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May 03, 2022


Judicial review, like war, is the continuation of politics by other means. This is the basic premise that should be at the heart of any "reform" of our hallowed 3rd branch.

This seems most unfortunate

Do you mean because of the internal damage to trust within the court because of the leak? Or to the fact that Roe may go down and the terrible hardship that will cause in the short term?

Because to me, perhaps naively, it looked like this might guarantee a Dem majority (or even landslide? gasp! I shouldn't tempt the Evil Eye...) in the midterms?

Am I missing something? Quite likely, of course.

The US supreme court leak shows that the levers of power are pulled by those with no skin in the game, at the expense of those with an entire uterus in it

Marina Hyde:


Ah, Marina, what a joy you remain in terrible times:

In the infrequently lucid moments that peppered his truly deranged performance during his confirmation hearings, Brett Kavanaugh suggested Roe v Wade was settled law, that has been affirmed down the decades by “precedent on precedent”. And now look. I wonder what else in his confirmation hearings he might not have been being entirely candid about.

I regret to say this reminds me of an old joke:

Q. How do you tell when an IBM salesman is lying?

A. His lips move.

Because to me, perhaps naively, it looked like this might guarantee a Dem majority (or even landslide? gasp! I shouldn't tempt the Evil Eye...) in the midterms?

Pessimistically, I would predict no such thing. After her execrable self-serving bullshit speech at the Kavanaugh hearing, Susan Collins still won re-election in 2020 by a handy margin. My town voted for Democrats from Biden down to county sheriff by margins no less than (IIRC) 7 percentage points in any race, but Collins got 51% of the vote and Gideon only 41% (there were 3 other candidates to soak up the rest).

Statewide, Biden got 52.5% of the vote and Clickbait 43.5. Yet Collins also got about 51%.

So even in a state that went pretty heavily blue (both Congressional districts also), Collins's dishonest crap about Roe didn't harm her at all.

I don't think enough people pay close enough attention, or grasp what's going on. And that's to say nothing of the people who have swallowed the R/Q line whole.

Oh God I hope you're wrong, Janie. But given Sod's Law, you probably aren't.

Roe and hardship.

The Court’s internal trust was shot during/after Bush v. Gore

Susan Collins is shocked, shocked!


Susan Collins is shocked, shocked!

And if you believe that... Which bridge would you like to buy?

And Alito declared this in essence another Bush v. Gore while at the same time detailing that any unenumerated right not grounded deeply in US history has as little protection from him and his ilk as Roe.
In other words: his mealy-mouthed assurances about having no intent to go for the next culture war target is worth as much as those of Kavanaugh.
I assume that Roberts is deeply unhappy right now because this will be another strike against the Court's once good reputation and thus against his since he is, on paper, the chief justice. And it could put his life's work of business-friendly decisions at risk longterm, if his rabid colleagues overdo it.
Unfortunately, in the latter he is probably mistaken since Dem presidents tend to nominate (big)-business-friendly justices too.

…Brett Kavanaugh suggested Roe v Wade was settled law, that has been affirmed down the decades by “precedent on precedent…

I think Kavanaugh studiously avoided uttering the phrase “settled law” during his confirmation hearings. It was Collins who told us that was his position, based on their conveniently private conversation.

I’m still not entirely sure who was fooling whom, there.

Alito and Thomas were both very clear during their hearings that they believed that a right to privacy with respect to family life was indeed grounded in the Constitution. Something that Alito now says is nonsense.

Clerks dishing on Bush v Gore


Just posted this very brief and readable paper up on my FB.


Progress in the abortion debate might be made if we came to see how much childbearing is like organ donation. Imagine a parent whose bone marrow, kidney or liver lobe is vital to the very survival of his or her own child. Some people think that some kinds of moral activities (e.g., self-sacrifice for children) are more appropriate to and obligatory for women than for men. In my opinion, no convincing case can be made for this sexist axiom. My argument rests on the premise that fathers and mothers mutually share both parental responsibilities and privileges. Therefore I would counter the pervasive influence of this misleading assumption by imaging this donor-parent to be a father.

Think I've linked to this argument here before, but it bears repeating.

Not that any of this will make one bit of difference to those radicalized by a 40-year diet of disgust, dehumanization, and misogyny.

I imagine that this showing up on FB will ruffle family feathers after decades of avoiding the topic entirely. But I'm done.

The Court’s internal trust was shot during/after Bush v. Gore

As it well should have been.

Understood, Ugh, thanks.


“I would be wary of jumping to a conclusion that the leaker is necessarily someone who opposes overturning Roe v. Wade,” said Richard L. Hasen, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine.


Kermit Roosevelt, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said the source was probably trying to increase the price of switching positions.

“In terms of who leaked it and why, it seems much more likely to me that it comes from the right in response to an actual or threatened defection by one of the five who voted to overturn Roe,” he said. “Leaking this early draft makes that more costly for a defector because now people will think that they changed their vote after the leak in response to public outrage.”

Professor Hasen said there was another benefit to the right from the disclosure of the draft opinion.

“This kind of leak could in fact help the likely future majority overturning Roe if it deflects the conversation to the question of Supreme Court secrecy and the danger of leaks to the legitimacy of the process,” he said. “That’s better than a conversation about the potential illegitimacy of overturning longstanding precedent allowing reproductive choice. It also could be intended to soften the blow by signaling to everyone the earthquake to come."

Thanks Ugh for getting this up. I saw the Politico article before I went to bed and couldn't bear looking around for things to post to explain things.

Was trying to explain to my wife about some of this, but I don't know if I made any headway, though it was not unexpected since I can't explain to her why half of the country not only can't wear a mask but gets profoundly upset when someone else does.

