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August 13, 2020


If we stop fighting a stupid trade war with China, this
could be an innovative way to address the homeless problem.

So strange after all the discussion of whether KH counts as black etc, I just saw a documentary about the wonderful Joan Armatrading and they played some of her song How Cruel (which I didn't remember), in which she sings:

I heard somebody say once I was way too black
And someone answers she's not black enough for me

There was quite a lot of discussion about how hard it was for them to market her in America, where at the time she was the only black woman "singer/songwriter" (i.e. in the same category as joni mitchell, or james taylor), and an interesting comment by the woman who interviewed her for Spare Rib saying that it was electrifying to hear her, because as a black woman, she had never been socialised to sound weak, so she didn't.

Quite apart from the weird synchronicity with current KH discussions, a cascade of memories: the summer when Love and Affection was the constant soundtrack to which we danced, and threw our heads back, and really laughed, really laughed, and the only time I ever rode on a motorcycle, behind a boy going from London for the day in 1978 to the decommissioned airfield Blackbushe to hear Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading and Eric Clapton.

The smoke reducing the sun to a big red ball you could just look at at 4:45 in the afternoon prompted me to look at the wildfire incident map for the US, and I admit that part of me said, "I am glad there's a westerner on the ticket, from someplace where fire and water are important issues."

There was quite a lot of discussion about how hard it was for them to market her in America

I'm quite surprised at that since I love her, and had the impression that she was extremely popular. Maybe not as popular as I assumed.

"Quite apart from the weird synchronicity with current KH discussions, a cascade of memories: the summer when Love and Affection was the constant soundtrack to which we danced, and threw our heads back, and really laughed, really laughed, and the only time I ever rode on a motorcycle, behind a boy going from London for the day in 1978 to the decommissioned airfield Blackbushe to hear Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading and Eric Clapton."

GftNC: That is a beautifully-written paragraph, evocative of a moment of youth and the accursed passing of time.

misleading is the ratfuckers' stock in trade

Well, what do you expect from an organization funded by Koch and Scaife?

To return to the original post
...it is striking to me that it is the same as Obama, parents who divorced, the candidate raised by the non-black mother, yet the emphasis is on the father...

I'm not sure it is even surprising. I don't think the emphasis is on the father per se. I think it's on the black parent. Which, given how anyone who is even sort-of black can expect to be treated (even without the "one drop" rule), only makes sense. The child might have been inclined to identify with the mother, but society wasn't going to make that viable.

As for the divorced parent aspect, consider how likely it is that parents will divorce. Definitely not a rarity. And overwhelmingly the mother, regardless of race, will get custody. What is anomalous about Obama and Harris is that their parents' divorce did not leave them gorwing up in poverty.

I didn't refresh my browser, so apologies for stepping on GftNC's graceful redirection back to what I was interested in.

Still processing wj's point about it being 'on the black parent', which I'm not sure I understand. And sure, divorce is common, but which parent one identifies with is certainly not set. A lot of kids of divorced couples can reject the parent who is raising them and gravitate towards absent parent, especially if the other parent represents the more exotic.

Tying into our discussions of white fragility, it is interesting to me that both Harris and Obama have seemed comfortable in taking on their black identity, something which I think may be related to the fact that the mothers were both academics. It's also notable where they grew up, Obama in Hawai'i and Harris in Oakland. Certainly not the whole story, but something I find interesting though am still wondering about it.

No apology necessary, lj. And thank you, JDT, for your kind words.

Still processing wj's point about it being 'on the black parent', which I'm not sure I understand. And sure, divorce is common, but which parent one identifies with is certainly not set.

My point was that, the child might not have a choice of (race) identity. Suppose Obama had decided to identify was white, like his mother. Would American society have cheerfully agreed to treat him as white? Not a chance.

What can he do?


Abolish ICE.

Amend the contracts to read "to detain and punish conservative movement operatives. Immigrants formerly housed in the facilities will be given first dibs on prison guard positions.

Convict and execute the perpetrators.


I'm going to send her money to replace the useless antique rifle with a semi-automatic AR-15 so she can pay visits to the server's and the landlord's homes to work this shit out.

