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January 18, 2021


Perhaps related, an echo of Marty's comment in another thread.

Among the many horrible legacies of the Trump administration is the need for Biden's inauguration to be an event closed to the public, conducted under military guard.

And where the guardsmen themselves need to be vetted, to weed out potential assassins and provocateurs.

For Putin, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

From what I heard this morning, someone with a gun, 500 shots of ammo and a forged pass for the inauguration got arrested in DC after entering from Virginia.

"This written accord by the most senior officers in the Army, in addition to Anami's announcement, acted as a formidable firebreak against any attempt to incite a coup d'état in Tokyo." [bold mine]

Don't think that is happening.

Actually, something very like that did happen. This unprecedented Message to the Joint Force from the Joint Chiefs of Staff makes the point that

The rights of freedom of speech and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition and insurrection.

As Service Members, we must embody the values and ideals of the Nation. We support and defend the Constitution. Any act to disrupt the Constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath; it is against the law.

someone with a gun, 500 shots of ammo and a forged pass for the inauguration got arrested in DC after entering from Virginia.

He claims he was lost. And was just going hunting.

500 rounds? Man, that is one badass deer! (Or maybe he's just an appallingly bad shot....)

I suspect he had a GPS unit and a cellphone with either Apple or Google maps with him to track that "deer".


I think that it has emerged that the "forged pass" guy was legit, but lost and in the wrong place. According to Jascha Mounck on the C4 News, it was corrected in the WaPo, but possibly not forcefully enough, so only adding to general confusion and "fake news" etc.

Hmmm. The jury is still out, it seems to me.


"500 rounds? Man, that is one badass deer!"

I've been in the Ardennes region, when guys were hunting boar at night in the forest.

Sounded like they were using fully-auto firearms, followed by a single coup-de-grace.

No, you don't go strolling around in the dark, and having seen boar in the area, don't blame that hunter AT ALL for wanting overwhelming firepower.

Yes, wild boar are an entirely different kettle of fish from most other game, I believe. Truly dangerous.

How much do 500 rounds of hunting ammo weigh?
And I am unaware that it comes in belts these days (the boar is not going to wait for a reload).

wj, I was imagining Cruz and Hawley writing a similar letter as opposed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

lj, Oh.
Agreed, there's no sign of those two doing anything like. Can't really picture either one even considering it. They've abandoned their moral compass (if they ever had one), and gone down the rabbit hole. Not really any coming back from there. Certainly not without the kind of long and difficult personal rehab that neither would tolerate.

seriously OT, but nonetheless...

Colombian cocaine hippos running amok.

2020 - the year that will not die.

Hippos of a different color running amok:


I keep seeing articles saying that McConnell will cease to be Majority Leader at noon Wednesday, as soon as the Inauguration happens. But the Senate is only 50-50 once Kamala Harris' replacement is sworn in. Anybody know when that will actually happen?

Reportedly, all three new senators will be sworn in today.

Marine One, up and away.

cya later, psycho!

The Trump governing ethos, captured in one headline:

Trump Revokes Administration Ethics Rules On His Way Out The Door

Whatever. Just go away, and take your entourage with you.

Reportedly, all three new senators will be sworn in today.

Thanks for the update.

amazing that Pence simply showing up raises my estimation of him substantially. simple decency being so rare these days.

And it's done!

Hail to the Chief!

Could hardly have been a greater contrast.

I'm moved. I'm hopeful. I wish him and all of you (and all of us) luck.

Amanda Gorman was simply awesome.

simple decency being so rare these days.

seconded. perhaps it will help set a new tone.

I'm so very sorry to inject a sour note, but although I'm delighted Pence attended, partly for the message it sends, and of course I admit when it came to it he did refuse to send the electors' votes back, I can't help noticing that this "decency" of his in attending comes after four years of licking Trump's arse, after which Trump whipped up a mob against him. So other qualities than decency may just be involved. But feel free to ignore this cynical Brit. As someone said on the Beeb, perhaps "they" (unspecified) went to the very precipice where their democracy was concerned, looked over, and drew back.

i takes what i can gets.

ya gets what ya pays for.

Pence's wife doesn't even trust him enough to let him dine with another woman for a deductible no-martini business meal.

Neither should we.

He's merely reeling out more play in his fake Christian line.

He lied on God's behalf, but a fella will do that when the concrete is drying around his feet at the end of the pier.

Trump left his farewell stage to board Air Force One for the last time, to the strains of "YMCA". Perhaps a reminder that he may have to stay at the YMCA because nobody wants him as a neighbor.

Mar-a-Lago neighbors are already suing him to keep him from living here -- which he committed to when he got permission to take it over. Seems they think contracts should be honored. What a shock to his system.

i takes what i can gets.

It's one of your finest qualities!

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