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April 20, 2020


states are supposed to be different from one another. out of many [different local cultures and approaches to self-government], one. that's the whole idea.

The fact that a person who would name that concept as if it were a serious proposal for doctors to test became the president of the United States is beyond the realm of anything my meager imagination could ever have concocted.

Others are, apparently, more imaginative. Consider Heinlein's prediction of an American theocracy, founded by an overtly (as opposed to the current unacknowledged) religious movement led by a conman. And not a very bright one either. Elected, I note, in 2012 -- so closer than one would believe. Certainly closer than I, reading the stories in the middle of the last century, would believe.

Well wj, I would certainly concede without any hesitation that Heinlein was more imaginative than I am. He would be only one of a very long list. ;-)

I was actually thinking of dystopian literature when I wrote the comment, not to mention certain areas of real life on this planet.

Nevertheless, I stick by my point. That SFJ-fka-Clickbait could become president of the United States, and it's not fiction, requires a bottom-up rearrangement of my assumptions about the world, and homo sapiens. I mean okay, knowing something about history I shouldn't have been so naive.

out of many [different local cultures and approaches to self-government], one.

That's been a largely obsolete concept since the Civil War amendments were added 150 years ago. State and local governments have been forced more and more into a single mold ever since. Arizona v. Arizona surprised the heck out of a lot of pundits and legal academics, who expected the SCOTUS to toss redistricting commissions for US House seats, and significantly restrict the scope of ballot initiatives. They got it wrong because they forgot that Kennedy was a California boy. One of the few things -- perhaps the only thing -- that Justice Thomas and I agree on is that the SCOTUS ought to reflect geographic diversity. Not just people from Harvard/Yale Law whose professional career has been exclusively in the BosWash urban corridor.

No doubt it is me viewing the world of my youth thru rose colored glasses. But I just cannot see the people then electing such an idiot. A bigot like Wallace? Might have happened (although it didn't). But Wallace was a genius compared to Trump. Not to mention a competent governor.

It does raise the question: What went wrong, presumably with our education system, that people would be willing to accept such stupidity? Don't have an answer to that, off the top of my head.

hairshirt.... Great minds. ;-)

Not just them. Us, too.

We need hundreds of thousands of injection sites now. This should be a federal program set up and costs paid by the taxpayers. Then we sell it for pennies on the dollar to private interests to promote efficiency.

I see nothing wrong with this....why not give it a try? Couldn't hurt.

Woodrow Willson was a sufficiently bad enough president to give Trump some competition.

Wilson was bad in many ways.

Racist to the core.

Desegregated the Federal workforce, re-instituting negative action for black employees.

He wasn't exactly the Malcolm X of Rosa Parks of his day.

Would have joined John Wilkes Booth, Strom Thurmond, Tim Scott, and Clarence Thomas in seeking shelter in today's racist Republican Party, had he been around later.

Also did not once publicly mention the Spanish Flu, probably because he thought someone would ask him why he wasn't calling it the American Flu.

Now, just to interrupt conservative republicans suddenly warming up to him, let me say that in not mentioning the Spanish FLU day after day after day, in that act alone he proved far superior to the current lout.

Wilson's handlers probably told him up front:

"Look, Woody, we know once you start shooting your mouth off about this pandemic, pretty soon you'll run out of shit to talk about and start advising citizens to drink bleach or inhale into it their lungs, so .. how bout we put a sock in it from the get go and not drive everyone stark raving bonkers by flooding the zone with shit."

"Let them die in peace without your uncle's brilliant scientific mind helping them out."

Woodrow Willson was a sufficiently bad enough president to give Trump some competition.

Naturally you have some specifics to back up that amazing assertion. (Personally, I could see putting Wilson in the bottom half. But not even close to Buchannan or Andrew Johnson. Let alone Trump.)

Next I assume you will argue that Trump's corruption doesn't even begin to approach Harding....

A link for your trouble:



Poor Deborah's thinking, her soul shriveled to a hard black pit of despair, much like the doomed pre-murdered in the Jim Jones compound as the Koolaid was passed to the children, yes, Mr. President, let's you and me raise our glasses of bleach and guzzle the contents together and toast the poisoned end this fucking subhuman travesty of a country flooded with conservative republican shit.

Or maybe, she's undecided. I don't know, she muses to herself, stifling the gorge that is rising in her throat, I did get those tax cuts, and I never liked John Prine's music anyway.

