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June 15, 2020


Anybody want to try to make sense of the inverted red triangle thing?

And no, it's not an antifa symbol.

I'm somewhat at a loss. Are these guys just ignorant of what things mean? Or just decorating their ads with J-random "emojis" for no particular reason? Or really Nazis? Or just trolling us all with Nazi stuff to own the libs?

My own money is on the last one, but it's weird to find myself having to ask the question.

President Troll, hard at work.

We're left to figure out what kind of incompetence is a work. I don't know how cult-like someone's support for this nitwit has to be to continue in the face of his complete failure to manage anything competently.

Maybe they are NINOs ... Nazis In Name Only.

A rather odd aspiration, that.*

Why not go full Nazi and be done with it?

If Stephen Miller is behind the use of the Holocaust emoji, maybe, in his own sadistic, perverted, republican, ingrown way, he is channeling Jewish actor John Banner (Sargeant Schultz in Hogan's Hero's) who amusingly pointed out that "Who else can play Nazis better that us Jews?", when asked about the paradox of his role.

From Wikipedia:

"The actors who played the four major German roles—Werner Klemperer (Klink),[16] John Banner (Schultz), Leon Askin (Burkhalter), and Howard Caine (Hochstetter)—were Jewish. Furthermore, Klemperer, Banner, Askin, and Robert Clary (LeBeau) were Jews who had fled the Nazis during World War II. Clary says in the recorded commentary on the DVD version of episode "Art for Hogan's Sake" that he spent three years in a concentration camp, that his parents and other family members were killed there, and that he has an identity tattoo from the camp on his arm ("A-5714"). Likewise, John Banner had been held in a (pre-war) concentration camp and his family was killed during the war. Leon Askin was also in pre-war France internment camp and his parents were killed at Treblinka. Howard Caine, who was also Jewish (his birth name was Cohen), was American, and Jewish actors Harold Gould and Harold J. Stone made multiple appearances playing German generals. As a teenager, Klemperer fled Hitler's Germany with his family in 1933. During the show's production, he insisted that Hogan always win against his Nazi captors, or else he would not take the part of Klink. He defended his playing a Luftwaffe officer by claiming, "I am an actor. If I can play Richard III, I can play a Nazi." Banner attempted to sum up the paradox of his role by saying, "Who can play Nazis better than us Jews?" Klemperer, Banner, Caine, Gould, and Askin play stereotypical World War II Germans, and all had served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II—Banner[17] and Askin in the U.S. Army Air Corps, Caine in the U.S. Navy, Gould with the U.S. Army, and Klemperer in a U.S. Army Entertainment Unit. Werner Klemperer had in 1961 starred as the title character in the serious drama Operation Eichmann, which also featured John Banner in a supporting role as a committed Nazi. Ruta Lee, Theodore Marcuse, and Oscar Beregi, Jr. also appeared in the film, each went on to make several guest appearances on Hogan’s Heroes."

It's a tossup whether or not Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson On FOX News are channeling Colonel Klink and Sargeant Schultz from Hogan's Hero's, respectively, or Leni Riefenstahl and Joseph Goebbels from the World War II reality show documentaries.

I'd suggest a simple test: If they can accurately imitate John Cleese's funny walk without falling down (not likely, because IT is funny, and they haven't a funny bone in their dogsbodies), then they are fake Nazis trolling us.

However, I'm betting the two of them are the real items.

But clumsy. Also extraordinarily dangerous.

*Never in American history, have the American people put up with such behavior in the highest positions in politics. Why do we continue?

Are these guys just ignorant of what things mean? Or just decorating their ads with J-random "emojis" for no particular reason? Or really Nazis? Or just trolling us all with Nazi stuff to own the libs?

My own money is on the last one, but it's weird to find myself having to ask the question.

Gotta disagree. Really Nazis is, unfortunately, the more likely explanation. At least for the guy who originally suggested it. For the rest, the usual Trumpist massive ignorance will do.

Note: Comment by Thullen back at 10:41 freed from the Spam folder. Worth reading.

Occam's Razor says: They love Nazis, support Nazis, and are Nazis.

"Trolling to own the libs" might fly if there were only a few occurrences, but 88 instances? Nah.

