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September 05, 2020


I just think that one way to explain his constant lying, and/or contradicting himself, is that he himself does not have a consistent grasp on what is happening, and what he believes.

take the source for what he's worth, but Alex Jones had this to say about Trump a couple of years back:

Conspiracy radio talker Alex Jones boasted on Sunday that he has regular, private conversations with Donald Trump and that the president routinely parrots things that Jones tells him.

The Infowars founder claimed that he has “personally witnessed” Trump repeat “word-for-word” information that Jones has shared with him in private conversations “at least five or six times.” Trump loves listening to things that random people tell him, Jones said. The president writes down the hot scoops and then asks close aides to verify the information via methods Jones did not specify.

"They call that easily influence or he believes the last thing he heard," Jones said dismissively."When he gets told about a Harvard study showing that millions of illegals voted, he goes and looks into it and finds out it's true. I mean that's what Trump does."

and i think i remember hearing the same thing from someone else - Trump just likes to repeat the last story he heard. and this was so well known in the WH that aides would compete to be that last person.

that could be what happened here... Woodward got to Trump just after Trump heard from medical professionals. but then he got an earful from his top-notch political team and changed to "no big deal".

bobbyp hypothesis: Trump, aware that his denial was becoming an epic fail tries to "correct the record"...with that old classic, "I did it for the good of the country."

More from this June on cleek's 3:11


As with OAN, so with Trump. I don't believe that either care one bit whether what they say is true or not, so long as it is believable and it fits the narrative they are constructing in that moment.

My brother-in-law was a pathological liar with a string of failed businesses and clients left in the lurch. He was the same way. His stories always shifted to keep himself at the center as the underappreciated hero and victim of unforeseen circumstances. And he believed it. Always. Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. The alternative was too psychologically damaging to accept.

I agree with GftNC. Trump is evil, ignorant, stupid, and utterly incompetent to run anything. Anyone who was complicit in his election in any way should be ashamed. Almost everything he says is a lie, because he doesn't care about the truth.

But he cares so little about it that he seldom knows what is true.

"Anyone who was complicit in his election in any way should be ashamed have their oxygen license revoked"

"I saved his ass," Trump had said amid the US outcry over Khashoggi's killing, according to Bob Woodward's new book. "I was able to get Congress to leave him alone. I was able to get them to stop."

Of course.

But. Her. Emails.

"Anyone who was complicit in his election in any way should have their oxygen license revoked"

Herman Cain is somehow still breathing without a license.

Summary execution.


Small conservative subhuman murderous government.

On the other hand, wouldn't General James Mattis be an all-American hero, savior and patriot who deserved statuary of himself erected in every public square in the land if he shot Lou Dobbs dead on Fifth Avenue.


Treason is defined in the Constitution. Contemplating the lawful removal of the POTUS does not qualify.

But, we all knew that.

But, we all knew that.

Just as all of us could be confident that Trump's fanboys, like Himself, would have no clue.

Who does this despicable sh*t?


I wonder if he asked the "actor" what an Aleppo is.

Black Lives Matter needs to track that actor down.

Reads like a JDT post

Is it too bad to hope the ICE guys on the plane spread it to each other as well?

Some excerpts from wj's WaPo link:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency moved the detainees on “ICE Air” charter flights to avoid overcrowding at detention facilities in Arizona and Florida, a precaution they said was taken because of the pandemic.

But a Department of Homeland Security official with direct knowledge of the operation, and a former ICE official who learned about it from other personnel, said the primary reason for the June 2 transfers was to skirt rules that bar ICE employees from traveling on the charter flights unless detainees are also aboard.


The move was part of a wider deployment of Border Patrol agents, U.S. Marshals, ICE tactical teams and other federal forces in downtown Washington and around the White House. ICE teams stationed closer to the nation’s capital were already in place at the protests; the additional units were flown in as reinforcements, U.S. officials said.

The teams were not responsible for guarding detainees on the flights, a role handled by private contractors and ICE enforcement officers.