Another thing that this has gotten to, is that I really don't want to speculate on who leaked it. It would be so easy to go off the rails on that and get in arguments with folks about who was right and who was wrong. I say this to firm my resolve on reading GftNC's comment. I do have a bit of an allergic reaction to people moaning how bad it is that it leaked because of the damage to the SC's reputation which has me wondering where people have been.

Alito IS the leaker. Though he probably contracted the job out to Supreme Court Justice Ginni Thomas.

And as cleek alludes to:


He's a marital rapist as well, because of the sheer big swinging dick conservative originalism of it.

He has a rape contract with his wife, freely entered into, following the beatings.

The Alito's invite Brett Kavanaugh over for weekend pillow fights.

Two against one, just like the cumming of age days of yore

Here's what's coming, America:

In the Court’s religious-freedom decisions related to the coronavirus pandemic, and in its choice last year to allow Texas to nullify the right to an abortion, you can see the outlines of this new legal regime: On the grounds that it constitutes a form of religious discrimination, conservatives will be able to claim an exemption from any generally applicable rule they do not wish to follow, while imposing their own religious and ideological views on those who do not share them. Although the right-wing justices present this rule in the language of constitutionalism, they are simply imposing their ideological and cultural preferences on the rest of the country."

Let Freedum ring.

Opinion | It’s About Time Someone Punctured the Supreme Court’s Veil of Secrecy

For JDT, a song

Alito is a god-botherer who, like most of his ilk, doesn't trust his deity to deal with sinners alone and un-aided. Wannabe handmaid Amy Coney Barret is of that ilk, too. Brat Kavanaugh seems unlikely to be the pious sort, but he knows which side his communion wafer is buttered on. Clarence Thomas may be a god-botherer at heart but a MAGAt in his bones, so he's a schmuck either way. And Gorsuch: if you're willing to occupy a stolen chair, why not take advantage of it?

If the above seems disrespectful, good.

Now about little Suzie Collins: snake in the grass? dumbass? No matter. She will remain a valued "get" for Meet the Press until she croaks. Nothing is more important than the pretense that sane Republicans still exist in Congress.

I am inclined to go a step further than ugh: to renounce my membership in a human race that has such people in it. Or at least, to say "Fuck it, if the young people who will be more affected by a RWNJ SCOTUS than I ever will be can't get off their butts and slay these would-be theocrats, why should I get all worked up about it?"


This is what "little Suzie" said at the state R convention recently:

The senator, who often touts bipartisanship, has at times conflicted with LePage, although he aided her during her 2020 campaign and she endorsed him this time around. She struck a stridently conservative tone in her 14-minute speech, saying Maine Democrats think “the way to move forward is to tell people how to live their lives.”

The depth of her cynical dishonesty is not measurable. If I said what I really think of her, I would have to ban myself.

I hope I live long enough to write op-eds if she runs again.

"I'm shocked! Shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here!"

- Susan Collins


I'm so done with this atrocious framing. It's not "abortion rights". It's healthcare and bodily autonomy, full stop. If the SCOTUS can't find that fundamental principle as "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty" then an eroding faith in it doesn't even begin to describe my contempt.

And yes, just in case there was any doubt (apparently in the draft decision, Alito says it shouldn't apply to any decisions other than Roe):

Conservative Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the draft opinion, also specifically criticizes the landmark civil rights cases that legalized marriage equality, Obergefell v. Hodges, and that legalized private consensual sex, Lawrence v. Texas.

Referencing those two cases, Alito eerily says that, like abortion rights, “None of these rights has any claim to being deeply rooted in history.”

And, lest we forget (as Ugh in the OP did not), in 2015, Thomas and Alito maintained:

By choosing to endorse "a novel constitutional right over the religious liberty interests explicitly protected in the First Amendment, and by doing so undemocratically, the court has created a problem that only it can fix,.....Until then, Obergefell will continue to have ruinous consequences for religious liberty."


"I'm so done with this atrocious framing."


There is no earthly appeal or petition to these theocratic and violent conservative radicals. They have made the infrastructure of our governments, our democracy, our Republican deaf, dumb, and blind to all but God's Word, the secret word only they and Trump and Putin hear, as despots and murderous popes have operated throughout history.

They are fucking insane. I'm not engaging anyone who thinks I'm a fucking child molester, let alone whatever other charges they've leveled against me in my 70 years in every election cycle since 1951.

It never stops.

Their subhuman God, who condemns all of us who do not bend to their righteousness as Devils, as child molesters, as communists, as not even American or human, is removing any vote we have imagined all this time that we might possess. Our imaginations fail, theirs are beyond and unassailable by any secular powers we might imagine, that we kid ourselves into thinking, we have.

They announce on a regular basis, and have done for 50 years what they are bound by their perverted, fascist God to do:


It will be unimaginatively violent as the conservative movement have armed themselves in the name of their thug God to make it so.

The conservative movement on 1/6/2021 gave us a taste of what is coming. This podcast with Terry Gross the other day, it's about 45 minutes ...


... is an extraordinary document of how our chosen, elected representatives, all Democrats, liberals and moderates, and a few republicans who have temporarily discovered consciences, despite their conservative governing "principles" that will kill Americans by other means, are even today being held hostage by murderous conservative movement republicans, their supposed colleagues, their fellow employees who encouraged, cheered, and hired armed, violent murderers to kill them in their workplace, in their offices at the US Capitol.

I've ordered the book referenced therein by its authors, while it is not banned.

They, our reps, still work cheek to jowl with these killers. Mo Brooks is merely one name among dozens who daily threaten their Democratic colleagues with violence and death in their workplace.

