgement? Does that apply to policemen?

For an authoritarian, having anyone exercise judgement is anathema. All rules should be laid out in minute detail. And followed to the letter -- without any consideration of circumstances, mitigating factors, etc.

And, let's face it, these guys are authoritarian to their bones. So long as they get to be the authorities.

I will say this regarding CCW permits - the issuing authority often rests with the county sheriff. I will say this as well - the county sheriff is one of those positions that seems to have fallen into the hands of rw authoritarian warrior cop types, and those CCW permits are a form of clientage. I watched that with my former martial arts instructor as a police chief in our training group told him how to fill out the paperwork to get through the process and wrote letters to the sheriff to let her know that our instructor was on the right side. They were all very aware that the application process was a catechism of sorts and that the right doctrinal responses would see them confirmed. Having seen that, I have no doubt that licenses were being denied to people on the basis of all sorts of prejudices.

I also have no illusions that the SC decision was taken up and decided as a way to remedy that prejudice. The case was simply a means to an end. The end was to reinforce the ability of the right to exert political violence in defense of their own ideological preferences. The rest is all chaff.

I’d be utterly unsurprised to find that local law enforcement in some municipalities in NY were less likely to grant a concealed carry license to a black person than to a white one.

I’m not seeing that ruling state level may-issue laws as unconstitutional as being a good remedy for that. I’ve offered my own thoughts about what appropriate responses to racist behavior are, but they aren’t very popular. This particular response is not going to do one damned thing about addressing racist attitudes and behaviors in law enforcement, or anywhere else.

Gun violence is relatively uncommon in MA. There are no doubt a number of reasons for that. One of them is that concealed carry licenses are issued by local police, who can deny applications based on their determination that the applicant shouldn’t have that privilege.

I like living in a place where gun violence is relatively uncommon. I’m not interested in having one of the reasons for that low level of gun violence taken away because some cops in NY are racists.

I am, for a so-called liberal, highly supportive of local control of most policies, and also highly tolerant of gun ownership. What I’m not in favor of is violent knuckleheads carrying guns in public. This ruling will increase the number of violent knuckleheads carrying guns in public.

If you think that is not so, you need to get out more.

What this ruling is about is further cementing the doctrine that the 2nd A guarantees an individual right to own a firearm - any firearm - and carry it around any and every place you like. That doctrine is both absurd and pernicious. And it’s gonna get people killed

I also have no illusions that the SC decision was taken up and decided as a way to remedy that prejudice.

I note without comment (none being necessary) that the NY case was NOT brought by a black man, alleging prejudice in the denial of a permit. Gee, they couldn't even find a strawman to being the case. Hmmm....

So, prediction for this week.

The opinion in West Virginia v. EPA will be written by the Chief Justice. It will be similar in philosophy to Casey. That is, Congress is not forbidden from delegating rule-making authority, but is restricted. In particular, climate change is Congress's problem, not the EPA's, and not the states', unless Congress delegates in excruciating detail. Which they have not done. Given the current make-up of Congress, and the make-up most people seem to expect after November, the US will take no meaningful action on climate change. Gorsuch will write a concurrence much like Thomas's on abortion: there are a whole lot of other places where agency rule-writing needs to be reined in, and existing rules tossed.

For those who need a moment's cheer (especially GftNC and any other from the UK), I found this oddly lightening to my spirit:


I happened to be living in Ireland when it first came out and remember how the song basically prevented the radio from being all U2 all the time. Copying the article, though, because of what a surprisingly fine gentleman he seems to be.



Kite-flyers beware:


J.D. Vance’s wife is an attorney

Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs

Clarence Thomas’ wife is an attorney

Ron DeSantis’ wife is a journalist

Greg Abbot’s wife is a healthcare executive

Do as I say, not as I do
Quote Tweet
J.D. Vance
· 19h
If your worldview tells you that it’s bad for women to become mothers but liberating for them to work 90 hours a week in a cubicle at the New York Times or Goldman Sachs, you’ve been had.