Now, that would be a reset for the ages. We wouldn't have to change a word.

Wilson RE-SEGREGATED the federal workforce.

From a libertarian point of view, some of the best presidents are the ones nobody remembers. The ones who didn't become famous/infamous by their willingness to overstep their role as president.

"Any president can change the future. Donald Trump stands out for his ability to change the past, without even trying.

He's already altered perceptions of what happened in America decades and centuries ago. We know that because of a new survey of presidential historians conducted by C-SPAN, asking them to rank presidents on various attributes and overall performance.

The latest scorecard, which included responses from 91 historians, is similar in most respects to those compiled in C-SPAN's first two, in 2000 and 2009. But it holds some surprises that suggest that things look different with Trump in the picture."
How Trump Affects the Presidential Rankings: Eisenhower and Jackson now perceived differently. What's going on?

CharlesWT has the most visually distinct comments.

Well, I suppose if your metric for how good a President is is, how little did he do?, then Trump would rank pretty high. After all, his incompetence has kept him from actually accomplishing most of the things that he has tried to do.

Of course, it can take some mental gymnastics to equate incompetence with high competence....

But Trump seems more than willing to overstep the bounds of the role of president.

willing? Certainly. In intent, he would seem to be a libertarian's worst nightmare.

But able? Not so much.

SFJ-fka-Clickbait doesn't seem to have the remotest shred of a clue what the role of the president is in the first place. Or, doesn't care. It's hard to tell which it really is.

From a libertarian point of view, some of the best presidents are the ones nobody remembers.

Said Charlie, when asked why he got a zero on his history exam...

I might have a comment stuck in the hopper, maybe one and then another attempt at the first one.

If they don't show, that's OK, probably better that way.

Andrew Jackson was the last President who made me consider swallowing bleach.


From a libertarian point of view, everything is considered at a level of abstraction that renders such consideration of no practical value.

My vote for best President of the United States is ..... every single American who has ever lived ... what is that, 700 million people or so .... but who never became President, even though each, any one of us, could have grown up to be President if they set their minds to it, Beav, but spent their lives and whittling time KNOWING they could be much, much, better, why virtually the perfect STFU better President unlike the 45 losers who knew nothing, wouldn't know how to govern a country if it came up and bit them, haven't a single blessed clue, unlike the 700 million or so barflies down at the end of the bar, some of them editorial writers, lobbyists, bloggers, foghorn leghorns of one sort or another, most just every day know-it-alls these two plus centuries adamantine in their flawless and virgin certainty and judgement regarding what the 45 shoulda done iffn the 700 million had walked in the shoes of the dreadful 45.

It's lucky we didn't, else we wouldn't remain perfectly puttin our pants on two legs at a time exceptional in our own pristine minds.

Barkeep, drinks all around.

What are the bums gonna do next.

I elected them, and can't predict one way or another, but whatever it is, you know what I would do ....?

Why, I'd ...

But Trump seems more than willing to overstep the bounds of the role of president.

"Overstep" assumes (a) an understanding that there are bounds in the first place, (b) an understanding of where they are, and (c) an intention to exceed them.

Trump is just fucking around. He's like somebody who wandered into the cockpit of a plane while it was flying and started pushing random buttons and pulling on random levers to see what they would do.

"Look at me, I'm a pilot!"

The thing, maybe the only thing, Trump is really good at is turning every situation he's involved in into the kind of belligerent asinine pissing contest he knows how to win.

Everybody's good at something.

Apparently, there's an audience for that kind of thing.

The thing, maybe the only thing, Trump is really good at is turning every situation he's involved in into the kind of belligerent asinine pissing contest he knows how to win.

Brilliant. Sad to say.

Nota bene, Joe Biden.

russell: For clarity's sake, my "Brilliant" referred to your characterization, not to Clickbait's idiot savantism.

I don't get what you mean in your 10:51....oh wait, that Joe Biden should take note and prepare accordingly?

No worries, Janie, understood.

Yes, Joe Biden would do well to play on his own turf and avoid playing on Trump's.

Or not, maybe. Could be Joe has some game on Trump's turf, too.

My own guess is that 95% of everybody already knows how they're gonna vote, and it's all gonna come down to getting people to the polls.

"The thing, maybe the only thing, Trump is really good at is turning every situation he's involved in into the kind of belligerent asinine pissing contest he knows how to win."

Exactly. All his life.

