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March 24, 2020



You have all the answers, don't ya?

Typical fucking American, and I include myself among that stellar group.

When we are not in government, we know exactly and completely how government should perform in all cases.

If perchance we aren't too proud to lower ourselves by working in government, solely for the long lunches, we suddenly have all of the answers, and then the jerks we replaced, now out of government, all of a sudden are geniuses again about what government should do in every case.

So you would dispense with all bureaucracy if somehow you had your way? It would just be you the libertarian individual telling us how it would be between us and this virus, but with no authority except your useless word.

Except you wouldn't use a bullhorn, a piece of requisitioned gummint equipment you would not use, having cloud-high, pristine principles, associating it somehow with overweening freedom-taking and the interference of even suggesting to anyone that maybe they ought to protect themselves from this virus.

We wouldn't be able to hear you, which would be less bureaucratic, I guess, especially since you've already fired the guy in the bullhorn storeroom, a lower-level deep state bureaucrat, and got rid of the spare bullhorns and returned your taxes to yourself.

"Hodgepodge of cronyism".

Under Libertarian cronyism, everyone gets to be their own solipsistic crony. It's every crony for itself.

Or as the FOX beaver-shooting blonde on FOX and Friends said yesterday, "I realize lots of people are dying, but they CANT' their nails done."

Under Republican cronyism, there's an income cutoff on who gets to be among the elite cronies.

Under Liberal cronyism, that imperfect fucking thing, at least we get a fucking hodgepodge, a little taste for everyone.

Don't get me wrong.

I will overthrow all government before you do.

"get" their nails done, is what the murderous little GET said.

Pinko Socialist says shut the fuck up about nurses maybe getting something for nothing for putting themselves on the front line and possibly dying, and pass the Bill:


Cigar-chomping gummint-hating commie haters go nuts with the confetti and cash in big time on hodgepodge


Trump will win a landslide in November, with or without benefit of an election.

sapient is correct, wherever she wrote it a bit ago:

We are in the hands of cold-blooded murderers:


wj, what exactly do you think someone should be doing that isnt being worked on?

Marty, among the items in the written (and ignored) plan:

  • Coordinate statements across the various departments and agencies, so the Federal government speaks with a single, consistent voice. At the moment, we're getting varied statements about what to do, what is being done, etc. (And it's not just Trump going off on his fantasy trips hete.)
  • Coordinate response efforts, to avoid a) deplication and b) stuff falling thru the cracks.
  • Invoke, and implement (not just talk about), the Defense Production Act.

There's doubtless more, as I haven't studied the plan in detail. But those are the obvious.

CharlesWT: The FDA, CDC and other parts of the federal government have screwed up badly in multiple ways. Just as they would have if someone else was president.

Riiiight! So lets just abolish all those agencies. And why not the whole government as well, since they do nothing but screw up? Then we can all live blissfully in Galt's Gulch. After all, life in a fiction is so far superior to the real world, why wouldn't we?

Rand Paul is living in Galt's Gulch at the moment.

To be fair to Charles, (said schizophrenic me) he had stated here he is not a Randian Objectivist.

Zebras claim no relation to horses either.

Actually Rand Paul isn't living in Galt's Gulch, as he is being cared for via the Federal Employee Health Insurance program, in much the same manner as Soviet plant Ayn Rand got herself signed up on her cuckolded husband's Medicare, back in the day with Ronald Bullshit Reagan was quoting her on the precious bodily fluid draining danger of gummint supplied healthcare.

Conservatives are liars.

Every second of the day.

Hillary Clinton is a liar too.

But at least she takes time off to sleep and for lunch between lies, like a normal person.

If the media complies with this dictatorial horseshit, they can turn in their press credentials because the First Amendment is fucking dead:


What say you, government-hating conservatives?

What do ya bet the conservative vermin running the show orders the Defense Department to void their Cloud contract with Microsoft, the new enemy, and give it back to Amazon, the old enemy.


More likely it will go to Larry Ellison's Oracle Systems, who paid good money on the barrel head directly to Trump not weeks ago with a trump fundraiser at his manse.

America will fall.

Fauci and some epidemiologists are pointing out that this virus could very well be seasonal and may return next flu season, probably mutated.

Keeping in mind that the second winter of the 1918 Spanish Flu was twice as deadly as the first winter of the outbreak, we CANNOT have the current roster of murderers in elective office back around for a second go at us as well.

We cannot.

By any and all means necessary, we CANNOT.

Except the second wave seems likely, from what I have read, to be in the Fall. So we will.

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that all to the poor

Dow Pigs

Given that many of the Rs involved in this are also in thrall to (and in the pockets of) the military-industrial complex (as someone, maybe JDT, has noted) then, as so often, the master:

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul


Fuck us.

Fuck us.

Not me. I don't live in Mississippi.

Most of Britain went onto their front steps, balconies etc at 8 p.m., and applauded the staff of the NHS (from council estates to the most expensive streets in London).

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin chose today to trigger an alert:

"The Royal Navy said British wartime ships completed a "large scale operation" to monitor seven Russian ships following "unusually high levels of activity" off its coastline.

"I don't live in Mississippi."

True, that wall around the Confederacy will keep em out.




I know Mulvaney. When federal employees die of this disease, he will brag that it was a great way to reduce the civil service headcount.

His mother is a slut murderer.

His children are the up and coming death cult rank of file of republican murderous filth.

I generally stay out of this but the mother and children references in the 4:48 are a bridge too far.

Covidiots for Trump issued a press release today on behalf of every republican and conservative in the land praising the COVID-19 Virus as the merciless angel sent by God that will enable the fruition of every malignant murderous policy sought by the Conservative movement.

Mulvaney's Irish.

You should hear him talk about your mother near closing time at the public house.

I love me the Irish, so enough with the politically correct nonsenbse.

I'm going to close this, but not before noting the crossing of that invisible line and the horrified pearl clutching in response to that...

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