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June 24, 2022


Liz Cheney voted to confirm every subhuman conservative on the Supreme Court.

If SHE had been nominated to the Court, she would have been in the majority on every fascist decision passed in the past two years, and she would vote to give state legislators sole discretion over election rules, coming up.

But she is the dick that pussy Democrats have to suck now.

Joe Manchin yearns to be her.


Next up in subhuman Texas, impregnation of minors by rape will be legally retitled "The Answer to the age-old question: Whose yer Daddy?" while, hunting down pregnant women trying to cross the state border will become, "Uncle Ernie's Semen Reclamation Rodeo".

Christian Murderer Abbott's children and grandchildren will be called "Artificial Insemination Issues via Itinerant Ranchhands", while Ted Cruz's next outta town vacay will be cruzing on the "Anal Penetration Love Boat for Dummies", as the Texas Attorney Corporal suffers the little children to cum unto him, and only him.

I don't know how Libertarians in Texas are going to rebrand themselves to suit their conflicted druthers, but "No Taxation Without Masturbation" has a certain music to it.

Beatings by cops of Latin immigrants and blacks while driving under the influence of melanin will be introduced in court as "Cross Border No Hands Bruising".

The Emancipation Proclamation will be referred to as "Poorly Tied Nooses Coming Home To Roost".

School Mass Murders will be renamed "NRA Career Days" in Texass, while shooting galleries at the Texas State Fair will feature targets of non-white children huddling underneath their desks (why'd ya shoot them? Cus liberals taught them to huddle underneath their desks, that's why) and teacher job recruitment fairs will be advertised as "Entry-Level Positions for Dead Meat".

Sometimes a Fallopian Tube is just a bomb ready to explode.

Mother's Day in Texas will be renamed Father's Day to go with the other Father's Day for Christian rapists.

Texas prisons will be divided between pregnant women jailed for attempted abortion in one wing and their rapists in another, better appointed wing.

The two factions will be permitted to meet in the common room once a week for "Family Visitations". The prison guards will be permitted to stand in as the third party in unwanted, by the pregnant rape victims, threesomes.

No touching permitted, but one way gunfire is encouraged.

The women will released into the prison yard once a month for simulated cattle drives and conservative movement roundups.

Dismember The Alamo!

Joe Biden thinks he can do business with Texas conservatives.

Texas conservatives do their business on Joe Biden.

And America.

In other words, business as usual for pigfucking conservative libertarian Christian America:


The Soviet Union sending mole Ayn Rand over here in 1926 continues to pay dividends to this day.

Speaking of pigfucking and the Potemkin village of the malignant conservative movement's adherence to the notion of state's rights:


It'll be OK too in a few years to repurpose slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants as mulching and recycling centers for liberal Americans.

Lamb Chop AND Shari Lewis will be gassed together.

When meatpacking workers with Covid fall into the rendering vat, conservatives will prevent them being listed as ingredients and additives on the package labeling.

A little taste of fascism.



And whatever dogshit is being forced upon human beings in Texas and Florida in these late, late hours before the coming savage Civil War.

Millions of Johnny Tremaynes shooting despotic conservative movement tyrants from every hedgerow in Soviet Orbanized America.

Two books to read to understand the fascist strategies and ultimate goals of the worldwide subhuman fascist conservative movement:

Spin Dictators by Guriev and Treisman

The Revenge of Power by Moises Naim

Also, from the seat of American (so called) Christian murderous fascism and tyranny:



Pat Buchanan's stable of genocidal crypto-Christian vermin are advancing upon us.

Elites=Jews to those killers, even the Jewish and Gay Conservatives who have joined the conservative killing machine, because their inherent evil is not being born as Jewish and/or Gay but deciding to be conservative vermin at some point in their bitter lives.

Everyone on these boards is considered a corrupt ELITE subhuman to be slaughtered by these conservative monsters, after a period, of course, of wearing yellow identification badges and "involuntary relocation", as the slave state Texas is now referring to its mortal historical sins.

Involuntary Relocation is merely another phrase for Conservative Gerrymandering.

We can stop them this year or we can be murdered by them next year.

Once they fully consolidate their minority fascist power and eradicate all avenues to governance or governing by anyone to the whatever the fuck is to the Left of them, which everything at this point, there will no stopping them from killing us.

The Constitution sez nothing, though an originalist interpretation gives them leeway to kill us.


The cops may not even ask you what's on yer mind as you fondle that AR-15 while gazing at the kids in the playground.

In front of a school full of unarmed children ... yes, you may ... the vermin Christian God sez .... but beware standing in front of Clarence and Ginny Thomas' fascist viper's nest with that weaponry.

Add just a few more steps to the Indiana armed fuck's journey to the school and you have the Uvalde, Texas conservative libertarian operative mass murderer.

Public schools are "public". Why can't gunmen, and now gunwomen, enter the schools as citizen taxpayers packing visible loaded heat and wander the halls, without interference from the fucking school personnel or law enforcement, including being asked their motives for such behavior.

That'll be next on the shadow docket. I'm sure it's in the queue.

Conservatives will execute women, murder them by government mandate ...


.... and if she chooses to bring the child into the world, they will arm murderers and make it convenient for anyone to enter a public school and murder that child while he and she and his and her classmates study the ravages of slavery ... involuntary relocation .... in the school library.

Well, you see, the murderous conservative originalist logic immaculately follows to its deadly and fully intended genocidal end.

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