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February 29, 2020


There’s also Abrams, who would be an interesting pick.

I'd say Biden won't pick a Senator. In general, the chances of taking the Senate are slim enough that someone from a swing-ish state (e.g. Klobuchar) would be a bad idea. And Biden already runs well with blacks, so Harris doesn't do much for ticket balance.

Castro might be useful, for shoring up Latino support. Except that Trump is taking care of that already.

Overall, I'd guess Biden goes with "who do I think would be the best President, should something happen to me?" I don't know how he'd answer that question. But I expect that's how he goes. So maybe Warren, in the hopes of persuading the Bernie fans not to sit home and sulk.

I like Abrams, but I don't think she does anything but shore up the populations in which Biden is already the preferred candidate. And I think Abrams is more valuable in a different role. I'd love to see her take the reins of the DNC or some other D strategy institution and grassroot the shit out of the 50 state thing.

grassroot the shit out of the 50 state thing.

Somebody needs to sit (D) leadership down and make them write this on the board about 1,000 times.

In 1992, it was the economy, stupid.

Today, it's get a meaningful organization on the ground, everywhere. Everywhere. And by "today" I mean "should have been all over this 20 years ago".

If you give up on places because they're "too red", those places will surely give up on you.

If you give up on places because they're "too red", those places will surely give up on you.

Amen. Note that supposedly "deep red" places like Kentucky and Alabama and Louisiana have, in the past few years, managed to elect Democrats to statewide offices. Yes, there were special circumstances and local factors involved in each case. But it does suggest that a simple D after your name is not quite a kiss of death there. If you will only try.

Maybe a Democrat only has a 20% chance of winning one of those places. But if you compete in 3 of those, you are better than even money to win one of them. (Ain't statistics fun?!) The Electoral College being how it is these days, a couple states like that could make a critical difference.

And not just for the Presidency. The same calculus applies to winning control of the Senate. And who knows, a few years with a Democratic Senator or Governor, and the discovery that the world didn't end after all? "Deep red" might turn out to be shallower than you thought.

bring back Howard Dean

There is simple NO excuse for allowing a R to run unopposed.

On the evidence of history, the great majority of them have enormous scandals lurking in their closets, and there's just no telling when one of those scandals breaks loose and destroys a R candidate.


Steal elections by keeping citizens from voting and then we fucking kill.

I'd love to see her take the reins of the DNC or some other D strategy institution and grassroot the shit out of the 50 state thing.

She’d likely be brilliant at that role... but I suspect a core of ambition in her that wants to go further, faster.

And I think she’d bring a great deal to the ticket. I think people can do too much calculating about which state / what sex / what colour etc. Some candidates’ character goes well beyond reductive labels.

Steal elections by keeping citizens from voting

But here's the thing. There were also lines, hours long, in Los Angeles. Democratic run city in a state where Republicans are utterly powerless in state government. Yet there were still long lines at some polling places.

So maybe, just maybe, we just aren't very good at running elections.*

* I should perhaps note that, at the polling place I was working, the longest our lines got was a queue of 8. Which only happened because we had the voter rolls split into 3 alphabetical chunks to try to keep lines short . . . and all 8 people who arrived at the same time happened to be in the same third of the alphabet.

It might be worth looking seriously at how (not who but how) things get done right or wrong in different places.

Well, wj, in Orange County they made it so that anyone could vote at any polling place and they let people drop off mail-in ballots. And there were lots of polling places well staffed with volunteers. In Irvine the lines looked short. In Santa Ana, where we went to speak with our accountant, the lines were a bit longer, but that was late afternoon and the neighborhoods were more linguistically diverse (and more logistically challenging as a result).

But OC is well funded.

I don't think LA county has quite the same wealth of resources and they have greater challenges still WRT language and forms of ID. We could probably make things easier on LA county if the wealth was shared a bit more, but that would make the OC NIMBYs' heads explode.

I note from the article that in Texas the pattern was to shut down polling places in the very neighborhoods that create the largest challenges. No bueno. So suspicion is warranted in TX.

Transparent incompetence and inefficiency in California and malign targeted racism from the deep state in Texas are not both sides do it.

they let people drop off mail-in ballots. And there were lots of polling places well staffed with volunteers.

Contra Costa County also lets people drop off mail-in ballots at the polls. And we got a fair amount of that.

Actually, the biggest challenge we had was people coming in who had filled out their mail-in ballot, but wanted to rip it up and vote in person instead (which is allowed, just takes some paperwork). Because the person that they had initially voted for had just dropped out.

