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February 14, 2022


Arguing the benefits to women of China’s Communist Revolution is certainly open to debate

I haven't gotten tot he articles themselves yet. That said, I think the benefits of China's Communist Revolution derive far more from the "Revolution" than from the "Communist."

Briefly, for women's position in "traditional societies" (which generally means patriarchal ones) to improve, a big disruption is probably extremely helpful. Exactly what kind of disruption is, I suspect, less critical than that there be something which forces society to change substantially -- on whichever front.

China had one. India, overall, did not. At least, not yet.

The Iranian revolution being the exception that proves the rule, no doubt.

In National Geographic's The best and worst countries to be a woman, China ranks 76 and India ranks 133.

In CEOWorld Magazine's RANKED: The World’s Best Countries For Women, 2021, China ranks 95 and India ranks 49.

China ranks 95 and India ranks 49.

CEOWorld ranks the US 20th in 2021. But we're working hard to increase that. By the time the 2023 numbers come out, I bet we have achieved 30th.

...the fraction of gender inequality caused by child penalties has increased dramatically over time, from about 40% in 1980 to about 80% in 2013.

This is saying is that gender inequality (in Denmark) which is not caused by the 'child penalty' has been greatly reduced, which is a good thing.

I was very aware of this child penalty affecting my wife's career as a doctor. But I don't think her hospital was much to blame: the decisions we made affected how many hours she could spend at work, and other doctors, usually male, who put much less time into childcare, gained a relative advantage.

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