Cute, right? Make an excuse to put detainees on the flights to get around the rules, even though the ICE teams on board aren't the ones responsible for guarding detainees on flights. Hustlers gonna hustle.

"the primary reason for the June 2 transfers was to skirt rules that bar ICE employees from traveling on the charter flights unless detainees are also aboard."

Perhaps the most surprising part is that they bothered to "skirt the rules." The usual Trumpian approach being to just ignore the rules altogether.

rules are only good sofar as they constrain others.

clusterfuck the vote!


It will serve the Wisconsin GOP right if the Democrats end up winning both the presidential election there and taking over the state legislature. Nothing seems to motivate Wisconsin voters more than having their Supreme Court try to screw up things for partisan advantage.

More clusterfuck the vote by the racist subhuman republican party in Florida:


Here's a good article on the issue and those cheated once again from the voting franchise by f*cking republican animals:


The plot curdles:


We must know why she resigned. Was she ratnovichoked by vermin republican fixer Barr?

There is a dome of savage rage against all things conservative movement just below the surface of Soviet CCP Republican America.


When it blows, there will be nowhere for the f*ckers to hide.

Have a delightful weekend!

Live to vote. Vote to live.

More on the resigned federal prosecutor:


A thread on the Florida ruling:


May the pandemic kill all Florida Republicans.

More on the resignation, particularly who's Russian dick traitor Guiliani has been sucking:


The travel scam lead to a COVID-19 outbreak and at least one death.

"Last month, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that 51 of the 74 transfers tested positive for COVID-19 by the end of June. Soon, the outbreak spread to 97 percent of detainees in Farmville and became the largest recorded outbreak in any immigration jail at the time. One detainee, a 72-year-old Canadian national named James Thomas Hill, died after being hospitalized with the virus."
COVID-19 Outbreak and Death Result of ICE Agents Using Immigrants To Mobilize in George Floyd Protests: A preventable coronavirus outbreak and death occurred after ICE used immigrant transfers as an excuse to fly to D.C.

CharlesWT, I'm not a Reason fan (and I saw this in the Post), but thanks. And thanks for pointing out that Reason is making it more well-known.

I didn't know whether the WP article referenced the infections caused by the travel as I didn't try to get past the paywall. WP and websites like it seem to be having trouble finding a business plan that will keep them in business. Lucky them that their owner is the richest man in the world. And being his ex makes for the richest woman.

WP and websites like it seem to be having trouble finding a business plan that will keep them in business.

I don't subscribe to every newspaper I read, but I subscribe to the Washington Post. First, it was my local newspaper growing up. But, second, it's a very good paper (minus some annoying both sides bs, and a few horrifying editorialists, who further the both sides bs that journalism seems to need to embrace). Bezos is not my hero, but he's allowed the Post some editorial integrity.

just want to say that "earthquake" and "swarm" are two words that nobody really likes to see in close proximity to each other.

jeez louise.

With an earthquake swarm, tectonic stresses are being released when they're at a relatively low level.

It's the "quietly building up stress for a couple of centuries" that you need to watch out for.

If you live somewhere that doesn't get many quakes, "earthquake swarm" could be scary. If you live around the Pacific Rim, you'd actually like to hear it. Because, as Snarki says, otherwise a big one is just building up.

I'm living on a fault which is a couple decades overdue for a quake. I'd be positively ecstatic for a swarm of 3s, or even 4s. Because otherwise we're probably looking at at least a 5 or 6, maybe higher, when it finally goes.

when it finally goes

Always finding cheer here.

LGM has posts on the Florida felon poll tax scam, the Wisconsin fiasco and making unions illegal.

I feel the stress building. Do you?

I forgot. Happy 9/11, we big swinging American dicks:

"40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually before the World Trade Center the tallest, and and then when they built the World Trade Center it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.

Republicans and conservatives have had tiny little erections since that day.

It was the best day of their lives.

Always finding cheer here.