JakeB, thank you for the kind thought. I vaguely knew about the phenomenon of rickrolling, but it mainly passed me by because the song had essentially passed me by. But anything which increases the amount of spirit-lightening in these times is OK with me, and I do agree that someone who can take a joke at their own expense is a good guy, or, in your excellent words, a surprisingly fine gentleman.

John Cornyn is racist filth garbage:


I'm cosying up to my new gun freedoms.




Not enough guns yet in Texas if this persists.

In fact, not enough self-defensive nuclear weapons either.

Not enough guns yet in Texas

Now you know that's not true. It's just that the guys who are running around with guns to demonstrate their manhood don't have the manhood to use them when the other guy might shoot back. Which, of course, is why they needed to buy a gun in the first place -- to try to keep people from noticing.

The next head of the EPA, under President Trumpsantis, well, long enough to turn out the lights and sell the copper in the building:


Anyone want to guess what sort of newly discovered evidence prompted the select committee to schedule a surprise hearing tomorrow?

Anyone want to guess what sort of newly discovered evidence prompted the select committee to schedule a surprise hearing tomorrow?

Absolutely pure guess, Ginni Thomas's lawyers called up and said, "You can have Ginni early this week, or in October. As soon as the Court is done, she and Clarence are taking off for vacation and won't be back until the next term starts in October.

As soon as the Court is done, she and Clarence are taking off for vacation and won't be back until the next term starts in October.

Resorts along the northern Caspian Sea are reputed to be lively this time of year. And you can vacation undisturbed by process servers with pesky Congressional subpoenas. .

And you can vacation undisturbed by process servers with pesky Congressional subpoenas.

No problem with that. Ginni's lawyers accept the subpoena and say she'll be there in October. Congress goes to court asking for an emergency ruling. That bounces up the usual chain and then hits the Supremes. The justice that handles emergency requests for the District of Columbia is Chief Justice Roberts. He says October seems responsive enough and declines to pass it along to the full court.

I made a front page post about this topic if anyone cares....

Charles wrote:

"To paint with one particular broad brush, conservatives are preoccupied with and want to enforce private morals. And liberals are preoccupied with and want to enforce public morals."

If Libertarian penises could shoot bullets too, liberals would be pre-occupied with and want to enforce BOTH public and private morals, and good for us .... but as it is, you're off the hook.

Is this private or public immorality?:


You'd think gummint-skeptical libertarians might want to help liberals interdict this very public immorality.

In the meantime, I think I've found a new hobby.

I can do all the Google searches I want to investigate the purchase of military grade weaponry and ammo.

But in vermin genocidal conservative America, THAT's considered both private and now fully public moral behavior.

But here we go:


How long does a person have to live in Texas before their Libertarian card automatically expires from lack of use?

If the Virgin Mary had sought care for a rough pregnancy and ended up aborting/miscarrying the fetus to save her own life, how would conservative officialdom prove that she was pregnant in the first place, considering the lack of sexual evidence.

Why wouldn't that be an immaculate miscarriage.

It's also odd that Crucifixion (fiction?) turned out to be the most wonderful thing to happen in and to Christendom, from a public relations point of view, and I'm not talking about selling jelly beans.

If it was so great then, why can't we have more of it now.

Actually, in a way, we do .....

Jesus could have just refused to wear a mask during whatever fatal influenza epidemic cut human beings down like a scythe at the time and died and become a martyr THAT way, like so many, but not enough of our modern-day conservative suicides have done.

I've no problem with Christianity.

I have a problem with the grotesque, ghoulish, need I say it, Satanic, bullets-and-attorney's-business-cards-in-the-collection-plate disgrace American Christianity has become.

According to traditional theology Mary was chosen because G*d KNEW in advance that she would not refuse.

So, grooming?




Looks like Liz is going to have lots of spare time after November to look for the 22 million emails her father disappeared along with the weapons of mass destruction and the rest of the Constitution all these fucks have shredded.

Read this:


Imagine attending a Nazi Conference in 1934 Germany, the sort of fascist genocidal soiree William Shirer reported about for years before World War II and the attendant murders and deaths of tens of millions of human beings, and putting names to the faces of the subhuman murderers who will butcher and slaughter all of us, and say so, and then walk away and allow them to continue on their EVIL way to horrific Destiny.

