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October 02, 2020


I have a neighbor who attended a Boris Badenov concert and threw her underpants at him on to the stage only to find out later that she had mistaken him for Tom Jones:

I was not affected, except that I think she might have with INfected me with the Covid-19 when I rang her doorbell and innocently asked why she had a hypersonic missile parked in her garage and she said "Oh, THAT! That's my Sex Bomb, honey. You no never mind yourself about that. Now, are we done here?"

A guy on FOX News last night characterized Harris in the debate as "Hillary Clinton in blackface".

In Rwanda and the Balkans, once-friendly neighbors ended up overnight slaughtering each other over less.

I would love to be a fly on Mike Pence's head to imagine flying away at the last second before the blade of the guillotine severed my perch.

Is it next week yet?

Pence, in spite of hanging out with superspreaders, seems to be immune from Covid.
And is attractive to flies, and doesn't even notice them crawling on his body.

There are VAMPIRES in his family. Explains a lot.

There's a lot "at stake" in this election. Make sure to sharpen yours.

Yes, I remember some evangelical loony making hay with an occasion Obama was divebombed by a few flies, and deducing from it that he was a servant of the Lord of the Flies. Something tells me that same loony is not going to make that deduction this time, despite the fact that the fly seemed a lot more at home this time, and didn't even get killed.

Well, why not? If it's good enough for the late Herman Cain, why not the fly.

Honey, there's a fly in my soup?

Well, what's a fly doing in your soup?

The dead man's crawl.

Trump is bagging the next virtual debate.

HIS fly however, has agreed to show up, if a landing spot for it is certified to be disinfected of all viral conservative contaminates.

Trump, as confirmed by Christian Devil Pence's non-answer answers last night, is not leaving the now thoroughly discredited Office of the President, no matter the vote, which he and Barr will steal anyway.

"78 Days"

The title of the historical account to be published at some distant date referring to the number of days between November 3, 2020 and January 20, 2021, during which America will be transformed into a smoking ruin.

A Beatle writes:


There were no flies on Frank that morning - after all why
not? He was a responsible citizen with a wife and child, wasn't
he? It was a typical Frank morning and with an agility that
defies description he leapt into the barthroom onto the scales.
To his great harold he discovered he was twelve inches more
tall heavy! He couldn't believe it and his blood raised to his
head causing a mighty red colouring.
'I carn't not believe this incredible fact og truth about
my very body which has not gained fat since mother begat me at
childburn. Yea, though I wart through the valet of thy shadowy
hut I will feed no norman. What grate qualmsy hath taken me
thus into such a fatty hardbuckle.'
Again Frank looked down at the awful vision which clouded
his eyes with fearful weight. 'Twelve inches more heavy, Lo!,
but am I not more fatty than my brother Geoffery whose father
Alec came from Kenneth - through Leslies, who begat Arthur, son
of Eric, by the house of Ronald and April - keepers of James of
Newcastle who ran Madeline at 2-1 by Silver Flower, (10-2) past
Wot-ro-Wot at 4/3d a pound?'
He journeyed downstairs crastfallen and defective - a
great wait on his boulders - not even his wife's battered face
could raise a smile on poor Frank's head - who as you know had
no flies on him. His wife, a former beauty queer, regarded him
with a strange but burly look.
'What ails thee, Frank?', she asked stretching her prune.
'You look dejected if not informal,' she addled.
'Tis nothing but wart I have gained but twelve inches more
tall heavy than at the very clock of yesterday at this time -
am I not the most miserable of men? Suffer ye not to spake to
me or I might thrust you a mortal injury; I must traddle this
trial alone.'
'Lo! Frank - thou hast smote me harshly with such grave
talk - am I to blame for this vast burton?'
Frank looked sadly at his wife - forgetting for a moment
the cause of his misery. Walking slowly but slowly toward her,
he took his head in his hands and with a few swift blows had
clubbed her mercifully to the ground dead.
'She shouldn't see me like this,' he mubbled, 'not all fat
and on her thirtysecond birthday.'
Frank had to get his own breakfast that morning and also
on the following mornings.
Two, (or was it three?) weeks later Frank awakes again to
find that there were _still_ no flies on him.
'No flies on this Frank boy,' he thought; but to his
amazement there seemed to be a lot of flies on his wife - who
was still lying about the kitchen floor.
'I carn't not partake of bread and that with her lying
about the place,' he thought allowed, writing as he spoke. 'I
must deliver her to her home where she will be made welcome.'
He gathered her in a small sack (for she was only four
foot three) and headed for her rightful home. Frank knocked on
the door of his wife's mothers house. She opened the door.
'I've brought Marian home, Mrs Sutherskill' (he could
never call her Mum). He opened the sack and placed Marian on
the doorstep.
'I'm not having all those flies in my home,' shouted Mrs
Sutherskill (who was very houseproud), shutting the door. 'She
could have at least offered me a cup of tea,' thought Frank
lifting the problem back on his boulders.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to vote the way I think my neighbors think I’m going to vote, so we need to figure this out quickly.