Just a clear view of reality. The kind of view that causes us to build structures which can get thru moderate earthquakes. (Compare the site of the largest earthquake in US history. That would be Missouri. Not earthquake building codes thete, however.)

If you say "earthquake swarms", say it with a smile and a thumbs-up, OK, sunshine? Now, let's try that again ... cue the music, AAANNNND one!


You see, everything is "presentation". For example, this word "pandemic" you down-in-the-mouths always use. From now on, Tinker Bell, what say we use the word PeterPandemic to lighten the public's mood.

It sounds .. I don't know, so youthful and zesty.

Like Cheese Whiz is .... ZESTY. Jee whiz, ain't it, though!

Next up, this "War on Cancer" slogan just will not do, doctors. What if we reframed the entire message.

You are causing frown lines, people!

Ummmm .... don't say your doctor "found a tumor". Why not "a tumor has reached out to you and found a home in your colon."

See how that minor uplift in our communication brings out the dimples in the sheeples?

And, PLEEEEAASSE, may we not scream the word metastasize every time the tumor that was kind enough to adopt YOU decides to grow and spread!

After all, growing and spreading are American values, are they not? You know, manifest destiny.

What your tumor is merely doing is having little baby tumors and they in turn grow up and build new housing developments in your lungs and brain and then THEY have little kid tumors in turn and, well, you see, what could me more natural and .... American.

Tomorrow, we'll take up the way you people always accentuate the negative in voting, for example. When you are prevented from voting, why can't we realize what is really happening is that you are actually making the votes of others more important and profitable, you are being generous ... but, hold that thought .... we've run out of time, today.

Remember, the deep state conservative movement must be killed, and I say that with a smile.

Only one person's feelings really matter, and he's getting very irritable in the White House:


In America, we always have each others' backs.

And, if not that, then, we are always ON each others' backs.

It's what you might call a .. regulation.


Only conservatives are permitted to shoot to kill ... in the back ... when attacked.

Maybe she'll be evicted too.

There are conditions in America. All of them are pre-existing, but never you mind.

Further to our discussion about Trump's "knowledge", I thought the following Frum twitter thread was interesting. Money quote:

At some deep level of his psyche, he imagines that words can change reality.

He has no idea eg how to run a business. But if you keep saying your business is "tremendous," bankers lend you money you need not repay.


Like the Medal of Freedom, yet another award that will have to be retired after conservatives take a dump on it:


Nobility, is it?

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Trump's psyche is not deep. It's a shallow puddle of shite, a shallow state, one should avoid.

Max Boot has had it with Trump, too:

Step back and think about what is happening here: Trump’s lawyer is working with a Russian agent to help Trump politically — and the president’s appointees are trying to prevent the intelligence community from blowing the whistle on Russian interference. This is the strongest evidence yet of Trump’s collusion with Putin — and it’s not in the past. It’s happening right now.

I'm with JDT.

I doubt Trump thinks he's changing reality. He's a bullshit artist. If you say the same thing loudly enough, long enough, some folks will believe it. If you keep it up, enough folks will believe it, or will simply get sick of listening to you, that you will get whatever it is you want.

He's a selfish loudmouth bully. It's what selfish loudmouth bullies do. They do it because it works, and because they don't give a shit about anything other than getting what they want, and f*** everybody else.

Trump has enough money that reality mostly doesn't touch him. So he doesn't care about reality, per se, one way or the other.

He's a selfish loudmouth bully. He's really good at it, but I'm not sure there's more to it than that.

The Nobel nomination is real, BTW, and it's his second. Both made by the same right-wing Norwegian.

The nomination is for brokering a deal of mutual recognition between Israel and the UAE, which will likely be followed by a similar deal between Israel and Bahrain.

All of which, on their face, seem to deserve a positive response.

And all of which, having been brokered by Trump and his mendacious son-in-law, make me want to count the silverware.

Maybe she'll be evicted too.

Then again, perhaps there will be a Rite Aid boycott. Even pickets outside their stores. Just to, you know, get their attention.

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