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June 02, 2022


The last week has been one of those stretches where Front Range Colorado demonstrates "We have four seasons and we're not afraid to use any three of them in a week." Last Friday was summer with a high in the low 90s. Then Sunday through Tuesday, a near-winter storm with a low in the high 30s and the snow line down below 8,000 feet. Today was a perfect spring day, brilliant sunshine and a deep blue sky, high of 70, so I grabbed the bicycle and put in 20 miles. Time to start scheduling rides with granddaughters.

For the curious I went and looked up the Fort Collins records. Latest measurable snow was on a June 12. Latest trace of snow was on a June 23.

It may make us feel better to think of GOP politicians as stupid, and I tend to agree, but it doesn’t bring the inflation rate down and rightly or wrongly, Democrats are blamed for this and also for the increase in crime. I think wrongly blamed, btw, but politically it doesn’t matter. Democrats are most likely going to be creamed in the fall.

You have to ask loudly for extra ketchup for your hotdog.

I think projection is only a partial explanation. My conjecture: they (GOPers) believe this of Democrats because they know it's what they themselves do.

[Maybe that's inherent in projection but I prefer to shift the emphasis.]

Try the gum.

anything they accuse Democrats of they have either (i) already done; (ii) are doing; and/or (iii) will do (anticipatory projection?).

Particularly anything having to do with politics and elections.

I think I would have said "anything having to do with politics and elections or sex." There's a long history of that, too.

What I'm saying is, I'm not so sure Madison Cawthorn's tales of orgies he had been invited to while in Congress were made up out of whole cloth. Not entirely true, of course, because he's demonstrated that he's incapable of that. But not without foundation.

nous: please tell your wife how much I enjoyed the duology. Also, contrary to some of the reviews, I thought the second one was even better. Teslas, turings and phlogiston (on which I once wrote an essay at school) were fun too. Congrats!

GftNC - I have done so. She's instructed me to thank you. So thank you.

The discarded scientific paradigms are courtesy of a history and philosophy of astrobiology course she co-taught some years ago. A lot of readers breeze right past them without realizing how foundational they are to the worldbuilding.

As a chemist myself I have a bit of a weak spot for phlogiston. It makes me sad and even a bit angry that it is usually just remembered and presented as a failure (often implying that it was a miserable failure and that people were silly to ever have believed in this 'obvious' nonsense*). Imo it was a huge step in the right direction and led to many discoveries made by some of the greatest of chemists who tried to prove it. It's fascinating to read e.g. Scheele's chemical treatise on air and fire.
It started as an alchemical concept but then led to some of the first foundations of what we to-day consider the science of chemistry.
It's an interesting thing to present students with a series of connected explanations for chemical phenomena based on phlogiston and then to ask them to counter those without using tools of modern analytics being allowed. It can be quite a struggle (even without claims about phlogiston having a negative weight).

*Lavoisier and very likely his wife were the main instigators of that, I think.

Although I have a soft spot for Lavoisier because of this story, which exemplifies one of the qualities I love in scientists, and which I very much hope is true:

During the French Revolution Lavoisier, who was also a tax collector, was branded a traitor and tried, sentenced and guillotined, all in one day. One story relates that Lavoisier’s final experiment was to see if a severed head remained conscious after death. He told his assistant that he would continue to blink for as long as possible after he was decapitated; the assistant apparently counted some 15 blinks.

When I was an undergrad at St. John's College our freshman lab classes were deeply embedded in history and philosophy of science. We started from Aristotle and Galen and worked through chemistry and physics and biology, reading and experimenting along with Goethe, Dalton, Gay-Lussac, Avogadro, Mendeleev, etc., so we actually had to work through the old paradigms with our findings before moving on to the next development that challenged the paradigm. My lab partner and I were both well grounded in science, so we always had an eye on where we knew things were going, and had a lot of fun creating "scaffolding" for the shift from one paradigm to the next in class discussions. Our classmates who were not well grounded found it a bit frustrating to master one way of understanding the world only to have it overturned the next week in class. Phlogiston was a rough two weeks for some of them.

Our lab tutor was very clever and saw what my lab partner and I were doing and spent a lot of time smiling quietly to himself in discussions, but he had his revenge. In one particular class where I and my partner were busy trying to scaffold for Mendeleev we got pretty committed to a pretty materialistic explanation of a Rutherford model atom, using our readings of Ptolemy from the math lab as the conceptual pivot. Mr. Franks immediately started to challenge my partner's most enthusiastic explanation asking questions like "But what if there is nothing there? What if it's just a numerical artifact?"

We both continued to try to support our model for a while in the face of this until I caught Mr. Franks starting to laugh to himself and had a moment of realization. I wrote E+MC^2 on a note and slid it to my partner in the midst of an impassioned explanation of why there absolutely had to be *something* there at the center. He picked up the note, glanced at it, and stopped in mid sentence, with "Never, mind, I may be over simplifying..."

I showed Mr. Franks the note after class and all three of us had a good laugh. I don't think anyone else in the class ever figured out the subtext.

Freshman lab was a fun experience, and a good one for learning how science works and what it does.

What St John's College is that? I suppose not the one founded hereabouts by the extraordinary Margaret Beaufort and her executors.

When scientific theories are discarded, the temptation is to consider them "thrown on the junk-heap".

A more accurate metaphor is "added to the compost pile".

Pro Bono - nothing quite that fancy.

St. John's College in Annapolis/Santa Fé. I was at the Santa Fé campus hanging with other great books weirdos (for two years, anyway). We were the granola punks. The Annapolis campus was all the preppies.

An example of the mills of God grinding slowly (and, speaking personally, they could have ground a lot more finely for my taste):


The time to worry will be when the MAGAts start accusing Democrats of stockpiling tanks for a coup.

wj - have you forgotten Operation Jade Helm so quickly?

speaking personally, they could have ground a lot more finely for my taste

Nobody here can forget the terrible pictures of Litvinenko wasting away with Polonium poisoning, nor the fact that Londoners had then to avoid certain venues which had been contaminated during the assassination. And of course, this was just a prelude to Putin's attempt to assassinate Skripal in Salisbury, which nearly did for him and his daughter, and did in fact collaterally kill a totally uninvolved homeless person.