I ask conservatives who no longer hang with us, for fear probably of being hung WITH us, if their affections, or is it affectations, for self defense by the gun applies to protecting themselves from threatening thugs in THEIR workplaces, or is that something you people countenance only against those who govern and make you lot pay taxes.

Or is it only conservatives in government and Mafia operatives in their cheap storefronts who are permitted to get away with this shit in their "workplaces"?

Gee, maybe our elected reps should be done with this atrocious framing by the conservative movement and file an OSHA workplace safety and harassment report.

Hurry, because fascist piece of shit Clarence Thomas and his fellow vermin are well into their draft of a decision to strip OSHA of all of its meager, remaining, but mostly sold out powers to fucking industry, which will be the model case for liquidating the entire administrative state, not just Federal, but state and local as well, a move which, by the way, Lynn Trotsky Cheney will be happy to enable because she is a conservative killer by other means, despite the ice pick headed her way from the murderous conservative movement.

Nothing will be done. No one will be punished except for some low level fascist dupes, who are mere cannon fodder like Putin's unwitting, but certainly getting used to it, soldiers committing genocide in Ukraine.

Trump and the entire dog's dinner of the conservative movement are intentionally and with sadistic malice laying waste to rule, and law, and order in dead fucking America.

Political candidates, like Nazis, are stating that will murder Anthony Fauci. They will murder teachers.

Any sense of human decency is gone in conservative America toward the Other, which is more than half of the country.

Decency is a mere shibboleth these reptiles reserve to themselves in the name of their righteous, judgemental, punishing, murderous God.

I can't get to the real point, because as this evil darkness descends over America, and the world, I will be arrested and disappeared, and I'm not going to permit that just for the SAYING of the truth.

Yes, it's depressing.

The Yankees are on a winning streak.

Spring is dragging its heels along the Front Range in Colorado. The birds are oddly silent this far, their choirs still bare and ruined.

Maybe they are waiting to see what tweets Elon Musk will allow. Probably just ones that sing "Tesla, tesla"

I've written, music and lyrics, and recorded a song (my first; I usually sing harmonies and help with arrangements on his great original songs) with my music buddy, who came up with some wonderful guitar licks for it, in his studio.

I might link to it at cleek's place, cleek willing, once the thing is fully mixed.

It's not a protest song, that would be boring, unless one considers eternal laments against lost love a protest, and I doth lament, though this song ends on a hopeful note, all might be surprised to learn.

hilzoy has a great twitter thread below, something she had previously written up on this site.


It will take some time before challenges to the other decisions reach the Court. Not in time for the midterms but maybe for the next presidential election. Depending on how the public reacts now, it will likely be timed to hit either before or shortly after (whatever has the better balance of rallying the base and angering the libs).
First some states have to craft laws that clearly violate those decisions, then the right path via judicial hacks and at least one court that takes its job still seriously (the laws have to get struck down at least once to rally the base and give SCOTUS a pretense for some sweeping overreach) has to be chosen, before the highest hacks in the land can do their supreme mockery of judicial restraint.

Legalisms aside, John Cole gets to the point as only a former Red Stater who once tread the thin line between love and hate can:


The Yankees are on a winning streak.

So me, known baseball hater, has son, 13, who has decided he must visit every team's home stadium. He has managed, in no particular order:

Red Sox
White Sox

In June he will collect Cubs, Royals and Twins. That might be it for a while. Rockies may be the hardest, or Diamondbacks.

I might link to it at cleek's place, cleek willing, once the thing is fully mixed.

I'll be sure to check it out.

unimaginatively violent

That too.

Truly excellent hilzoy thread, unsurprisingly.

Thanks, Ugh, and also generally for the reminder to check her Tweets which for some reason I don't always remember to do.

Good for him! Wrigley should be a treat.

In June, along with my son and his girlfriend, who now live in Cambridge, Mass, I'll be seeing this guy in Fenway Park (saw the Yankees and Red Sox on my first visit to the park last year):


Maybe John and George (and Yaz) will be there too.

A Beatle in Fenway Park.

It'll be like walking thru Abbey Road Studios and bumping into Mickey Mantle.

I guess baseball, like puns, is an acquired taste hanh?


I guess baseball, like puns, is an acquired taste hanh?


Yes, and welcome back, ugh.

These lyrics sound like kind of where we are right now:


Racist, misogynist, homophobic conservative republican trump subhumans, a good 40% of the electorate (another 11% can't decide whether they are mere racists or mere misogynists or, racist homophobes ... or racist gays, or female racists or mysogynist gays, or black homophobes or ... well, the bottom line is they share the conservative gene for murderous hatred; and all of them will get around to hating the Jews in the end as these things go) gonna load up the pick-up truck and track down the first innocent black woman they come across, who was nowhere near the scene of the crime, and lynch her:


Ladies and gentleman, we're going to be experiencing severe turbulence during the rest of this flight into CrazyMurderTown, so I would keep a barf bag handy for that reflux revulsion you are sure to experience:


The Trump book for kids includes a chapter on ten ways to avoid abortion, counted off on trump's poorly manicured ten fingers, each one probing for weakness among underage beauty queens.

If you want to know why Huckupchuckabee is holding Trump's coat, it's because the Trump family has cornered the market on coat hangers, given the improving market conditions for such-like that ghouls will capitalize on.

Another chapter on money management explains how to get rich in America by repeatedly shorting the change for a $20 dollar bill.

Yet another chapter is entitled: "Kiddo, you too can be a Killer, and mean it!", with tips on locking and loading and hiring a trigger man (to take the fall) so you can reserve all ten of your trigger fingers for beauty queens' delectation.

Subtitle to the Book: Burn Every Book But This One, and the other one I, Donald Jesus Trump holy ghost wrote ... The Bible .. and the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which cancels all the rest of em, 'cept the Second, which will be maintained and employed to kill all of you kids who might wax nostalgic for your rights, unnatural as they may well be.

