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April 06, 2022


Cawthorne doesn't have a leg to stand on...

To me, wearing a "backwards baseball cap" means "took a fastball to the head".

It's why catchers and umpires wear masks.

On the other hand, as with all conservative movement fascist rule going forward in stolen election perpetuity:


Lines read by one Steven Miller, presumably not the evil genocidal Trump Republican item.

Woof. Conservative dogs too can grow up to be Congresswolves and Congresswolfettes. And then the Constitution protects their predatory endeavors.

Wolves, but of course two-legged, or no-legged Putin-licking conservative American wolves murder the wrong wolves, out of sheer contention over which species of wolf gets to kill and eat liberal sheep:


I hope Elon Musk opens up Twitter's and other social media's free speech codes to once again permit these genocidal killers to accuse all of us of molesting and raping children. Let's let freedom really rip.


They will never stop until they are stopped.

If any conservatives here or who read but don't comment here would like to accuse me to my face of raping children, ask for my address on these pages and I'll provide it so you can knock on my door and have at it with your free speech.

You'll want to bring reinforcements.

Bring the Russian Army with you. You'll goddamned need that exact amount of ferocious violence to deal with me.

On the other hand, if MTG and Ted Cruz, and every malignant christian republican and libertarian on the face of the Earth eliminates every cent of my taxes, I suppose I can let it go, can't I?

I fully endorse Judge Jackson going full Will Smith and Moe-slapping her child molesting republican interlocutors in the soon to be Republican U.S. House of Rapersentatives for their despicable, subhuman, but perfectly electable electable behavior in perverted conservative movement America.

Speaking of christians, yeah, those kind, as we enter the new oppressive theocratic epoch in dead America, history reveals that conservative christians are inveterate, devoted sexual abusers and killers, without benefit of birth control when they are permitted to rule us.

The Popes and Martin Luther vie for the lead at their rape camps. Other religions look on in admiration and envy at the Christian hands working overtime.


Christianity is the epitome of cancel culture throughout history. They rape women and children and then follow them into neighboring states and sue their victims for refusing to harbor conservative movement sperm.

I wonder how many children Patriarch Kirill, Putin's and the Republican Party's high priest of conservatism, has violated?

To wit:


There is no rule of law in conservative law and order America.

Only their order, free of law.

Act accordingly.

Cawthorn's assertions don't stand up to scrutiny...

Cawthorn needs to roll out a better story...

Yes, we got your "joke", CharlesWT!

And it's just as lame as the target.

it's just as lame as the target.

Bull! The only things that come close are a couple of his fellow members of Congress.

Meanwhile, house GOP support for NATO continues to fall even since Trump days, and in the face of the war:


On Tuesday, 63 House Republicans voted against a symbolic resolution reaffirming support for NATO and its principles, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The “no” votes comprised more than 30 percent of the party’s conference.

As with any such symbolic resolution, it’s worth parsing exactly what it contains. Oftentimes, these resolutions are crafted to force the other party into a politically difficult vote by including smaller provisions or loaded language they might object to, then accusing them of opposing the overall (and often popular) thrust of the bill.

But even accounting for those details, this vote marks the latest shift away from what was once a bipartisan, consensus view in Congress — supporting NATO and its importance in keeping Russia in check. And the shift continues apace.

I keep thinking they can sink no lower, and no further from what they claim are their priorities, but for them there always is someplace lower.

The split among the three Republicans from Colorado was mildly interesting. Boebert and Buck, who represent the vast rural areas in the east and west, voted nay. Lamborn, from Colorado Springs, which has a very large military presence relative to its size, voted aye.

I'm done, and I'm taking vermin conservative America, including Manchin and Simena, with me:


I'm done, and I'm taking the pro-Putin fascist fake Christian leaders of the West, including Rod Dreher, with me.