So, if anyone were to ask me what fantasy would constitute a fine enough grind in this case, it would have been if Putin had had Kovtun (Litvinenko's actual assassin) murdered, and then been murdered himself by disaffected FSB officers. It could fittingly be written up by Willie the Shake, or (even better) Webster.

nous -- but those were plots by the Chinese or the Russians (or space aliens, of course). Not the Democrats. At least in any story I saw. And it's projections onto the Democrats that show what they're doing.

The discussion of older theories reminds me of Paul Postal's paper called Advances in Linguistic Rhetoric. Here's a bit to give you the flavor

Suppose some proponent, like McCawley, of the unquestionably wrong and stupid Basic Semantics (BS) movement has, accidentally, hit on one or two ideas you need to use, say hypothetically, the notion that surface quantifiers are connected to logic-like representations by transformational movement operations sensitive to syntactic constraints, or something like that.

When adopting this idea, assuming that you wish to do so, it would be an obvious rhetorical error to cite any proponents of BS. Not only would this waste a lot of serious linguists' time if they were persuaded to actually read such misguided stuff, it might mislead less sophisticated thinkers than you into thinking something about BS was right.

So the correct procedure is to proclaim and get others to proclaim, over a long period, many times, that BS is totally wrong, misguided, unscientific, etc. Then, quietly, simply use whatever BS ideas you want without warning and without any tiring citational or attributional material. A well-known principle of scholarly law known as Right of Salvage guarantees that you cannot be held accountable for this.

"Right of Salvage" -- what a marvelous rationalization for intellectual theft! I am in awe.

If you'd like to read the whole article, it is here


I'm so glad that Nadal beat the highly problematic Djokovich, and that he has taken what might possibly be his last French Open. I hate to see the fall of giants (when they are giants I like), so now I want Federer to win one more grand slam, but I think I am destined to be disappointed.

Right of Salvage

What's the related one where all the experts tell you you can't solve the problem the way you're describing, and it turns out they were all wrong and it works just fine? I built a whole technical career out of that one.

Good to know that the Ohio GOP is on the case when it comes to protecting girls involved in athletics.


Have I been too hard on these perverted Christian monsters?

Rod Dreher cut his orthodox teeth taking to task the Lavender Mafia in the Catholic Church for abusing kids. Now his sub-optimal vermin conservative christian brothers and sisters in Ohio will be spreading the labias of young, innocent girls during sports physicals for a leering look-see.

Well, sounds like some elegiacal hillbilly goings-on in Dreher choirboy J D Vance’s white trash inbred family inviting livestock in to breed their daughters.

Ohioans love them thar guns and I trust they will use them on any of these groping, drooling God-bothering fascist ghouls who so much as call an off-sides on their kids in a coed soccer match.

No elections. Only violence.

Noone, I have a pretty high tolerance, but elements of your second and third paragraphs are really revolting. I know you are describing revolting characters and types, but you are edging close to porn imagery, whether you are lampooning specifics I don't know about, or not.

Put a sock in it, for heaven's sake.

This is an intensely stupid late-night addition to an Ohio House bill. The purpose is surely to attract votes rather than actually to create a highly damaging law to address something which isn't actually a problem. Plainly, the intrusive examinations are intended only for other people's daughters.

But who knows what might happen when it comes up in the Senate.

No objection to discussing the bill, obviously, but it seemed to me that some of Noone's phrases were on the pornified side. Everybody else's MMV.

I have a partial apology to make to Noone. Having read (as opposed to skimmed) the digby post, I see that some of what offended me in the second para of Noone's comment was taken from that. But in my opinion, Noone's slight modifications changed the tone somewhat, probably innocently.

My objection to the third para stands.

However, I have noticed before that although we all kind of speak the same language, there are differences (in another thread I could ennumerate), and of course there is also the possible difference in perception by women as opposed to men. (There may also be differences in the kinds of porn we have all been exposed to.)

I just want to emphasise that I am the opposite of prudish about language (and much else), and nor do I disagree with the intent of Noone's argument or his remarks.

As you were, and back to the salient questions.

The only porn I was referencing was in wj’s link.

I address the perverted death-loving and death-dealing conservative movement on their chosen terms on any given topic; any modifications I make that (attempt to) go lower than theirs will quickly be made to look good by their subsequent outrageous word and deed.

I haven’t yet come close to full bile on their murders of scores and scores of children.

This is evil obscenity:


Compared to that, porn is a morning in Sunday School with Pat Boone, one of millions of conservatives who have enabled the outrages of this diabolical movement, but still, at least with Pat Boone, children didn’t leave the class pumped full of lead, though the national psychosis the conservative movement is deliberately with evil fascist intent putting this country through looks like it has plenty of room to run in that direction before it is halted in its tracks with furious overwhelming violence.

I’m not a fan of the porn industry, even aside from the laughable label of “industry” they call what they do.

GftNC, try and view my commentary as though a doctor were testing your nerve endings. If you jump in outrage, then you are alive and good to go.

That’s how things are supposed to be, so good for you.

As long as you realize you, or any others here, are not the targets.

But then what to do with the tens of millions who are the walking MAGA dead oblivious by ideological choice to all petition via normalcdiscourse, even my parlous excuse for the latter.

They are armed and ready to murder en masse.

It’s not like they haven’t told us this ad nauseum.

Victor David Hanson wants to murder me:


So do Dreher, Buchanan, Trump, Carlson, any number of Republican officeholders at all levels of so-called gummint, and their fascist constituents.

All of them are heavily armed.

I am not armed.

They tried to murder my elected and unarmed representatives in Washington D C 18 months ago.

They try to murder doctors and nurses who attend to their illnesses.

They try to murder airline attendants.

They murder teachers.

They murder children.

They arm the black gangbangers who might kill me, though at least the gangbangers aren’t coming to murder me in my workplace or in classrooms.

I am not armed.

Something and someone is going to give way.

All the vermin named above had better direct their thoughts and prayers to make sure I’m not the one who finally gives way.