We, too, had enough staff. (Although the "volunteers" actually do get paid. Not much, especially for a 15-16 hour day, but definitely paid.) Perhaps because we had done a lot of consolidation of polling places -- typically 4 precincts combined into a single polling location. Meaning there were lots more poll workers available to staff each one. (Also meaning we had 4 sets of 8 ballot types each. Fun!)

As with lines, I just note that consolidating polling places isn't necessarily evidence of malign intent. Not that it can't be done for ill intentions -- and has definitely been done for that purpose in some places. Just that the mere fact that it was done isn't sufficient to prove it. Gotta have additional evidence regarding why.

In my "streetcar suburb" of Boston, you walk into the voting room and check in at a table usually staffed by two elderly ladies. Each has a book before her. Each book is half the voter roll, organized by street name.

"What street?" they ask. "Main Street," I answer. The lady who has the "M"s in her book flips to the Main Street page and asks "What number?"

I tell her. She looks down the list to the number and asks "Are you Tony P.?" When I answer "Yes" she checks off the box next to my name and hands me a ballot.

(In a primary, she first asks "Which ballot?" That's because I am "Unenrolled" like (almost?) everybody in town. This go-round there were 4 ballots to choose from: Dem, Rep, Lib, and Green.)

The ballot is large-format stiff paper of the machine-readable fill-in-the-oval type. Black Sharpies are provided at the partitioned tables where I fill in the ovals. There's always a write-in space with its own oval as well. When there are ballot questions to vote on, there is a short paragraph before the ovals, explaining the question. No matter how many races and questions there are in a given election, the ballot is never more than one piece of paper, printed on both sides if need be.

I take my filled in ballot to the check-out table, where a similar pair of usually elderly ladies go through the same routine of looking up my street, number, and name, and checking the box in their book.

The optical scanner is beside them, usually attended by a typically younger person. I insert my ballot (which side up doesn't matter), the machine swallows it, its little counter display clicks up one number, I get handed an "I voted" sticker, and I'm done.

I thank the poll workers for their service (seriously) and walk back to my house.

Never in 25 years living and voting where I do have I been asked for ID of any sort. Never have I been told "Whoa! Somebody already voted in your name." Never has it taken me more than 10 minutes to vote.

Any place that does voting differently is doing it wrong.


Any place that does voting differently is doing it wrong.

Allow me to take exception to that.

Our polling places start with a table where there are (typically 3) pairs of poll workers. Each pair has two alphabetical lists of names, covering part of the alphabet. First, you give your name, you are asked to confirm the address (because there can, after all, be multiple people with the same name, not to mention that your name might have gotten mis-heard), and you sign next to your name.** You get a tag for which ballot you get. The second person draws a line thru your name on her list. That second list list gets posted outside every two hours, so poll watchers for a candidate or cause can check if their people have shown up to vote yet.

The tag notes which precinct you are in and which ballot you get. Choices are typically Rep, Dem, Lib, AIP, Green, Peace&Freedom, and "No Party Preference". This time, we also had an additional ballot type for NPP folks who wanted to vote in the Democratic primary. (Libertarians and AIP also allowed that. But the Dems were avoiding having NPP folks vote for their Central Committee, so they had an entirely separate ballot for that.)

A second table gives you the ballot which matches your tag. Ballots are letter size pages; three pages this time. Perhaps ours are longer because everything is printed in English, Spanish, and Chinese. (There are also "ballot marking" voting machines which will allow you to vote in Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese. Some counties also provide Panjabi (Punjabi), Hmong, Syriac, Armenian, Persian, and Arabic.)

Then you have a bunch of "booths", with pens, where you can vote. (Virus concerns led some people to bring their own pens. Which is OK.) After marking the ballot, you feed it into the scanner and get your "I have voted" sticker.

Like at Tony's polls, we don't ask for IDs; never have. In fact, we are supposed to decline if IDs are offered. But in reality we sometimes look in order to figure out what the name is and how it is spelled. Especially for those with limited English, that's a real help.

I submit that we are NOT doing it wrong. Just different. Maybe even better.

** This is the point at which you may get split off. Maybe you aren't on the list because you voted by mail. (Or, at least, were sent a vote-by-mail ballot.) Or maybe there's some other problem. In any case, you get sent to a different table where they can take the time to figure out what the problem is and how to get past it. (We had one gal show up who was not only in the wrong polling place, but in the wrong county. She had to be told to go to where she was registered.)

what Tony P describes is how it's done in NC.

the GOP wants to add an ID check, but the courts keep slapping them back.