In other news, did the pro-fascist Republican Party and conservative media, including the assholes as CBS, arrange the murder of liberal media critic Eric Boehlert:


Certainly looks like CBS News is priming America for a fascist Trump stolen election and the impeachment of Joe Biden:


And just today, the CBS White House correspondent asked the White House Press Secretary why Joe Biden is not considering all-out military conflict with Russia.

Mushroom clouds will make for spectacular ratings, however temporary.

Meanwhile fascist murderer Tom Cotton adds "Nazi" to the despicable epitaphs republicans call all of us, to go with child molester and rapist.

And I'm sure, with his aides over dinner, he called us commie kikes, niggers, and fags.

Manchin, at the table, smirked, the corrupt oligarch

epithets, not epitaphs.

May Covid take all fascist conservatives, East and West.



Meanwhile fascist murderer Tom Cotton adds "Nazi" to the despicable epitaphs [epithets] republicans call all of us, to go with child molester and rapist.

I guess he doesn't realize that the rest of us have discerned a pattern: they carefully choose to most loudly accuse others of those sins they most actively pursue themselves. It isn't even subtle any more.

Russia is back to Stalin era style denunciations.


@DarthPutin contains much wisdom.

'If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, denies it’s a duck, demands you prove it's a duck, accuses you of being a duck, says your dog is a duck, that your friend's cat is a duck & that all 3 'ducks' are Russophobic ducks paid to be crisis actors, it’s a Kremlin duck'


Some Old Marxist: "why a duck?"


So do we figure TFG got the technique of accusing others of his own sins from his mentor Putin? Or do we reluctantly credit him with independent invention?

All one billion sociopathic conservative armed fascist nationalists on the globe march in lockstep on parallel tracks to a single bloody, knotted destination: the genocide of the Other.

They converge like human wolves from all directions on their prey: Us.

America is well-salted with the vermin.

Don't be conned by Trump and company's clown motley. He's not insane; he's not demented; he's not near any sort of natural death that will free us from what he and the evil conservative movement have horribly wrought.

All of these delusional speculations we have been soaking our thumbs in to try and suck ourselves to sleep these last many years.

Even when he is hanging upside down by his pale hairless ankles, his viscera trailing on the pavement, don't poke him with a stick because he's liable to grab it and stab you in the eye with it, like Carrie snatching at her friend's hand from out of the grave.

Didn't your mother tell you not to pick up a seemingly dead rattlesnake, because the predator reflex and deadly poison are still in play.

He's that fucking vital, like Dracula.

He's utterly and inexorably rational on HIS terms, like a crocodile or a pair of mountain lions stalking their prey, or like a school of sharks, or like any Russian or American Mafia hitman, except that the beasts have this going in their favor: they are decent people despite their subhumanity.

And by he, I mean the 80 million other rats infesting his pandemic ship of fools headed for port.

Trump and Putin and Koch and Tucker and Alexander Dugin and Governor Abbott and Ted Cruz and Rupert Murdoch, and Kirill, and their predator female colleagues and their one billion admirers and greasy factotums and unforgiving, vengeful fake Christian supporters seek out and groom themselves and each other and their children to be subhuman.

You can judge Trump's actions, and Putin's, on the same scale as we judge all murderous predators.

Plenty of young men buried in John Wayne Gacy's crawl space were enticed by the same crapola.

Meanwhile, all of us are hereby released from recognizing or complying with any laws, subpoenas, judgements, contempt citations (consider those trophies), from any vermin conservative governmental body, from any court, from any election outcome, from any judge, from any conservative in any private sector high position who tries to fuck with us in lawless, ruleless dead conservative America.

Why a duck?

Why not a chicken?

There ain't no Sanity Clause no more.

You try and cross over there on a chicken and you'll find out why a duck.

By the way, I should have said this earlier, in the Ukraine thread.

I am prepared to treat with equal condemnation and gravity any atrocities (of the sort following, or indeed many others) committed by whomsoever:

where civilians (or even, in fact, combatants) have had their hands tied behind their backs, been tortured and then been shot in the head.