Me: Hey, I need one of your kidneys or I’m gonna die. Give it.
You: Uh, what?
M: Give me your kidney or I’m gonna die.
Y: Um, no?
M: State says I can gets a kidney from someone if I’m gonna die and they’re a good match, so give it.
Y: What? You can’t just take my kidney against my will.
M: Can too. It’s right there in the statute: people needing kidneys can get them from matching two-kidney-having donors, by force if necessary. Give it or I’m gonna take it.
Y: You have no right to do that?!?!
M: It’s a statutory right, I just showed you, do you want to go to jail? Gimme.
Y: But what about my Constitutional right to, um, er-
M: Do you see “kidney” in the Constitution? Or “refuse to be an organ donor”?
Y: No but, there must be something in there somewhere, I mean, due proce-
M: Nope, now hold still while I use this scalpel.

"That too."


Ah, back to the SF talk... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jigsaw_Man

May we have your liver?


Shit I’d forgotten about that scene.

Have you considered my liver? [OK, slightly off topic, but why not?] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAF35dekiAY

No, you may not have it:


The livid reaction from progressive advocacy groups and Democratic politicians across the country about the potential evisceration of abortion rights — and possibly others protected by the 14th Amendment — should tell the media this is not simply about “culture,” nor is it a “war.” It’s a religious power grab by justices who, according to at least two female Republican senators, dissembled under oath about their intentions regarding Roe. The Senate Judiciary Committee should hold hearings and call GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) to testify. If those senators were really duped, they should consider advocating for extreme measures, including impeachment and a filibuster exception to codify Roe.

-- Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post

Wouldn't it be fun to see Collins furrow her brow under oath.....

Yes indeed. Here's hoping....

A religious power grab is exactly right, featuring the one aspect omnipresent in most organised religion i.e. disempowering women. The fact that it simultaneously alters the political real-life landscape in favour of the (even if non-religious) rightwing is no accident at all.

I'm left wondering how many words aren't in the constitution. I bet it's a lot.

Rockies may be the hardest, or Diamondbacks.

Harder than the Dodgers? Fly into Denver International, ride the A train to Union Station, walk to the ball park (less than a mile). Most of the Rockpile tickets are reserved for game day sales, even if you don't have tickets in advance. The Rockpile's in full sunshine, of course, and Denver's at altitude, so you would want to have plenty of sunscreen.

I'm left wondering how many words aren't in the constitution. I bet it's a lot.

An important element in hilzoy's extremely worthwhile thread (surprise surprise), linked by Ugh above.

Plus, in the Rockpile at Coors Field, as the sun declines to your West during those late afternoon day games, you'll be squinting right into it and you will go temporarily blind.

But then, in the punishing glare, you might miss those inevitable three-run homers the Rockies' bullpen serves up late in the game for the loss, and then you won't be able to see where you put your feet as you file out of the stadium disconsolately, like a sunburned Cubs fan of old, to your car.

There is a great little margarita stand (or at least there was before Covid), however, beneath the right field stands you can repair to before the sun burns holes in your corneas.

Well, anyway, that's my excuse.

"I'm left wondering how many words aren't in the constitution. I bet it's a lot."


In fact, the word "Words" is not in the Constitution, that I can detect, so that would call your comment (particularly what's implied in the word "left", you wrote) and perhaps the constitutionality of the Constitution itself into question.

I read somewhere recently that the Framers, who framed us, considered requiring a standing army of 5000 men (that last word right there IS in the Constitution, but the words women, children, fetus, shut up .. that was left to the states, the private sector, and bartenders to enforce...., and Susan are not), but they could only locate 246 men who could stand up, the rest being drunk on their asses and busy stealing land from Native Americans and arranging the sale at auction of the child slaves they sired (abortion being such a disgusting sin against humanity), so that went into the "details, details" hopper to be adjudicated next week by unelected prats.

That's why DeSantis' personal militias formed to limit voting by everyone not named DeSantis don't stand.

They kneel in front of himself awaiting orders, the fascist vermin.

I'll have more later on what Alito et al very specifically think about Susan Collins, as recorded in their source materials.

Iirc life and liberty appear in the main text of the Constitution only in the context of legally depriving someone of them. Preambles have no force of law.

noone, I think you possibly misjudge the force of the word "prats". It is a very mild insult indeed.

In fact, I know that everyone here knows and understands this in their very bones, but I want to broadcast this (from the WaPo) from every rooftop in America, so that there should be absolutely no doubt. People (like McKinney here for example) have wondered at the persistant fury towards McConnell. This (my bold) is why. Speaking as someone who has been obsessed with the SCOTUS for decades (and who was, for example, present at the Bork hearings) the current SCOTUS is an unspeakable, tragic, dishonest travesty.

The court’s legitimacy rests on the notion that it follows the law, not the personal or ideological preferences of the justices who happen to serve on it at any given time. Americans rely on the court to exercise care and restraint against making sharp turns that might suddenly declare their everyday choices and activities unprotected or illegal. Over the course of nearly half a century, the court not only issued Roe but upheld its bedrock principles against later challenges. Throughout, the original 1973 decision enjoyed broad and unwavering public support. What brought the court to its current precipice was not a fundamental shift in American values regarding abortion. It was the shameless legislative maneuvering of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, who jammed three Trump-nominated justices onto the court.


The upside for freedom in Mississippi is however that post-fetal human beings can be shot dead in the street, but in the back to preserve a certain republican conservative delicacy.