I guess things are different there in the East. Here we have a secret ballot, so nobody knows how I voted. Even if I put up a yard sign, it only proves who I'll claim to support. It's not unheard of for someone to have 75% of the yard signs, and lose badly.

We have secret ballots, too. But my neighbor's are a bunch of wannabe Schrödingers. They assign probabilities to my voting for given candidates, which makes me accordingly likely to vote for them. But if I really want to vote for someone, I assign very lopsided probabilities to my neighbors' potential votes, which then swings their estimations of my voting probabilities toward my preferred candidate via mutually reinforced subjectivity.

You guys don't do that in Cali? What kind of weirdos are you?

Peeking at the twitter feeds of assholes has its pleasures.

He says he is covid negative.


Scrolling down, he cites this "fascinating" study, Reason Magazine-worthy.

Please read the following in the calm, rational, smarmy cadence and tone of Milton Friedman explaining to you why corporations have no other reason for their existence but to profit him and fuck all else:

Lee's cites could even be true.

Yes, perhaps women are giving birth less often because they don't have room in their vehicle for a third car seat.

Fine, get rid of the car seat regs.

Indeed, birth rates may then rise as un-carseated post-born (and pre-death for a few airborne moments) fetuses hurtle thru windshields in collisions, and choke on their binkies while perishing from massive head trauma.

Mom might rush home after recovering from HER injuries without any help from the now abolished Obamacare and Medicaid, take a look at the hospital bills, and either: deny her husband sex altogether because look what just happened and what it has cost us, OR, begin attempting to have another child because, as in, and I'm old enough to remember this, the old days when families lost a child due to dreadful accidents and made replacement fetuses for the now dead post-born children aborted by drunk and careless drivers or simple awful fate, non-reimbursable.

The same logic (Logic!?) applied before modern science, now ignored, brought us vaccinations and better obstetric care.

Families lost a surprisingly large percentage of their living children to various plagues and unsafe practices and thus increased their birth rates to replace them.

This is still the case in many parts of the world.

Birth 11 kids and maybe six made it to adulthood.

So, let's review:

The more living children who die and are killed due to lax regulation or no regulation administered or non-administered by the administrative state, the higher the national birth rate.

When fetuses outnumber born children who are swept away ... post-born aborted ... to death before their time, we will return to being a Christian, rational civilization.

Or, you could read the same above in the calm, rational voice of this subhuman monster as he explains to his victims ... like some comedian said Mike Pence talks down to women, like a serial killer explaining calmly why he is going to do what he is going to do to you ... what he going to do to them and they will, perchance, even like it.


You guys don't do that in Cali? What kind of weirdos are you?

You have no idea.

I notice some Biden-Harris signs on my walks thru the neighborhoods.

Saw only one trump sign, but that was on the forehead of a guy walking toward me, coughing and wiping his nose on the back of his hand.

Maybe he was trying to game me, by getting me to think he was some sort of modern reverse psychology Zombie Paul Revere.

I crossed the street.

You guys don't do that in Cali? What kind of weirdos are you?

You have no idea.

But for a (totally fictitious) overview, he could try Fox News. Or Rush Limbaugh.

Of course, being fiction they completely miss the ways that we actually are weird. Their loss.

The coronavirus outbreak has infected "34 White House staffers and other contacts" in recent days, according to an internal government memo, an indication that the disease has spread among more people than previously known in the seat of American government.

but HRC was too prepared

You guys don't do that in Cali? What kind of weirdos are you?

I'm sure wj can speak for himself, but I will go so far as to say that if you strike "Cali" and substitute "the West", we're the kind of weirdos that do ballot initiatives, non-partisan (or at least bi-partisan) redistricting, and vote by mail on a large scale. Not just in blue states, either.

If the Dems find themselves in a position to pass a new Voting Rights bill, I suspect that there's going to be a lot of behind-the-scenes dickering to keep the Western Senators satisfied that their states' current systems aren't forced to be abandoned to meet some national standard.

Michael, that hits the high points. (Although we do have some non-political weirdness as well.)

I would say the best national standard would be to just roll out what we do. Although, as Florida's government to their felon voting initiative suggests that an attitude adjustment will be necessary to make it all work properly.

Religion, all of them, seems to be a vector in 2020 for all sorts of viral psychopathy:

Close the Borders ... between us and them:

Paint the walls around them black so they are burned by touching.

We ain't seen nothin yet!

Scrolling down, he cites this "fascinating" study, Reason Magazine-worthy.

True that...

"Are car seat mandates responsible for reducing the number of children born each year? A provocative new study claims that the steady upward creep in the ages at which states mandate children use a car seat is prompting women to either postpone or opt against having a third child.

The paper, by Jordan Nickerson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and David Solomon of Boston College, argues that most vehicles cannot fit a third car seat in the back row, necessitating the purchase of a larger car if a parent is going to cart around three children at once. That added cost, they argue, disincentivizes some women from having a third child."
Do Car Seat Mandates Reduce the Number of Children Families Have?: A new working paper argues that car seat laws are discouraging moms from having a third child.

MI militias go nuts.