I plan on voting in Tony P.'s name a couple of dozen times in November.

Unsurprisingly, my voting experience exactly matched Tony's, except the poll worker knew my name.

I will note that, at 8:00 AM, there were many more voters than usual, and I actually had to wait, maybe three minutes, to vote.

The country desperately needs some kind of voting equity legislation that requires that states, counties, whoever is in charge, meet standards of distance one has to travel to vote and, even more important, a reasonable standard for wait times - something like 95% of voters get in within 15 minutes. Making people wait hours can only be explained by malice.

i was the only voter there, when i voted (8:30AM on a Thursday).

but, Dem turnout in NC was up 17% over 2016 anyway.

Making people wait hours can only be explained by malice.

"only"? I think you underestimate the frequency of incompetence. (Where would be the malice driving hours-long lines in LA? why inconvenience their own partisans?)

byomtov, that would of course be a blatant violation of sacred states rights (and SCOTUS will throw in some random extra amendments to give it veneer when declaring it an abomination unto the founders). Provided of course it passes in Congress first, a chance low enough to hit the inner earth core.

My town of a bit more than 20k people has 7 polling places. I've waited at most 20 minutes during general presidential elections. Virtually no wait during primaries or midterms.

Similar to others' stories, they look up my name and I sign the book. Appearing to be male, of the right age, and having a signature that looks like the one on record is enough to get me a ticket for one of the voting booths.

I guess the other thing that gets me a ticket for one of the voting booths is that no one in the room says, "I know hairshirthedonist! You're not him!" A risk for someone pretending to me, not knowing if I've already voted, and who might not be a world class signature forger.

Warren's out now.

Biden, Sanders and Gabbard!

I think you underestimate the frequency of incompetence.

Somewhat, Guess, but mostly it's malice. Incidentally, one feature of my ideal voting legislation would be establishment of some sort of agency to assist localities in planning for elections, including calculations of polling places needed, electronic security, etc.

It's sort of silly for everyone to have to figure all this out by themselves.

It's sort of silly for everyone to have to figure all this out by themselves.

Agreed. It would also be desirable if, once there is some kind of standard way to figure out what is needed, there was state support for those counties which have per capita requirements well above the state norm for costs.

Any place that does voting differently is doing it wrong.

Without offering any comment or judgement about how other places do it. I'll just note that what Tony P describes is exactly my experience. Most likely it's standard in MA.

I've been up here almost 40 years now, never been an issue. In an out in 10 minutes, tops.

I should, perhaps, have noted that I've never spent more than 4 minutes getting processed. If it takes me longer to voter than 10 minutes, it's all about how many races (including propositions, which California tends to generate a lot of) are on the ballot on a particular occasion.

I see news reports from elsewhere in California (e.g. Los Angeles and San Jose this time) with long lines. But I've never encountered them personally.

The local CA Secretary of State office is quite near our house so I routinely go there to drop off mail-in ballots. This time I made a mistake (forgot to tear off the receipt) so I voted there. The new systems are quite nice, a large portrait-mode touch screen and it prints out a human readable sheet of paper which you then deposit in a slot after checking it.

Oh, almost no waiting. I think they can handle quite a bit of traffic.

The country desperately needs some kind of voting equity legislation......

I offer this.

A Jew,a Catholic and a Hindu walked into a bar.....

........ was Rick Santelli the bartender?

In which case the Jew and the Catholic and the Hindu are now dead, because the first thing you do is shoot the bartender point blank dead, because his very sputum contains concentrated levels of the Coronavirus and a cup of hot tax cut tea is merely a symptom of a larger deadly contagion.


A fake tweet that turns out to be fake AND true in postmodernist, deconstructionist America.

Them ain't sun spots. Those blips of incineration are Trump, Kudlow, and the rest of their ratfucker carcasses being shot out of cannons and into the sun four times over the past week.

Saves on bullets, plus the punishment is suitably North Korean.

Infected white republicans are spreading the virus. They aren't being stopped and quarantined as they arrive from abroad by our ever-vigilant border fucks, because if the virus is not contained in a brown body that talks funny, then we are to go .... to the mall and shop our way out of this.

It is often said that the Black Death and other plagues were stopped in their tracks by Lululemon and Domino's Pizza's quarterly sales goals.

I predict within a month China and many other better run countries in which gummint is at least provisionally functional because the people who run it don't hate it with all their malignant might, will begin preventing Americans from crossing their borders because of our infection rates.

