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September 12, 2020


Making me laugh, hsh! Unbelievable!

Then I've already had a good day.

A link about our immoral intervention in Syria.

I actually have a long foreign policy rant ( not just Yemen) against both Trump and his critics, but am not sure I am in the mood for the argument. It can probably wait a few months, especially if Biden wins. I fervently hope he does. I also expect I will despise much of his foreign policy. ( Not all — he is critical of the Yemen War.)

But I wanted to put that link up.

i'm thinking the country might be in a de-escalation kind of mood. if so, and if Biden gets the right kind of advice, maybe the doves will be able to make some ground once President Nobrains is out.

no justice for Breonna Taylor.

defund them.

Again with "It is what it is."

These guys have too much Mafia in their bloodlines, if I may fucking morally preen for a minute.

At a speech that was supposed to be totally presidential and was totally campaigning in North Carolina, he signing an executive order that says that it is it "the policy of the United States" to protect people with preexisting conditions. That’s it. Oh, and if Congress doesn't pass a law on surprise billing by January 1, 2021, the administration will do ... something. Why not do it now, reporters asked Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. "It is what it is," he said. Just like more than 200,000 Americans dead from coronavirus. These guys are such cards.

Meanwhile, inconvenient ballots are thrown into the trunk of a car and buried upstate.

Third paragraph should have quotes fore and aft.

Two things.

Stop killing black people.

Stop killing cops.

And, confiscate all guns to prevent future shootings.

Here is a photo of fascist theocratic moral preening of the first order against which my moral preening is merely a mild breeze in the thorn tree.

dear "law and order" types: 'no-knock warrants' and the 'castle doctrine' and 'stand your ground' can't co-exist. pick one.

dear "law and order" types: 'no-knock warrants' and the 'castle doctrine' and 'stand your ground' can't co-exist. pick one.

This is the exact conversation I was having last night sitting in the (outdoor and socially distanced) beer garden of a local brewery. I really know how to have fun.

beer makes all things better!

Mrs C and i did a good 30 minutes on the racial implications of Chief Wahoo last night (she's from Cleveland). there was Knob Creek involvment. good times!

One would like to be a fly on the wall to overhear the moral preening among the Generals in the U.S. military about whether or not to enforce, under the orders from the President of the United States, the theft of an American Presidential election, and further, whether or not to murder and disappear those from whom the election was stolen.

Happy birthday, cleek, you mere youth and stripling!

I aspire to be so full of shit and hypocritical that I am beyond the grasp of the US justice system, but conservative republican filth are always one step ahead of me and the law:

So, now, Carlson and company and their free willies are the moral preening equivalent of a bottle of strychnine with a skull and crossbones emblazoned on the label or a syringe full of the purest heroin handed to the addict by a cackling pusher, or perhaps a loaded gun pointed by a fascist subhuman conservative at his own testicles.

Vermin proceed at their own risk.

I mean, what did you think was going to happen?

That explains how it is that the murder/suicide of Herman Cain has resulted in zero lawsuits, but only dozens of posthumous tweets from the perpetrator blaming Dr. Fauci.

dear "law and order" types: 'no-knock warrants' and the 'castle doctrine' and 'stand your ground' can't co-exist. pick one.

Correct. Citizens have a right to protect themselves, and even if the police announce themselves, unless there is time to confirm that it is, in fact, the police, a citizen can and should take steps for self defense. The fact is, anyone can claim to be the police.

Reform is long overdue to limit no-knock's to identifiable threats to public safety with mandatory body cameras. Aside from killing a perfectly innocent person, the second most disturbing thing about this is that none of the officers seem to have had body cameras. That makes the officers' story suspect.

I'd like to know a lot more about the Louisville PD's body cam policy. I wrote a body cam policy for an EMS client of mine. Properly written and enforced, there is no excuse for not having a camera on. There should have been three in this case. Too much of a coincidence for all three to lay down.

Happy birthday, cleek, you mere youth and stripling!


The 50's are a great decade. I think you're gonna enjoy it.

The 50's are a great decade...

But some ways off yet.

Nonetheless, happy birthday, cleek !

thanks all.

not feeling the joy, from this side of the fence, though :)

(can i just say my ~50 year old eyes keep looking in the recent comments list and seeing "Tacitus?" not "Tactics?" and then i think i'm back in 2003.

