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April 28, 2022


And then there's those fires.

Hard to decide which explanation would be more embarrassing:

  • Attacks by Ukrainians (no matter how far away in Russia).
  • Sabotogue by anti-war Russians. Apparently a lot of them, and widespread, too.
  • Multiple cases of simple poor maintenance. Even in war-critical facilities.
Or, perhaps, a combination of those....

Or perhaps in some cases the materiel the facilities are supposed to have produced doesn't exist, and this is a convenient way to cover it up.

"Or perhaps in some cases the material the facilities are supposed to have produced doesn't exist, and this is a convenient way to cover it up."

Perhaps fascist traitorous murderous conservative movement Republicans in the piece of shit formerly known as America passed on intelligence to Putin that the Russian structures housed public schools, libraries, and young gay humans dressed as mice, goofy dogs, fairies, and liberals.

Until fire and towers of angry smoke are on every 360 degree horizon in both Russia and America, decent human beings will not be safe from conservative movement savagery.

The conservative movement leadership in China deserves the same violence aimed their way, as do the conservative fascists on every continent.

World War III and the second American Civil War have been declared and are underway.

The only thing for it is to wipe the ruthless filth off the face of the Earth.

I wonder if any future productions of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" or recitals of his "Sonnets" will be permitted by shithead conservatives to go forward, given the gender fluidity and the the wisdom of love depicted therein.

Or for that matter Bugs Bunny dressed as Jessica Rabbit batting his eyelashes at Elmer Fudd, while swiping the latter's shotgun.

In the other thread, there is talk of the ruthlessness of Disney's conservative corporate behavior (they don't want to pay their fucking local taxes, etc) and the ruthlessness of the corporate conservative Florida gummint behavior.

All America has become, and maybe this was and is its purposeful destiny, are a bunch of free-floating ruthless fuckers looking for every opportunity to fuck one another while everyone else tries to figure out how to become a ruthless motherfucker to avoid becoming the victim Other of the professional conservative ruthless motherfuckers.

There must be a silver lining somewhere but everywhere I check the usual suspects have ripped the silver out, sold it, and placed the proceeds in unmarked offshore accounts.

We are rending our clothing and wringing our hands over the return of savage vote-stealing, Other-killing right-wing fascism and the attempted murder of democratic governance in America:

Here's some words.

"Almost 60 years ago, the historian Richard Hofstadter described what he saw as the true goal of McCarthyism. “The real function of the Great Inquisition of the 1950s was not anything so simply rational as to turn up spies or prevent espionage,” he wrote, “or even to expose actual Communists, but to discharge resentments and frustrations, to punish, to satisfy enmities whose roots lay elsewhere than in the Communist issue itself.”

We aren't going to permit that again in America or yet another goddamned go-around of Jim Crow against the myriad Others in all of its hydra-headed conservative subhuman guises.

Fuck words.

This time around, we cut all of their heads off.

Or perhaps in some cases the materiel the facilities are supposed to have produced doesn't exist, and this is a convenient way to cover it up.

But hardly an endorsement for the wonders of Russian industry regardless.


Like the despicable conservative republican movement Christians in America who love Death so much that they committed suicide, and continue to do so, by deliberately infecting themselves (and killing their fellow Americans with Covid-19), their brother Putin and his Russian Christian genocidal murderers have wrapped nuclear arms around themselves and are holding the trigger over eight billion of us on Earth.

Trump and Murdoch, haters of all western governance, are apprised of every move Putin, the hater of all western governance, is making in support of the former's theft of the 2024 election and the theft of the elections for vermin republicans this next Fall.

And Christianity, that murderous pervert, and its handmaiden, white racist nationalism, blesses both of them. And their murderous cadres in Russia and America.

They are untouchable. Anyone who comes close to threatening them with any rule of law measures is either murdered or they and their families are threatened with Death and the latter back off.

Anyone who believes they will ascend to Heaven as martyrs is a lover of Death and will commit genocide. They will kill all of us.

Both Trump and Putin ask: "Why can't we use nuclear weapons?"

Didn't we learn anything from Muslim fundamentalists?

We are living in a fucking nightmare.

noone, did you notice the actual quote?
“either we lose in Ukraine, or World War Three starts.” [emphasis added]

Looks to me we better put everything into making sure they lose. Lest they use their victory to jumpstart WW III.

I'd be much more worried, on current trends, if they were talking about using nukes to kick off WW III in order to avoid lising.