Mississippi cops are recused from reading citizens' their Miranda rights because the cops down there, they can't read, and anyway, first, in that Confederate drawl they amuse themselves with, the reading always sounds like "We gonna keel you, boy", and second as Ben Franklin told that inquisitive woman: "We got tired and thirsty amd anything YOU might want in there was left on the cutting room floor."

I guess this belong on this thread, not the optimistic one (I kid):


Peter Brimelow, that name. He was, and might still be, a columnist for tax-hating subhuman Steven Forbes' Forbes Magazine.

A nasty piece of racist vermin work, but influential among that lot.

And as George Carlin said, maybe referring to Malcolm Forbes II, the bisexual man:

"Now, speaking of consistency, Catholics, which I was until I reached the age of reason, Catholics and other Christians are against abortions, and they’re against homosexuals. Well who has less abortions than homosexuals?! Leave these fucking people alone, for Christ sakes! Here is an entire class of people guaranteed never to have an abortion! And the Catholics and Christians are just tossing them aside. You’d think they’d make natural allies."

And, further, to leave no Roger Stone unturned:

"Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren’t they? They’re all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don’t wanna know about you. They don’t want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no Head Start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you’re pre-born, you’re fine; if you’re preschool, you’re fucked.

Conservatives don’t give a shit about you until you reach military age. Then they think you are just fine. Just what they’ve been looking for. Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers. Pro-life, Pro-life. These people aren’t pro-life, they’re killing doctors! What kind of pro-life is that? What, they’ll do anything they can to save a fetus but if it grows up to be a doctor they just might have to kill it?

They’re not pro-life. You know what they are? They’re anti-woman. Simple as it gets, anti-woman. They don’t like them. They don’t like women. They believe a woman’s primary role is to function as a broodmare for the state."

This line: "And the Catholics and Christians are just tossing them aside. You’d think they’d make natural allies."

That was uttered nearly 30 thirty years, but when you read about the number of publicly visible gay men who have pledged their trough to the conservative movement, one does begin to wonder, in the context of all of the made-up shit about "grooming", whether Carlin was wrong about that.

And finally, behind a paywall, Josh Marshall puts together a thoroughly believable case that another unelected nest of conservative vipers suggested the leak of Alito's manifesto to keep Roberts, and whomever he might influence to partly escape the shackles, on the plantation.


With World War III and the Second American Civil War simultaneously jumpstarted by the conservative movement in Russia and America, can Donald Trump be very far behind whining about a shortage of bullets.

I'm inclined to agree with him on that one thing.

By the way, I do see that we currently have bigger fish to fry, but I would just point out that the following "people" and "individuals" are in fact women (or perhaps in some few cases trans men who are natal females). So perhaps we might be prepared to actually call by the correct words the people and individuals who are going to be most affected by this. After all, as many of us have been trying to say for some time, women have historically been discriminated against on the basis of their sex.

the Constitution’s guarantees of personal autonomy demand that pregnant people be able to make the difficult decision about whether to end their pregnancy according to the dictates of their own conscience


Yet the greatest casualties would not be the court as an institution or the nation’s already toxic politics. It would be pregnant individuals suddenly stripped of a right they had been guaranteed for almost half a century. Wealthy people would be able to cross state lines to end their pregnancies. (Although some states are already trying to outlaw that practice, as well.) Poor people would be forced either to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, with all the health consequences and risks that entails, or to seek illegal abortions that could endanger their lives.

"noone, I think you possibly misjudge the force of the word "prats". It is a very mild insult indeed."

Just when I try, try, I say, to moderate my act, they pull me back in!


Those jokes a few years ago about quartering troops in women's vaginas don't seem so droll anyomre.

We have a Republican candidate for Governor in Colorado who not only pledges to eliminate all mail-in ballots (the method by which he votes, but then he is somewhere in his past a child of Hispanic immigrants, so maybe he knows something we don't about the legality of his voter registration) and will sign a law outlawing abortion in the state.

He was arrested in 1993 for violently assaulting his pregnant wife. To be fair to the both-sides-do-it crowd, so was his wife.

The fetus was released on its own recognizance, and stopped on the way home to purchase a weapon and its parents have towed the line ever since, we think.

If he is elected, probably not, but I don't know why we take these chances of allowing evil scum anywhere near governance by holding elections, he will no doubt void our current Governor's marriage to his husband when that right goes down the dumper-tubes.

While a reversal of Roe v. Wade would have a disparate impact on poor women, things would be nowhere near as grim as when the ruling was made. One difference is the availability of drugs for early pregnancies.

"Last year, based on a scenario in which 22 states banned abortion, Middlebury College economist Caitlin Knowles Myers projected that the annual number of abortions in the U.S. would fall by about 14 percent. In Texas, which banned the vast majority of abortions last September and avoided early judicial intervention by restricting enforcement to private civil actions, the net impact seems to have been a drop of about 10 percent.

Americans should keep those surprisingly modest estimates in mind as they try to predict what will happen after the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, as a leaked draft of the majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization suggests it will soon do. While many states are expected to respond by imposing severe restrictions on abortion, most probably will not. And even in states that ban elective abortions, workarounds will mitigate the impact of those laws."
The Impact of Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Be Less Dramatic Than Abortion-Rights Advocates Fear: Abortion is likely to remain legal in most states, and workarounds will mitigate the effects of bans.

By the way, after the news of the republican's wife-beating, fetus-endangering ways, I'll wager his poll numbers, like fake hillbilly lying fuck JD Vance's, are soaring.

"Last year, based on a scenario in which 22 states banned abortion, Middlebury College economist Caitlin Knowles Myers projected that the annual number of abortions in the U.S. would fall by about 14 percent. In Texas, which banned the vast majority of abortions last September and avoided early judicial intervention by restricting enforcement to private civil actions, the net impact seems to have been a drop of about 10 percent."

