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January 14, 2022


"Pity we live in a time when a big chunk of the population now considers drinking one's own urine to be an appropriate defense."

Well, will that cut down on the golden showers trump republicans enjoy during their happy time?

We must be mindful of the tradeoffs.

It was a remarkable piece of research, which makes the case pretty well watertight - although the precise mechanism is yet to be identified.

EBV is implicated in a deal of other medical conditions:

Infectious diseases do tend to screw with the functioning of the immune system - note the recentish discovery that childhood measles infection wipes immune memory, so is implicated in childhood deaths from other more virulent diseases.

Just noticed that Michael Mina*, who was behind the measles discovery, was one of the authors on the EBV paper.

(*Also a big enthusiast for lateral flow tests.)

Ooops. I had mono as a teen. I'm nearly seventy now though so I suppose it won't be a big deal if I get it. Everyone has to die of something, and I am in the years where those somethings happen. Besides, I don't want to live much longer than another ten years or so. The future sucks and I am grateful that I am old. I am also very grateful to be childless. My ex-husband has Parkinson's, and he says that Parkinson's doesn't kill, it just makes you wish you were dead. He's in a nursing home and that is an experience I am planning to skip. I send him weekly care packages, but still the long slow decline into increasing dependency and misery...Now I'm depressed. Change of subject: I got done posting my daily hate message on Krysten Simena's FB page. I think she is a dumber version of HRC. Not anywhere near as smart or informed or intellectual as HRC but shares a common fantasy that making high-profile unethical choices will somehow insulate her from Republican hatemongering and get her votes from "moderates" or "independents" in the next election. Political tactics NEVER justifies unethical behavior. To make a very significantly unethical choice in hopes of future advantage is well, unethical. Also likely to be politically stupid too, but that's secondary.

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