He doesn't even bother with the clown suit:


Evil, traitorous, scum in civilian duds.

Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed for SCOTUS in the senate 53-47 (Collins, Murkowski and Romney the only GOP ayes).
McTurtle in this context set a new record in hypocrisy with his latest remarks in opposition.

La Pen.

Sieg Heil all fucking conservative vermin fascist conservatives.

Dreher had better never try to get back into my country.

He can burn with all of the other fascist Christians in greater Nazi Russia.

oh, excuse me ... "LE" Pen.

So gas me.

Le McConnell, Le Trump, Le Abbott, Le up yours!

Tsk, tsk. How could you omit LeSantis??? (Le Abbott is just a wannabe.)

Le Pew will henceforth cover the lot.

Please advise when that bunch (any of them) start to smell as sweet as Pepe. Or behave as graciously either.

I anticipate a long wait.

Toujours l'amour!

Noone, you really crossed a line here. Pepe Le Pew is a key figure for me. I've often felt that my romantic style owes its outlines to a blend Pepe and Foghorn Leghorn, with lashing of Daffy and Sylvester. Not to mention most of my French grammar. Something about keeping his name out of your mouth comes to mind...

(nb: no need to post any articles about cancelling Pepe Le Pew, I understand the issues)

Warm take wise, considering Cawthorne's active 2A fantasy life...

To the list of things that are currently backlogged, add aftermarket pistol grips, and extra magazines.

People are stocking up for an uncertain future. We are deep in the mid-game of the Prisoner's Dilemma.

Also, I've been reading about how many thousands of rounds of ammunition the people on the firearm fora go through in a year in the name of skill development/retention. Thousands. All that lead (they mostly still do use lead in the rounds fired at the range) ends up stuck in the dirt at the ranges to become an environmental hazard.

That's also a lot of people doing a lot of damage to their hearing. It's no wonder that they don't listen.

I am forever a chastened Elmer Fudd, fully slapped.

Cleeseian lashings notwithstanding.

My own romantic interludes owe much to Bullwinkle and Yogi Bear, exiting stage left at the first opportunity, with dispatch, mon ami.

I am what Iyam.

I taught I saw.

"That's also a lot of people doing a lot of damage to their hearing. It's no wonder that they don't listen."


I found hope in Charles' hilarious admission months ago that he finds the sound of gunfire annoying.

Not that libertarians will allow any solutions to that.

Rand Paul forbid any noise ordinances by busybodies. Or, ya know, if your gun makes a noise, we'll wrest it from yer cold dead hands yer trying to cover yer cold dead ears with cause geez that's loud.


They practice slow lead exposure to kill us with the fast lead and to prevent us from regulating slow lead exposure.

They miss lead in the pipes.

They find old buildings to lick the lead paint off the walls. It invigorates their perverted conservative constitutional strength.

It makes them trigger happy.

Conservative trigger fingers are too itchy.

They are coming. They are practicing to scratch that itch. Fully automatically retrofitted.

With free speech bullets.

We are witnessing the final days of reproductive freedom in America


The unelected Supreme Court will rule on behalf of the fascist conservative movement that unloading ammo from a firearm by any other means than firing it and killing a human being or another living creature is criminal fetal bullet abortion.

Bullets are fetuses if ejected prematurely before natural birth other than thru the natural birth canal barrel of weapon by pulling the trigger or left in a drawer or the chamber to molder unused.

Even blanks removed from the chambers and unfired from starter pistols will be a prosecutable offense in the usual suspect fascist states.

Better fire those weapons at us conservatives. Use 'em or lose 'em.

Hey, it'll be tax deductible, if that's any incentive.

No silencers permitted. The conservative movment wants to hear the killing.

Meanwhile, off-topic, but only geographically and temporarily:


The darkness of fascist conservative movmment genocide spreads apace to every corner of the Earth.