Well, if they lose in Ukraine AND a nuclear World War III is the result, we can accuse them of being hypocrites.

That'll finish 'em.

Has the Kremlin forbidden the word "losing", so Russians are using the spelling "lising" instead to avoid arrest?

If you snize, you lise ... that sort of thing, but in Russian.

It's a trumpian formulation. So much winning, you'll get tired of the winning. Now said as "So much whining, you'll get tired of the whining."

And so we have, as promised.

Marjorie Taylor Greene counseled Trump to impose "Marshall" Law on 1/6. The White House was flummoxed, thinking, what the hell does George Marshall and his Plan, whatever that was, have do with this? Don't we want Europe to fail and America to fall into fascism? And SHE wants us to throw all of that money at the problem, our hard-earned tax dollars we didn't report to the IRS down the rathole!? Tell her to suck eggs.

And by that lucky "gaffe", martial law was not imposed on America. It was but a fortunate, temporary respite from tyranny.

But I'm here to tell ya, the next fascist republican crew who will get into the White House when they steal the next election are going to be
the Spelling Bee champions of the world and that'll be all she wrote.

We can't count on utter asswipe bovine stupidity to save the day for much longer.

As the right-wing bigots on the Supreme Court tell them again and again, look, we have your back, conservatives, on destroying all representative government and the Bill of Rights in America, but if you can't spell "Fascism" in your Federalist Society briefs, we can't declare that the Constitution sez nothing about it, so have at it.

Little known is the fact that Hitler, when screaming down the phone line to his scientists to bring him the atomic bomb NOW, repeatedly mispronounced "atomar", the German word for "atomic", so they went off and ran around in circles popping their monocles and pleaded with Goehring to please ask Hitler to clarify what he meant, and Goehring, being wise, replied: "Oh no, no, meine liebchens, have you SEEN the Fuhrer when someone tries to correct him? YOU ask him! I have young German men to groom for my own purposes and then send to the Front ... or worse ... so leave me out of this! Now, tell my driver to take me to the nearest book burning. Today, we feed the book "Jurgen Is Different" to the righteous flames of Aryan superiority! We must emulate America, not fight them, our brothers in dumbacity!"

That was a rough translation.

Marjorie Taylor Greene counseled Trump to impose "Marshall" Law on 1/6. The White House was flummoxed, thinking, what the hell does George Marshall and his Plan, whatever that was, have do with this?

Why do I suspect that most of the staff of the White House under Trump would have drawn a blank on the Marshall Plan? Let alone had a clue about who George Marshall was.

And I'm betting Greene was thinking (to the extent she ever does) of something more like a US Marshall. You know, the gun toting Wesrern type from the late 1800s.

As a footnote, Gauleiter DeSantis, and his many subhuman minions across the country, are immaculate spellers.

And, never once does he mispronounce a word in his speeches.

He stands in front of a mirror and enunciates each word clearly, declaiming ... TO-TA-LI-TA-RI-AN ... and ... E-LI-MI-NATE ... like an actor warming up his instrument and stalking on to the stage, one lapel grasped firmly, as if strangling the meek Other, to play the lead in Titus Andronicus.

A blood-soaked ... but SINCERE ... leader.

And America is ready for sincerity.

So much so, that it will overlook the efficient tidal wave of blood.

And I'm betting Greene was thinking (to the extent she ever does) of something more like a US Marshall. You know, the gun toting Wesrern type from the late 1800s.

(the movie version of the marshals of course)
What a pity that she did not accidentally type 'marital law'.
(hats off to the late Terry Pratchett)

"Why do I suspect that most of the staff of the White House under Trump would have drawn a blank on the Marshall Plan? Let alone had a clue about who George Marshall was.

And I'm betting Greene was thinking (to the extent she ever does) of something more like a US Marshall. You know, the gun toting Wesrern type from the late 1800s."

OK, I can buy that .. mass bovine ignorance, all expertise and elite counsel vanquished, no one knowing their asses from the ashcans, and catapulted by the oh so wise American people, the oh so correct marketplace of ideas ... to the pinnacle of American governance .. because it sure seems so.

But, is that a net positive .. or a net negative?

Should I be relieved and kind of relax into it, hoping this too will pass?

Or should I blow up America?

To wit:

Why can't stupid BE scary? Why split the difference? It's America and we was promised both, and dammit, we'll have both!

Not that the spell checkers themselves haven't become jagoff pieces of shit:

A little closer to home, I thought Michael Cain might find this of interest:

I get this Mask-and-Vaccine-Mandates-Are-Tyranny right wing rag for free in my mailbox every month.