Well, the first thing is, we are confirmed in our certainty that conservatives, expecially the fake Christian Texan ones, lie, cheat, and steal as a way of life, since they claim abortion has virtually ceased altogether in Texas proper, though I can't think what is proper about it.

But yeah, there has always been and always will be, abortions, particularly among well-to-do conservative women who can afford the travel and subterfuge. I'm pretty sure that the reported explosion of abortions following the Roe v Wade ruling was somewhat bogus, as abortions were happening will-nilly all along, but no one was keeping track of the numbers.

Certainly conservative republican politicians and big-haired parishioner-nookie-prowling Christian preachers weren't letting the cat out of the bag regarding the abortions they arranged for their daughters, nieces, wives, secretaries, sisters, babysitters, and the cute neighbor girls and their straying mothers ... in a word, any woman at all who came near Strom Thurmond.

And second: Middlebury College?

That might be the first university in America the conservative movement will cancel and abolish, and failing that, subject its faculty and administrators to violent terrorist attacks.

The sex-addled Ron Johnson:


Well, Johnson from Wisconsin (again with the hilariously apt names of these people) should be in good stead with his mouthwash theory of Covid-19 prevention, since if mouthwash might possibly interdict contracting various STDs via oral sex, the data on AIDS in not yet in, mind you, well, maybe if the Covid vaccine gives you AIDS, gargling Listerine might kill two birds with one Roger Stone.

Unfortunately, the suspicion of syphilis-related dementia in Johnson's behavior in his recent entire life may mean it is a little late in the day for his recommended home remedies.

The only hope is that the Senator can give his groomer Donald Trump whatever nasty clap he carries by the usual conservative practices.

I find myself seriously contemplating what it would take to build a vast black market for the medication involved in medical abortions. Is production and regulation too onerous to facilitate this?

Well, perhaps a model for such an effort would be the right wing conservative movement’s existing plans to produce and sell weapons and ammo via a vast black market operation should any efforts be made to curtail bogus Second Amendment rights. Of course, they do it anyway just to make sure they are fully gunned-up when the signal is given.

We have ghost guns now that can’t be traced; why not ghost abortifacients?

I find myself seriously contemplating what it would take to build a vast black market for the medication involved in medical abortions.

I suspect the model is going to be Prohibition from a century ago, if it comes to that. Books and movies tend to focus on the thrilling organized crime version of that story. They don't tell the story about the enormously broad network of people where "I know someone who..." could supply small quantities of a "drug" that was legal in most of the rest of the world. If the polling numbers about how much of the population supports a Roe-like framework is even close to accurate, the "underground" will organize itself quickly.

If the polling numbers about how much of the population supports a Roe-like framework is even close to accurate, the "underground" will organize itself quickly.

It will be interesting to see if people can figure out how to do this without using, or with the capability of dissembling on, electronic devices that law enforcement can demand access to. BJ is littered with references to this already happening (e.g. Missouri).

"this" meaning that we really have no effective privacy on our devices, and some people are more aware of that than others

and it's hard not to think that sometimes that's a good thing -- this is the guy who went a long way toward ensuring that we got 4 years of Paul LePage

I wonder if when Roe versus Wade is ruled unconstitutional nationally President Trump and the fascist Congress will mandate that all airports screen women and girls who are crossing state borders and who have passed through puberty for pregnancy, but not weapons, of course, and pull them aside if they are pregnant, to interrogate and subject them to further physical inspection regarding the purposes of their travel, if it is for medical care of any kind, and so on, and re-scan them upon their disembarking back home, and perhaps weigh them, to learn if anything has gone missing.

I wonder if these further malignant indignities will be delegated to the FAA or the Commerce Department, if those survive the total cancellation and defunding of the entire federal administrative state.

Perhaps contracted out privately, where fascism is constitutional and untaxed, say, to the Catholic Church's Opus Dei offices, Randall Terry's Ministries, or the recently formed Phyllis Schlafly Memorial Unlicensed Doctors Without Personal Borders Invasive Digital Examination Board, funded jointly and ecumenically by Jared Kushner, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Conservative restaurant owners in red states may institute further reservation protocols in which the host or hostess will inquire of women dining alone, how many are feeding tonight, and when the answer is "just one", the reservationist will further inquire: "Are we certain about that?", while alerting a drunk fascist womb monitor wearing rubber medical gloves and his attorney sitting at the bar.

Maybe we won't have to worry about anything more if Putin, at Trump's urging, sets off a final worldwide nuclear fireworks display to mourn the utter chaotic collapse of Mother Russia:


Curiously, our intelligence community has uncovered evidence that Putin has ordered that Russia's nuclear arsenal, land- and sea-based, be reconfigured to NOT target and hit any targets within 200 miles of Mar-a-Lago, nor Tucker Carlson's home in Maine, nor Hungary.

I think Pat Buchanan and much of the staff of the American Conservative are quietly making their way to one of those three refuge locations to form, with former KGB agents and Russian and American oligarchs, a provisional occupying government for whatever they plan on calling the former America.

Meanwhile, Joe Manchin has put together three words: oligarch and yacht confiscation, and wondering what Biden has in mind and so is making his way to points south along the Inland Waterway to fish off the eastern coast of Florida ... or so he claims.

Steve Bannon has volunteered personally to Putin to ride one of their nuclear-tipped hypersonic rockets, Slim Pickens style, to its target: Washington DC.

Rupert Murdoch has been airborne circling the globe 24 hours per day for months now in his private, luxury-appointed 787 Nightmare Liner, like a doom-augering albatross, while he awaits events.

CharlesWT offers up Libertarian(TM) reassurance that "Aw, things won't be that bad" in consequence of McConnell's god-bothering SCOTUS moles renouncing precedent and brazenly engaging in christianist activism.

