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January 11, 2021


Everyone has their best theory.


Have a weekend.

I may be transgressing ObWi rules here, but nooneIthinkisinmytree and John Thullen sure do seem to be the same person, and I am sick of him/them spamming threads.

Any chance something can be done about that?

Not just the devices, but public policy that does little or nothing to protect individuals from all of the undesirable ways that data can be used. And policies that give relatively free reign to intelligence and police to collect, review, and use that data in prosecution and generally monitoring what people do, say, write, read, listen to, and think.

Hoist by their own deregulatory, free market, authoritarian petard(s). So be it.

Yeah. Done.

Thank you, JDT.

My wife got me a fitbit for Christmas. I look at it as an alibi machine. I'm a pretty boring guy.

Please don't stop posting music links, JDT. Just a request, not a command, despite the declarative sentence!

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