Murder Death Cults are not dissuaded by their own murders and deaths.

Zombies don’t pause their face-chewing to mourn their fellows’ head shot.

They just keep coming at us.

They will never stop until they are stopped.

Our institutions are not up to the horrible task of stopping them.

No human being in a zombie movie seeks shelter in a courthouse.

No human being in a zombie movie takes a break to register to vote.

And the Zombies know it.

youtube time of the season zombies


The entire thread describes accurately what is coming, except that they leave out the savage bloody vengeful killing that will result as a perfectly logical resistance to authoritarian genocidal conservative movement vermin.

On the whole, I’d rather be discussing baseball.

Thing about baseball is, it will take care of itself.

I’d rather stare into the abyss of the death of America and the horrific violence as we go over the edge to conservative movement death cult oblivion.


That I may become as good picking off the domestic enemies of America with long range military-grade weaponry as I was throwing out opponents at third base from any outfield position.

On the whole, I’d rather be discussing baseball.

I've been surprised that you haven't weighed in on the other thread. Being, after all, the most personally expert guy we have on here.


In other news, what makes Texas so special that bombing runs can’t be called in to protect America from these animals:



I guess since I’m not armed with the requisite genocidal hardware, I’m going to have to practice my stabbing, strangulation, punches to the throat and temple and testicles, high speed SUV manslaughter, crowbar and baseball bat beating, and poisoning and immolation techniques to save America from genocidal vermin murdering subhuman conservative movement dirt, the tens of millions of them.

Look what you’ve done to this country republicans, conservatives and libertarians.

You will not get away with it without you and yours being viciously attacked and destroyed.

You will fucking pay with your blood and treasure every day of your fascist death-serving vermin lives.

Not one of you is innocent. Each of you is complicit in mass murder and the ruination of all sane governance in America.

You like personal responsibility? It’s coming straight for you.

We’ll teach our children to kill all of you, before you can murder the rest of them.

An armed would-be assailant has been apprehended, luckily before carrying out his conservative freedom-loving deed, near arms merchant, rape-friendly, harasser of pregnant women, election-fixing killer of the federal administrative state Brett Kavanaugh’s home in DC.

Unlike the Michigan Judge recently murdered in cold blood by a conservative operative, Kavanaugh and his family seem to be safe for the time being, and will be even safer when his weapons are confiscated.

I have some measured advice for the man. He needs to remove all doors but one in his home, and the remaining door and entryway must be redesigned to serve as a man-trap to secure and lock any attackers who gain entry. All windows must be removed as well, and if any literature in the house that can be even remotely identified as BLM, LGBTQ- friendly, or seems to support freeing the slaves, abortion rights for hemorrhaging pregnant women, and confiscating weapons from his attackers, or in any way emasculating young American men who like to do tandem wrastling and pillow fight attacks on teenage girls must be relegated to the nearest right-wing book and Beatle-record bonfire.

He should make arrangements that all 911 calls from his families phones connect directly to the Uvalde, Texas Police Department, or any other wet ass pussified Texas constabulary for quick decisive action, as long as there are no wetback Mexicans attending school in the house at the time of any assault.

It is reported that the assailant was apprehended while carrying pepper spray, a knife, and a third object which it is too soon to talk about, however once Kavanaugh has waited the requisite amount of time, say, until another attacker gains entry into his home, he can schedule meetings and hearings to not talk about that object at length with no foreseeable action on account of America’s romance with death by fast-moving lead.

It is permissible, according to constitutional college boys, however, to confiscate the knife and pepper spray.

Meanwhile, I have inappropriate thoughts about the exalted Judge who reached his position via political corruption and in ignorance of all democratic standards and procedures in this satanic America.

I have no prayers to extend to him.

He made his bed. But I wouldn’t try and sleep in it if I were him, given these parlous times in the nationwide firing zone his ideology has created for all of us.

Ignore all rumors, please, that this incident is a false flag operation carried out by Kavanaugh’s kindred ideological conspirators to frame and set up the Liberal Other for deserved genocide and final solutions.

If there is a flag involved, it ain’t pink or rainbow. It most assuredly will be the red, white, and blue Stars and Stripes now so disgraced and covered in dogshit by the fascist all- American conservative movement.

I simply cannot comprehend the utter lack of violence in this heavily armed piece of shit of a country directed at these evil lying criminals:


Tell me again why God blessed you with semi-automatic weaponry, you conservative and libertarian Christian poseur fucks?

The tyrannical Republican Party is begging the armed American public to butcher and slaughter every one of them with Second Amendment solutions:


Some Dakotan Dick Senator did point out that his constituents need AR-15s to shoot prairie dogs, which must mean he didn’t get the memo that these weapons are not to be hunted with, unless the prey is Steve Scalise.

Signs that the conservative movement has been overwatering the Tree of Liberty:


FOX News has been following an "interesting trajectory", sez this fascist oligarch who paid for Trump to fuck my country:


Those 9/11 flights 21 years were following "interesting trajectories" as well, if you catch my meaning.

My meaning: Malone has the full powerful eloquence and directness of the English at his command and the media organs of transmission of that language at his fingertips and all he can dribble out of his mealymouthed gob is that Murdoch's FOX has followed "an interesting trajectory"?

He's worse and more insidious than Murdoch, just as Susan Collins is worse in her insidious bullshitting than Trump.

Years ago, Sebastian pointed out, (please correct if I'm wrong, but if I am, it's probable that I'm mistaking WHO wrote that, not WHAT was written on these pages) favorably for that disastrous decision, in a discussion here about Citizens United that "we can never have too much free speech", or similar words, which might as well have been "we can never have too much bribe money in politics, regardless of the consequences."

We are told now that we never have too many guns, especially if we ignore the murderous shit that results from having too many guns.

I say horseshit.

I got news for ya: We have too much of both money and guns serving as political speech, and the guns shoot all of the wrong people, while all of the crooked fascist money elects another set of wrong people who are more deserving of the murderous giving that only the Second Amendment can provide.