It's time to recognize that "militias" are not militias as sanctioned and recognized by the Constitution. For good or ill, the militias discussed in the Constitution no longer exist, except maybe in form of the various national guards.

This isn't about whether private individuals should be able to have guns. It's about whether we allow private armies to form and make decisions for themselves about what aspects of government - constitutional, elected governments - they will and will not accept.

Whatever happens on Nov 3, the period from then until January 20 is going to be a wild ride.

MI militias go nuts.

oh look, people took Trump's "LIBERATE MICHIGAN" tweet seriously.

but her emails.

today's Word Of The Day is: Stochastic Terrorism:

the public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted: The lone-wolf attack was apparently influenced by the rhetoric of stochastic terrorism.

Trump should be imprisoned. in epoxy.

Hartland? Michigan.

Apropos name. Lots of Blue Meanies in the Red Zone flooded with shit.

Planes full of coastal elites don't fly over that flyover town for fear of being shot down.

Just a few miles north of Ann Arbor where the son pursues post-Dark Ages science at the doctoral level, as a new lethal darkness descends once again.

Happily, though the decision is not final quite yet, he's heading for Connecticut to take a position with a major pharmaceutical company, unless something better turns up fast.

It's a blue state, but rightwing EVIL is infiltrating everywhere. Time is running short to find secure sanctuary.

"78 Days: When the Zone Overflowed With Shit"

These guys too in Michigan:

Their arrests, and the militia arrests contravene all of the President's intentions and orders against the Deep State.

But their criminal records will qualify them for seats on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Trump is a fellow conspirator ... hell, he's the ringleader.

But the Rule Of Law, we are told, does not extend, ever, to the hallowed Office of the Presidency, meaning trump's fat behind, until January 21, when impeachment charges are filed by Republican vermin in the House against Joe Biden.

MI militias go nuts.

And discuss potentially killing police officers if necessary. The police have seemed to embrace the "militia" types when they've shown up at protests. It appears to be a fraught relationship.

MI militias have always been nuts. They are to right wing 3%er white supremacist Red Dawn Cosplay Enthusiasts what Florida Man is to Redneck Darwin Award Winners.

Every time one of my RW pearl clutcher relatives bemoans the graffiti on a courthouse or state capital, I want to send them a picture of the bombed out shell of the Murrah Building.

But Antifa is a terrorist "organization."

At least there's this, though MO governor promises to pardon if convicted.

We’re charged with felonies that could cost us four years of our lives and our law licenses.

so sad

We’re charged with felonies that could cost us four years of our lives and our law licenses.

As lawyers, and therefore officers of the court, they should celebrate that the law would be being followed.

Fundamental rules of firearm safety.

The McCloskeys, and in particular Ms. McCloskey, need to go back to firearms safety school. Or, jail.

If you believe the Marxists at Armed Defense Training Association.

If they pulled those guns on a squad of Oath Keepers or the Michigan militia, four more years and their law licenses would have been the least of it.

If they had been black and were waving guns around from their front porch at a demonstration of white proud boys with any cops in the vicinity, they'd be full of bullet holes and spending eternity in a crypt wherever they bury stupid people in the town.

They should count themselves lucky, take the four years in jail, hopefully alongside lots of minority inmates, and win time off for good behavior by serving as jailhouse legal experts for folks who actually ARE fucked by the system.


i wish them the longest and most expensive fair trial they can afford.


John Tyler's grandson died at 95 on September 26th. John Tyler, 10th POTUS, born in 1790. The grandson that died was his second youngest grandchild. The youngest is still alive at 91 years old.

John Tyler's son, the father of the aforementioned grandsons, was born when John Tyler was 63. That son, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, had his sons in his 70s with a second wife 35 years his junior.

Koo-koo, baby. (Incidentally, John Tyler was a lifelong slave-owner who sided with the Confederacy when the Civil War began, but that's ancient history dontcha know.)


Raise Up for Trump, a new campaign and political action committee launched Thursday, is looking for businesses to sign a pledge: If the president gets reelected, their employees will get a raise. If he isn’t? Too bad.

none dare call it vote buying.

A despicable murderous worm, but never a hypocrite.

Used to be you could buy off conservative business leaders by raising them up with a blowjob from a working girl, or boy, and forget about pledges for wage increases for their employees altogether, since they will welch on the pay increases anyway.

Raise up is just Trump supporters explicitly trying to use management leverage in a way that the right always howls about if it is a union trying to have a voice.

Yes, I did just get off of a grievance call.

I shouldn't ... but this sums up the mask fear among the frightened Peterpandemics.

These conservative republican sissies have a castration complex.

They see a mask and all they can imagine is Lorena Bobbitt sawing off Mr. Happy with boning knife in the middle of the night and feeding the morsel to the piranhas Rush Limbaugh keeps in his man bidet.

Plus the big tub of dog shit ... Prager .. goes after the widow of the actor who lost his leg and then life to the Covid.

I'd like to fight him. Feeling a bully's cheekbone cave into shards under a sucker punch is one of life's rare animal spirit pleasures.

