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May 24, 2022


Those Post Office shootings years ago didn’t happen because the government hogs franking privileges.

The Gunfight at the OK Corral would have been OK without ….. what?

We sound like blithering, gibbering crazy people!

The two deadliest mass shootings in the US happened at a casino and in a nightclub. What is the point here again?

Good thing that those places have functional firearm regulations in place.


Kids in private schools aren’t bullied or hazed? Don’t have difficulty fitting in? Don’t feel alienated or angry?

Well, if the UK is anything to go by, they go on to positions of power and take out their narcissistic, power-mad impulses on the general public!

(Necessary disclosure: I am the product of private schooling.)

"We sound like blithering, gibbering crazy people!"

Barking mad.

If the answer to the OK Corral question above is “without gates”, seek psychiatric help.

The Vegas shooting would not have happened if the casino didn’t have windows.

The nightclub Shootings would not have happened if everyone had been dancing in unison to the backbeat, or because the ratio of hair gel to the occupancy rate was out of whack.

I can’t think of the common denominator, but it’s probably not mentioned in the Constitution.

It’s so logical, even Mr. Spock would be stumped.

Three, at least, of the most infamous spy moles for the Soviet Union were the product of the finest British private school educations in the world, though I guess they are called “public schooling”.

Philby and Maclean were probably just confused by the labels.

I've never advocated school shootings as a way to reduce the size and number of, to be more precise, government schools. And I certainly don't wish it to happen that way.

Of course not. But when a school shooting happens, your comments here appear to try to leverage the event to advocate reducing government (in this case public schools). And it's not just my perception -- see russell's comment: "Kids in private schools aren’t bullied or hazed? Don’t have difficulty fitting in? Don’t feel alienated or angry?"

If leveraging them wasn't your intent, you might want to think about how to modify your approach to avoid misinterpretation.

Interesting piece in today's Times about various sorts of American exceptionalism:

Insular America can’t see its gaping flaws
The US used to be the future but its exceptionalism over issues like guns has turned global admiration into derision

It took a foreign journalist, Mark Stone of Sky News, to ask a question the world is thinking. Cornering the US senator Ted Cruz after the Texas shooting, he said: “Why does this only happen in your country? Why is this American exceptionalism so awful?” Cruz balked, feigned affront at British impertinence, then scuttled away.

He could not answer why the number one killer of American children is guns. Not cars or illness or domestic mishaps. But letting off a parent’s pistol, getting caught in street crossfire or — 27 times this year — a loner with an assault rifle entering a school. I fear the world will not remember poor Xavier Lopez or Annabelle Rodriquez or the other Robb Elementary pupils and their teachers. We recall our wasted tears for Sandy Hook, shrug and turn away.

Will America ever learn? Once more US newspapers run through Australia’s crackdown after the Port Arthur massacre, Britain’s after Dunblane: fellow Anglophone democracies which declared “never again” and meant it. But America sees itself not as part of the world, but alone, above it. An idea which was once its genius, the root of its pre-eminence, is now its tragedy.


Even on the social justice left I’m astonished to find east coast Democrats as myopic and insular as the southern Baptist Trumpsters they despise. The US has a national formula milk shortage, deeply worrying for all mothers but, as prices soar, especially the poorest. So what better time for online liberal magazine Vox to run a feminist assault on breastfeeding. It’s not the solution to the formula crisis, it said, listing all the horrors of nursing a child. “When you tell lactating parents [sic] that there’s no cost to breastfeeding what you mean is their time, their work . . . have no value.”

To women outside the US this piece was preposterous. Almost everything the author despised — pumping milk in the office, breastfeeders losing more income than formula-users — came down to one stark fact: America is the only OECD nation without paid maternity leave. That women either struggle along in penury or stagger back to work with post-partum bleeding is calamitous for maternal and infant health. But instead of demanding that, say, global corporations extend 14 weeks’ paid maternity leave to American as well as European staff, feminists trashed healthy, cheap and convenient breastfeeding — and became a shill for Nestlé.

And more.


A take on the perceived misconceptions surrounding school shootings.

"Although school shootings receive extensive media coverage, there is a lot of misinformation about the perpetrators, their attacks, and what schools and communities can do to prevent these events. In the interest of better-informing educators, reporters, and the public, this article takes a brief look at five common misconceptions about school shootings and their perpetrators.

Misconception #1: All School Shooters Fit a Consistent Pattern ...

Misconception #2: School Shooters Are Bullied Loners ...

Misconception #3: School Shooters Are Mentally Ill ...

Misconception #4: Training Schools in Active Shooter Response Is Sufficient ...

Misconception #5: School Shootings Happen “Out of the Blue” and Cannot Be Predicted ..."
Five Misconceptions About School Shootings

Kids in private schools aren’t bullied or hazed? Don’t have difficulty fitting in? Don’t feel alienated or angry?