When freedom rings and all we hear amid the ringing in our ears is the ka-ching of political money utterly corrupting all governance, by which I mean intentionallly disallowing rational governance, and the concussive gunfire tearing the bidies of little kids apart, I'd say we need to stop pissing on the Tree of Liberty.

It must end.

Funny thing, I'm short of the kind of cash to in any way swerve us away from fascist conservatism, but I'm surrounded by shitheads who want me to purchase military grade weaponry and ammo, all in massive supply.

That can't be a good thing, can it?

Now this next link may seem off topic to this particular comment, but if you view the worldwide tax-cheating, genocidal, fascist conservative movement as an international conglomerate of like-minded ruthless conservative vermin committing institutional murder and rapine across the globe against their chosen OTHERS .... Conservative Putin, Conservative Orban, Conservative Clown Boy at 10 Downing, Conservative Bolsonaro, Conservative Xi Jinping, and our domestic conservative Trump filth, all of whom, and many more, are logical, but horrific outcomes ... apothesoses on the low end ... of the conservative movement across nations and cultures over the past 50 years, this is what is coming at and to all of us:


It never ends. But it must end. Elections will end nothing . The only consequence of elections with these vermin is that they rachet up their desire to kill us and our institutions.

Even when we have a majority, we are shut out of governance.

I find it touching that Joe Biden is steadfastly relying on the relevance of our deliberative institutions and the good faith of those tens of milllions of vermin who have pledged in word and deed to destroy them.

Christ, they've already infested our institutions, so good luck petitioning any of these useless hulks after next November.

My theory about the outcome of the congressional hearings which commenced last night is that they will serve merely as cataclysmic reason for the evil conservative Christian and libertarian movement to completely drown the tree of liberty with their weaponized money and gunfire.

The Reichstag is burning away all around us.

They are clear in their evil, racist violent intent, but of course believe God and Trump will pardon them for murdering all of us.



Stop now.

Thank you for the increasingly confined space here to shoot my mouth off.

Why is Ginni Thomas not arrested and tried for sedition and executed.


And her husband impeached and then arrested and executed.

By firing squad, like white criminals deserve.

Jordan the other day demanded hearings on inflation.


I demand hearings immediately on the precise date and time of Jordan’s execution by horrific, painful, long-drawn-out methods favored by his favorite Popes and Luther(an) religious murderers and towel-snapping, ball-grabbing wrestling coaches from the Dark Ages.

It’s lucky for us that God gave us the military weaponry to carry out his fascist demise.

I'm as always late to Ob Wi threads, but Pro Bono: do you have any connection to St. John's? My wife is publishing some research on Margaret Beaufort, and the painting of her there would be an excellent additional source but seems to be hard to get access to...


Wow, Hillary Clinton cut the face off a woman and wore it around as her own face.

As if Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation weren't enough reason for conservatives here to vote for the What is Aleppo pothead in 2016 and allow Hitler into the White House.

They are going to kill all of us, and conservatives, libertarians and Republicans, especially the Christians among them, will stand by with both-sides-do-it shrugs and give us the finger as the trains transporting us to the camps roll east thru their towns.

It's 1938.

It's 1859.

Tom H: I do some maths "supervising" for St John's. But I doubt they'd give anyone access to the painting on my say so.



The Constitution sez nothing about the horror that is coming.

Texas: The Leave or Die State


An airplane bathroom at 30,000 feet is safer for a pregnant woman in medical extremis than a fucking murderous Texas hospital prenatal clinic or emergency room.

I hope she's gunning up and ammoing up in Colorado to prepare for what she will face when she returns home. At least she'll be heavily and deadly armed, which will get her up to speed with that Mexican territory's other subhuman murderous pigfuckery.

Safety first, kids, as the conservative movement projects its murderous policies and "lifestyle" on to everyone:


Fuck and kill the conservative movement.

They are suicidal anyway, so why not help them along to their glorious Christian oblivion.

The new gun legislation tip toes around and ducks like a third grader under heavy semi-automatic weapons fire, but supplies Medicaid funding for mental health clinics.

Those clinics will be the next targets for mass murder by the conservative movement Second Amendment-solutions terrorists.

Besides, the clinics won't and can't do radical frontal lobe lobotomies on 80 million crazy people under the Putin/Trump sway of fascist insanity.

Will the law mandate that murderers Ted Nugent and Lauren Boebert have their heads examined by a panel of marksman?

Will Wayne La Pierre be confined to ward of raving, gibbering insane jackasses.

Well then, fuck it all.


Fucking workplace murderers on the loose and permitted to vote against bringing their vermin actions to mortal deadly justice.

They are the Judges, the Juries, and the Executioners, the conservative movement is, but free of all personal responsibility.

America is dead on the slab with no pulse.

When your order of fries tracks you, instead of the other way 'round.

You're gonna eat that cheeseburger if we have to track you down and shove it down yer gullet:


But that's OK, Tim Horton has no problem making sure fascism is confined to the private sector and the gummint closest to you, like, you know, the one crawling up yer butt.

No doubt OUR Supreme Court would conclude the Constitution sez nothing.

The private sector restaurant industry would have us mandated to install drive-up windows in our homes to increase profit margins.

Horton Hears Everyone.



Full disclosure, as always, when my comments hit up against any personal financial interest I might possess, I still own two shares (pre-split) of Google, down substantially from the amount I once owned, which was profitable over several round-trip trades.

And what the heck, I refuse to own Tesla shares again until Musk is fitted with a bridle, a bit in his teeth, and a dog muzzle until he revises his current career path of becoming asshole in Chief.

Why isn't Musk placed on administrative leave like the guy at Google for speaking his mind?

That of course is a rhetorical question in the face of which the Constitution refers us to a Magic 8-Ball for non-answers.

Well, couldn't Meadows at least be charged with lighting unlawful fires in a public building?

Or did the conservative movement get rid of those laws too, arsonists that they are?


Q: Mark, why did you burn that evidence?

Mark: Well, it was like this, see. The President had his mouth full chewing up and swallowing entire libraries of evidence from his numerous other traitorous and unConstitutional law-breaking, including his communications with Putin and pre-invasion Ukraine officials to frame Biden's son, and we didn't want to ruin his appetite further with yet more illegal mastication.

