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March 06, 2021


One less than a Trinity, of course.


define "two"

Binary: 10

Okay, so here is one for the Douglas Adams fans: nine times six IS forty-two if you are working in base thirteen...

define "two"

It's equal to "one", for large values of "one".

...for large values of "one".

Just to cover my bases, I always say "for sufficiently large values of 'one.'" Also 2+2=5, for sufficiently large values of two. Let "sufficiently" do the heavy lifting. I do admit a fondness for the accountant's answer to the question of how much is 2+2; how much do you want it to be?



Looks like the ???? term is the last in the series.

For those who prefer to cheat, the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

I cheated. I was sort of on the right track, looking at binary and moduli, but I don't know if I would ever have gotten there.

"Science is Back" -- great to hear from the new EPA Administrator. But how disgusting that we're in a place where it needs to be said.

I cheated. I was sort of on the right track, looking at binary and moduli, but I don't know if I would ever have gotten there.

I also cheated. I will say that I would have deducted points from this if a student had provided it. The standard notation is to include the base when mixed bases are involved.

The Universe works a whole lot nicer in
4-epsilon dimensions. Someone should adjust pi to make that happen.

Still an open thread? My wife got her first Covid vaccination yesterday. No side effects today other than a mildly sore arm. Next set of eligibles will be added on Friday here, and includes front line food service workers. With any luck, we're within six weeks or so of the struggling local restaurants being able to have at least a couple of evenings a week where they can be mask-free and at full capacity if they make people show the vaccine card the state's been handing out with each injection.

NC opened up "group 4" today, and i got myself an appointment for Monday.

so hopefully, in five weeks, after i've had the second dose, Mrs and I will be able to go out to eat!

so excited.

Went searching for something *different* for St. Paddy's music and ended up on Prog Archive looking for bands from Ireland with the Prog Folk tag. This was, by far, the oddest of the bunch, a strange mashup of psychedelic garage, prog, and folk:

Mushroom - The Liathdan


Vote Fraud! In Texas!

go ahead, guess the party.

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