Christians Le Pen, Trump, Orban, Bolsonaro, Putin, and a host of vermin American Republican armed, but devout lawbreakers, otherwise known as state and federal officeholders, will summit in Peru in January 2025 to celebrate the murderous genocide in Ukraine and extend that blueprint to dispatch all of their domestic enemies, the OTHER.

Other people's trouble:

"9 Ways Russia Botched the Ukraine Invasion" -- the title says it all.

What staggers me is how the Russians not only didn't have a Plan B, for when they were not, in fact, greeted as liberators. 7 weeks on, they are still struggling to produce one. There's talk of redeploying, to focus on eastern Ukraine. But no sign of addressing the existing logistical issues. If you can't get fuel to equipment stalled on the road to Kyiv, you can't get it to eastern Ukraine either.

By denying a Ukrainian culture, Putin flattens his own
What is ‘Russia,’ with all creativity and dissent crushed and only conformity remaining?
… Matters are murkier in Putin’s Russia. A war based upon a big lie is also hard on its culture of origin. Everyone is looking at the Russian nation — or perhaps, rather, for it. What does it do to a society to invade a neighbor, which it claims to love, on the basis of bottomless self-deception? Americans have not yet recovered from the lies they told about Iraq two decades ago, and the Russian deception campaign runs far deeper. How are Russian parents altered when they deny to their children in Ukraine that any war is taking place? What sort of nation makes war and then forbids the use of the very word? …

I thought Schatz's outburst at Hawley was terrific. And I agree with the thrust of this piece completely, the Dems should do more of this:


The photos from Ukraine, as the Russian troops pull back, are bad. But the Russians (and their tools, like Carlson) are claiming the photos are faked.

This podcast includes comments from an Economist reporter, who says in part "I've been covering wars for 30 years. I know when I see something real, and I saw this with my own eyes."

Yup. Here in the UK both the BBC and C4 News (I don't know about Sky) have both had really excellent, well-respected journalists reporting live from various parts of Ukraine, since the beginning of the war. There is absolutely no doubt about what they have seen and reported.

In fact, it was a bitter irony that just before the war the pathetic and terrible Media Secretary, which is to say the minister responsible for media, had announced that the funding model for the BBC had to change - apart from anything else because the Tories think the BBC is run by a bunch of pinkos. Which is funny because the left think the BBC is rightwing and reactionary. After a few days of war, that same minister teared up in parliament praising the excellence and heroism of the BBC reporters in Ukraine. And then, lo and behold, a few days ago the Tories announced that they were going to privatise Channel 4, which is publicly owned but entirely self-supporting. They hate C4 News, which is openly liberal, to the extent that they tried for months to avoid putting up any ministers for interview. There has been an outcry about the Channel 4 plan, partly amongst some of their own, so we can only hope they change course.


Christian Texan Republican Men prefer blowjobs and anal sex anywho, so it all fits.

C4 privatization would be terrible: even Thatcher, who deserves condemnation for a host of other things, didn't agree to do it, citing well founded fears that the quality of the programming would suffer - and it certainly would. There's already enough crowd-pleasing nonsense on the BBC and C4, but as Mencken said:

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the [American] people.

I am now sorry I was against the inane public policy suggestion to arm public school teachers to fend off seemingly spontaneous mass murders by right-wing shooters, the latter groomed by the conservative movement, including the Supreme Court and the NRA and the Republican Party, of teachers and students in public schools.


Arm to the teeth every human considered the Other by the malignant murderously violent conservative movement.

It will take deliberate and massive overwhelming insanity to fight and defeat the violent conservative insanity engulfing savage conservative America.

Those SpaceX terminals sent to Ukraine?

The US Government/taxpayers paid for it.


Two items:

Hooray for the US Government!

And ....

Elon Musk is such a liar. Brilliant, but a liar. Out his ass.

I guess Twitter will have even more lying for its content now, except for the simple truth that Elon Musk is an effing liar may be "moderated".