I mean, some of this shit was in triplicate and he was already making a meal out of it.

Q: Izzat all, dear?

Mark: All of the toilets in the White House were already backing up like a scene outta "The Conversation".

Q: ... and ....

Mark: Well, that and Rosemary Woods is dead as a carp.

Q: Uh Huh. Anything .. you know ... more.

Mark: It beat kissing my ample ass goodbye.

What's the difference between a cold-blooded murderer in a suit, and cold-blooded murderer in a clown suit?

None. Both are ruthlessly executed, but in the second case, there is a laugh track.

Stay tuned for my next long comment (ah, geez, why don't we all just kill ourselves?) containing crackpot theories linking the behavior of Charles Manson's murderous Swastika-tattoed acolytes, and Manson himself, after their arrests, and the behavior of the Weather Underground bombers and killers after their arrests and even in jail to Trump's behavior, and his Bannonites and Congressional inside-job terrorists republicans against the legal system, all in stunning relief parading before our disbelieving eyes.

Antifa comes off well in any comparison and frankly, are a bunch of pussies, even the coaxing Fed and local cop spies among them, compared to these current applicants for the savage justice of the Death Penalty.

This is fixed finally and forever by consigning the conservative movement to the oblivion of the tomb, or there is no Lincoln or Roosevelt or Churchill or Zelensky even, to save America this time around.


When Dreher uses the term "Weimar" in a headline, you can be pretty sure his readers are hoarding barbed wire and Xyklon B for what he darkly herrauses as the inevitable followup final and well-deserved solutions.

Which of course HE won't have anything to do with, but that's not to say he's going to jump in front of the trains and yell "Halt" to yet another reprise of conservative movement history.

A pox on him and his orthodox monkeys.

Why doesn't Texas elect a genuine Christian like Vlad Putin as Governor and be done with the tap dancing around pure fucking subhuman Evil:


Sing it out, America:


Saw Paul do that song in Fenway Park last Wednesday.

He's 80 next week. Brought the joint down.

Will Wayne La Pierre be confined to ward of raving, gibbering insane jackasses.

I don't think La Pierre is really insane. Just utterly immoral. But that (and stealing from his employer) has made him wealthy. Uber libertarian capitalism in action.

With all do respect wj, and this is nothing personal, and we don't really disagree, while you are parsing the differences between insane and immoral and in the other thread folks are trying to define committing sedition and being a traitor to America to filth and vermin who couldn't give a fucking shit about the difference between the two, nor the academic legalese that defines it, look at these beautiful children and their teachers murdered in cold blood by the conservative movement.


And then the grieving broken parents preyed upon by conservative movement ghouls inspired and encouraged by the Republican Party and its vast, utterly relentless subhuman plan for America.

The conservative movement doesn't give a fuck. They've the discovered the vast black hole of nihilistic nothing at the center of American law and the Constitution, this is Trump's evil brilliance, that there is nothing there, certainly not personal responsibility, and they have flooded the emptiness with fucking shit, as they told us they would.

They and their sadistic vermin God will kill you.

All else is just fucking bleating on our knees for unavailable mercy from subhuman conservative fascists.

The Honorable Liz Cheney, spawn of authoritarian murderous vermin, will kill Social Security and Medicare, just as an amuse buse of enacted Conservative Republican murderous principles, along with the wishes of Donald Trump:


The bad news is she will lose her re-election and be replaced by truly professional sadists who will kill all that is decent in American faster than even she and her pig-fucking murderous father ever imagined.

It's only by comparison with utter absolute Evil that she seems acceptable because the Overton Window has been shut down for business and bricked over.

She's on a par with Col Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who attempted to murder Trump Hitler, but failed, and then wanted to keep everything, all territory, Hitler achieved.

We are sleep walking to savage violent oblivion.

Here's the plan for the 99% of us in America:


Mute slaves, because we didn't think to shoot Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Newt Gingrich in their reptilian brain stems when it might have mattered.

Other than that, how was your day?

I realize that the villains (at least most of them) could care less about the distinctions. But when it comes time to haul them into court for their crimes, it would be best if whatever ambulance chaser is representing them didn't have an opening to let them evade conviction.

Yeahbut, we had AR-15s in the 1950s:


Get yer red hot yeahbuts ....


Not even a near-fatal gunshot wound in a fucking Congressional baseball game, before which in fact there was useless prayer in dugouts (maybe they should have used the prayer time to petition the Lord for more than a fucking run-scoring bloop single, but no), was enough to correct white supremacist, gummint-hating, gummint-emloyee-hating, overpaid gummint official Scalise's lying vermin mouth.

There was prayer in the schools when America for 200-plus years was lynching blacks and discriminating against Jews, gays, women, Native Americans and shooting everything that moved, all of whom also prayed to their Gods to stop fucking with us, you white vermin conservative America.

There was in fact prayer in the Sandy Hook school and in the Uvalde school from the mouths of babes who pleaded "Please, God, don't kill me! Don't shoot me! Help us!"

Precisely the exact prayer Jesus uttered, in the stories we tell ourselves in order to sleep a little during the night, why hast Thou forsaken me?

Of course making crucifixion illegal wouldn't have done any good, would it? Why, they still could have stoned and stabbed the guy, maybe run over him with an SUV.

They could have hardened the Manger and frisked the three Wise Guys.

Kiss the Zone goodbye.

It's sloshing to the spillover valve with murderous catastrophic conservative republican shit.

And weapons are just the stinking point of sale sword-point of the conservative movement's fascist bottomless Evil.

America deserves another round of Donald Trump killing off all remaining decency.

Can an entire country make an appointment at a mental health clinic?

I think I'll write in Vlad Putin's name for President.

He at least knows what a fucking Aleppo is.

My meta-thoughts and meta-prayers are with the next pile of murdered kids:


Hater racist bug Charlie Kirk sez conservatives will never give back power:


Look at all of the other racist vermin Confederate dead listing their names with this animal Kirk looking to be slaughtered alongside him in the next Civil War.


Time is running out to choose a side. There is no middle ground that won't be turned into a molten killing field by the genocidal vote-stealing conservative movement.