Nazis. They're the real thing.

Nazis. They're the real thing.

Actually, as I think about it, I think not. More like Nazi wanna-bes. And showing the same competence in their efforts as they do in the rest of their lives -- limited, at best. But not for lack of trying.

Maybe we should quit denying that they're Nazis. If people show you who they are ...

Maybe the claimed Nazi similarities are like those bushwah stock market bucket shop ads on financial websites (now roughly about a third of the bullsh*t copy on those sites) that tout "XYC stock is the next Amazon or Tesla. Don't miss out, ya losers. The train is leaving the station!"

Isn't it worrisome enough that the right wing aspire to be and market themselves as Nazis (very good people), even if they are pale and incompetent comparisons to the real item, except for their signage.

And isn't it bad enough that their rhetoric is along the lines of the great father of the Republican Party ... John Wilkes Booth (while of course trying to pass themselves off as the Lincoln gummit Booth shot in the head)?

I mean, we have plenty of homegrown, made in America (the traitorous Confederacy that wanted to mandate slavery in the territories/new states AND the last bunch who wanted to burn Washington DC to the ground) haters for them to emulate.

I will say for the sheer fashionable spiff of the uniforms and the faux mythic universal symbology, the Nazis were second to none. Man, those guys could throw a helluva parade with spectacular lighting!

But at least the Nazis were smart enough to break ranks and not infect and kill themselves with a deadly pandemic and instead listened to THEIR Fuhrer on the radio during flu season, unlike our homegrown ka-numbskulls.

Still, some of them might believe they are Nazis, but then some of them believe Elizabeth Warren is Joseph Stalin and the Smokey the Bear is Ho Chi Minh, and come election day, Joe Biden is the next masked Satan.

However, if Trump is defeated in a fair election and IF he lowers himself to the point where he and his voluntarily relinquish power and vacate the White House (I give both only even odds) his fall isn't going to be like when Dorothy throws a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West, and her praetorian guard (Lindsay Graham and company, the Republican Party, at least four Supreme Court judges) and the flying monkeys (FOX, Breitbart, militias, at least four Supreme Court Judges AND the more than 200 largely unqualified lower court ideologues with lifetime sinecures) gasp and come to the senses and celebrate with relief over (because, because, because, because, BECAUSE!) their release from his evil influence, (My God! What were we thinking?! We were HYPNOTIZED, I tell you!)

No, they are here to stay and their armed blow back will make Antifa look like a slumber-inducing field of poppies.

The Confederacy, after a couple of decades of uncivil rhetorical preparation, readied for Civil War against Lincoln AS he was running for President and during the couple of months between his election and his Inauguration.

It's not like Lincoln wasn't warned:

"President Buchanan (right) titled "Views suggested by imminent danger". Lincoln was provided a copy of the document. While believing that Lincoln's election would not lead to "any unconstitutional violence, or breach of law", Scott warned that there was a danger of "the seizure of a number of federal forts on the Mississippi River and on the Eastern coast -- including the vulnerable installations at Charleston harbor". Scott recommended that "all those works should be immediately so garrisoned as to make any attempt to take any one of them by surprise or coup de main ridiculous". Buchanan dismissed Scott's suggestions as provocative to the South. Lincoln however responded by thanking Scott for the information and his patriotism.

As the secession crisis deepened, Lincoln, along with much of the North, became concerned as southern states seized federal property. Reacting to a report that President Buchanan was about to surrender Fort Moultrie in Charleston, Lincoln said, "If that is true, they ought to hang him". On December 21, through Congressman Elihu B. Washburne, he asked Scott "to be as well prepared as he can to either hold, or retake, the forts, as the case may require, at, and after the inauguration". This was the beginning of what would be a great Civil War, with hundreds of thousands of Americans to die."

Remember too, if Trump vacates, there will be no
"transition" to the new Administration.

There will be chaos as all government records, including financial accounts from every government agency go missing and are wiped clean by the Evil Republican Deep State.

Agency financial accounts will be transferred to republican offshore accounts, never to be recovered.

So maybe not Nazis, but we won't be too far off calling what follows this horrific, depraved, deplorable and deliberate sh*t show Fort Sumter and the final battle against them, when it comes, D-Day.

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