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December 07, 2021


I had always assumed that this was the source of the name and inspiration for the content.

That would certainly explain a lot.

thick as thieves.

thick as thieves.

Unless you parse "thick" in the sense of "not too smart." In which case, the thieves are a cut above. (How dumb do you have to be to fall for ads for "Blessed Spring Water"? Which seem to be cropping up on my TV with increasing frequency.)

I have close to 1000, I would guess, but who's counting. Not me, though I love rearranging them.

What about you eloquent, literate folks?

4 standard width bookshelves, 7 shelves each. And overflowing elsewhere -- at least another 2-3 bookshelves worth, probable more. Never bothered to count actual books.

I'd buy more, but the local library is really supurb. And what they don't have can be ordered from anywhere in the whole bloody state. Bliss!

Abusing my student status to download tons of books via the university library. Still no room to properly shelve all the material books I have. It would help but not solve the problem, if I did not also collect DVDs.
Fiction only has protected minority status by now though. Some of my favorite fiction authors having died and thus being slow on producing more plays a role there but even they were doing but rearguard action as far as my book collection goes. And then there are those hybrids like renaissance latin works of fiction that are not primarily read for entertainment value.
There's far more already than I'll be ever able to actually read (at least completely).
I wonder what will happen to all of this, especially because I have no children nor the intent to have any. Being incel all my live and expecting to stay so makes that question mute anyway. To paraphrase numerous comedians: a woman willing to put up with me would by that alone disqualify herself.
OK, back to searching for that book on the Parthian empire that I know is hiding somewhere in this apartment for months now.

I recently binged read 18 Jesse Stone novels...

"Bombardier" just makes me think of the Canadian company that used to make all sorts of trains, buses, snowmobiles and jet planes (it's now sold off most of those bits and contracted to just a business jet manufacturer).

Me, too. The light rail line that runs by my office building has the name plastered on the train cars.

Over here in Germany and specifically in Berlin too.

for some reason, Bombardier snowmobiles were mythical to the teenage boys in my neighborhood who would only ever get to ride Polaris and Ski-Doo. they were what we imagined the real hard-core Canadian kids rode in places where there was eight feet of snow ten months of the year.

Those degens up north?

yeah. they all drank Molson Bradors and rode Bombardiers to go play hockey on frozen lakes.

not like us wimpy NY kids who had to steal Genny lights from our dads and hide in the woods to drink them, like criminals.

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