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December 31, 2020


  1. Replace my current vehicle with one which is tall enough. The current car (an inheritance), if I try to sit up straight, has the roof about eyebrow level. Honest, it's that much to short. (Do after 20 January, to be certain Trump never gets credit for the boost to the economy.)
  2. Get the bloody ICANN project that I've been on for the last 5+ years finished.
  3. Start learning Spanish. You'd think that, after living in California for nearly 3/4 of a century, I'd already know it. But while I've absorbed a few words and phrases, it's not what I'd call useful, let alone fluent.
  4. Get the medieval/Renaissance scroll I'm doing caligraphed and illuminated.
There's a bunch of other stuff needs doing. But those are the biggies.

Don't know if it is sold in the US, but we got for my wife at Honda N-Box

Getting in that is like walking into a cathedral, the roof is so high.

Pretty well have to be an SUV. Or at least a crossover (a Honda CRV perhaps).

The world is designed for short people! (To any short person who doubts thism I have just 1 question: How many times have you laid open your forehead on the low lintel over a door?)

I’m gonna’ be nice.

I'm abashed. I didn't dare aim so high.

wj, how tall are you?

And happy new year, everybody. Three little birds told me everything gonna be alright, and I’m going with that.

Happy New Year, Obwi friends! Going outside shortly to chase the evil 2020 away!

It's gone.

6'2 3/4"

Actually, I was 6'2" until I was 30. Then, sometime before I reached 35, I picked up another 3/4". Which I thought was impressive. Until, in their early 30s, my brother and sister each gained a full 3". Guess our family matures slowly....

maybe a dry january?

i'm not much of a resolution guy.

actually...work says they expect us to start coming back in by September. so, i'll be buying a car, too. probably an electric - that 50 mile round trip burns a lot of gas.

I never remember my dreams unless I happen to wake up in the middle of one. And even then, they're really boring, nothing happening. I need a new scriptwriter...

maybe a dry january?

While it rained a little last week, we're still under 1/3 normal rainfall. So I'm hoping for a WET January here in California.

The designers of motel bathrooms/purchasers of motel room beds are definitely biased against tall people. You have to be a contortionist to get your hair properly wet in the shower, and be comfortable sleeping with your feet sticking off the bed.

Fortunately, hotels (as opposed to motels) typically have queen-sized beds. The length is still marginal. But the diagonal is long enough.

@wj: The dimensions of a queen-sized bed form a Pythagorean triple 60,80,100. Yeah, that diagonal ought to be OK for even an NBA player.

At this point, resolutions are kind of unnecessary. I just don’t have the energy level for bad habits anymore.

My drug of choice nowadays is generally Advil.

oh yeah. i've been riding the Advil pony for months. good stuff.

Hmm, the first dream I recall having this year involved finding dried dogs*** in my hair. That can't be a good omen.

The sources of this dream probably 1) I walked my mother's elderly dog yesterday and it was a dogs*** gauntlet at the assisted living facility's lawn and 2) I was looking at a scene in the novel I've been writing in which a character shakes her head and dried mud falls out of her hair.

One resolution for me is to finish that novel this year. Another to refresh my knowledge of French just parce que. And to not let the year drive me insane with rage like 2020 did.

On accomplishing you New Year's resolution.

I don't do resolutions, but I do put together a YEL of my favorite albums. This year has trended a bit less metal and a bit more female and experimental than the last few:

Enslaved – Utgard (progressive extreme metal)
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full (dark neo-folk/sludge)
Faþir – Forndom (nordic ambient)
Grayceon – Mothers Weavers Vultures (heavy progressive)
Mary Halvorson's Code Girl - Artlessly Falling (jazz)
Kalandria – The Line (nordic pop)
Mountain Caller – The Truthseeker (heavy progressive)
Myrkur – Folkesange (dark nordic folk)
Neptunian Maximalism – Éons (experimental)
Run the Jewels – RTJ4 (hip hop)
Anna Von Hausswolff – All Thoughts Fly (post rock)

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