But the most unforgivable of the turds falling from his pie hole is insinuating that Karen Pence is a gender transitioning woman on male hormone therapy because she didn't wear a mask on stage at the debate.

As Mike Pence will tell anyone, she wears a chastity belt and only Jesus and Donald Trump share the key.

Anecdotal contact tracing since subhuman conservative republican killers won't let us to the formal scientific method.

A friend of mine just emailed to tell me a friend of HIS has a brother-in-law whose wife is a big fish in the Minnesota GOP. The Chair of the Party recently had a close-up maskless tete-a-tete with the genocidal maniac himself, Pol Donald Pot.

The Chair then had dinner, a buffet affair, with the GOP wife mucky-muck of the friend and now the woman and her entire family are infected with the virus.

My thoughts and prayers go out to heavily-armed liberals.

Whatever you do, lay off the pangolin vichyssoise served at yer local GOP cuckolding parties.

Hmm, I see that Trump called Kamala Harris a communist and a monster in a one hour rant on Fox, as well as saying he was cured of Covid, and that he is "a perfect physical specimen". Just the latest in a long list of episodes which under anything like normal times would have people seriously considering deploying the 25th Amendment.

INAL but this might trigger some lawsuits.

"Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh announced that President Trump will host a “virtual rally” on his nationally syndicated show on Friday as Trump seeks to gin up enthusiasm among his supporters heading into Election Day.

“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history,” Limbaugh said on his show Thursday afternoon. “It will be special, and I am really looking forward to it.”"
Limbaugh: Trump to hold 'virtual rally' on radio show Friday

Small potatoes compared to the email I just received from the local GOP mayoral candidate:

One of my campaign promises is to expose and investigate corruption wherever we find it...

Furthermore, as a loyal career US Military Officer that loves my country I have a duty to report this to the FPPC.

As an elected official, Irvine Council Member Farrah Khan without permission from the US Government took gifts from and traveled to the hostile foreign government of Azerbaijan. A government that is currently at war with Armenia.

Of further concern during this trip Khan chose to share the stage and spend time with Iranian government officials that attended the event. The United States just today imposed new sanctions on Iran's financial sector to stop illicit access to US dollars.

In my professional opinion as a Retired Military Police Captain and Anti-Terrorism Officer, it appears Khan is not loyal to our country based on her own stated activity and publicly available information.

I believe that the FPPC must step in here to curb what appears to be an obvious violation of the law.

Mark Newgent
US Army, Retired
mobile: 949-287-3272


the hostile foreign government of Azerbaijan

"Hostile"? News to the US State Department. For example (from the State Department website), "The United States and Azerbaijan have a Trade Relations Agreement and a Bilateral Investment Treaty." Not sounding all that hostile.

But perhaps you have a large local population of Armenian-Americans. Armenia and Azerbaijan are definitely hostile . . . to each other. In fact, if our government wasn't MIA diplomatically these days, we'd be involved in trying to resolve their heating up war.


Yeah, must be, to put out his mobile phone number like that.

Of course, it's Irvine, so it's from behind the Orange Curtain.

He might also have mistaken Armenia for America. During the lesser Bush's reign Iraq got confused with Iran on a regular base, a lot of people even in public positions have mistaken the Republic of Georgia for the US state of the same name (or the island of South Georgia for that matter) etc.
Over here there was the joke that the Bayreuth (Richard Wagner) festival should be cancelled out of caution should there be a crisis in Lebanon because US bombers heading for Beiruth could end up in the wrong place.

"Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh announced that President Trump will host a “virtual rally” on his nationally syndicated show

as if his everyday show isn't a rally for Trump.

Because we all need a look on the bright side occasionally, there's this.

The author made the assumption (just for the sake of discussion) that the poll which was accurate in various states was whichever one looked best. Not the polling average. Not the best high quality poll. The best poll for Trump, period.

The result? Biden wins the Electoral College.

One of my RW-crank friends, who claims to be politically independent and a non-partisan, thinks the 25th A bill Pelosi proposed is really for Biden so they can make Harris president, who will then become a left-wing dictator. Of course, people need to wake up to the reality of this planned coup d'état, which is an extension of the dictatorial COVID-19 restrictions people are sheepishly going along with because they're a bunch of cowards.

hell is other people's politics.

as if his everyday show isn't a rally for Trump.

'Live from Nuremberg, it's Donald Trump live!!'

Lindsey Graham won’t take a C19 test so they canceled his debate.

Can’t decide if toxic masculinity thread is by

By = better

Auto-misspell sucks

The way things seem to be going for him, Graham may figure any event where he might get asked awkward questions is to be avoided at all costs. Better to spend his hours begging for donations on Fox News. To run ads which don't involve having to explain himself on any of a number of topics.

If they don't take COVID tests they can't test positive and be quarantined. In the case of any senator, it's to avoid making Turtle have to scuttle the Barrett confirmation vote.

Of course, if they refuse to get tested but still get very sick, it won't work. Do we need a magical thinking thread as well as a toxic masculinity thread?