I guess Libertarians(TM) believe that the so-called Justices who outright lied at their confirmation hearings will always be on their side, and this whole kerfuffle about abortion is simply a mild inconvenience for a cohort of people who probably aren't Libertarians(TM) anyway.

Who would have thunk that Libertarians(TM) of all people would NOT be outraged by restrictions on personal liberty engineered by SCOTUS-stealing Republicans? It is to laugh. Contemptuously.


Abject surrender to subhuman Evil:


BJ is littered with references to this already happening (e.g. Missouri).

I feel relatively confident that this will only happen to the 'wrong' people, and it will be amazing how it will magically reinforce existing narratives. Whoda thunk it?

They don't tell the story about the enormously broad network of people where "I know someone who..." could supply small quantities of a "drug" that was legal in most of the rest of the world.

My maternal grandmother, as a little girl, smuggled hooch through the streets of Manayunk (Philadelphia neighborhood) in a baby carriage for her mother during Prohibition. She was hardly Al Capone.




There will be savage furious vengeance on every street in subhuman conservative republican America.


The next order of business for Christian conservative republican predatory vermin is combing through medical records since 1973 and hunting down and prosecuting, and in some states executing all women who have had abortions and all abortion providers over the past 50 years.

Statutes of limitations. There are no statutes. There are no limitations.

Women are now fugitive slaves.

Think of it. American men can fuck women, via rape or not, and then track them down have them executed by the state the same dickless men don't want to pay taxes to.

American women now have about as much privacy as a
Ukrainian patient seeking refuge in a hospital basement from Russian genocide in Mariupol.

She was hardly Al Capone.

Sez you. We've only got your word for it.

Yeah, were they ever seen together?

Ireland tried to block 'abortion tourism' to the UK some decades ago. It backfired when a raped child (12 years old iirc) that had made the grave mistake of informing the police got put under custody to prevent her from getting an abortion in England and this made headlines (Europe-wide). It was the beginning of the end of the constitutional abortion ban in the country. That religious conservatives loudly applauded the state's decision in this case put additional gasoline on the flames.

CharlesWT offers up Libertarian(TM) reassurance that "Aw, things won't be that bad" ...

A libertarian's take on the possible adverse secondary consequences of ending Roe. Although some of you may view some of them as a silver lining.

"In discourse about Roe v. Wade being overturned and states severely restricting or limiting abortions, much of the discussion is (rightly) focused on the potential fallout for those with unwanted or unsustainable pregnancies. It's girls and women of childbearing age on whom such prohibitions would fall the hardest, or at least the most directly. But banning abortion would bring many second-order effects that merit consideration, too. Some children, families, and medical professionals may suffer grave consequences. We're also likely to see a drastically expanded state. Today I want to devote a little attention to some of these often-overlooked consequences.

Banning Abortion Would Be Bad for Kids [...]

Banning Abortion Would Be Bad for All Pregnant Women and Their Doctors [...]

Banning Abortion Would Grow the Government [...]

Banning Abortion Would Encourage Censorship [...]

Banning Abortion Would Mean Less Freedom in Other Realms, Too [...]

Overturning Roe Would Mean New Avenues for Political Fighting [...]"
Ending Roe Threatens More Than Abortion Rights

Those black marketeers are going to have to be clever.

Also, I wonder how the state of Tennessee is going to get access to people's mail. The USPS is still a federal entity, last I heard. Mentioned in the Constitution, even!

I suspect the model is going to be Prohibition from a century ago

the model may be more like the underground railroad, especially if some states seek to criminalize going to another state to seek an abortion.

I know folks who are already offering transportation, housing, and other support for folks in red states who may need to travel elsewhere to terminate pregnancies.

Alito: “Our decision concerns abortion and no other right. Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.” That’s not how principled adjudication works. Either you’re being a political hack or your “only abortion” bit is BS.

I’ve been reading the opinion, and I don’t see how Alito can claim this without knowingly insulting the intelligence of anyone with half a brain who reads it.
Either overturning Roe is a piece of judicial fiat not rooted in principle, or the many pages of argument, reasons and citations actually mean something. And if they do, then the decision casts serious and predictable doubt on many rights.

And if they do, then the decision casts serious and predictable doubt on many rights.

Yes indeed. As quoted above:

Conservative Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the draft opinion, also specifically criticizes the landmark civil rights cases that legalized marriage equality, Obergefell v. Hodges, and that legalized private consensual sex, Lawrence v. Texas.

Referencing those two cases, Alito eerily says that, like abortion rights, “None of these rights has any claim to being deeply rooted in history.”


If Trump is jailed (he won't be, given the free never go to jail card provided by the bought and paid for conservative movement bleak house of an (il)legal system; besides they need the cells for pregnant women), he will be re-elected and govern from his cell like any old Mafia don.

I’ve been reading the opinion, and I don’t see how Alito can claim this without knowingly insulting the intelligence of anyone with half a brain who reads it.

Almost everything these people say insults the intelligence of sane people. Take Susan Collins, for instance. She's been spewing flim-flam for decades, and people still swallow it.


None of these rights has any claim to being deeply rooted in history.

Because, as we all know, homosexuality and private consensual sex of all kinds were invented by hippies in 1967

Margaret Atwood on this issue, from today's Guardian:


Hey, GftNC, as Brexit slowly runs out of steam as an issue to rile up the rubes, any hints that BoJo wants to move the UK back to a "non-decimal" pound?

The "join the EU" and "decimalization" happened just a few years apart, so why not?

Make the Shilling Great Again, also, too.