Not that it matters. George Washington set the tone for America, that liar.

Being a bunch of liars, tax cheats, and thieves has worked spectacularly for Americans for 250 years, so double down, conservatives in 2022 and 2024.

Beware of Dog(shit).


We need more guns and ammo in America can be the only conclusion.

Are the killers and gun thieves conservative movement operatives working for racist vermin DeSantis as he prepares for war against the State of Georgia and the person of Stacey Abrams.


It would be fun of DeSantis invaded Georgia and Putin invaded the other Georgia on the same date the day after traitorous Soviet fifth column republicans (all of 'em) take power over the U.S. legislative branch in January 2023.

Got yer supply chain bottlenecks and inflation right 'chere:


So much fake murderous Christianity.

So little mercy.

Well, it took a while, but Massachusetts got it done:
12 unvaccinated Massachusetts troopers fired

And note that these are "dishonorable discharges". Meaning they cannot be employed in future as police officers anywhere in Massachusetts.

Perhaps they could move to Florida. DeSantis would probably leap at the chance to hire them. Even if he has no openings.

Conservatives are still committing rape in Texas:


And, I suspect ... oh screw that .. I KNOW that since the new "law" forcing pregnancy to term was passed permitting the surveillance, tracking and suing by KGB-recruited private citizens of raped and other pregnant women, seeking abortions or not, reporting of rape has sharply declined because all but the least uninformed women and young girls are keeping those crimes a secret to keep their anonymity intact so they can operate under the spying vermin canceling suing eyes of their stinking, fucking, albeit low tax haven Texan surroundings.

In other news, Governor Abbott claims his mother remains a virgin.

I'd like to know too why Texas Lt Governor Patrick has been keeping tabs on all women of all ages he has had private "moments" with since the law passed for six weeks and a day after those meetings, including women who work for him, attend his church, and his nieces, and then he passes the surveillance off to right wing attorneys and their private, um, dicks.

What's going on down there?

I'm curious, if a male Texan transports his sperm in his person into Colorado and rapes and impregnates a woman in the latter state, can his family and other Texans sue the woman if she seeks an abortion and for custody of the fetus should it come to term as a result?

Ya know, American-style conservative movement law being so well thought out and without unintended consequences (and pregnancies).

I can't confirm this, but I've heard through my sources that Texas rapists and just good-ole Christian fellas getting their rocks off on the go after the rodeo, now bring an attorney on retainer along for the romantic interlude to witness the fertilizations (sometimes from an adjoining motel room) so's the rapists and their conservative movement law firms can both hit the jackpot at the fetus' future expense, since we have been given to understand that mothers forced to being a fetus to term will pass those costs on to the child?

In kind, I expect.

Is Texan sperm that superior?

The genocidal conservative movement, validated by our fascist Supreme Court and the malignant Republican Party will murder everyone in America they hate, with RINOs at the head of the line, though RINOs won't have to pay the estate tax, so they break even, in their own minds.




Time is short.

So thanks to Fox & Murdoch, JK Rowling & Marjorie Taylor Green, to the senators & priests & everyone else who harms kids & thinks it’s politically expedient to project onto gentle families like mine to stir up their lucrative culture war.

From noone's first link. It's hardly believable that anyone with more than two brain cells would put J K Rowling in a category with the other people in this list. I understand their family had just had a terrible, scary homophobic experience, but nonetheless, this is an example of how crazy and fact-free these kinds of culture wars have become.

J K Rowling has done far, far more for the human experience and the overall increase in wealth than any of the lilliputians who criticize her.

I should have said, "than all of the lilliputians who criticize her."

To be sure, Rowling's name should not have been invoked with the rest.