Well, I suppose, if you look at it right, there are three possibilities:
- you test negative, so no problem
- you test positive, and are real sick, so you can't go vote of Barrett
- you test positive, but don't have much in the way of symptoms, so you could have voted . . . as long as nobody knew you tested positive.

Option 3 is, for some, the critical one. And the critical reason not to get tested. (Or, more accurately, not to release the results.) Refusing to admit to having been tested is just a way to hedge your bets.

The Soviet Union had worse Vice-Premiers:

A friend's mother has a place there.

My thoughts and prayers go to armed liberal militias.

Please fuck with me.

Whitey Ford

One thing that I hate about the “ Resistance” is that on Russia, the criticism of him is almost the opposite of what Trump’s administration actually does. In the real world it has been hostile to both Russia and its allies and one rarely if ever sees anyone try to make some logical connection between “ Trump is Putin’s puppet” and the Trump Administration’s actions.

Now if you wanted to argue that Trump is a puppet, and I would not, his behavior comes much closer to matching everything that Netanyahu and Bonesaw want. But that is consistent with having a common attitude towards Mideast politics. Trump is a far right Republican in his actions, including towards Russia. People like Bolton don’t like him because he isn’t aggressive enough— they want us to be bombing or invading Iran and not just targeting their people with sanctions. And Trump is too stupid to live up to the role of leader of the free world. The far right Trump opponents want someone just as militaristic without Trump’s personal issues.

people say Trump is Putin's puppet because he says shit like: "President Putin says it's not Russia. I don't see any reason why it would be," when asked if Russia meddled in the 2016 election (which they did).

people say Trump is Putin's puppet because his campaign sought and welcomed Russia's help in the 2016 election.

people say Trump is Putin's puppet because he denies that Russia pays a bounty for killing US soldiers.

people say Trump is Putin's puppet because he gave secret info to the Russian ambassador, while standing in the oval office.

people say Trump is Putin's puppet because he says Russia was right to invade Afghanistan.

etc, etc, etc, etc..

he also has a similar conflicted relationship with China, alternately fawning and bashing them.

people say Trump is Putin's puppet because it's likely that he has laundered money for Putin, and owes him personally (and this has nothing to do with policy that is "good for" Russia; it has to do with what's good for Putin).

But this discussion is distracting me from horrifying hypocrite Ben Sasse, who is pontificating right now on the subject of "civics" and "the rules of the road" as if Merrick Garland is sitting on the bench. What a despicable fraud.

People say Trump is Putin's puppet because of the damage he continually does to America's alliances (NATO, etc.). That is, potentially, far more damaging than anything else (e.g. sanctions against individual Russians, or even Russia as a whole) that he does.

power = justification

get ready for some justified actions, GOP.

I'd say Trump's actions toward Russia are mixed. I'd say Trump's personal deference toward Putin is bizarre. And I'd say the number and nature of contacts between people in Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian nationals, including people with ties to Russian intelligence, were criminal and bordered on treason.

Just my opinion, on all points.

Also in my opinion, the interesting area to look at here are financial relationships between Trump and his companies, and Russian oligarchic money.

Chercher l'argent is always good advice, but is especially so in Trump's case. He's greedy, greedy people are vulnerable.

Underlining sapient's 10:57 AM:

Courtpackers, unmentioned by the both side do it cucks:

Lindsey Graham ventriloquizing RBG from her grave regarding Merrick Garland on behalf of their fascism.

Sick fucking republican conservative shit. I'm surprised he didn't have a working puppet of RBG sitting on his lap flapping her dead mouth with his subhuman thrown voice shitting out of it.

And this, a fucking neo-Christian Trump cult murderer shows up for the kill:

Check him for Novichok concealed on his subhuman non-person.

If I'm sitting in public and religious cocksucker Lee comes up to me unmasked with his diseased lips flapping infecting sputum into my kisser, I'm GOING to catch the virus alright .... from the gouts of his virally-loaded blood splashing from his florid hemorrhaging face that my toxically masculine fists have just opened to the bone.

He won't have a chance to draw his firearm, which I'm sure he carries as well.

See, these rabid animals don't respond to the humanly decent norms of please and thank you and have a good day.

We might as well tip our hats to crocodiles as they grip us in their jaws.

Assault them.

Hurt them.

The conservative movement has brought out the best in me.

Peace and Love.

In the interests of keeping the subhuman both-sides-do-it delusion of everlasting parity and bipartisan savagery alive, the Governor of Michigan should execute this zombie deputy, and since HE IS gummint, chalk it up to anti-conservative-government violence, long overdue.

My kid's in Michigan. When is Governor Whitmer going to protect him from murderous republicans by executing all of them?

I wonder if our absurd syncretic reality TV monetizing cultural corruption will host a nascent movement of Zen Toxic Masculinity.

Meditation Ashrams outfitted with cage fighting facilities and blood drainage gutters.

The sound of one hand punching.

Punch-drunk Theistic Zen.

Plastic Soul, man, plastic soul.

