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October 03, 2020


Lois Lane:

"You Can Save Your Holier-Than-Thou, Made For TV Platitudes, And Drown Them In Some Holy Water, Mister."

Lindsey Crow:


if those oreos were available in stores, i'd buy a case to help cancel Dreher's soul.

but they aren't for sale anywhere. :(

@cleek -- that just makes RD's panic performance even stupider.

I mean, the fact that they're not available for sale -- it makes RD look like even more of an idiot than he otherwise might. He doesn't even have to see them on his store shelves! He's getting into an affronted snit over...nothing much. As, I take it, usual.

But liberals are snowflakes.

Nurse Ratched:


More guns, America, more guns.

Less healthcare.

More guns.


While reformed felons who have repaid their debts to society in Florida are fucked by further Republican Party law-breaking.

The next time a conservative starts a lecture at your face on law and order, break the law and viciously, physically assault them.

physically assault them.

Or, invite them to have a nice day, walk away, and then defeat their representatives in office.

a PSA:

it's not too late to throw some money at folks you want to see in office. Espy, Hegar, and Bollier are all in tight races that could help flip the Senate, and all will benefit a lot from a late infusion of cash. Send $5, they'll be glad to have it.

it's not too late to phone bank. it's not even too late to write GOTV postcards.

the more people who vote, the more likely it is that (R)'s will be looking for new jobs after November.

For the 2022 and beyond elections, the conservative subhuman Supreme Court will allow only NRA-approved gun ranges to be used as polling locations.

Conservative voting booths to the back. Democratic voters will have to use the booths located among the targets at the business end of the ranges.


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