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April 19, 2021


She had a knife. She was shot four times and killed by @ColumbusPolice

and they didn't even take her to Burger King first.

and they didn't even take her to Burger King first.

Perhaps if she'd had an automatic weapon, rather than a knife...?

if "conservatives" can admit that Chauvin's conviction was appropriate then maybe they can understand why people protested Floyd's death last year.



When we are protesting the restriction of our voting franchises in 2022 and 2024, the violent insurrectionist republican party is giving their subhuman goons leeway to murder us with their automobiles.

We're outgunned and outmotorized.

If only there had been MORE guns at the birthday party .... or one good kid with a learner's permit and a self-driving car:


Up next perhaps, legalizing the murder of innocent citizens who request conservative snowflake jagoffs comply with pandemic rules:


another Q myth proves true AZ Democrat busted for procuring and selling babies!

oh wait. not Democrat. Republican.

I apologise humbly for going so badly off-thread, but further to my earlier comment about Tucker Carlson's change of subject, and how unhinged he sounded, I can't resist giving you all this absolute gift (very short), which has had me laughing uncontrollably:


that man has a guilty mind.

oh wait. not Democrat. Republican.

Giving family values a whole new meaning. $$$$

It is impressive how often projection seems to feature in accusations from the far right.

On the heels of the trial, we have this locally

In this officer's case, I incline to the "bad apple" theory. Other officers here seem to manage not to escalate their encounters with the public to lethal force. But it has taken quite a while for the DA to get around to pressing charges, so the Chauvin case looks to have had that much knock on effect.

just a reminder... the proverb is "one bad apple spoils the bunch."

if you have one, you probably have others. then iterate.

Perhaps. But, as noted, this guy has two fatal encounters with the public in a couple of years. The rest of the force has zero.

Spoiling the bunch is a process that takes time. Perhaps we are in time to shortstop the process.

I would also note that the vast majority of police are not problems. So perhaps we shouldn't push the proverb too far.

Perhaps we should stop using the proverb, since it doesn't mean what people seem to think it means.

Fat chance.

Not aimed at you, wj. Just my literal-minded frustration with, in effect, language change. ;-)

Thursday is Pedant Day. everyone should know this.

Here, every day is pedant day!

Pedanting squared: I always heard it as "a bad apple spoils the barrel."

Apparently it's the Osmonds' fault.


Here, every day is pedant day!

That's one of the best things about ObWi!
There have got to be standards somewhere... (says she, woefully conscious of her own inconsistent use of commas)

They have standards everywhere, they're just not standardized.

I am perturbed. Over here "bunch" refers to a number of things fastened together, or naturally grouped together. Bananas, grapes and flowers come in bunches. Apples do not.

Perturbation at category confusion! Swoon...

Apparently it's the Osmonds' fault.

I pretty much blame the Osmonds for everything.

A sound policy. Long-haired Lover from Liverpool was a true abomination.

"bunch" is a cluster of things ("look at that bunch of assholes at the bar"); or a synonym for "wad" ("my panties are in a bunch"); or a synonym for "a lot" ("'bunch' has a bunch of meanings!").

That's instructive. For us, a "bunch" could be a group of people, and, in a more or less consciously American usage, it could mean a lot. But having one's "panties in a bunch" is not a thing. One might have one's "knickers in a twist", which implies that one is overwrought.

There's also a "bunch of fives", meaning a fist.

"Knickers in a twist" is a favorite acquisition from my time in Ireland.

It's like overwrought, right? ;-)

But having one's "panties in a bunch" is not a thing. One might have one's "knickers in a twist"

Another example of "two countries separated by a common language." The meanings are identical. (Except for the sexism in the American version -- women wear "panties" but men's underwear is never labeled so. Perhaps we don't get overwrought...? Not bloody likely.)

Also, in the US, or at least as far as I encountered the word before I went to Ireland, knickers are "loose-fitting trousers gathered at the knee or calf" -- short for knickerbockers.

A video podcast on how, including words, Britain and America are different.

Lost in the Pond

Using different words to describe the same thing is rarely as troublesome as using the same word to describe different things. In the former case, you usually know you don't understand what the person is talking about. "What's a lorry?" is a lot better than "You really want to do that to my mother?"

Except for the sexism in the American version -- women wear "panties" but men's underwear is never labeled so.

just to avoid using it, for that reason, i thought for a bit to see if i could find a different example of that particular usage of 'bunch' (one thing, twisted / squished / mashed). but that was the only one i could come up with.

In the UK, only women wear knickers. (The male equivalent is "pants", the US usage of which word makes children snigger.) But "don't get your knickers in a twist" is only faintly sexist, if at all.

As JanieM says, knickers is from the US, short for "knickerbockers". We just use it to mean something different.

Adam Silverman is very good today:


i thought for a bit to see if i could find a different example of that particular usage of 'bunch' (one thing, twisted / squished / mashed). but that was the only one i could come up with.

This use of bunch is always associated with the transitive verb use: to bunch (up, together, around)or to gather. It's most commonly used with either fabric, or with animals/plants. It's a collective that exists because of having been gathered by outside agency, rather than by nature.

hey, maybe we can defund this psychopath ?

hey, maybe we can defund this psychopath ?

And use the money to deprogram all the zombie killers he has created. Or if they're not willing, drum them out of law enforcement permanently and just fncking start over.

hey, maybe we can defund this psychopath ?

Just wind up his seminar with an announcement that "You can set up the best sex ever right now! Just shoot the speaker!" Seems like a plan.

Re: The Osmonds

But that was topped mere months later where, in an effort to declare herself a solo artist not always linked to her brother, she opened the [Marie Osmond] show with the Diana Ross hit "I'm Coming Out"

"Oh, doesn't that make ya wanna weep? Marie is coming out," [Paul] Lynde remarked dryly from the wings. "I knew it was just a matter of time."

so much crazy out there.

thought I'd see Janie's "We'll Build A World" and raise her a Woyaya. An offering, if you will. The Osibisa version is funkier, but this one has its charms. Simple and earnest and well-meaning. Dig it if ya dig it.

Bed time for me. Long week, not quite done yet. Get my 2nd vax tomorrow, so that's good. Long life (so far!), not quite done yet.

Crazy old world, not quite done yet. Members don't get weary.

Night all.

See...raise...fold? Nice music to end the day with, russell. Thanks. Glad to hear you're getting #2.

The videos, from Sept. 4, 2017, allegedly showed Chauvin striking a Black teenager in the head so hard that the boy needed stitches, then allegedly holding the boy down with his knee for nearly 17 minutes, and allegedly ignoring complaints from the boy that he couldn't breathe.


Now, the U.S. Justice Department may do something that state prosecutors never did: charge Chauvin for the 2017 incident.

Two months ago, federal prosecutors in Minneapolis brought witnesses before a federal grand jury to provide testimony related to the incident, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported at the time. And this week, a source informed of the probe told ABC News that the investigation is still underway, with the Justice Department still weighing whether to bring federal charges against Chauvin for both the 2017 incident and George Floyd's death.

resume bootlicking, "conservatives"

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