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June 06, 2020


We need all the information we can get. But we also need to be aware that, even with the best will in the world, "preliminary reports" are just that - preliminary. And changing numbers as additional data comes in (whether that data is covid-19 case counts or votes) is simply how the process works. The alternative is to get NO data for the hours or days or weeks until complete data is available.

Also, as with any human enterprise, occasionally mistakes will happen occasionally. Like this
Not ill-intentioned falsification of the data, but simple mistakes. Not to say that falsification can't happen; just that it isn't the only possibility.

I suppose it comes down to this. We need as much information al possible. But we also need a citizenry which understands how the data is collected and reported. With more of the latter, the nonsense about "alternative facts" would get much less traction.

Well, the metaphor of a fire hydrant comes to mind. Or one of those three stooge moments, where Larry says 'I need water' and then Curly turs on the fire hose.

If a society harnesses social pressure as a way of changing behavior, you _don't_ need all the information you can get. I've got no idea why Japan's approach has 'worked', but some part of that 'working' is the kind of ostracism and bullying that has emerged. This pressure keeps the have nots in line. The big thing is that there can't be the kind of huge gaps of inequality. There has to be some semi plausible equality.

Of course, at this point, wj and I form two armies, he of the 'we need everything', and me 'no we don't'. Less filling, tastes great. Everything turns into a 70's commercial.

Not really sure what the answer is and in fact, don't actually know what the question is now.

I think the cat is out of the bag and lots of people are going to die while we all grow to accept the virus--accept meaning get used to it and start worrying about other things.

Biden is going to have an overwhelming mess to clean up.

Biden is going to have an overwhelming mess to clean up.

Too true. But at least he's got the experience of riding shotgun while Obama did the same. Granted, he'll have a wider, more comprehensive mess. But still, he's going to come in better prepared than anybody else would be.

But, provided he actually gets the chance to do it, will he be thanked for it? Cynic that I am the whole Jabbabonk mess will imo get successfully blamed on him with the usual consequences in Congress in 2022 and (him retiring after one term due to health/age reasons) the election of his successor.
We are doomed, I tell you, dooooooomed!

Biden won't be thanked directly. he'll be thanked obliquely by the next Republican claiming credit.

this has never happened before.

Cynic that I am the whole Jabbabonk mess will imo get successfully blamed on him [Biden]

"successfully"? I'm not so sure. I'd say that the effort to blame the Great Recession on Obama was, at most, temporarily successful. And even that much, I suspect, because the unemployment rate didn't actually peak until he was in office. This time, it's going to be far harder to blame anyone but Trump**.

In addition, people see patterns. (Sometimes to the point of inventing conspiracy theories.) This will make twice in a row when a GOP presidency has ended in a major economic mess. That may be enough to break thru some pre-existing mindsets.

** Of course, there's usually only partial (if any) justification for blaming the President for the economic cycle. Although in this case it's far more justified than usual.

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