From 2000 to 2018 private schools had only 6 percent of school shootings while being 25 percent of the number of schools and having 10 percent of the number of students.

"However, a recent study...finds that private schools experience better school culture than public schools even after controlling for several characteristics such as school size, location, racial composition of students and teachers, and the percent of students from low‐​income families. We find that private schools are significantly less likely than public schools to experience problems such as student fighting, bullying, and, perhaps most importantly, weapon possession."
Are Shootings More Likely to Occur in Public Schools?

From 2000 to 2018 private schools had only 6 percent of school shootings while being 25 percent of the number of schools and having 10 percent of the number of students.

It might be worth a few moments thought about why that might be. Are private schools more effectively fortified? (I'm guessing not.) Do private schools do a better job of getting mental health assistance for students that need it? Or do private schools just expel their troubled students back to the public school system?

What I'm saying is, are things like "school size, location, racial composition of students and teachers, and the percent of students from low‐​income families" the right variables to be controlling for?

The study that the author of that Cato op ed refers to (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15582159.2018.1490383) appears (by my reading at least) to ask different sorts of schools to self-report the nature of safety practices they do and crime related problems that they have. The finding is that private schools do less for security, but have fewer reported problems with students. Not exactly what I'd call a robust analysis.

The "better school culture" to which they make reference in their Cato summary seems to consist of them noticing that private schools often require uniforms and often take a religious approach that emphasizes the importance of morality. That's the sum total of the rigor with which they tackled the issue of "culture."

And that's it. The rest of the report is just explanations of what they did with the numbers to sort out their statistics.

So the study appears to prove that schools that admit fewer problem students have fewer problems with students, and credit the difference to "strong culture."

Murder now, pay later:


Murder now, pay later:

Of course, if you're aiming (pun intentional) to go shoot up a bunch of defenseless school children, and then get blown away by a SWAT team, you'll never have to come up with a dime in order to live (and die) out your sick fantasy. Actually, even if you live thru it, and get dumped in prison, you won't have to come up with any money, probably ever.

All 1.8 million civilian federal employees, all liberal elected officials, all police officers, all teachers and students, and the whatever million military personnel in the country should each individually be heavily armed and on the lookout for sightings of Mo Brooks to interdict him before he can kill .... again:


We have no reason to live like this and put up with this crap. Be a goddamned conservative and take armed defensive action at the slightest provocation from these dirtbags.

For the life of me, I can't tell the difference between a completely defunded police force and the Uvalde Police Department, ya know, measured by outcomes (we'll let the libertarian Spocks measure that).

The police, even in fucking Texas, are scared shitless of the armed citizenry the conservative movment has created to kill the police (ya know, point of the sword of government consrvative despise) and their children.

The only so-called citizen humans who are fully protected by state force in Texas are the elite vermin Republican politicians on that battlefield.

That's going to change.

There's more of us than them.

If you want an end to schoolchildren being shot to pieces, tear down all of the windmills and solar installations in the country.

Stop all taxation.

No more doors.

No more history being taught.

No more chicks with dicks.

No more gas mileage restrictions.

Let us use the "n" word in public, you wokesters!

Those are just some of the measures the fully Trump Republican Party demands in its platform if we want our children to emerge at the end of the school day in one piece.

The Republican Party is Putin.

Your six-year old is Zelensky.

Those are just some of the measures the fully Trump Republican Party demands in its platform if we want our children to emerge at the end of the school day in one piece.

Well that is one potential plus to an absolutist autocracy (even a reactionary Christianist one): once they're solidly in power, all guns will get confiscated. Just to make sure the new elite can't be shot by their own crazies. That will, as an entirely unintended consequence, make the kids safer, too.

More on murder now, pay later:


Recite whatever nooneithink boilerplate you think is worse than that.

I don't know what.


Look who is at the top of the body count, the Manchin whisperer:


He smiles like a realtor but eats like a reptile.

To be fair .. both sides ... oh, fuck it:


Might as well have set that Uvalde Elementary School down in Mariupol, Ukraine next to the maternity hospital:


America is a powder keg with a short fuse.

Anyone got a match?

That entire town is a late-term abortion clinic.

Resident EVIL throughout the land.


Brought to us by the worldwide subhuman genocidal Christian conservative nationalist arms merchant movement.

Innocent Japanese were confined to concentration camps.

Time for concentration camps for the entire anti-American conservative movement, today's traitorous and dangerous domestic ENEMY of America.

What's the point of irony and satire when both are dead?


Harry Truman didn't do a stand-up drop-the-mic routine in lieu of nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He got right after it.

No discernible common denominator in these events as the American Death Cult marches on undeterred.