Those brownshirts who marched in Boston will be back, with a bigger crowd of them next time and the time after that, just as in 1930s Germany.

It will be normalized by sheer repetition, and ignored by our cowardly government until it too late.

At the very least, Joe Biden could close down our embassy and consulate in Hungary and toss their fucking fascist influencers out of my country, and declare Orban a pariah, along with Putin, but just as in other times EVIL was ignored as mere clownishness, just so this time around.

A total failure of imagination.

You'll see some of those Conservative movement brownshirts from the streets of Boston and many of the subhuman conservative personalities at the latest CPAC, including Republican officeholders, in a Nuremberg-style courtroom in shackles some years from now ..... but only after they murder millions of their enemies in America.

It's Too Late, Alas.

I don't think I'll be alive to witness those trials.


This is not unlike Andrew Sullivan and Peter Thiel engaging in all of the verboten sexual acts, in the eyes of the usual murderous suspects, that constitute their private love lives, which their malignant conservative movement strives to once again make crimes, and then showing up at CPAC to demonize all whom those two demonize in our society, and to support platforms and candidates who wish to carry out their criminal wishes, as long as their taxes are eliminated.

It's not hypocrisy, by which I mean it is, of course, but throwing the hypocrite card misses the point.

Rohm and Goering were gay men who murdered gays, along with everyone else they hated, like the good malignant lamestream conservatives they were.

Rohm wasn't executed for the crime of hypocrisy and Goehring wasn't tried for the crime of hypocrisy and sentenced to hang, before offing himself with cyanide.

Much bigger EVIL fish were being fried.

By the way, if you read the New Yorker article cited above, and you should, unless you don't have the stomachs to view the blueprints for imposing fascism in America, you will get a taste of what a conniving, clever sneak and liar the subhuman, fascist apologist and crypto-Christian Rod Dreher is.

He mustn't be permitted to re-enter my country. His wife can divorce his ass from a distance.

Time for another round of massive tax cuts, to boil down to its essence Mitt Romney's announcement that he is here to save us by making him President.



Democrats: Get ruthless you appeasers or get out:


Sick genocidal psychopathic fucks:


We need one million Zelenskys in America NOW to kill this ravening murderous monster of a political party.

Happy 5th of July:


Too Late, Alas:


Gee, I wonder who these idiots will vote for?

I expect the very same fascist piss-in-a-bucket subhuman gun molls who have been preventing the world's governments from even thinking about global climate change.

Does trans culture cause water tables to drop?

I'll bet BLM is to blame.

If pregnant witches seeking abortions hover your desert property, your sink faucets will dry hiss and your toilets tanks dry up.

Better lock her up.

OK, we're fully warned:


That's the plan for every state in the Union, give or take a few thousand murders.

Fully revealed EVIL on the march.

Fully Warned:


Jesus Guns Babies.


Let us pray that it doesn't take until 2100.

So the optimistic take now is that we'll all be dead?

Not me. I've got a checkpoint scheduled in 2097 (i,e, when I'm 150).

Time to get a soundtrack ready for the horror on the horizon:



He checked out a synagogue. Of course he did.

The cops knew he was evil. Of course they did.

The Conservative and Libertarian and White Christian Nationalist Movements, bloody sisters joined at the hip, sold him his weapons and ammo. Yeah, they did:


With pure intended subhuman synchronicity, vermin criminal Rick Scott, a fucking US Senator: “Just mount up and ride to the sounds of the guns, and they are all over this country”

More, but I repeat myself:


I'm just now getting a lousy soundtrack together to greet their coming genocide.

They have a fucking military grade arsenal and their fake EVIL Christian God will be forced upon us as our unelected stolen Government.

It's gonna be a rough ride:


Listen to those tapes Kinzinger on the 1/6 Committee released of phone calls to his office and staff, including interns, from "the Public",

Same voices.

All conservative movement gunfire, especially in schools and churches against the Other, is "celebratory":


I placed Marina Hyde's column regarding the diabolical rum bloke, cited by GftNC in the above thread, in my favorites.

