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June 02, 2022


We're not alone, but women around the globe certainly and increasingly are, like vermin conservatives intend them to be, especially when hemmorhaging:


In Texas and Oklahoma, busybody Christians and their attorneys are hiring fleets of armed helicopters to track and tail flight for life medical helicopters carrying hemmorhaging pregnant women seeking emergency care across state lines to Colorado.

I hope my Governor orders the shooting down of those Texas Christian helicopter missions if they invade Colorado's airspace.

They are also trying to prevent by law the provisioning of blood transfusion supplies, stirrups, and uterine surgical supplies on those medical helicopters transporting those unfortunate women.

Wait, am I getting ahead of myself here? Could those things also be true?

Wait a day, and I'll fall behind again.

I'm nimble, but fascists work on blitzkrieg, heraus and anschluss time.

The new regime is eminently fair in that it disallows conservative gay men and Christian rapists from aborting their fetuses as well.

Like the fascist voting restrictions, the law applies to everyone, don't it?

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