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May 03, 2022


I admit to having a certain amount of guilt over living in what was a red state that is now quite solidly blue.

And with a libertarian-ish governor.

Emphasis on "ish". Polis was one of the Gang of Four, and has pretty much consistently followed their strategy: elect Democrats first, negotiate policy details second.

The headline should read “Florida republicans feud with Mickey Mouse highlights the widening gap between innocent cartoon mice and subhuman vermin.

See the genocidal hate on the near horizon:

Hold that copy for one second!

Holy moly fetal mice in a blender!

Turns out, Dave here, and husband, the other Dave (Janet), who are adopting two children, (Don't make me explain that that is none of my business, but since conservative Christians keep bringing it up) hold that lesbos, the black kind, ought to be in the business of reserving their wombs to serve as brood mares for their family aspirations, god bless 'em!

Maybe Rod Dreher will be asked to be Godfather of the kids. Maybe come over and groom them on Easter Sunday to embrace private carry of semi-automatic weapons.

I guess, where we are, now merely one day after the worst week this year, is that all men in America, no matter where they choose to stick their dicks, are the only people in America who have choice about where they stick 'em and what happens when they stick 'em.

Now, OK, one joke too far ...

This raises the question, regarding the number of prominent gay men who are now conservatives, about whether next week the subhuman conservative judges on the Court of Eternal Repeals will hold hemmorhoids as well to be human life deserving of protection under the Constitution that says nothing.

I mean with so many assholes and jagoffs out there now of all persuasions, all is possible.

Donald Trump is an asshole and a hemmorhoid on the posterior of the body politic, therefore is he protected life.

Something doesn't seem right.

Welp, a baby formula shortage:

A childcare provider shortage.

A midwife shortage.

A maternity ward shortage!

No shortage of fucking murderous god-bothering conservative movement assholes and bullets yet reported, in fact the supply lines appear robust.

Tariffs and quotas on baby formula and the FDA seizing thousands of units because of a minor issue with labeling aren't helping either. And the media portraying the shortage as worse than it is may cause a run on what is on the shelves.

Savage Civil War violence from sea to rising sea is here.

If only we could get rid of all government and all media, as Charles reasons, why, nothing would ever go wrong, all problems solved, all needs satiated, all life in equilibrium.

Then rid the world of the entire human race, the shitheads who thought up government and media, just to make sure things work without a hitch.

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