Ahh, so 'on the black parent' doesn't mean they should take responsibility, you are commenting about the lack of agency? I can see that, largely growing out of the 'one-drop' theory of race.

Though I think that Harris could have 'passed' and emphasized her Indian heritage, though she obviously didn't because she chose to go to Howard U, though interestingly enough, she attended middle and high school in Quebec. Here's an interesting article about that

Another one that has several sour notes in it, so I don't particularly trust it (plus it was written when Harris was a presidential candidate)

(interesting factoid, when the Japanese-American internment took place, they also incarcerated orphans with any Japanese blood
https://encyclopedia.densho.org/Manzanar_Children's_Village/ )

Susan Collins' condition has been downgraded from vaguely irritated to slightly troubled.


GftNC: That is a beautifully-written paragraph, evocative of a moment of youth and the accursed passing of time.


And hey, I know a guy who was on some of those sessions!

I think that Harris could have 'passed' and emphasized her Indian heritage

Today? Sure. But in 1960s Berkeley (or 1970s Montreal)? There were vanishingly few South Asians. So passing would have required constant education of everyone around her. Otherwise, they would have just assumed "black" and behaved accordingly.

Also persuading people back then that South Asian/Indian was a thing, rather than just a ruse to pass, would have been problematic, too.

Allow me to note that I was in college and living in Berkeley during the years Harris lived there. I'm working from first-hand observation here.

Perhaps she'll be a counterweight to Biden's neo-interventionist foreign policy past:


That'd be Larison.

Good point wj, the past is a different country. I'm wondering if you've read One Drop of Blood: The American Misadventure of Race by Scott Malcomson, which has interesting links to Oakland and Berkeley I think.

@lj, haven't encountered that book. Sorry.

...perhaps a high function sociopath...

Which all due respect, Charles, I could say the same about you on about as much evidence (ie none).

misleading is the ratfuckers' stock in trade
And the names don’t even change from one century to the next.

From an article on women VP picks:

... In 1984, Ferraro’s campaign was plagued by questions about the finances of her husband, real estate developer John Zaccaro. The controversy first was that Zaccaro, who filed tax returns separately from Ferraro, refused to release them. Once he did, the media spent weeks investigating the family’s finances, even insinuating the couple had ties to organized crime. At one point, the Philadelphia Inquirer apparently had at least 25 reporters on the Ferraro-Zaccaro money beat. A Reagan campaign aide later told the Daily Beast that many of the stories were provided directly by the Reagan campaign (which included a young Roger Stone) and that he knew that Ferraro didn’t have Mafia connections....

They do it among themselves. Remember the Rovian whisper campaign that McCain's adopted non-white daughter was actually his natural child (imsinuating the horrible crime of having had sex with a POC, i.e. Rassenschande)? And it worked (which says more than enough about the character of GOP primary voters).

“It’s very big, a very big lawn.”


Wipe them off the face of the Earth.


Earth. Off it. Now.

which says more than enough about the character of GOP primary voters

but don't you dare actually accuse them of being ... <sotto voce>racist</sotto voce>.

that's worse than being actually racist.

I'm reading Joan Dideon at the moment, and in her essay "Where the Kissing Never Stops", about Joan Baez, written in 1967, she quotes Baez*:

"There's never been a good Republican folksinger."

Then I picked up where I left off reading yesterday in William Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", and he counters Baez judgement, except for "good", with Horst Wessel, who composed "Deutschland uber Alles", the official anthem of the Third Reich.

Volky in its own far right.

Happily, Wessel was assassinated in 1930, Communists do improve the world in some small ways, before he could pre-empt the future with "Where Have All The Jewish People Gone", "The Times They Are a-Changing For the Very Worst, "Heil, the Magic Aryan", "Your Land Is My Lebensraum" and "If I Had 100 Panzer Divisions" in his own versions and ruined it for everyone.

*Baez comes off an eminently more sensible in 1967, and conservative in the good sense, which is now gone forever, than her whiny, tight-assed, freedom-snuffing conservative neighbors, who, if they are still living, are now QAnon Trumpers right down to their lederhosen.