But the list is long enough:


Frank Luntz groomed Rufo (and unvaxxed murderer Tucker Carlson) 30 years ago to incite deadly armed conservative violence against "public" school teachers, so fuck fat fuck Luntz:



Drawing rhetorical inspiration from Newt Gingrich, GOPAC wrote and distributed a memo to Republican Party legislative candidates in 1990.[4] The memo, which came from a list drawn up by Frank Luntz,[5] called "Language: A Key Mechanism of Control", contained a list of "contrasting words" and "optimistic positive governing words" that Gingrich recommended for use in describing Democrats and Republicans, respectively. For example, words to use against opponents include decay, failure (fail), collapse(ing), deeper, crisis, urgent(cy), destructive, destroy, sick, pathetic, lie, radical, liberal, they/them, unionized bureaucracy, betray, consequences, limit(s), shallow, traitors, sensationalists,


There will be shootings of public school teachers in the glorious, armed, pig-fucking conservative US of A.

All teachers should carry ghost guns on their person to fend off the violence of the malignant conservative movement.

An armed society is a noisy fucking society.

Newt Gingrich: The Grooming Godfather of Conservative Hate against the Other in America.


The USSR Tucker Trump takes a major hit:


Let's move this defense stateside.

I was more taken with the story when the headline read that Moskova had taken a major hit. Turned our to be the guided missle cruiser, not the city. But still.

Russia (or at least Putin) may feel that they simply cannot afford to lose this war. But their actions look like they are determined to do so regardless.

AND Ukraine just released a new stamp, with the image of a Ukrainian soldier giving the Moskva the finger (memorializing the "fuck off, Russian warship" incident)

I, for one, congratulate the DC beltway drivers for giving one-finger salutes: "Fuck off, Russian Trucker Convoy"

Maybe Biden should issue a stamp.


Geezer Putin-licking fascist Grassley is most likely not a pedophile (what child in their right mind would have him; thus the lilting sedational bedtime story cadences of Dreher, Carlson, and their republican gun molls), unlike most conservatives to the right of Adlai Stevenson, but then he has plenty of livestock to groom on his Iowa rape camp .... I mean, farm.

He clucks to his chickens every morning at the crack of dawn that the secret is to relax.

IF they expect to receive their voter registrations in time.

Well, a species-binary republican man needs the eggs.


Mamet grooms America for the coming murderous fascism of the Other-killing conservative movement.

Tax cuts are merely the subhuman conservative movement's date rape drug.

Always be closing.


Pull yerselves up by yer jackboot straps:


Once again, too, who names these vermin?

The entire Republican Party is the Moskva:


Sink it.

Fire on the lifeboats.

I, for one, congratulate the DC beltway drivers for giving one-finger salutes: "Fuck off, Russian Trucker Convoy"

I, for one, congratulate Texas Governor Abbott for successfully alienating hundreds of truckers.
Guess their convoy to Austin won't be supporting the GOP.

nooneithink, how did you miss this one? School censorship because a book has a rainbow on the cover.

Absolutely nothing LGBQT in the book. (It's about a unicorn.) But apparently the mere image freaked out someone.

On the other hand, the California Democratic Party is looking very much like a final movie sequel: Gidget Goes Down With The Love Boat:


wj, it was the unihorn on the unicorn that did it.

Well, "Maus" was banned because the mice, standing in for murdered Jews, are naked in the book.

But everyone knows fascist republican Christians will send the Other to the gas chambers wearing pants, so the next Holocaust will pass muster with conservative movement judges, juries, and executioners.

America is roughly only one shithead short of a failed state. And that shithead will vote three times in three different states next Fall so it looks like its curtains for all that is good and decent.

I graduated college in Delaware, Ohio, right adjacent to the school district in your link. Ohio is my birth state as well.

All of the fascist Ohio republican primary goobernatorial contenders have in their platforms, not only global warming denial (in fact, they promote global warming because it will kill all the penguins who have long made the mistake of going naked in the dead of winter), but they promise to outlaw rainbows, the weather event, as well.

Barring that, any post-fetal human being caught gazing at a rainbow in the distance will be canceled, drawn, and quartered.