Not in the the "Politics" category, nor the "International" category, nor in the "Amusements" category, nor in the "WTF" category, nor in the "Texas Did What Again?" category, but in the "Literature" category.

In a few years, we're all going to get our butts sued off:


Of course, these laws will not be applied to right-wing media, FOX News, or Lindsay Graham running his racist vermin mouth, but rather to their benefit.

Guns and libel.

The one-way street polite society will be so sweetly cloying, as Libertarians, Christians, and Fascist Conservatives wish it to be.

From the mouths of Conservative Russian and American genocidal filth:


Peter the Great is Russian originalism.

Intersected in the corrupt viscera of Hungary's white nationalist Christian fascist Orban, enabled by American subhuman Schmitteans Dreher, Bannon, Deneen, Buchanan, and company.

Trump's and the conservative movment's role models in wielding power are fascist entertainers Putin, Chavez, Erdogan, Amin, Mussolini, the Saudi Princes, any number of killers.

Orban is a clever one in a suit, but dressed to kill nevertheless.

Trump and Bojo are incompetent Burger King's* with a fetching rap, mere introductory clowns luring us into the death cult arcade for jagoffs by comparison, but the conservative bench is stocked with much more competent bonus baby monsters and killers, who will come to the fore and kill us.

We must destroy the worldwide conservative movement, because it is bent on killing all of us.


We're all on that bus now. I'm gonna be me:


Biden used the terms "senseless gun violence" the other day.

It's obvious from this latest round of horseshit, always lower, bigger, and shittier than the last round just weeks ago, from the violent fascist conservative Christian movement that they view all violence by gun as "sensible gun violence".

And so it is.

But public school entryways and city rooftops and Texas university towers, and high rise Texas book depository windows, and driving while black, and dancing while gay, and governing while liberal and are considered the "senseless" details in these mass murders by the murderous subhuman insurrectionary gun-loving, God-loving conservative movement.

They always look the part, but with the swastika armbands and tattoos covered in cheap gabardine to impress the rubes, a la Orban:


Oklahoma, another state chock full of guns.

And yet no bullet wounds in that guy, which proves once again, besides that guns are pointlessly owned, but also that pure demonic fascist EVIL is NOT what the American conservative movement plans to murder with their guns.

Who do you spose they are saving their ammo for?

Rabbit season?

Their bullets and prayers are with us:


The Constitution sez nothin.

via Hullabaloo

'At an evangelical victory party in front of the Supreme Court last to celebrate the downfall of Roe v. Wade last week, a prominent Capitol Hill religious leader was caught on a hot mic making a bombshell claim: that she prays with sitting justices inside the high court. “We’re the only people who do that,” Peggy Nienaber said.

This disclosure was a serious matter on its own terms, but it also suggested a major conflict of interest. Nienaber’s ministry’s umbrella organization, Liberty Counsel, frequently brings lawsuits before the Supreme Court. In fact, the conservative majority in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which ended nearly 50 years of federal abortion rights, cited an amicus brief authored by Liberty Counsel in its ruling.

In other words: Sitting Supreme Court justices have prayed together with evangelical leaders whose bosses were bringing cases and arguments before the high court.

Nienaber is Liberty Counsel’s executive director of DC Ministry, as well as the vice president of Faith & Liberty, whose ministry offices sit directly behind the Supreme Court. She spoke to a livestreamer who goes by Connie IRL, seemingly unaware she was being recorded. “You actually pray with the Supreme Court justices?” the livestreamer asked. “I do,” Nienaber said. “They will pray with us, those that like us to pray with them.” She did not specify which justices prayed with her, but added with a chortle, “Some of them don’t!” The livestreamer then asked if Nienaber ministered to the justices in their homes or at her office. Neither, she said. “We actually go in there.”

Nienaber intended her comments, broadcast on YouTube, to be “totally off the record,” she says in the clip. That’s likely because such an arrangement presents a problem for the Orlando-based Liberty Counsel, which not only weighed in on the Dobbs case as a friend of the court, but also litigated and won a 9-0 Supreme Court victory this May in a case centered on the public display of a religious flag.