Rural Iowa:


Rural Wisconsin:


Rural North Dakota:


Correction there: Horst Wessel is not the author of 'Deutschland (2x) über Alles' (the 'Song of the Germans / Germany-Song' which was written in 1841, the third stanza of which is the German national anthem of today*) but of "Die Fahne hoch, die Reihen fest geschlossen" (Rise the flag and keep in close(d) formation).
The first stanzas of both songs were sung together as inofficial national anthem in Nazi Germany.

*Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit (unity and justice/rule of law and freedom/liberty).
Btw, the second stanza starts with 'German wine and German women, German fidelity and German song/singing [shall keep their good name in all the world]'


Note, in the Update at the end, that the Post Office is removing collection mail boxes in rural Montana. Trump's boys may end up irritating enough rural Montana votes to lose that Senate seat. (Which, admittedly, is already at risk.)

Does anyone know the brand of gun-rest they have mounted on their knees, to make sure they don't miss when shooting themselves in the foot.

i'm pretty sure those are Trump™-brand gun-rests.

summing it all up in a headline:

Trump’s secret political weapon: Wasting his opponents’ time

President Troll, hard at work.

cleek, of course. How could I have missed that??? (blush)

Post Office collection boxes are being removed in Portland, Oregon as well, and see below, nearly all western states.

Thanks for the correction on the Horst Wessel Lied.

I misread and thus misquoted Shirer: "This was the Horst Wessel song, which soon became the official song of the Nazi Party and later the second official anthem -- after "Deutschland uber Alles" -- of the Third Reich.

I do a wicked imitation, though not near the original, of John Cleese's funny walk too, and if we ever meet in person, Hartmut, I'll welcome your critique. %-}

Nevertheless, here is the Trump LIED:


The U.S. Mail:


Biden will sign an Executive Order upping the punishment for tampering with the U.S. Mail to the death penalty for the criminals.

Shot in public executions on The Washington Mall with the ritual disemboweling a la Mussolini by millions of enraged witnesses afterwards.

Now hear this:


Expect filthy, government-hating conservatives who view every government utterance as lies at best, and jewish liberal Clinton/Obama conspiracies at worst, to hail this news now as spoken truth from God's unsullied mouth.

how are postal boxes secured in place?

how are postal boxes secured in place?

In my town (and other places in Northern California that I've noticed) each of the 4 legs is bolted to the concrete of the sidewalk.

each of the 4 legs is bolted to the concrete of the sidewalk.

same here.

lucky for DeJoy that nobody has done anything to make them harder to remove.

also, looks like folks have figured out where DeJoy lives. NW DC, apparently. Probably not too far away for some folks reading this.

Some people don't like to be made uncomfortable. It's a lever.

how are postal boxes secured in place?

They are loaded down with mail that has insufficient postage.

If you go by the movies, they're full of guns people ditched...

life ain't the movies

If they can't move them, they can probably lock the slot door.

Failing that, there are plenty of clinically insane republican operatives out there who would volunteer to be placed inside the boxes and every time a ballot is put through the slot, they toss it back on to the sidewalk or tarmac, rinse and repeat, until the voter gives up.

Or, they could rig a boxing glove on a springy device that emerges and punches folks in the face every time they pull the slot drawer open, like the Simpson's Stephen Hawking had installed on his wheelchair to answer crypto-Christian lunkheads questions about the age of the universe.

Here's an idea. Rig a paper shredder just inside the drawer in the box which makes confetti of all of the mail and preasto chango, you have yourself a conservative movement dictatorship.

This might be a bit dicey, but Trump would find it bleach-worthy. Place snipers on rooftops overlooking every post box in the country and within a day or two, folks will not even try to use them.

Run a million watts of electric current at all times through the metal boxes and just fry the Other when he or she touch the pull handle.

Trump and his lovely spy wife requested their mail-in absentee ballots from Florida the other say.

At midnight the night of November 3, Trump will announce via TikTok, which QAnon has purchased as their new exclusive propaganda platform on behalf of the President for life, that he and Pence beat Biden/Harris 2-0 in the election countdown, thereby garnering all of the electoral college votes as well.