Rod Dreher is going to have a fit over this WOKE technology:,%2C%20Virginia%2C%20and%20arrived%20Monday

This is an example of exactly the type of Weimar Wokeness that made the Nazi Party indispensable to re-establishing conservative stand-up-and pee-like-a-man-in-space Aryan values in Germany.

Yever get the feeling Dreher is one of them lick-the-white-icing-and-throw-away-the-chocolate-halves Oreo pervs?

Now, Joe Morgan dead. RIP.

Lindsey Graham is still alive.

Fire the scriptwriter.

One can only imagine Dreher's reaction if NASA starts considering how to deal with childbirth in zero G. But then, it's not an issue that he's likely to face personally.

One can only imagine Dreher's reaction if NASA starts considering how to deal with childbirth in zero G. But then, it's not an issue that he's likely to face personally.

Deep in his paranoid victim heart I am sure that Dreher lives in fear that any societal acknowledgement of trans visibility will lead us all down the road to where he will be forced, literally, to give birth to a child.

Deep in his paranoid victim heart I am sure that Dreher lives in fear that any societal acknowledgement of trans visibility will lead us all down the road to where he will be forced, literally, to give birth to a child.

I don't think so. I think he just can't stand, he Can. Not. Stand, the fact that people exist in the world who don't experience life in the same crabbed, fearful, limited, color-inside-the-lines way that he does. In his psyche, if these people exist and are allowed to be openly themselves, then he is erased. That sets up a dynamic where you have to obliterate or be obliterated.

He's terrified of a monster that he made up himself and projected onto other people, including me. I don't actually appreciate it much.

Amateur long-distance psychological analysis of the day. Worth what you paid for it.

Well, turning the psychoanalysis back on us (or the left), I'm assuming that the fascination with Dreher is his advocacy of crunchy conservatism
from that last link
One day last summer, I told a colleague I had to leave early to pick up my weekly batch of fresh vegetables from the organic food co-op to which my wife, Julie, and I belong. “Ewgh, that’s so lefty,” she said. And she was right: Organic vegetables are a left-wing cliché. Indeed, I once made fun of neighbors who belong to a co-op that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables from local organic farms to our Brooklyn streets. But then the neighbors gave us one week’s vegetable shipment, and we were knocked flat by the intense flavors. Who knew cauliflower had so much taste? It was the freshness of the produce, not its organic status (of dubious nutritional advantage), that we were responding to. Now, Julie usually picks up our weekly delivery in her National Review tote bag.

Unfortunately, as we realize more and more, someone can still be a total dick regardless of how similar their superficial lifestyle choices may be to others...

They found a striking linear relationship between support for Trump and an authoritarian mind-set: The stronger a person supported Trump, the higher he or she scored on the RWA scale. People saying they strongly disapproved of Trump, for instance, had an average RWA score of 54. Those indicating complete support of the president, on the other hand, had an average score of 119, more than twice as authoritarian as Trump opponents.

Many fervent Trump supporters, Altemeyer and Dean write, “are submissive, fearful, and longing for a mighty leader who will protect them from life’s threats. They divide the world into friend and foe, with the latter greatly outnumbering the former.”

one strong, clear trend this election season is "conservative" candidates trying to portray Dems as being unwilling and unable to "keep us safe". president, governor, state and federal representatives and senators - all of the commercials from Republicans are about fear. they're afraid of change in any manner; they're afraid of all Others; they're afraid that they won't be in charge.

what they're running on makes it perfectly clear that conservatism is, at heart, fear.

lj --

1. Defensively or not, I will say I am not remotely fascinated with Dreher. I used to look at him now and then when I read the Daily Dish and old Andrew linked to him, but I would never even remember he existed if people here didn't mention him now and then.

2. Organic food -- people like Dreher and Sullivan love to bring up that alleged factoid about organic food being of "dubious nutritional advantage," conveniently ignoring the fact that there are other value choices at work besides some narrow definition of "nutritional value." For instance: how we treat the land. How many untested chemicals we ingest. The economic structures built around food production. Funny, Here is a very current article about Maine Grains, where I buy most of my flour -- all of it grown and milled in Maine. I buy organic varieties, but Maine Grains isn't strictly organic. See, it's complicated, something the Drehers and Sullivans (and Barretts) of this world would rather not have to face up to.

Dreher's entire shtick is "BE AFRAID". and i don't doubt that he is truly and deeply terrified of everything he sees; and i'll hypothesize that he tries to find shelter from his myriad fears in strict religious dogma and the self-righteous condemnation it teaches.

but he's still a fool and a caricature.

I really have no use for people who think they've won an argument when they've defined it out of existence. (I mean e.g. Dreher and Sullivan.)

Not a single person I know who buys organic buys it solely for its "nutritional value." And I know a lot of them, Maine being a hotbed of organic fandom and activism.

Who knew cauliflower had so much taste? It was the freshness of the produce, not its organic status (of dubious nutritional advantage), that we were responding to.

Plus, I'm sure he did a careful comparison with fresh but non-organic vegies to prove that the "intense flavors" were just because the food was fresh, and not in the least because it was organic.


I do wish, however, that I could figure out a way to monetize my neuroses... ;-)

Neat trick if you can pull it off.

