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October 07, 2021


After a couple of vodka tonics, which I now avoid in quantity, pretty much, I feel at one with those around me and not a sadistic or masochistic proclivity enters my slightly blurred brain, unless going one joke too far can be considered pain-inducing.

According to FBI investigators whose job it is to profile the monstrous psychopathic serial killers lurking among us, the lstter's vehicle of choice for "dating" to some absurd degree is a Volkswagen Bug, upgraded to include various restraining devices.

I would expect these prize-winners are or would also line up with the anti-vaccine jackasses and maybe sue their surviving victims who they might have impregnated/raped for whatever the going extortion rate is in Texas.

As pro-life death cult Texas Governor Dan Patrick opined: "There are more important things than living ...."

But then think about this. The Volkswagen Bug, at least until recently, is/was also to a noticeable degree, the vehicle of choice for winsome young women on the go, including teens, these monsters' prey.

So, is the cute and otherwise nonthreatening vehicle a kind of determined but unconsciously and mutually agreed upon lure in these psychopath's (Incels) gruesome and perverted "mating" rituals, which to a large degree these killers developed after various sadistic mistreatments from their parents and those around them in childhood.


I don't know, what is that male fish REALLY up to? Lure? Or Trap?

What is the divorce rate among Japanese Puffer Fish after the bonny wife learns things aren't quite what they were puffed up to expect?

I can't get a strong IPA past my lips.

But I enjoy a stringent sour ball candy from time to time.

I could live on fresh oysters and champagne from here on out.

But then, so could the voraciously "sadistic" walrus in Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter", goo-goo-goo-joob.

From his lips to God's ears. More importantly, to his worshipers' ears.

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020,” Trump said in a statement Wednesday, “Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. It is the single most important things for Republicans to do.”
Of course, he will likely contradict himself multiple times before then. But one may hope.

Broccoli rabe - yum!

I'll just leave this right here

Bon Appétit!

i'm sure this is Biden's fault.


At the rally last night for GOP VA Gov candidate Glenn Youngkin, they said the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ to a flag that was carried during the insurrection on Jan 6, as if it was sacred or something.

a flag that was carried during the insurrection on Jan 6, as if it was sacred or something.

But that was an American flag. For them to really think it was sacred, it would have to be a Trump flag, wouldn't it?

Or they are all yandere while very good at hiding it ;-)

note for you who have not discovered the joy of manga and anime fandom

which has this
Not to be confused with "Tsundere", "Megadere", "Dorodere" or "Sadodere".

Hartmut, you slay me.

What bitter meats are there? Apart from hákarl, I mean.

Don't know if it is a meat, but I love the innards of sanma. Fortunately, here in Japan, they grill the whole fish

Unfortunately, it seems that the population has crashed, so probably will be a once in a season thing for me, if at all.

Forecast says hard freeze later tonight (27 °F) but precipitation stopping earlier than that so the snow line stays above us. Chance for thundersnow in the foothills. I love thundersnow.

So, the GQP has their own Blutfahne ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blutfahne ) now.
But is there genuine blood of Ashli Babbitt on it? If not, it has to be added ASAP. And of course a signature of HIM, Jabbabonk.

check out the American wingnut disinfo industry !

Good link, cleek. What's surprising is how unsurprising the story is. "Of course, that's what they were doing!"

Fascinating article, though I do think it is a good idea to treat it with a healthy dose of critical suspicion. The right wing news sources are full of such stories about Planned Parenthood with conversion experiences and big reveals.

This looks solid, but I’d want more independent confirmation and investigation of Willis’ back story.

.... are doing.

With antes endlessly and ruthlessly upped.

Until they are stopped dead in what they think are their covered tracks.

Remove Texas from the Union:


Laws that apply to everyone, so what's the rumpus, eh?


Texas is the Wuhan Lab of the murderous right wing fascist anti-democratic infestation.

Similar rightwing labs around the country are mainlining their poison into the body politic, which twitches on a mortuary slab at 3:30am in the dead of night.


After the Republican Party is wiped off the face of the Earth, in all objective fairness I'll be happy to entertain sanitized perspectives about what really happened to them.

Unfortunately, vaccination is not the cure, but there will be plenty of shots to go around.

that big white note Ars put near the top of the story makes it sound like they were pretty thorough about confirming things.

that big white note Ars put near the top of the story makes it sound like they were pretty thorough about confirming things.

I appreciated that, and I trust that they verified what Koala was doing. I'm less suspicious of those details than I am of Willis' story of how he got involved and the rest of the personal narrative.

And I'm concerned that if the messenger's narrative crumbles, it might be used to undermine the rest of the story's credibility by association, leading the casual reader to conclude that the whole story is a nothingburger, both sides, etc.

Be interested to know who Koala Media's owners are. (If it was in the article, I missed it.)

people in comments there have figured out that Koala Media is most likely quack / wingnut agitprop site: "Natural News".


(and scroll down from there for much more info and confirmation).

Willis is a long-time Tea Party nut.

From Maddowblog (without comment):

On a related note, the latest NRCC fundraising text is a little over the top: "You're a traitor... You abandoned Trump. We were told you were a tried & true, lifelong patriot. But when Trump said he'd run for President if we took back the House from Nancy Pelosi ... You did nothing. Was Trump wrong about you? This is your final chance to prove your loyalty or be branded a deserter. We're giving you one final chance to stand with Trump. You only have 17 minutes."

it's a cult.

it's a cult.

When they ask (demand) donations, perhaps a donation of packets of Kool-aid would be appropriate. Just in case covid isn't doing the job fast enough for them.

Koala Media is clearly a Fake News clone of Drop-Bear News, innit?

While GfTNC hasn't been posting recently, I wanted to offer my thanks for her recommendation of the "Green Wing" show.

Very entertaining, very funny, both seasons having a *classic* cliff-hanger near their ends.

Not posting for now, but keeping up. So pleased, Snarki, everybody I know loved it, and moreover we pretty much all keep an affection and interest for all the actors involved - a real comment on the extraordinary (yet surreal) strength of the characterisation.

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