I had the hardest time with turning 30. After that I didn’t give a crap about 40 or 50. I guess I’ll find out if 60 bothers me, assuming I get that far.

The only birthday that ever threw me off stride was 45, because 45 made it plain that I was, in fact (barring the unexpected), going to be 50 one of those days.

Heh. Seventy doesn't feel anything like I thought it would half my lifetime ago, when my son was born and I tried to imagine him at 35. That's true even though the physical failings (knees, etc.) creep up inexorably. In any case, it's not the numbers that I take note of these days, or even the creeping infirmities, but the sense that the time remaining is ever so finite.

I just got word that the 31-year-old partner of someone I've worked with for several yaers in my land trust volunteering died of a heart attack while biking last week. I just can't even.

You can be childish at ANY age.

does the US have 20% of the world's population?

asking for 7,000,000 friends.">">

The Republican Party has chosen November 3, 2020 as a good day for them to die.

Try this, instead:

Back off, pigfuckers!

Amy Klobuchar on really fine, passionate form, h/t BJ:

Markets hate uncertainty.

An authoritarian government acting on behalf of the rich is certainty.

In 1930s Germany, the German stock market soared for nearly the entire decade. There were a few hiccups along the way as uncertainty about whether Hitler could pull off the invasions and slaughter of the Austrians, the Czechs, the Poles, but once the market got the high sign that indeed he could do whatever the fuck he liked, free market cocksuckers bought with both hands.

The markets face some uncertainty about whether or not Marty and company can keep their tax cuts and the trains will run on time.

If trump wins, the markets will rise. The trains will run on time and even if they are carrying liberal Jews and all of the Other hated by the conservative movement to the ovens, Wall Street won't give a fucking shit, except to buy stock in boxcar manufacturers, because they are nothing but subhuman algorithms in suits of flesh.

Civil War will end the trump republican vermin.

One side does that shit.

The other side will execute O'Keefe and company.

Fuck with the vote and you will be slaughtered.

It is trump's wet dream to preside over worldwide nuclear holocaust:

well there's one thing that'll get ya fired from the Lousiville PD, write this email:

"These ANTIFA and BLM people, especially the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon 'yesterday' because they became 'woke' (insert eye roll here), do not deserve a second glance or thought from us." "Our little pinky toenails have more character, morals, and ethics, than these punks have in their entire body... Do not respond to them. If we do, we only validate what they did," the email continued, according to the newspaper. "Don't make them important, because they are not. They will be the ones washing our cars, cashing us out at the Walmart, or living in their parents' basement playing COD for their entire life."


Aside from killing a perfectly innocent person, the second most disturbing thing about this is that none of the officers seem to have had body cameras.

Officers that showed up after the raid were wearing cameras. And one of the officers involved in the raid may have been wearing a camera during the raid.

"The footage was captured by 45 different body cameras and included as part of the investigative file compiled by the LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit and shared with the Kentucky attorney general’s office (No footage from the raid itself has been released, and for months, LMPD has insisted that none exists, saying that officers in this unit often operate in plainclothes and were not required to wear body cameras. VICE News has previously reported that crime scene photos contradict initial statements by the LMPD claiming that the officers involved, who work narcotics, do not wear body cameras. Photographs of officers taken from that night clearly show Tony James, one of the at least seven officers present for the raid, wearing a body camera over his right shoulder.)"
New Body-Cam Footage Raises Questions About Breonna Taylor Death Investigation: Footage and documents obtained by VICE News depict Louisville police officers apparently violating department policies and cast doubt on the integrity of the crime scene and the investigation.

Where in the universe does this shit happen except in republican conservative thoroughly lawbreaking subhuman pigshit America?

It was foretold:

Apparently, it also happens in the UK. BoJo et al going full-on Trump, first incompetence, then serious corruption (you have to read down the thread for it, by a QC who founded the Good Law Project). FFS.

Well, since everyone is doing it, I guess William Henry Pendleton is not a hypocrite.