Pete Ricketts, noted above, of Nebraska is a corrupt right wing Christian thug who takes rights from his own sparsely populated citizens and does not like to conserve. He'll just take what he wants ... he thinks:

It's my state. It's my water. It will not be taken.

All of the ancient laws governing such practices are hereby moot and irrelevant by decree of the lawless trumpian republican party.

Precedent? What's that?

Here's another sample in the same edition of how they, the conservative liars, cheats, and thieves who defecate the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle and Toilet Paper Roll want to steal my elections as well:

I'd write a letter to the editor, but I'm too politically incorrect for their delicately-polished jackboots.

Besides, their office is just over the way. I assume they have desks I can stand on to deliver my message.

Rumors run wild that Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, via his asshole Tucker Carlson, OAN, Breitbart, QAnon, The American Conservative, and the entire Republican Party House Caucus, led by the usual, armed republican murderers therein, Republican Senators, the Republican Governor's Association, and the RNC jointly requested of Vladimir Putin, via encrypted back channel communication, that he launch missiles equipped with tactical nuclear weapons to liquidate Nancy Pelosi and her fellow elected Democrats as they toured Kiev, Ukraine this past week in support of Zelensky.

The Council of American Fascist Christians prayed en masse that fellow Christian Putin comply with God's Will, otherwise know as conservative movement hatred incarnate.

The vermin above will deny this.

But it's America and all opinions and statements regarding any brand of bullshit are freely expressed speech ... not quite bullets, but it'll do until they are needed ... until proven false, and the more false they are proven the more subhuman conservatives will believe them to be true and/or until Elon Musk, and he alone, bans them on Twitter from his basement beneath the Tesla pizza parlor and sewage holding tanks.

Adolf Hitler exercised his free speech in Mein Kampf and in speech after speech to the German people.

He exhorted the murders of an entire people, but, as we are told by Putin and his Hungarian admirers and the American Conservative Movement, nothing came of it because Hitler was in reality a Jew and George Soros is a Nazi.

I'm sure there is nothing to worry about free expressions of murderous hatred in America.

Well, Esper won't have a position in the next Trump Fascist Dictatorship, will he?

He'll have someone along the lines of J.D. Mandel from Ohio doing his killing for him.

"You, whoever you be, I don't care if you are a Jewish hillbilly, kneecap those liberals, would ya! Or am I going to have to get a gay fascist killer christian republican to finally follow my direct orders. I can hypnotize anyone to kill my enemies"

Mexico needs to develop a nuclear weapons program in concert with China to repel all American conservative terrorist warmongering Texas vermin:

Time for "Jade Helm 22: Reconquista"!

Texas Demoncrats, if you don't want to have your guns confiscated, your wimmins allowed to abort, and be forcibly vaccinated, just nail a tortilla on your door.

Pass it on.

Kinda takes the Anon right out of the Q, don't it?

All conservative movement public policy sadism has its despicable roots in the power of conservative subhuman cock over children and the weak Other.

When Loeb is reincarnated, he'll have his pick of sadistic red states to live in and claim fatherhood over his daughters' and stepdaughters' rape children.

He was a convert to the Baptist, for all the unerring horned-up reasons:

Always carried a gun, too. 'Course he did.

Can we have an open thread, please? Pretty please? The war in Europe, the US RWNJs and midterms and the fight with Disney, they are all so deeply depressing. I can't be the only one who'd love a chance to talk a bit about: music or books, or anything else that doesn't make one consider slitting one's throat....

Gosh, sorry, I've just seen that this is supposed to be an open thread, which given the direction it's gone in I had completely forgotten. So I guess it's just me that has been longing for light relief. As you were!

There's a thread for you anyhow, GftNC. Might as well have a fresh start.

DeSantis signals to China and its fellow conservative CCP killers the go-ahead window is open to invade and murder Taiwan, as Trump's brother-in-arms Putin invaded Ukraine, and that he and the Republican Party will work as a traitorous like-minded conservative movement fifth column in America to weaken and sabotage any Biden Administration and American government response to that further escalation of World War III.

Flying in America between now and November (with a temporary break until the savage conservative violence begins in preparation for the ascent of eternal fascism leading up to November 2024) will be much like flying in the months after 9/11 as every terrorist Trump Republican and Muskean free speech radical operatives disrupt, destroy, and frighten decent people into not leading our lives and staying away from voting booths that might be permitted to be open.