Because Toto, I don't think we're in Ohio anymore.

We're somewhere north of Ukraine in a tank column headed for smoking ruins and human rights violations.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a fellow graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University as well. He was for years (since gone on to other pursuits) a music teacher in the local Delaware, Ohio public school district, beloved by his students, but certainly not in the grooming sense.

He is a gay man. A now open and practicing gay man. His closets got too full so he came out.

He is a vocal and fervid Republican Trump supporter. He consumes FOX News and is in turn, consumed by it.

He is good at math, but I don't think he can put two and two together.

He is satisfied, I guess, that when the conservative movement, led by torch-carrying republicans, he votes for tracks him down, cancels all of his rights, and murders him, that is a fair trade off for not having his estate taxed.

That about equals five unicorns in the old math.

I no longer believe in having elections to decide whether or not EVIL wins and rules us.

And with that, catch y'all next week.

Happy Easter.

One last note:

Shop and home economics teachers in public schools and teachers in trade schools in red states will no longer be permitted to discuss plumbing with their students and any discussion of male and female plumbing fittings will be met with severe sanctions.

And, pictures and/or descriptions in training manuals of those new-fangled seamless one size fits all fittings will be circumcised, circumscribed, and circumlocuted.

Plumbers Crack? No longer a thing.

Please refrain from shouting ambiguous declarations like "I've sprung a leak!" or "She's all backed up!" or down the phone line.

Extortionist fees charged by the person formerly known as the "Plumber" will remain unregulated, extortion being as American as apple pie.

Scratch the word "pie". We don't know who might be listening.

I don't think he can put two and two together.

Don't support people who consider you to be undeserving of a basic level of respect as a human being.

Seems obvious to me, less so to others, apparently.

Roe today, tomorrow Obergefell. Who knows, maybe Loving vs. Virginia will be delegated to the states.

Don't support people who consider you to be undeserving of a basic level of respect as a human being.

Seems obvious to me, less so to others, apparently.

It's not just gays. See some of the (admittedly only 10% or so of the total) blacks who support white supremacists. I guess cultural/religious conservatism is more important to them than being considered fully human and deserving of respect.

Perhaps counter-intuitive for some of us. A documentary on how Japanese parents press their children to be independent and self-reliant at an early age.

"Two years and nine months: That's the age of the first child we watch going on an errand by himself in the new Netflix series, Old Enough! How can someone that young possibly walk half a mile alongside a highway, cross a big street, and navigate a supermarket? Simple. He lives in Japan.

In that country, parents proudly let their kids walk to school and even ride the subway solo by first grade. Old Enough! pushes the age down further for dramatic effect, but that's what makes it so cute—and so crucial for Americans to see."
All Americans Should Watch Old Enough!, a Netflix Show About Free-Range Japanese 3-Year-Olds: In Japan, even very young children are seen as capable.

I note that the actions of these children get interpreted through the lenses of independence and self-reliance by the writer of this Emersonian homily. I wonder if that is how it is understood within the culture as well, or if they would frame it in terms of the importance of participation and social relations?

maybe it's safer in Japan

Some caveats by a commenter on the article who lives in Japan.

maybe it's safer in Japan

Or maybe it's not that much safer (beyond having sane gun laws, of course). But the perception of how dangerous the world is? That kind of paranoia may be far lower than here.

Consider, after all, what we routinely did as kids. Which most parents would never consider letting a child do now. 5 mile bike ride to grammar school, on two lane country roads? We did it regularly (if it wasn't raining). Now? Kids around here aren't allowed to walk alone a half dozen blocks to school, even with sidewalks.

I live in an apartment complex in one of the safest areas in one of the safest cities in the country. But parents are at the school bus stops in the mornings with their kids waiting for the buses. And there in the afternoons waiting for the buses to bring them back. Probably required by the school district.

Stranger danger is almost non-existent in the US. Children are almost entirely harmed by people they know.

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