At that, a slight half-furrow of concern, or maybe it will be indigestion, will appear on Susan Collin's forehead and she will be hold a press conference to refresh her full support and pleasure at Judge Kavanaugh's judicial temperament, while making appointments ahead of time for her granddaughters' illegal abortions in states which shall go unnamed, should such procedures be necessary at any time in the future.



Eating your Chicken Surprise from now on will be a blind taste test ... with ... or without lesions.

Mine tastes like legions!

THAT's the surprise, Dagny!


Marty and Charles have volunteered in the spirit of bullshit deregulation and mass genocidal conservative libertarian movement principles to pre-taste everyone's chicken meals from now on here going forward.

If Trump is re-elected, you'll have to pluck chicken McNuggets before consuming them.

The National Chickenshit Counsel's law firm, Himmler, Himmler, Perdue, Himmler and Spittake threatened anti-lesion activists with gag orders (don't gag or there will be legal action) and free buckets of Chick-Kil-A chicken strips with their new dipping sauce: Cuyahoga Baptismal Lesion Aeoli, your choice .. cloudy, anti-gay chemical brine, or flambeau.

Correct spelling, lie mask wearing, is optional.


"I am glad there's a westerner on the ticket, from someplace where fire and water are important issues."

A bit on water rights, mostly Colorado, in the US.

Who Owns the Rain? (YouTube)

A few more interesting articles on Harris

Nigel pointed the line about Roger Stone in this one, but it also notes that Tom Brokaw introduced the news on Ferraro's pick by saying “The first woman to be nominated for vice president—size 6”. Wow.

Some interesting discussion about South Florida voting groups and their relation to Harris

Someone asked about caste in the comments, here is some info about that for Harris

And this one about her upbringing

Really interesting about the transactions that may go into being chosen

Has anyone else thought that the standard of Politico’s reporting has improved considerably over the last year or so ?

That’s my very subjective impression.

Apparently the Newsweek birtherism opinion article wasn’t just as a result of pitiful editorial standards and a desire for clickbait.

... Why, then, do outlets like Newsweek and the Washington Post keep publishing articles that promote this lie? A coterie of racists based at the Claremont Institute hope that if they repeat it enough, they can leave the door open for a mass expatriation of second-generation Americans, most of them minorities. Indeed, there are few if any supporters of this falsehood who lack connections to the Claremont Institute. Eastman is a senior fellow at Claremont and the founding director of its Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence. Josh Hammer, the Newsweek editor who commissioned the piece, is a former fellow at the institute. Michael Anton, who manipulated the text of a quote from the Senate debate over the 14th Amendment in a Washington Post op-ed to make this lie seem more credible, is a senior fellow there. (Anton may be best known as the author of “The Flight 93 Election,” published in the Claremont Review of Books, which condemned “ceaseless importation of Third World foreigners.”) Claremont “scholar” Edward J. Erler wrote a book arguing that the American-born children of Mexican immigrants have no right to U.S. citizenship, giving the idea greater exposure....

Claremont is a conservative terrorist front.

They may hire this guy to guard their manhoods:


Marty, you are second generation something, aren't you?

More on Nigel's link:


Turns out some of these ilk are peddling their subhuman anti-American hate toward their fellow American citizens about 25 miles from me in what use to be called the People's Republic of Boulder, Colorado, at the University of Colorado.

Including Robert Merry, a former editor, and if I'm not mistaken, still a Board Member of racist, white supremacist crypto fascist immigrant Catholic Trump-licker, Patrick Buchanan's American Conservative.

They want to cancel and deport all second generation American citizens, but you know, only the brown ones.

There are more than 1.2 million Hispanics calling Colorado, by its Spanish name, home. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of them are second generation naturalized U.S citizens and I wonder how many could congregate on Merry's and company's lawn in Boulder with weaponry and torches.

Marco Rubio will be deported back to Cuba by his fellow subhuman conservatives.

I hope Cuba does the right thing by him if he puts one foot down on their soil.

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