Don't want to (and really can't) say who individuals read, but D and S are sort of mainstays among people who want to be liberal but 'just raise questions'. Of course, if I suggest that they be ignored in the main and ridiculed when they are raised, I'm sure we would hear squeals of concern about a 'cancel culture' (which, incidentally, is a hobby horse both of them like to ride) and how illiberal us so-called liberals are. whatevs...

Perhaps someone can riddle me this. If "cancel culture" is a thing, how is Rush Limbaugh (not to mention Fox "News") still around? I mean, if those nasty libs could, wouldn't those be top of the list?

Oh, don't you know that liberals by definition suffer from low blood pressure? They need the fix to keep themselves viable and RW media are cheaper than drugs (at least in the US). Of course there are unwanted side effects for both but that's inevitable.
Given the content of comment sections on liberal media (including liberal youtube channels), RWers use the same recipe (despite suffering from hypertension where the drying paint live channel would be more appropriate).

it's an overabundance of cool humours.

Dreher, as a professional victim, so very sorely put upon by the infidel hoards that surround him, will never be satisfied until he is CRUCIFIED.

I say his wish should be granted. Remember, use deck screws and large washers, not those crappy unreliable 'nails'.

eye hooks - then we can hang plants off him.

This is the wackiest piece of writing at TAC yet:

"He leaned in to kiss me. I thought about all the men. The men I’ve had. Air Force and antifa. Bodybuilders and bums. Incels and transhumanists and dozens of other emotional cripples crawling through me for years and years. Our culture makes us addicts. Ever since the sexual revolution. What’s my id going to do to me later in life if I’m incapable of sustained, temperate love?"

I call bullshit.

She sez she's young. So, what the Hell does she know about the so-called sexual revolution 50 years ago except that she apparently has access to birth control (say thank you) to avoid being impregnated by the U.S. Air Force, hooded Antifa arsonists, Arnold Schwarzenegger, bums, woman-hating INCELs, and transhumanists, whatever those are, but I have a feeling she got it fore and aft, not that there is anything wrong with that?

And a Proud Boy, who knows a Muslim Proud Boy who has introduced scores of women to conservative family values moral turpitude but still expects to find a virgin to marry after laying waste far and wide.

Maybe Falwell Jr. and the wife should give these folks a call.

These conservative horndogs are having way too much fun.

The only question I had during the sexual revolution was: So, when does this sex I've heard so much about start?, because the word "No!" seemed to be as big a part of the vocabulary as it had been since forever (as the word "Yes" has also been around forever) when Marilyn Monroe announced to a friend that the best part of making the big time is she could finally stop blowing studio bigwigs, which is what the term "Merit" has meant in America since the getgo.

I kid, sort of, but so did Thomas Jefferson.

It's a wonder Pat Buchanan himself didn't get a piece of this action, but maybe he's one of those pervs who just likes to watch the gangbang and then spank the miscreants afterwards for good measure .... after starting a fistfight.

Naughty, naughty boys and girls!

I'm recently seeing, as TAC goes full bore during election-season for Trump against commie trans-socialist warmongering child molester Biden, a lot more WTFs in the comment sections as the commentariat wises up to the extent of the assholery Buchanan has been up to since he encouraged Richard Nixon's worst bullshit Scots-Irish white-trash fascist tendencies.

Anyway, I shan't be linking to TAC anymore here.

The honest Larison is worth the visit and their literature critic, Prufrock, though conservatively biased, is pretty good too.

This is the wackiest piece of writing at TAC yet

"Dear TAC - I never thought this would happen to me...."

When do both sides get to do this?

It's 2020, conservative racists!

Stop, now!

Maybe the authorities, whatever those are, can track down these terrorists by contacting the young woman who dated the Proud Boy and the entire crew of the minesweeper, the USS Hello Sailor!

She's probably having dinner with them this weekend.

It's also time for the Democratic Party to officially invite United Nations Election Monitors in to watch over and interdict the conservative filth intending to steal the November election at every polling station in America, AND Covid sufferers in North Dakota, Michigan, and Wisconsin should request WHO and Chinese Communist Party officials visit their states en masse to oversee the murderous republican party pandemic response teams, if any of the latter can be located.

America is full of incompetent subhuman shit.

"Shut up n***r, go pick your cotton"

but nobody better call Trump supporters racists! we don't want to alienate them.

Gosh, Senator Whitehouse is presenting a helluva convincingly argued case in the Barrett hearing....

from the Nobody Could Have Predicted This list:
WI cancels Foxconn deal

When Trump and his supporters want to Make America Great Again, what is the previous period of purported greatness they're harking back to? Before or after the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

In England, this sort of nostalgia seems to refer to the Edwardian Age, around 1905 say. The lost world of The Go-Between, when English gentlemen played cricket on the village square on long summer afternoons, or travelled without a passport through Europe and the British Empire, with servants to carry their luggage.

Meanwhile, women and poor people didn't have the vote. Infant mortality was about 20%, mainly poor people. Less than one person in a thousand had a car - all rich people. Contraception was largely unavailable, especially if you weren't rich.