Everyone, even those who share his valueless sociopathy just want to get out of the room and away from him, deal in hand or not.

Whether he's stupid or senile is irrelevant.

He's working on a level none of us are familiar with. And that's the one thing he knows. He cannot be fucked with.

America, with its average IQ, decided to dive headfirst in to the mouth of the Nile River infested with this man eating low IQ crocodile.

We are in his predator territory, his waters now.

Who is the smart one?


The same way over and over again.

He comes at you and rolls you until you go limp and you say fuck it, get me outta here.

Like I've said, no one ever in his life had enough broke every bone in his face in a beating to stun him.

Someone broke him, however.

All of it is Trump's turf.

Staying above it on the surface of the Nile only makes you look like prey.

Then we have the jackels like McConnell:


This is why I say, against all human decency, which is not a excretory gland in evidence among these republican subhumans and thus is not a defense against them, as much as decent people would like it to be, that elections are not enough to destroy the Trump Republican Party, as needs to be done.

Crocodiles and jackels in opposition are just as deadly ... as in killing Americans ... via their malign policy goals, aided and abetted by their well-armed paramilitary supporters, as they are in power.

Politics as a game is over.

It's now life or death.

The Trump Republican Party will soon disallow all legal liability tort action across the board against all business enterprises and government.

This imposition by fiat will not be limited in its scope to merely the Covid-19 issue, but will remove all legal liability for all corporate actions harming their employees, customers, and they can only hope, their shareholders as well.

Nor will it be a temporary measure to be sunsetted after this pandemic crisis lifts, just as every tax cut promised as time-limited by these filthy liars as becomes eternal, just as immigration of any kind will not be permitted by to resume once this crisis is over, just as abortion clinics, what's left of them, in Texas, will ever be permitted to reopen.

The list is endless, while we busy ourselves searching for medical supplies fucking stolen by the Trump crime syndicate.

Much of the American citizenry are being boxed in with no recourse in their lives, and if you add in the fact of voter restrictions and the very real possibility that elections may be canceled or their results ignored if vermin republicans lose them, read history to see what is goddamned coming.

Fuck the Constitution.

There are 600,000 postal workers placing themselves in harm's way delivering mail every day, except for McKinney's, to Covid-19 infected and asymptomatic republicans across the country, the latter of whom hate postal workers, like they do teachers, and just about anyone else who isn't them, except to the extent, like all of the working class, republicans can get more labor out of them while paying less for the privilege of having their asses kissed.

The Trump Republican Party wants to cut their pay, destroy their jobs, and eliminate their pensions.

It's time for the 600,000 to prepare to go fucking go postal, and I mean that in the original sense of the phrase, not the cute "quote fingers" sense.

The Trump Republican Party will soon disallow all legal liability tort action across the board against all business enterprises and government.

Won't work.

OK, maybe you can shield the government. But not business enterprises. Why not? you ask. Because . . . "Corporations are people, too!"


wj - the GOP may not be able to bar all legal tort claims against businesses, but they can make the ability to bring suit meaningless by capping awards. As they have been doing for a very long time now.

How about, no matter how much pain and suffering a company has caused (let's say, e.g., Boeing and the 787 MAX) the only amount awarded to the families can be the extrapolated expected lifetime earnings of each dead passenger. And punitive damages are capped at, let's say, $500K. Altogether, that is; not per passenger.

Boeing might act differently, if only because airline passengers tend to notice things like planes falling out of the sky because the manufacturer offered vital safety equipment and training as an (expensive!) "option."

But product liability? Particularly, long term product liability (e.g., Tylenol and liver damage)? A lot of that happens under the radar. Capping damages means that lawsuits cost less than fixing the problem, and become an "acceptable cost" of doing business.



I know Clorox, the corporation is not to blame for this. I know the regulators who police Clorox and the libtards who pushed thru product labeling, against the full-throated opposition of most of the Republican Party paid off, sure, by lobbyists hired by Clorox to stave off the cost and funky PR of such labeling, but, Clorox followed the law, once it was the law, unlike the conservative movement today) in case this might happen, even accidentally among stupid people.

But this bleach-guzzling right here, activated from on-high, is a whole 'nother level of tort.

Think about it.

Revolutions, the guillotine, Johnny Tremain taking potshots from the hedgerows have been among the species of informal torts throughout history.

I don't own shares in Clorox. But I've thought about it.

Apologies, Casey. I neglected to include my

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