Lookee here:


Workplace murders of co-workers being planned and logistically sussed out in the Capitol.

Not a single armed conservative in sight shooting these vermin dead as they are invited to case the joint.

Instead, Loudermilk is heard to say: "Patriots, think of the Capitol as a public elementary school and every Democrat and RINO in the building as unarmed first graders with one black parent and an older Commie brother in a dress. Think wetbacks. Think towelheads. Think Jews."

Loudermilk and his confederates must be executed.

Because the Constitution sez nothing.

So, not a fucking hair on his empty head will be mussed.

In fact, Citizen United bucks from subhuman evil conservatives will set him up for life.

What, he might lose his next election by two percent and THAT's good news? Hooray for Democracy!

No, anything that keeps him and all of rest of them alive to fuck with and try to kill us again is grotesque intolerable injustice.

The least these conservative movement vermin could do is escape to some South American jungle backwater like Nazi murderers and cool their heels until their Trump Fuhrer is cobbled together again out of rancid fascist spare parts.

I condemn America to Death.

Yet another subhuman Libertarian know-it-all making way too much money from thin air decides to shoot his Ayn Rand, racist, politically incorrect mouth off:


"Some workers have openly challenged the chief executive for what they see as his “hurtful” comments. Others have accused him of fostering a hateful workplace and damaging their mental health. Dozens are considering quitting, said the employees, who did not want to speak publicly for fear of retaliation."

And yet, in this heavily armed and oh-so-polite society, no one has thought to stand up in a meeting, set aside therapeutic whining and bleating and beat the living shit out of him.

As with Trump, destroying this guy's face with fists didn't happen early on and now America has to kiss their fucking asses in perpetuity.

Bill Barr.

Two words that will look good on a death certificate if Merrick Garland grows a pair.

But it seems if Garland is the other side of "both sides do it", then what we have here is yet another Neville Chamberlain lowering his drawers and presenting rearward so Hitler can have his way.

Loudermilk and his confederates must be executed.

Dude, knock it off already.

Thank you.


I'm rooting for Luttig:


But it's too late.

Sorry, we can't use the language. Why don't we just cut our tongues out?




I'm sure the side that put the "both" in both sides will moderate their EVIL in response, just as Putin might stop murdering innocent tens of thousands in Mariupol, if the innocent talk real nice:

Vlad Loudermilk:





They've declared the rule of law dead:


Have many divisions does Luttig possess?

Michael Cain mentions water law in the other thread.

Here's what's what:


The estimable GftNC writes in the other thread:

"Speaking of arsonists trying to burn your house down, this Ginni Thomas stuff is pretty interesting. Assuming the committee comes up with a lot more implicating her in efforts towards a coup, it will be fascinating to see how this affects her husband, and his tenure on the court. If I had to put money on it, I'd say no effect whatsoever, given the ongoing trashing of norms in the US (and of course, courtesy of BoJo) in the UK too."

It's interesting like firing on Fort Sumter was interesting.

Franklin Roosevelt didn't take to the radio airwaves and declare Pearl Harbor a day that will live as a fascinating moment in naval flotation failures.

And then what?


Yes, things ARE trashed.

Liz Cheney gets assigned to oblivion.

What happens to the guilty ones? Will they get talk shows and book contracts?

John Wilkes Booth should have been so lucky.

"no effect whatsoever"

You are probably right about that, but if that had been the judgement of NASA in their announcement that the last desperate chance to blow up a Jupiter-sized asteroid headed straight for Kansas City had failed, I don't know, what then?


Maybe do a little dance because it's all just entertainment to stem boredom now, because a good baseball game just doesn't get us off.

And nothing will ever matter again.

Something is not quite right. What are the rules again?


Charles, above (it all):

"We're not supposed to take politicians at their word?!"

Check your crypto currency holdings for what to believe from Libertarians.

Here's a Libertarian, who claims not to be a politician. Librarians should most assuredly believe every violent threat she makes against their lives:


You will of course respond that that individual is not a real Libertarian.

I'd say she would like you to turn in YOUR Libertarian card instead.

But, don't worry, you know everything that somehow escapes the rest of the human race.


Keep on keepin on, Charles.

On the other hand, the racist, white nationalist genocidal vermin republican conservative movement subsists solely by eating shit and Tucker Carlson shovels shit down the shit-loving gullets of his faithful shitheads and Trump/Bannon murderers flood the Zone with shit, so why don't we bomb, set fire to, and crash planes into the Nation's vast sewage treatment system networks in order to increase their food supply and fully satisfy their hunger:


Shovel ready.

Why doesn't Mike Pence have Trump and the thousands of 1/6 conspirators charged with attempted murder?


Is he turning the other cheek like the fake subhuman Christian he is, or is he merely two-faced, like the fake subhuman Christian he is?

There is no rule of law in America.

Anything and everything goes.

Which is a convenience provided by the conservative movment to whichever side truly desires to prevail in the coming Civil War.

Frankly, I miss Dave.

He, the master of the non sequitur, dropped in here some weeks ago to remark that ketchup was in short supply for his hot dog.

But whomever am I to speak?

I am both the whom and the bell what tolls for which it stands.

Dave was deeply misunderstood and yet …. and this was what I really admired about him …. did NOT seem to care whether who or whom listened to him, even when he took it outside for a chat.

Michael Cain sez we, America, are roughly in the early 1830s in our political devolution toward the 1861 catastrophe.

The bad news doesn’t travel by horse any longer. The malignant ponies the evil conservative movement are producing daily from their perverted hateful fundaments are putinesque in their hypersonic delivery speed.

Once in a lifetime and same as it ever was, but faster.

The sound of gunfire, off in the distance,
I'm getting used to it now

Here it comes:


Dear All RINOs who remained at OBWI after Moe Lane turned tail to hide behind Ericsson’s wife’s shotgun skirts. You have been threatened with savage death by the conservative movement you spend too much time with. Most of you own weapons.

Whaddaya gonna do to defend yourselves after all these years of telling us you own weapons to defend yourselves? Now is the time to put those weapons to their intended use as the conservative movement comes for you and yours.