The world is better off without us.

The only reason American business people travel anyway is to undercut American labor and regulation, unless of course they are reneging on every fucking deal we've made with other governments because now we've changed our minds on account of some new-found fake patriotism.

The Democratic Party is a fucking pussy, though I understand how one can become transfixed and paralyzed by a two million-car train wreck that takes out all of the signals, the bridges, and the stations.


See how bipartisan I am?

Both sides got nothing.

The only thing swinging more wildly than the stock markets:


Making forecasts (by 538 or anybody else) after just a couple of primaries is the equivalent of forecasting a baseball player's season batting average based on his first couple of at-bats. Yeah, you might learn something from them, but projecting a full season from them is daft.

Vote with bullets:


I know you guys aren't all into jazz, but I'm going to impose upon you all to note the passing of McCoy Tyner.

The last surviving member of the John Coltrane quartet, Tyner was a truly colossal figure in jazz. He was that rarest of things, an original voice. He redefined the language of the music and of his instrument.

Politics is important, because it affects so many lives. Art and beauty and the deep love and devotion that they demand, even more so, because they do more than merely sustain life, they give it meaning and grace.

The great ones are leaving us. Their passing deserves notice.

RIP McCoy Tyner.

The passing of great ones does deserve notice. But we must console ourselves with the awareness that there have long been great ones, who have passed.

Our hope is that great ones continue to come along. Whether or not we have the wit to recognize all of them early on. Which leaves me wondering what current great talent I am missing even now.

Politics is important, because it affects so many lives. Art and beauty and the deep love and devotion that they demand, even more so, because they do more than merely sustain life, they give it meaning and grace.

Very beautifully said. I knew nothing of him, but because of what you say I will search him out, and give honour to his memory.

McCoy Tyner. The NPR article has a playlist


I'm with russell on the passing of Tyner. What a musical legacy.

WRT the primaries, what structural obstacles would need to be overcome for the Democrats to change their primaries to a ranked list format? Could that even be done, or would the individual states have to approve such things? Seems like having a ranked list that could be updated or re-run as candidates drop out would eliminate the need for so much strategic voting and the need to pre-estimate electability. Could also give greater insight into policy decision for the party platform.

And, hey...after 30 years as an independent, I just re-registered as a Democrat because there really is no serious alternative.

Regarding ranked choice voting, it would require two major (I think) changes. First, the ballots would have to be redesigned to give some way to indicate (with a fill-in-the-bubble format!) what rank each candidate had. Second, the software would have to be revised to look at rankings. And provide some way to skip past the rankings of anybody who had dropped out. Or however the rankings were used.

The parties might be able to do that for their Presidential primaries. But for other offices, it would require action by the individual states. I say that because I watched California shift its primaries to "top two" rather than party-based. Not so much as a "by your leave" to the parties -- not the major parties; not the minor parties. So a) the individual states could decide to do it, and b) it isn't clear that the parties could force them to do it for races beyond the presidential primaries.

Both shifts would provide fertile ground for screwups. At least for a few iterations while the bugs were worked out. One also wonders just how the decision would be taken to ignore some candidates initial votes, and give those votes to number 2 choices. Statements from the candidates? Notarized? Email acceptable? Tweets? Checks against spoofed statements? Lots of fun decisions required.

And... Mulvaney's out, Mark Meadows is new chief of staff.

But only as Trump's Chief of Staff. Which is probably not where he does the most damage.

Apparently, Mulvaney is going to become an envoy to Northern Ireland. I'd like to think that gets him out of OMB, but since Trump probably doesn't want OBM to do anything anyway that may not happen.

Holy, moley. Sanders is even losing the soviet of Washington (state). Not good for we lefties (of all stripes). Bernie has retreated to Vermont. I feel he should think long and hard about winding it up. Rank and file Dems have pretty much made their case. They do not want to argue policy. They want to humiliate Trump.

Give them their due.

Bernie should think about bowing out and supporting the Dem ticket led by (bobbyp has a little bit of spit coming up in the throat) Biden. Let's hope he can name a better VP candidate than Tim fucking Cain (Stacey!)

Like they say. A ham sandwich would be better than the orange thug.

Politics can hand you bitter pills. Let's take our medicine and move on.

Yours for the dictatorship of the proletariat, the expropriation of the expropriators, one big union-one big strike, and power to the people. :)

I for one welcome our confabulating geezer overlord.

Not the orange one, the other one.