All of the victims had mysterious holes in their bodies from which their blood and lives drained.

It's a head scratcher.


Victims and the alleged perps were all going about their individual private business when the unexplained deaths occurred.

There was no evidence of public involvement.

Yes, but there was a unicorn sighting…


One instance of corditus interruptis from an armed bystander resets the clock. Who knows how many lives she saved. It could have been thousands.

This news brought to you by my regular trawl of the Liberal Gun Club.

1/6 cold-blooded Republican murderer Trump sez money should be taken from protecting liberals in the halls of government and from Ukrainians under armed attack by Trump's fellow crime boss and spent on protecting schools from gunfire via the Mar-a-Lago School Protection Offshore Rat Hole Fund.

I want God to be prosecuted for murdering those kids in Texas, but He has an alibi.

He wasn't there.

After giving the Uvalde shooter the weapon and ammo as the latter's god-given right, he took a dump in Austin for appearance's sake, and then skedaddled down to Mar-a-Lago in Florida to wash out Trump's jockey shorts and then stopped in to clean and jerk Ted Nugent's AR-15 before the next private concert.

It would be mildly amusing if the armed bystander who interdicted the shooter in Charleston, West Virginia is just one trans good guy or gal.

The hero celebration for the individual would be yet one more meeting and event that conservative movement notables would make up crap in order to miss.

The Tree of Liberty is Hemlock.

On the one hand, fucking law for thee:


On the other hand, no fucking laws for them:


Someone send me a subpoena so I can light it on fire.

It's lucky the Founders thought to fill our third hand with military grade weaponry given our two main hands are so busy juggling conservative dogshit.

Mo Brooks threatens the lives of his co-workers, in his workplace in our government with deadly violence every fucking day.

Try that in a bar or any fucking conservative's workplace or front yard.

Is that how you conservatives who may be lurking run your precious businesses?

No, you do what conservatives are bound and determined to do: shoot those threatening you and yours dead, because 911 is too late and besides ... cops are afraid of all of us, for good goddamned reason.

Why hasn't Mitt Romney shot Mo Brooks dead for threatening his and every other human being's lives who set foot in the Capitol.

Romney recieves millions of dollars from the genocidal gun lobby to enable him, to FREE him, to do just that.

But he spends it all on teeth whitener.

Well, what's left over after the money transfer to the offshore accounts.

At least grifters recognize grifting when they look at their doppelgangers in the mirror:


Government dude threatens to shoot himself:


How'd that cracker cuck make it thru Covid-19 with those suicidal tendencies?

Again, a stinking vermin genocidal Republican threatens to fucking murder his colleagues in their workplaces.

Conservatives tell us government should be run like a business.

Better hurry and do it.

Yet another newly minted subhuman America-hater:


It's odd how the bullets airborne throughout America, very hour, every day, every week, headed for human flesh never reach their proper destination:


What a woke little victimized trump-sucking fascist shit:


He and one other human would venture to Mars and after several months, he would kill the Other.

He and one other human would venture to Mars and after several months,....

Why pollute Mars? What did it ever do to you?

Better to have a navigation error, and just leave them in solar orbit (i.e. nowhere near either Mars or Earth) permanently.

TWO dummies in one self-orbiting Tesla convertible which ignites each year on the solstice.

I declare the Zone officially filled to the brim with Shit, as promised by the Republican Party:


Way past time to pump out the conservative septic tank, folks, because have you noticed, conservative shitheads across the country are setting up gigantic fans.

What do you s'pose is going to hit those fans, aimed right at all of us?

America might have one more chance to flush.

Why is the Democratic Party whistling past the boneyard where civility was interred long ago:


Disrupt by all means all attempted voting by republicans and conservatives in red districts.

Counter all conservative fascist disruption of elections and vote counting in blue districts with heavily armed presence.

In their faces.

For the record, I support Elon Musk in his efforts to go to Mars.

For the record, I support Elon Musk in his efforts to go to Mars.

I suspect he's smart enough to realize that he would hate living on Mars because everyone has to do everything by the book all the time. I doubt he's willing to give up his fame enough to even visit. I do have to say that after the last few years, I have become convinced that if we put people on Mars, NASA will be only peripherally involved.

Heck, I'm beginning to believe that as NASA's Artemis schedule drags out more and more, and ULA's cost per SLS launch skyrockets, at some point SpaceX will politely say "F*ck this" and run their own lunar landing mission.

It probably comes as no surprise that Musk has no idea what the hell he is talking about on the subject of Mars.


Both MAVEN and the European Space Agency’s Mars Express missions indicate that the majority of Mars’ ancient, potentially habitable atmosphere has been lost to space, stripped away by solar wind and radiation. Of course, once this happens, that water and CO2 are gone forever. Even if this loss were prevented somehow, allowing the atmosphere to build up slowly from outgassing by geologic activity, current outgassing is extremely low; it would take about 10 million years just to double Mars’ current atmosphere, according to the team.