Or were those tools just to be used to protect your vinyl record collections against swarthy folks who break into your homes to take them from you.

Use them or lose them, because if a Greitens murderous threats are not enough to stiffen your backbones, then you’ve the weapons utterly useless and they will be taken.

Maybe file a police or FBI report against Greitens and company.


Then we defund the police because they have no purpose in an America without the rule of law.

Texas proved that two weeks ago.

"...were those tools just to be used to protect your vinyl record collections..."

THAT would make a (tiny) bit of sense.

But they're armed-up to protect their 8-track tape collections.

Having been a Republican longer than most of them have been alive, I would suggest that the Trumpists and MAGAts are the real Republicans in Name Only. Just another case of their habit of accusing others of their own misdeeds.


Pence is a dangerous murderous Christian in the service of conservative movement EVIL:


In other news, yes, I was scared of Trump, but now I must move on and heal. It's not like he chewed my face off and ate my hands EVERY time I met with him:


These are ghouls. Murderous ideological ghouls.

The Nation is in grave danger. They will murder en masse.

It's not going to blow over, it's not a phase they are going thru that we can wait out, and any move by them to break up this country must be met with full Lincolnesque ruthlessness, whatever it takes to put this EVIL movement down like a rabid dog who likes being infected with rabies, as Pence does.

No compromise. No discussion. Certainly no toleration, in fact there must be total resistance, of their governance anywhere at anytime.


It's my country. THEY can leave feet first in body bags.

What does 2 and 2 equal in death cult conservative America:



I know.



Dead kids, big stinking piles of them, like the aftermath of a school bombing by Russian artillery in Ukraine.

Gays, lesbians, and pregnant women now on the run, heading for sanctuary across borders, and now pursued with violence.

I can't think what to do as democratic elections and governance go the way of the Dodo, thanks to Christian, libertarian, conservative movement EVIL.

A national mass psychosis seemed a probable explanation, but inadequate.

Demonic possession and infestation now seems more probable, with hotspots of pure demonic murderous EVIL around the country.

A secular cleansing revolution, followed by a national exorcism is required.

Fighting and vanguishing this subhuman conservative evil requires appropriating and employing the terms, language and religious symbology this now resident EVIL, these principalities, have been using to describe US for half my life, perhaps forever.

Nuts, I know.

But what if "Nuts" is the new lingua franca, the appropriate weapon of exorcism like holy water and Latin to expel and goddamned kill these demons.

"But what if "Nuts" is the new lingua franca, the appropriate weapon of exorcism like holy water and Latin to expel and goddamned kill these demons."

The politics of personal projection turned back on THEM, on their terms. QANON times spades.

This comment by hairshirthedonist in the other thread I think is in the tree I'm climbing:

"I wrote this comment yesterday:

"If it's left to the states to a much greater degree than now to decide what sorts of laws to have, I wonder if the result, short of splitting the nation in two (or whatever number), will be that people in certain states come to realize what little hells the Christianists and gun-fetishists and radical deregulators have created for them. What would complicate that even further than it would already be complicated is whether those people could do anything about it (other than leave for saner states, assuming that was an even an option).
Today I remembered hearing about this:


Findings: Results show that changes in life expectancy during 1970-2014 were associated with changes in state policies on a conservative-liberal continuum, where more liberal policies expand economic regulations and protect marginalized groups. States that implemented more conservative policies were more likely to experience a reduction in life expectancy. We estimated that the shallow upward trend in US life expectancy from 2010 to 2014 would have been 25% steeper for women and 13% steeper for men had state policies not changed as they did. We also estimated that US life expectancy would be 2.8 years longer among women and 2.1 years longer among men if all states enjoyed the health advantages of states with more liberal policies".

I'm an agnostic, but when I witness the mass suicides hundreds of thousands of otherwise normal Americans because a deadly virus is labeled a hoax by certain principalities, and a Vice President of the United States praise an individual who ordered the former's murder, and dozens of others, by a violent mob, perhaps I need to widen my approach to this.

It's a violent death cult, its recruits complicit and willing victims of Death:



It's not human.

Ergo, GftNC's link:


DeSantis will kill en masse.

Rusty Bowers, and the evil William Barr, are "buying the dip".

The term used in the stock market at present, where the language of raving insanity has taken over as well.

Say NOTHING to the police:


It's their State now .... a Police State.

With a large heavily-armed militia to provide backup to the conservative movement police state.

Except of course when children are slaughtered in public schools.

Then the evil vermin will point a gun at you in a school bard meeting and demand the public school be shut down and solely private religious education be provided under the now extinct establishment clause, which like the sanity clause, was myth from the originalist getgo.

Guns are now the pivot, the decider, in every transaction and interaction with the resident subhuman conservative evil in America.

To wit, as wj points out:

"I'm thinking that this may be merely an exercise in self-preservation. Given the level of threats of violence against witnesses, any little thing which reduces the chances of threats moving to actions could well seem like a good idea."

Every action and every utterance we make in America now must account for the distinct possibility of death by bullet.

Thanks conservatives and libertarians, and Christians, you stinking fucks, you murderous made men and women.

You made this world.

You will not like its unmaking.


Just fuck all of it.

Justice Thomas' enthusiasm for "original intent" does not extent to the "well regulated militia" clause. Obviously.

"And Roe is struck down!"

And, the "ANDS" keep coming:

Insurrectionist election-stealing vermin Thomas in his supporting PERSONAL opinion, which is all this fucking shit is:

' “[I]n future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. Because any substantive due process decision is ‘demonstrably erroneous,’ [...] we have a duty to ‘correct the error’ established in those precedents,” he writes.'

On the other hand, their bestowal of more guns, more big fucking guns, more fully automatic guns and more ammo transportable everywhere by everyone, utterly unregulated militias, undeterred by any level of governance, as in subhuman murderous Texas' conservative yearning for preventing all regulation of "gun safety", will be the concominant gift of achieving freedom from these genocidal conservative psychopaths, these corrupt demons, the gift that will keep on giving to take this malignant conservative movement branch out root, branch, and heartbeat, dead in this world.

