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January 20, 2021


You've made your bed. Now you get to lie in it.

thing is, they're writing a new version the same song they sold so many copies of during Obama's first term: slap his hand away and then, in unison, chant "the other guy's fault! the other guy's fault!" the rubes already know the words and the melody is pretty much the same. they'll keep singing that tune at least until the next midterms, by which time enough of the media will be humming along to make the it a #1 smash at the voting booth. it'll just be in a somewhat lighter key this time.

flip the record over if you want to hear the B side, "He's A Commie".

stay tuned for my next smash hit album "Comments In The Key of JT".

They'll sing the same song. The thing is, it's looking like the Democrats have (finally) decided that the only viable response is to just ignore them and get on with what they think should be done.

If you believe the polls, most of the population (including a plurality of Republican voters in many cases) want those things done, too. And getting them done rather takes the punch out of the "Washington is broken, so vote for us" campaign theme.

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