The lack of mobile phones and aeroplanes and antibiotics and the internet aside, it was indeed a wonderful time to be rich and male and without a conscience.

what is the previous period of purported greatness they're harking back to? Before or after the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

the time when they were children, when Daddy protected them and nobody talked about ickky stuff like race and gender.

Not only did nobody make them hear about icky stuff like race or gender, but all the icky people were kept in their proper places, either in the ghetto or in the closet.

Or for that matter in the kitchen.

Also, their doctor was white and born in aMurrica and had a name they could pronounce and spell. And was male. And didn't do abortions or hand out birth control pills.

When Trump and his supporters want to Make America Great Again, what is the previous period of purported greatness they're harking back to? Before or after the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

I'd say early 1950s. That is, when everybody else was still struggling to rebuild from WW II, so we were the only ones around. (They don't, mostly, quite say that we need another war to destroy everybody else's infrastructure. But it would probably be required to get us back to that level of dominance.) And definitely pre-1957 -- both pre-Sputnik and pre-Brown v Board of Education.

Some of them were children then. Others only know it from stories of their parents. But that doesn't seem to make a difference. (Those who were adults then, the ones who remain, know enough about the reality to have less fantastical views.)

Also, their doctor was white and born in aMurrica and had a name they could pronounce and spell. And was male. And didn't do abortions or hand out birth control pills.

Actually, I suspect he did do abortions. Or at least make on-the-QT referrals to someone who did. Provided you were rich, of course.

Also, their doctor was white and born in aMurrica and had a name they could pronounce and spell.

Also, as an incredibly snobbish State department person once said to me (approximately 25 years ago), who had a name which ended in a consonant. I guess this was to exclude Italian Americans, which would fit with stories Janie has previously told. Ah yes, there is no doubt that the fabled era of yesteryear to which they hark back has to have all sorts of acceptable racism enshrined therein..

first doctor i remember (i'd be 5 or 6) was Dr Kureshi. he was either from Pakistan or India, and given his name was probably Muslim.

i don't know why the good patriots of Shithole NY (pop 17K) let him into the town. but they did! and he stuck needles in me every week!


@GftNC -- most definitely.

I may have told this story here before, among others, but one of my good friends from high school was the son of a doctor. Irish last name, mongrel mix behind it. Though he was invited, Dr. Dad wouldn't join the country club because they were such snobs. As evidence, they blackballed Italians for many years. Finally an Italian-American doctor was invited to join (yes, his last name ended in a vowel). Then he turned around and blackballed [am I still allowed to use that word?] the black doctor who had come to town, and whom someone had nominated.

Pulling the ladder up behind you.........

Their favorite moment in American history is right around the corner, as EVIL is afoot.

The cite for the newly packed Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Trump Administration's suit to halt the counting of ballots nationally at some point soon after November 3, 2020 and the seizing and destruction of those uncounted ballots by federally-appointed vigilantes is upcoming in good-quick time.

Why, within weeks, as the crow flies.

Biden may WIN the election by 10 million votes, but the crookedly paid off republican vermin electors in key states will throw the Electoral College in his favor.

Should Biden somehow prevail, the subhuman Republican Party has many back-up favorite moments in the hopper for us, including assassinations of key Democratic figures, mutinies and sabotage by deep state conservative confederates, seeded throughout the federal administrative state by the deep state Trump putsch, of federal policies enacted by the Biden Administration, and of course, an avalanche of Supreme Court rulings declaring the entirety of the New Deal and the subsequent 75 years of landmark legislation dealing with Civil Rights, racial integration, taxation, and the social safety net unconstitutional, and all further substantive governance by any Democratic Administration and Congress in the future will be sharply circumscribed even if enacted by majority representative government bodies, should those come to be.

My favorite moment is a number of years down the road when whatever savage Civil War battle delivers a slaughtering, butchering coup de gras to the leading lights of the fake Christian conservative movement and their Karens and male republican traitors and assholes that will be the equivalent of the decisive, though not final by any means, Battle of Vicksburg in 1863.

Our side will feature guerilla battalions of aggrieved and heavily armed pissed-off immigrants, refugees from the late Obamacare and other healthcare insurance programs, and all of the OTHERS who will be refused the rights and fruits of American citizenship by the fucking scum.

The Republican Party armies and air forces, commanded by their savage God, will gleefully resort to nuclear and biological (that has already started) warfare against key liberal and Democratic targets on the mainland, but I'm confident that when they see what befalls their subhuman civilian operatives at the hands of freedom fighters, they will be decisively turned back and all that will remain is a savagely hunted, racist conservative remnant of flinty irreducible malign nostalgia, soon chased to ground like Quanah Parker's Comanche remnant of starving women and skeletal ponies in 1875, for the day before Brown versus Board of Education subjected the filth to sharing their schools and living publicly with niggers.

Meanwhile, go Braves.

Remarkable how the white racist conservative movement, which included much of the Democratic Party as well, despised Italians like Christopher Columbus, except for his genocidal deeds, which they've come to adore.

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