Meanwhile, Pat Robertson-programmed Christian pervert sex dolls want to destroy public teachers and eliminate all public schooling because of gay grooming and other extracurricular commie liberal activities, but, hold on, it turns out shutting down the schools to protect the same teachers and children from death and maiming via the Covid pandemic enabled children to be repeatedly molested, again and again and again and again as they were imprisoned in their own homes, presumably by Christian perverts.

One assumes that's-not-a-lady-and-she-ain't-no-wife-of-mine-neither supports forced home schooling for all.

Someone better check on her kids.

And finally, headlines like these written by liberals and Democrats miss the obvious point, as they have from since I can remember:

No, nuclear weapon threats from conservatives such as Putin are a sign of impending thermonuclear war, the kind winning only conservatives won't get tired of, just as all threats from subhuman conservatives, in America and abroad, are a sign, like a hitting a mule in the head with a ball peen hammer type of sign, that they will do precisely as they threaten to all of us.

They are sincere. They are truthful.

And too many people are hungry for the sincerity and truth that will kill all of us.

If those tank losses (and the initial figures for how many tanks the Russian's had to begin with) are accurate, that's about 30% losses, with no replacements in the pipeline, and who knows what loss of veteran experience. That's hefty losses.

Saucy Goosestepping.

They'll march down Constitution Avenue at Trump's Inauguration in January 2025.

Is that Maria Bartiromo, third row, fourth Nazi chick in?

Hi, I'm looking for war criminals Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Donald Trump, if you would be so kind as to direct me to their hidey-holes.

More attempted cold-blooded murder by our hometown serial killers:

Right in broad daylight.

OK, I'm done for awhile. Be happy and get over to the new open thread because there will plenty of good news. Enjoy.

How will people in certain corners of the US political scene deal with their increasingly conflicting Russian and Israeli affinities?

Same way they deal with their conflicting pro-Israel and anti-semitic affinities. On the other hand Israel is seen by many of these as just useful idiots necessary to trigger the apocalypse (and to then becoming it's very first victims).

These seem unrelated to the other directed threads and are definitely not of the good news variety, so...

While the fevered christian nationalists go apeshit over the tyranny of mask mandates:

I really worry that the militarization of the police is going to turn US law enforcement into the de facto arm of christian nationalist politics, enforcing RW edicts when in power and actively resisting LW policy when out.

A taste of what is coming into being:

...and all this is connecting back in my worrystream to the ammunition shortages and making me think that, should civil unrest really spread, the right will have access to the ammo supply through LEO procurement and the left will be severely constrained.

Would severely trouble even Southern California to have the LASD join ICE and Federal Corrections in enforcing public order. We already saw what that would look like as a test case in Portland.

And with enough of the right sort of felony convictions the troublemakers on the left will take themselves straight out of their voting rights in a lot of places.

Not a conspiracy theory. I don't see any conscious, hidden hand driving any of this. But happenstance and an authoritarian bent can get the job done too.

Of a piece with that pattern:

The authoritarian jonez is strong amongst the christian nationalists. Even my own formerly anti-authoritarian evangelical family members are being drawn into more strongly authoritarian fundamentalist churches.

Here is a seriously nasty bit of news. For someone.

The Pentagon sees anecdotal evidence of numerous Russian military officers in Ukraine disobeying orders from their commanders.

I guess this is the best thread for this.

I live in the Philadelphia media market, so I'm seeing all the Pennsylvania campaign ads, though I don't live in PA.

At any rate, my wife and I were discussing how it's getting harder to tell the attack ads from the candidates' own ads, particularly as concerns this guy:


In recent days, Democrats launched digital ads and flyers attacking Mastriano while Shapiro is airing a statewide TV ad portraying Mastriano as extreme because of his support for a ban on abortion, vow to repeal mail-in voting and conspiracy-driven attempts to investigate the 2020 election.

Their closing line is if Mastriano wins, “it’s a win for what Donald Trump stands for.”


In a phone interview with the Lancaster-based LNP news organization, Mastriano said Shapiro’s attack will “absolutely” help him win the primary.

“I’m going to have to send him a thank you card,” Mastriano told LNP.

Other than the music and the tone of the concluding statement in the attack ad, it sounds like one of Mastriano's own campaign ads.

Aside from that, the silliest ads are the ones both for and against Mehmet Oz. In his case, it's easy to tell the attack ads from his own ads, but they're all almost-comically ridiculous.

Sometimes I feel like I'm from another planet because I can't relate to a large percentage of my fellow humans.

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