It's as if Putin is also arming Ukraine and Ukrainians to take out his genocidal Russian Army.

It's as if they, the corrupt criminal police, are planting guns on our corpses they have just shot in cold blood, to make it look like we are the aggressors, but to make sense of it, it looks like a trap, don't you see?

They want war. They've already fired the first 1000 artillery rounds.

It's not a mere special operation.

It's a coming genocide.

They are transfiguring the law, goddamed fucking daily, to round up their enemies, now without benefit of Miranda (keep up, people, they work fast; they flood the the zone with tidal waves of shit), the tens and tens of millions of us, just as Putin has done in Russia, as Orban has done in Hungary, as in Brazil, as in Turkey, as in Cuba, as in China, as in Texas, asthe ruthless DeSantis is Florida, hot sports of psychopathic evil, and by the way, as pointed out by a book I'm reading, all of whom are avid students of Singapore's despot in a suit Lee Kuan Yew's soft but utterly competent and engulfing totalitarism.

It would be better in some ways if they WERE Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, all of whom who had least had the sincerity to not rely on pretense to hide their fucking goals.

But now it's true fascism.

In a business suit, escorting us to doom with icy courtesy and efficient dispatch.

Like fake Bin Laden pilots.


Maybe that's not a typo.

Like the overheard sentence in the movie "The Conversation" ... "They'd kill us ... ("US") ... if they could.", we misheard.

Misread. Because we, including me, suffer from failures of imagination until the toilet backs up our own blood all over our shoes.


That woman is a fucking cracker prophet, a regula Flannery O'Connor.*

We need to think like them, on their terms.

Like sick psychopathic motherfuckers.

It's hard to do ... counterintuitive.

Because we are decent people.

Like all humans in death camps.

But there's no barbed wire, no watchtowers.

Really? Go ahead and try to run.

Liz Cheney voted for all of these "Judges".

Liz Cheney armed them and armed all conservatives.

Liz Cheney will defund Social Security and Medicare.

She, like Lee Kuan Yew ... like Claus von Stauffenberg .... considered Hitler, Mao and Stalin ... considers that Trump used unsound methods to achieve her fascist goals.

Clever Christian Rod Dreher will be an enabler of mass murder.

*Great writer. One of my favorites. Also a despicable racist. She didn't live long enough to be told so.

This is a great day for conservative Christian rapists who aspire to fatherhood from their prison cells.

Conservative movement anti-abortion gay men, whose sperm never goes anywhere that would bring this particular law into play against them, although they may harass, legally stalk, and embezzle money from pregnant women and abortion providers in lots of states, for now remain off the hook, just like right wing incel heterosexual men who knock a woman up and then force her to give birth.

Not for long, though, as Jes (and all the rest of the letters in her name, whatever they are) from long ago, might point out.

They are coming for you too, you Log Cabin Thiels .... and your junk. And your marriages. AND your children, who will be declared not yours.

But your taxes will still be eliminated, so count yer blessings, jerk offs.

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown. Oh Lord, Oh Lord!


wj wrote:

"The only hope I see on the horizon is that Thomas and Alito are old enough that they might kick off at a time where a Democratic President could get replacements confirmed. That's a hope, nothing like a likelyhood, let alone a certainty. But what else is there?"


"That may not be enough to secure gay marriage permanently. But its position is already more secure than abortion's ever was."

Man, I gotta say, and I mean this in all admiration, because you are a decent guy in bad straights with the rest of us, but you draw more lines in the sand than those mollusks on beaches, than a proud Cherokee Chief heading for the next reservation with John Chivington's scouts on your trail.

Next up, Charles will hail the new Libertarian State of Texas, free of all governance over his vagina and his boyfriends, should he choose to have either.

Also this:

"There would be something poetic in Thomas finding out that his marriage is illegal in Virginia."

American law is now six movement conservative radicals' and Ginny Thomas' personal opinions, and nothing more, except whatever moves thru Mitch McConnell's and DeSantis' bowels after fully stolen elections.

Thomas' marriage will be the only interracial marriage in American that will be permitted to remain intact, by his decree, other than Ginny Thomas' marriage to Jesus.

Just as all violent insurrectionists will be pardoned and all dissent by anyone left of George Wallace will be beaten to death.

Janie wrote:

"There will be nothing poetic about it for millions of other people."

Depends on the poem.







GFTNC wrote:

"The only hope for gay rights might be Peter Thiel"

I give you Blake Masters, Thiel's and Hermann Goehring's political protege.



His views on gay rights are aligned with Goehring's, in other words ....

... for Masters and Thiel, not to be confused with Masters and Johnson, gay rights for them.

All others will be gassed.

Including Social Security and Medicare.

Blake Masters: sounds like a villian in a dystopian sex romp in which all romping is reserved for the Ayn Rand remnant in sadistic stiletto heels:

There'a poem as well for what that wanna be murderer will wrought:


The poem reads:

Dear Cri-Cri,
If you did not finish your work properly,
And lost precious time,
Then once again take up your task
And try harder than before.
If others have reproached you
For what you have done wrong,
Then be sure to amend your mistake.
That is the best answer one can make.

In related news, Susuan Collins' home in Bangor, Maine is up for sale:


She's making a run for it.

All of the six conservative movement Supreme Court imposters committed perjury during their Congressional appointments hearings.

Thomas and his pubic hair alone must have 50 counts against him.

I believe there is a maximum penalty for that crime of five years in prison.

Excepting of course for conservatives. The rest of us are sent away.

Time to look at the death penalty for that particular felony.

As for Kavanaugh's lies to Collins in private consultation, without subhuman dupes where would the fascist conservative movement be today without the tens of millions of submissive duped filth?

Nothing will be done as the dogs run free.

Coal oligarch and starver of children in his cracker drug-addled ... by his own estimates ... district, looked into Putin's soul and thought he caught a glimpse of truth:



I'm going to open a gun market and firing range inside an abortion clinic and observe, and record, conservative filth and law enforcement threading their way among their fascist mess.

We'll sell stupid hats too, though I doubt we'll be able to keep up with the stupid.

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