For a longer and more fun look at the information (if you have a spare hour to watch):


Bruce is an excellent human who actually knows that of which he speaks.

I have to assume that Robert Zubrin also knows all of this, but finds the aspirational nature of Mars productive for other things.

Mostly, I just want Elon to go away. Mars seems as good a place as any.


"Imagine an America in the not-so-distant future. A right-wing populist politician has just been reelected president of the United States, stirring a wave of ethnonationalism not seen since the Trump presidency. Amid the country’s nativist turn, a cult of personality forms around John Wilkes Booth, the actor who fatally shot President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre just days after the end of the Civil War. Members of the president’s party hail Booth as a champion of the Confederate cause. Statues and memorials are erected in his honor. Although the president still pays lip service to Lincoln and his legacy, he is politically aligned much more closely with Booth."

I've already imagined right chere the Founder of the originalist, heavily armed and violent Republican Party, John Wilkes Booth, resuming his originalist persona in statuary as a hero to these filthy monsters.

Can racist James Earle Ray be far behind to counter BLM and memorialize marksmanship.

How bout Robert Chambliss, he of the hurt white emasculated masculinity, being recognized finally for murdering four little girls in the church in Birmingham, and taking it to them in church and school.

Could the name of the fuck who shot Gabby Giffords regain his notoriety for his service to freedom and the sacred Second Amendment.

The Dead Kid Club? The other side, the Public School Shooter's Memorial Association, should have equal status to be fair ... right, asshole America, for their service is destroying public schooling and attaining the conservative and libertarian dream of forced universal private schooling without bussing in this here fine piece of shit of a constitutional republic.


Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Why, they were groundbreaking pioneers in bringing freedom and choice (you want it in the head or the heart, mofo?) to (a high school right down the street from where I once lived) oppressed white kids yearning to escape the stranglehold of state oppression lunches of chipped beef on toast.

A likeness of Mark David Chapman. Across the street from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside HIS rock and roll hero, Ted Nugent (sculpted in plasticized dog shit), modern vermin conservative knights of the sacred seeking bullet, vanquishing and murdering all musical paeans to Peace, Love, and Understanding, the Buchanan/Dreher keepers of the flame of the Putin-and Trump-soaked genocidal conservative movement.

Rename the Oklahoma City Memorial on the site of the Murrah Building bombed and destroyed by the American Conservative Movement the Timothy McVeigh Conservative Artificial Fertilization Project.

Only our narrow imaginations confined by the politically correct strictures of empathy, human decency, and bisexual bipartisanship are preventing America from realizing its true intended and original founding principles of racism, hate, and violence in which all real flaccid white men are armed to keep the Other unequal.

Yever wonder why every town and municipal government center has a cannon or two pointed at you as you walk the perp walk to the front door?

To illustrate literal big money conservative republican fascist despotism coming at ya.

Musk's problem right now strikes me as he's fabulously rich and he's bored. Tesla's concerns are scale and quality. The battery thing has reached the point where they're not just using others' tech, they're publishing interesting research results of their own. SpaceX is on the verge of becoming totally dominant in heavy-lift launch services. Starlink is signing up real customers. No one seems interested in tunnels the size The Boring Company can drill, but you can't win 'em all. The Twitter thing has all the earmarks of someone flailing around looking for an interesting project.

Someone might whisper in his ear that a moon base or Mars base will need reliable base load electricity, and he could find an interesting SMR or fusion proposal that could be built quickly for a billion or three dollars. Multiple countries that would probably be interested in hosting such a company if they could get copies for their own use.

Musk's problem right now strikes me as he's fabulously rich and he's bored.

Perhaps he could be encouraged to take on green (or at least zero emissions) energy. Make it so cheap (like he has with SpaceX) that pretty much everything else gets shut down as uneconomical.

Or, if he wants something really challenging, come up with, and promote, a new symbol of masculinity to displace the gun. For a start, he could buy up the various gun manufacturers and shut down their advertising and supoort for the NRA.

There are lots of ideas he could work on in this fantastic piece about Kim Stanley Robinson. He should put his billions to work on revolutionizing sailing ships and lighter-than-air craft.


Found the article from a combination of our Mars conversation here and planning for next year's science fiction class. It's really rich and teachable.

Among those who pleaded with Trump to tell his supporters to stand down during the assault on the Capitol on Jan 6: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Oh yes, and Donald Trump, Jr. And apparently there is evidence.

Not that they are admitting it now, of course. Lest his cult attack them next.

"Profiles in Courage"

Come on, Snarki. Courage is only expected of grammar school kids. At least by the MAGAt/NRA crowd.

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