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October 14, 2021


Second! (To mess with people's minds.)

I used to answer with, "Generally pretty good. But if you like, I'm sure I can find something to whine about."

I was just teaching my child this: "How are you" is an English greeting, and not an actual question. You always answer "fine", and only later continue, if the other person seems intrested, about your actual situation: "There's just this small matter of my bleeding to death. Otherwise, couldn't be better."

My frequent answer to "How are you?" is "Vertical." Which is a) true and b) not preordained -- in an era of Zoom meetings, meeting while reclining is increasing.

I love this for the title: The tough lessons British pigs can teach Republicans about immigration **
Although the substance makes a good point as well.

** For those who missed it, Britain is looking to admit (temporarily, or so they say) some 800 foreign butchers.

Surely that's only lying by commission, LJ.

American: "I would like to have a conversation where I give you a whole bunch of embarrassing personal information."
Japanese: "Mmmm . . . choh-toh . . ."

In celebration of the human ability to see patterns (or conspiracies) where there are none.

The idea that we can know ourselves is... an ideal. Thanks to decades of depression, I am very well aware that I don't know myself; that I am biochemically disposed to emotional and mental reactions that aren't congruent with my actual beliefs and/or knowledge.

IOW, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, applied to one's inner quantum physics.

But in the same sense that almost everyone is better at giving advice than following it, there is a distinct possibility it may be easier to know someone else's mind than our own. We can see other people more clearly than we can see ourselves, and analyze their thought-behavior patterns more accurately precisely because we're not bogged down by their sea-of-shifting-tides.

The idea that we can know ourselves is... an ideal.

...and a rather old one too.

I had a dorm mate in college and the first time I met him, we said hello and shook hands and just as I opened my mouth to form the rote "H" in "How are you?", he shot back "Fine. And you?".

It was awkwardly hilarious and disorienting (I gave up talking altogether for a few days), but I learned to loosen up pretty quickly.

True, the door to his room later during water fights in the dorm hallways somehow became of repeated interest to me in practicing the optimum angle to lean a garbage barrel full of water for maximum water velocity into his residence.

Just ran across a note about Ascend West Virginia. It's a program to attrach remote workers to live in West Virginia. Guess nobody told them about Texas's experience: those people tend to be way more liberal than current residents. Not to mention even the (relatively) conservative ones being anti-Trump. Oops.

Colin Powell just died of COVID.

Expect a major focus, in some circles, to be on the fact that he was fully vaccinated.

And in celebration of Powell's passing .... a perfectly just in time genocidal advisory by the fascist murderous conservative movement:


The anti-American subhuman conservative republican movement, in all of its poisonous guises, IS the Wuhan Lab.

Nuke it.

It's time to disobey all fucking conservative law- and rule-making from every one of their legislatures, courts, and at every level of their governments.

Donald, perhaps, has already read this:


The conservative movement is highly disappointed with these numbers, as they are inverse to the murderous death cult's indices of freedumb:


For the conservative death cult, a vibrant free economy is one in which citizens drop dead in vast numbers with no recourse to medical assistance and insurance, and where they break the law even by practcing preventative measures.

And now if you'll excuse me, it's breastfeeding time for enfant terrible succubus Tucker Carlson:


Expect a major focus, in some circles, to be on the fact that he was fully vaccinated.

And not on the likelihood that more than one person in Powell's infection chain wasn't vaccinated and that he likely wouldn't have gotten COVID in the first place if had they been. But all that "likely" stuff is too fuzzy and ambiguous. Yes or no. 100% or 0%. People like that.

What, nooneithink, don't you believe the author of the American Conservative when he says:
"I doubt I would be advocating against strict health measures if the Black Death were to resurrect itself on American shores."

Hey, at least it gives you an index of how high the death count would have to be to get his attention.

It's time to disobey all fucking conservative law- and rule-making from every one of their legislatures, courts, and at every level of their governments.

Just bear in mind that real civil disobedience, such as the Civil Right movement used, involves a) breaking the laws in question publicly and nonviolently, and b) completely accepting that you will be arrested (and probably found guilty) and accepting the punishment involved. NOT violently resisting enforcement.

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