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August 03, 2021


"That was two years ago" -- a familiar thought train. I feel like I've been one of the lucky people in relation to COVID -- someone to shop for me, congenial surroundings, didn't get COVID, was half a hermit to begin with.


April 2019 -- my intention to semi-retire is turned into full retirement as of June '19, not by my choice. This is a big blow, long story, but it takes me several months to really start accepting it.

Sept 2019 -- trip to Ohio; my sister and I get into serious conflict with my mom over her insistence on continuing to live alone at 95, with various ... problems.

Oct 2019 -- ex-husband, father of my kids, landlord, neighbor, friend of 50 years standing -- is diagnosed with a rare cancer and starts treatment in Boston that lasts on and off for several months, including 2 surgeries.

Nov 2019 -- my mother ends up in "rehab" (nursing home) and we know she's not coming home, one way or another

Dec 2019 -- two weeks in Ohio to help sibs empty Mom's apartment

Feb 2019 -- weekend away followed by 5 days of pretty bad respiratory illness (who knows!)

March 2020 -- it begins.........

April 2020 -- Mom dies

So it goes.

All this against the background of Clickbait's attempted destruction of my country, and the descent into absolute insanity of a significant portion of my fellow citizens.


typo for the feb entry, was obv 2020, sorry about that

yesterday, i couldn't remember if the WFH started in 2019 or 2020 - because it seems like "WFH for 17 months!" should feel like much a bigger deal than it has.

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