His name is not Trump, I'm good with it.

He too will save you from Medicare for All, Republicans, at least he considers vetoing it, should it by some incredible chain of events land on his desk).All of that on top of his constant stance of 'we must find common ground with the GOP and cut entitlements'.

Yes, Joe would be an improvement over Jabbabonk but he seems to be hellbent to drive away as many voters as he can.
That's not the kind of 'honesty' we need at the moment.

Bernie should think about bowing out...

nothing in his history suggests that he will.

he'll probably choose to scorch the earth for many more months, because there's nothing he likes more than being seen waving his fist at The Man.

I guess harmut is referring to the 'you're full of sh*t' video? I don't know, I hope that he might be encapsulating some shared feeling. At least that is what I hope.

he seems to be hellbent to drive away as many voters as he can.

The thing is, he's in the lead now because more people voted for him.

Will he peel away some of Trump's support? I have no idea. I don't think anybody does.

Not my first or probably second chouce, but I'll vote for him with no hesitation. "Not Jababonk" carries a lot of weight this year.

Even if Bernie threw in the towel today, that wouldn't solve Biden's main problem: his lack of support among "young" people (18-39) is staggering.

And, yes, he cannot bank on them coming around in the end anyway - he actually needs to convince them, or they might, gasp, not vote for him.

the 'you're full of sh*t' video?

Joe "This Is A Big Fucking Deal" Biden has been known to let his real feelings fly.

His name is not Trump, I'm good with it.

russell, I suspect your standards are higher than that. For example, suppose the alternative was (God forbid!) Stephan Miller. At least as nasty, and less incompetent.

Never say "It couldn't be worse". Because that seems to inspire the universe to prove you wrong.

lj, nope. I got that video only after my post.
That may drive some voters away, but I fully agree with him there. The situation looks to me like a deliberate provocation.

What I referred to was Biden's latest interview with Lawrence O'Donnell where he was explict about potentially vetoing Medicare for All.
And he's been on the recoed for years to be willing to 'reform' (=cut) 'entitlements' and appealing to the GOPsters on that potential 'common ground'.

Can't we get Biden into a situation where he hits Moscow Mitch right into the face in front of the cameras? That would actually draw voters (and maybe even some Republicans).

The guy who confronted Biden WAS and IS full of shit.

He can take his gun nut vote and insert it up Trump's butt in November.

Biden let him have it in fucking English, which the jackass he was talking to probably believes should be mandated as the national language, capiche?

Good for Biden.

It's really too bad Biden and Sanders don't carry a gun to wave around in asshole pigfucker republican faces at opportune times like that one.

I have no doubt there was some conservative fuck in that crowd carrying a concealed weapon and he fingered it when Biden spoke, thinking the worst.

As for the youth vote, novakant, I'm not sure we know what's what:


I also understand young blacks turned out for Biden in some of the southern states, but I believe very little.

I voted for Warren in my primary, because I like a little hot mustard on my ham sandwich.

Screw the ham sandwich, anyway. I'll vote for a portrait of a crayon drawing of a sandwich over the fucking evil Coronavirus vectors now contaminating the White House.

Thanks Hartmut, I googled for it, but didn't find it, but I'm guessing it is this?


I personally don't think he would veto it if it came thru, I thnk he knows that if he said he were for it, he'd 1) get shit on because he shifted his position, 2)he'd have every Republican running on that against him, making it harder to tie Trump around their necks 3) and the chances of it getting through a Republican controlled Senate are less than zero. So it's better to stick to his position as it defines him as different than Bernie, but I think it is assuming that this is a promise to veto when it is going to depend on lot on how it moves thru congress. I suppose in these times, that is a glass half full viewpoint...

There is a world of difference between committing to pushing for MediCare for All, and being willing to sign such a bill if Congress, on its own, manages to pass one. That's willing IF it doesn't have too many poison pills embedded. In particular, it will be critical what kind of transition process is included. As so often with government programs, the devil is in the details.

My sense is that Biden is closer to the latter than to flat out committed to veto any such bill -- whether he feels moved to make an announcement to that effect or not.

McConnell again pledged the other day to block everything and all proposed initiatives and judge nominations by a Democratic President in 2021, if in fact Trump leaves peaceably, which he will fucking not.

That's not what the Founders had in mind by checks and balances.

Just as with McConnell's pledge in 2009 to stymie all the nigger proposed and his blocking of fair hearings for Merrick Garland, it's the overthrow of popular elected government ... my vote.

