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May 03, 2021


This study is pretty interesting, and at least partly relevant to the earlier discussion about just giving people money to live their lives, rather than threatening with the lash of destitution.

Not only more successful than the alternatives, but cheaper too.

Jack, that's a really great study. The UBI discussion has way too much pontificating about what would happen from "first principles", and way too little actual hard data. So every little bit is a step forward.

"Popular Youtube vloggers, SerpentZA and Laowhy86, head to the northernmost point of China on their most grueling and punishing adventure to date."
Conquering Northern China

Unfortunately, the Roku channel is not yet available in Japan. But again, I repeat, interesting guy, interesting experiences. And the Laowhy86 as well. But I have to note that Laowhy is probably related to laowai Obviously better than someone trying to "go native", but it just points to the fact that you are always coming from somewhere.

And I have to note, folks who would title their video 'Conquering Northern China' are coming from a perspective that might not leave them open to all the possibilities...

It's available at Vimeo for money: $7.99. But that may not be available in Japan either.

The guys are foodies so they'll give just about anything a try. The drone ariel footage is great.

They've been criticized for the titles. Includes Conquering Southern China which is available from Amazon.

I'm not criticizing them for the titles, merely pointing out that the titles may reveal something about their way of thinking.

And, unlike the folks who write newspaper articles, they do write their own headlines.

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