I see from the WaPo that, finally, something is being made of Trump's attempt in 1990 to cheat his siblings out of their inheritance. I was astonished, after reading Mary Trump's book, that nobody seemed to be talking about this (although I commented about it here). In fact, I almost wondered whether I had imagined it, or misinterpreted it, so I went back and reread it just to check. Of course, now we see there are recordings, it makes for a more compelling story - at least we must hope so.

Except when he uses the middle name "Henry" instead of his given middle name, "Perry".

Very suspicious, that!

"Pendley"? Pendleton. Penalty. Penury. Pudenda. Penultimate Pendulous Penmanship.

The guy can't even get his name straight.

It would seem that .... let me rephrase that ... every decision and rule this subhuman conservative (why is he wearing a fake moustache? Hanh?), whatever he calls himself, made during his illegal putsch at the Bureau of Land Management must be reversed, rescinded and wiped from the books.

Did he sell or give lands belonging to the American people to a shadowy anonymous citizen's united trust held in foreign names which are mere anagrams of Trump?

Get those lands back where they belong or there will be goddamned killing.

it makes for a more compelling story - at least we must hope so.

It won't change a single mind.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste by changing it.

In fact, trump will pick up a few percentage points in the polls from the scum that live amongst us who admire Trump's criminal financial acumen and who themselves recently, as their parents began succumbing to Covid-19 in nursing homes as the Trump family played CCP three card monte with respirators, Covid tests, and mask mandates, rushed to change Mom and Dad's estate plans to steal family money from their siblings.

It can be viewed with a jaundiced eye through the prism of long-term financial planning, if you consider the larceny as protection against the sadistic, murderous Republican Party's stated goals of destroying Social Security and Medicare.

A person has to plan for his or her old age, especially as one accumulates those pre-existing conditions Amy Coney Barrett finds so compelling to keep post-born fetuses on their toes in her theocracy which worships God-given human suffering.

Biden didn't fall asleep because he knows republican conservative alien body-snatchers have planted seed pods in the trunk of his car and his basement:

The question is, given the state of things, will Borat II be little more than a confirming documentary about America, unlike Borat I, which at least was able to inspire cringe-worthy satire about the Homeland:

When I hear Tom Cotton defecate via his fascist piehole, the words "peaceful transition" never enter my mind either.

For some reason, the Comanche Nation enters my thoughts.

On the side of the Comanche.

At least he isn't a hypocrite.

He will kill all and everyone he promises to kill.

One begins to understand why he works so tirelessly to make the same military-grade weaponry he used to kill abroad available in the streets of America to his vermin true-believers.

A veritable doyen of truth-telling is Cotton.

It won't change a single mind.

You're certainly right about his real base. But I can't help wondering about some on the fringes who might have been deluded about all the big stuff (ACA, Covid, SCOTUS, large-scale corruption etc) but are all too familiar with family trying to pull a fast one. That happens in families of all socio-economic classes, and people might well have feelings about it. A GftNC can hope.

But I can't help wondering about some on the fringes who might have been deluded about all the big stuff

And we are in a situation where that handful of persuadable voters may well end up being critical. Certainly the chances are too high to take the risk of ignoring them -- no matter how few you suspect they are.

You still seem unclear on the concept, wj.

The whole GOP plan is to arrange things so that "a handful of persuadable voters" can be negated by voter suppression, state-level shenanigans, and/or SCOTUS corruption.

You watch: unless the vote is so lopsided that even Fox News feels constrained to call it for Biden on election night, we will be regaled to arguments from the likes of Marty and McKinney that maybe He, Trump's shysters make some valid points and anyway both sides do it and the Dems would be doing the same thing if the shoe were on the other foot so what the hell -- let He, Trump have His 2nd term to enact His "good Republican) policies".


In many ways our media environment is nothing new. The conditions on social media are quite similar to what we had during the 18th C. with the pamphleteers waging their quirky wars for the hearts and minds of the public. That was very much a propaganda and fake news environment as well.

On the other hand, though, the pamphleteers did not have anything like mass media culture to extend their reach. So while there was a lot of fringe and falsehood, those things were more heterodox.

It's the mass convergences and cascades that are doing us in here and now.

Just saw this— I don’t know if anyone else linked to it, but the nyt seems to have Trump’s tax returns.

Should be interesting.

nyt seems to have Trump’s tax returns.

OMG. Thanks, Donald!

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