The Supreme Court did not respond to a request for comment. Liberty Counsel’s founder, Mat Staver, strenuously denied that the in-person ministering to justices that Nienaber bragged about exists. “It’s entirely untrue,” Staver tells Rolling Stone. “There is just no way that has happened.” He adds: “She has prayer meetings for them, not with them.” Asked if he had an explanation for Nienaber’s direct comments to the contrary, Staver says, “I don’t.”

But the founder of the ministry, who surrendered its operations to Liberty Counsel in 2018, tells Rolling Stone that he hosted prayer sessions with conservative justices in their chambers from the late-1990s through when he left the group in the mid-2010s. Rob Schenck, who launched the ministry under the name Faith and Action in the Nation’s Capital, described how the organization forged ministry relationships with Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and the late Antonin Scalia, saying he would pray with them inside the high court. Nienaber was Schenk’s close associate in that era, and continued with the ministry after it came under the umbrella of Liberty Counsel.

Louis Virelli is a professor at Stetson University College of Law who wrote a book about Supreme Court recusals. He’s blunt in his assessment: “Praying with a group that filed an amicus brief with a court,” he says, “is a problem.”

They clearly do not care in the least about conflicts of interest. We know that by the fact that the wife of one of them was involved with an attempted coup if nothing else. And the right would scream bloody murder at the idea that there’s anything wrong with personally praying with people who file cases before the court. Don’t even try to go there. As Lauren Boebert said the other day, they believe religion should direct government.

Nonetheless, I think we have to grapple with the fact that a large conservative majority of Supreme Court Justices are all highly influenced by an extreme traditionalist theology. These are the kind of folks who think the Pope is a liberal shill. They aren’t mainstream Catholics.'

Our three remaining moderate Supreme Court Judges should wheel in a pregnant woman hemmoraging and dying with her fetus because these murderous freaks won't allow her to seek and obtain medical care, and pray for her without being harassed and stalked by Christian demons and harridan.

Let her bleed out on the floor of the SC chambers as Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Roberts, Coney Barrett, and the stalking ghoulish murderous shade of Scalia daintily lift their robes to avoid the blood they have shed and walk around her writhing body to their seats on the Death Panel.

The Georgia Guidestones.


Free fire in a theater speech and unlimited military grade armaments and ammo on every street and in front of every Government Office (and inside some according to vermin conservatives; they walk right past the magnetometers in the Austin Texas State House, while the average cowpoke has to empty his pockets), public school, and church in America .....

..... except an elite outta touch few:


Are the Wall Street Journal editorial staff telling us they don't carry wherever they fucking please in New York City, since last week?

Well, lying is protected speech.

Turn off the Mags, a fucking subhuman violent conservative movement President of the Unites States bellowed.

Indeed. Turn all of them off.

And then cut my taxes to zero, Republicans, or else.

I got nothin'.


Sexy, open minded Texas, long as yer anti-union and anti-tax, the fucking is good:


Ah, Texas:

I understand they are coming out with a line of ice cream products as well while the market is hot.

Chocolate Buckshot Chip

Seeping Gut Wound Ripple

Bullet-Riddled Hazelnut

911 French Vanilla

Barbecued Wetback Ice Cream Float

Full Metal Jacket Sherbet

The Suck On This, Biden Popsicle

Three Texas-Sized Scoops of Too Soom To Talk About It Horse Puckey

Triple Little Dead Kid Body Parts Cone

Blood Transfusion Gelato in a Cup

Large Caliber Flesh Wound Rocky Road

The DOA Weekly Special

County Coroner Banana Split with Pooled Blood Syrup

The Libertarian Freedom-Lover's Shot-off Concealed Carry Testicle Malt

Driving While Black Low Fat Yoghurt

And the Governor's featured favorite, this week:

Shot Dead Dumb Christian Meat on a Stick with a side of Nuts.

She pledges to murder her five grandchildren to enforce the Constitutional freedom to .... murder her grandchildren?


If she is patient and her grandchildren attend school anywhere in America, an armed conservative movement operative deliberately triggered by Republican officials will be along shortly to carry out the murders for her.

As BoJo might wax Churchillian: "Them's the breaks!"

Evil Vermin.

America requires an exorcism. You'll wanna wear a mask:


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