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October 05, 2020


Thanks for the recommendation, russell. I started to watch it and was mesmerized by his hands, only to have him start talking and say that it's not about the hands, it's about the whole body! ;-)

(I do love watching people's hands, though, even on computer keyboards. Or chopping onions. Or cutting wood. Or whatever.)

Seriously, the video as great, even for a non-jazz-lover. I'm not done, but will finish this evening. It is truly a blessing to have something else to think about.

If you don't think the jazz part will put you off...

I don't understand what this series of words is supposed to mean. ;^)

It means that epidemiology is not the only field where massive ignorance, and inability to comprehend reality, exists.

it just means that not everybody digs jazz.

and that's OK.

wheat / chaff

it just means that not everybody digs jazz.

I refuse to believe this.

I refuse to believe this.

I think you underestimate the ability to people to learn to like and dislike things. After all, think how many people learned to love Trump. (Sorry to allude to politics here. But it is a prime case of people learning to love the unlovable.)

People who don't like jazz just haven't listened to enough jazz to find the sort they like.

Which is a totally different thing from people who like bad jazz.

Cool video.

I refuse to believe this.

Me, too. But my attempts to deny it are, repeatedly, defeated.

I refuse to believe this.

A popular COVID-related joke among some jazz-playing friends of mine:

"I've been playing to 20% of club capacity for years!"



Just a drop in comment. Thanks for this, really enjoyed it.

This was very good.

Thanks, Russell.


[Spam reported and thus gone. -- ed.]

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