Snarki: nothing would surprise me about these idiots. And on Brexit, which as any fool can see has so far turned out to be a disaster, what is infuriating is that the Brexiteer Tories (a malignant sub-group) have managed to muddy the waters by saying the ill effects are all because of a) the pandemic and b) the war. Which obviously have made things worse, but still.


Things do not get better but worse.

Predictable, but disturbingly quickly.
Idaho State Affairs Committee Chair Brent Crane (R-Nampa) says that they will hear legislation in the wake of the overturning of Roe to BAN IUD’s and other forms of birth control.

" ....but disturbingly quickly."

With all due respect, I have no idea what that means.

It will take maybe a week for the Evil Ones to declare Social Security and Medicare unconstitutional and cancel both programs despite the explicit notices they've been sending out about their intentions for the past 40 years.

Perhaps another two weeks to halt all payments to the beneficiaries and stop collection altogether of the revenue that pays for the programs.

Ducks in a row always seem taken aback by the volleys of killing gunfire from the well-established and obvious ideological blinds.

It will be a disturbingly quick genocide.

Here's another item that will happen disturbingly quickly: Vladimir Putin will sign a peace treaty with President Donald Trump, or his malignant fascist doppelganger, ten minutes into the latter's first day in office in January 2025.

It will of course be to the detriment of whatever is left of Ukraine. The murder of Zelensky will be communicated by Putin to the murderous vermin at Mar-a-Lago before the lame duck Biden White House hears about it prior to Trump's Christening as the vengeful Eternal God of subhuman Christian America.

As one hit man to another.

Shortly after the total genocidal cleansing of Ukraine, construction on a chain of Trump luxury hotels, casinos, and golf clubs will commence throughout Ukraine on property patrolled and guarded by Russian occupying forces, who will also prevent the removal of the bloody mass graves the foundations of those structures will be sunk.

Also throughout Russia as well, as Trump and his vermin crime family are bequeathed by the Putin crime syndicate the nationalized properties of Russian oligarchs, who though evil filth in their own rights, nevertheless were murdered or exiled for bucking Putin over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Manchin (that fucking maneuvering swine) coal brokering empire will make inroads into Putin's Russia and Ukraine as well as payoff for his traitorous role in blocking much of the Biden policies on global warming, Covid-i9 funding, and post-fetal child tax credits, and thus sabotaging and dooming, forever, not only a second term, but any further free elections in the Soviet States of America, though the drug addled (so Manchine sez) pregnant mothers denied the credits will be forced to bring their pregnancies to term or face jail or execution while, once their addicted babies are born, all funding is denied for post-natal care and drug addiction.

Borscht will be served on the menu at Mar-a-Lago to please the clientele, while the Devil in the penthouse orders in Big Macs, which from all appearances, seems to be the healthiest food in the world since Wimpy could not be found on Tuesday to pay up.

Patriarch Kirill will be feted at Mar-a-Lago with a guest list that includes all prominent murderous fascist American Christian conservatives, Dreher, DeSantis, Abbott, to plan and coordinate mass murder in America.

It's clear that Brent Crane of Idaho's baleful existence on this earth is owed to his mother being ravished against her will and despite her menstrual calendar by his father.

C'mon, who said irony was dead?

Clarence Thomas says he worries respect for institutions is eroding


C'mon, who said irony was dead?


Clarence Thomas says he worries respect for institutions is eroding


If these idiotic monsters do manage to turn a bunch of our states into the American equivalent of Ceausescu's Romania, I hope they can at least also overturn Loving vs. Virginia so Clarence Thomas can be jailed for miscegenation. Cause if all we have is irony, let's at least have some more good irony.


By this time next year, those women’s counterparts in 20-odd, and I do mean odd Soviet formerly American states would find themselves in a sticky Christian legal wicket merely taking responsibility for whose sperm is who’s.

Now there’s a documentary about a Christian cult doctor who secretly impregnated dozens and dozens of women with his holy bodily fluids and the resulting children we’re happy to report now live in a country in which if they are impregnated by Christian rapists, the women among them will be responsible for child support and ordered by Christian Republican Courts to take those resulting children to visit Daddy for some happy conjugal time at the State Pen.

The Wagner Group is a significant campaign donor to Trump and all Christian Republican political candidates. I think, but I can’t prove that several of them are contributors to Dreher’s comment threads at TAC.


All remaining restrictions on owning fully automatic military weaponry and ammo must be removed by Presidential Executive Order and a national Lend Lease program to supply all of the Other, see the Republican conservative movement platform for the list of recipients they have generously provided in their subhuman paroxysms of fascist genocidal hatred, with enough firepower to withstand and terminate Trump’s and Putin’s Christian armies.

If these idiotic monsters do manage to turn a bunch of our states into the American equivalent of Ceausescu's Romania, I hope they can at least also overturn Loving vs. Virginia so Clarence Thomas can be jailed for miscegenation.

Only if he and Ginni go to one of those states. They presumably live in either Virginia or Maryland, which will very likely continue to honor rather than prosecute their marriage.

I have said for years that the conservatives on the Court are willing to allow a lot of stuff to devolve back to the states because neither they nor their families are ever going to live in one of those states. And if necessary, never visit one of those states. They all have the means and connections to relocate their children, if necessary, and guarantee them a job in a sane state.

I admit to having a certain amount of guilt over living in what was a red state that is now quite solidly blue. One of the reasons for/consequences of that shift is that real estate prices are insane. And my wife and I took the opportunities when they arose to put our children in a reasonable place on the real estate escalator even though their incomes wouldn't have supported it.

Did Virginia revoke their anti-miscegenation law once it was struck down by the USSC?

Because, if not (and why would they bother?) having the USSC invalidate their previous ruling would make that anti-miscegenation law instantly valid.

Does Thomas wants a quick no-cost divorce?

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