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January 24, 2022


Probably harder to be a sincere and believing Catholic these days than to be a Republican. After all, the Republican Party doesn't (yet) formally claim to be a font of infallible morality.

Definitely hard to see how, after all this time, the Catholic Church can clean up its act enough to recover any trace of moral authority.

Non credo, but it's only in very rare circumstances that the pope asserts his infallibility.

Pope Benedict, Rod Dreher's favorite conservative Pope, besides a few from the Middle Ages who's favorite instrument of God's wrath was the gibbet and the pyre.

I guess it's not odd that lj on OBWI scooped Dreher and the conservative Catholic Amerocan Conservative on this news.

No, it's business as usual.

Specifically, the story "Grace" from Dubliners.

"Well, I have verified my accounts. I find all well.

But if, as might happen, there were some discrepancies, to admit the truth, to be frank and say like a man:

'Well, I have looked into my accounts. I find this wrong and this wrong. But, with God's grace, I will rectify this and this. I will set right my accounts'"

whose ... but who's counting?

I think it was pope John the 23rd who famously said, that he was not infallible because he'd never speak ex cathedra.

As for the church: a typical case of too big to fail. It has survived worse.

A pope complicit in covering up sex crimes can bid moral authority goodbye

Enlightened lay Catholics increasingly understand that looking to a priest, or a bishop, or even a pope for guidance and moral example has been a dangerous mistake. Generations of those men have brought the church to its greatest crisis in some 500 years — and they cannot solve the problem of credibility and accountability for one simple reason.

They are the problem.

It has reached the point where the salient question is: Who didn't know? If anyone in the whole Catholic hierarchy.
"It appears the reason Pope Francis has resisted calls for more accountability among bishops and archbishops is that too few leaders would survive transparency." [Emphasis added] How bad is that?

"Generations of those men have brought the church to its greatest crisis in some 500 years"

Funny how they are still getting away with their silent complicity in Nazi Germany's murdering of the Jews and that was a mere 80 years ago.

Say the name "Soros" to the Catholic fucks over at the American Conservative, not to mention their fellow jackbooted cucks in Hungary and our own House of Representatives, and you can hear the train whistles in the distance.

Conservatives only believe in transparency when it enables their Peeping Tom habits.

Oh, the church took care to get some martyrs out of the 3rd Reich, so they are obviously first class victims. Dodged a bullet there by catching some.
Of course, the main problem the church had with the Nazis was that the power sharing agreement they got with the other fascist states was not on offer in Germany and the alternative treaty (btw officially in force unaltered until German reunion when it got updated) was not honored in practice by the Nazis.
In the relevant social encyclical (quadragesimo anno of 1931) the pope defined fascism as more a less a revival of the medieval three estates with The Party replacing the nobility of old (in practice with many nobles in leading positions). The main criticism was that in his view the position of the church in that was not big enough and not guaranteed per se. In essence the message is: The basic idea is very much to our liking but the details need some work still (in particular: we do NOT want to see any godless secularists in leading positions. More intolerance please!).
The church always fared well with leaving the actual violence to the state to keep its own hands ostensibly clean. The internal moral rot has always been fought with omerta and letting the state deal with snitches and outside critics if need be by genocide (cf. Albigensian crusade).
Poland after the end of communism has been on a steady course back to that (the actual murderous state is not yet reached though but not for lack of trying).
Under Pope John Paul II a high Vatican offical publicly regretted that burning at the stake was not a legal option anymore (he was referring to women who had abortions btw).

My prediction: The RCC will go through another shrinking cycle and suffer accelerated losses in some Western countries. But in the medium to long term it will stabilize again at an only slightly lower level. With the re-emergence of ruling neo fascism or equivalents in many states it will recover some lost ground. In South America the feud with evangelical sects (that are as morally rotten inside but with their coat of paint still in a better shape) will go on. The current pope will have an arch-reactionary successor who will see a smaller but ideologically more rigid organisation as the base to rebuild on and will seek alliances with reactionary and/or neofascist regimes worldwide. Moral bankruptcy, as history tells us, does not kill that behemoth. Setbacks are no problem for an organisation that has seen numerous previous ones and always recovered. Too big to fail, as I said.

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