Kill the conservative movement.

wj, even assuming you're right about Biden's actual position, the nuance is not going to get through to the voters. There is a huge difference in impression between 'Biden conditionally supports M4A' and (the message that will currently be received) 'Biden says he may veto M4A' (the 'may' will be read by many as 'will'). And the appeal to bipartisanship with the current GOP is pure poison electorally (except in the eyes of the Beltway punditry).

I see Yang, who back Sanders four years' ago, has endorsed Biden.


If a single republican stands before a microphone and tell us that we are all in this together, fuck them, it's too late for togetherness.

Get the fuck away from me.


I'm not in anything with them, unless it's a shooting war.

By way of rueful hilarity, Dreher does all but call Trump Christians "woke" and "politically correct", which is you follow Dreher is something for which I don't know the word for.


If Christ reappeared this minute, we'd quarantine him for two weeks before crucifying him again.

Get a load of the preacher in the embedded video eating a bat along with quaffing a Corona.

This morning, a headline somewhere among the stock market fluffer press, which is all of it, said "volatility" returned to the markets this morning.

In other words (we're going to need OTHER words soon, because the ones we have are no longer descriptive), when it drops 1000 points, it's volatile, but if it goes UP 1000 points, THAT's a respite from volatility, even though it dropped 1000 points the day before too.

Americans are self-delusional happy talking bullshitters of the first water.

It's too late to muck out the stables where I keep my well-beaten horses.

Better to nuke from space.

Sanders should stay in at least long enough to see how well Biden can handle one-on-one debate(s). Vetting, you know.


The entire conservative movement must stand down or face savage fury.

Get out now?

Time is short.


Where are the right wing conservative republican militias with their military-grade weaponry to interdict this authoritarian gummint tyranny?

No spotted owls, niggers, kikes, fags, feminazis, pinkos, commies, socialists, transgenders, libruls, teachers, bureaucrats, professors, wetbacks, immigrants, foreigners, redskins, confederate statue removers, BLMs, park rangers, retards, meth addicts to butcher and slaughter in the White House.

Pussy subhuman vermin.

Trump resigning to let someone competent handle covid-19 is about as likely as Trump inventing a miracle cure for it. But I suppose it gave the author pleasure to write this fantasy.

Pussy subhuman vermin.

Perhaps the term you are after is "paper tiger". Which would actually be a good thing, all things consdiered....

Trump, Nunes, Gaetz, Collins, Kudlow, Cruz, Gohmert, Schlapp, and assorted other fascists, key ones in the military, have already been immunized against the virus and are hoarding the secret vaccine from the population, the better to cancel the elections and seize absolute power and murder their enemies.

You say it can't be?

How the fuck do you know?

There is no truth and I've been right about the trajectory of conservative movement goals since way before Tacitus and Moe Lane studied their nails in feigned vermin conservative tiresomeness at Gary Farber's relentless facticity.

Whaddaya gonna do, conservatives, call the fucking gummint?

To do what? Protect your diseased asses?

Stay sharp. Razor sharp.


Someone is fucking the Volatility Index today, the VIX?

I can tell, and I know who.

"paper tiger"

No, I'll stick with my terminology.

Those filth would have to look up the meaning of "paper tiger".

Best to speak plain English.

So much winning.


Wonder where the coal miners are stashing their nest eggs?

At this rate, these duped people won't have any money left to spend on meth and opioids when republicans and conservatives start shaming and demonizing them for losing their jobs and daring to apply for food stamps to feed their children.


If Lincoln and the Union Army had been as reluctant to use savage killing violence against the Confederacy as the American people are today to destroy our common internal enemies, we would all have slaves bringing us mint juleps.

Perhaps the cancer will metastasize to his tongue very soon:


Buy naked calls option in Horseshit, Inc (symbol HSHT) tomorrow.

You can't go wrong.

It's America's most flourishing and profitable industry.

We never run out of inventory.

The similarities of Boeing's grotesque, and ultimately murderous mismanagement of the 737 MAX design and manufacturing (bottom-line only loving MBAs ignoring and gagging the "elitists" among the Boeing engineers and scientists) and the subsequent lying, cheating, goddamned fucking cover up of all that went before could be characterized by historians looking back on the debacle of conservative business-profits-are-the-only-damn-thing-that-count and-God-agrees as one screaming canary in the coal mine that signaled how the same American vermin ilk would mismanage this current debacle.


Beautiful two years long head and shoulder top on that stock chart and the carnage in it is nowhere near done.

Extreme social distancing is in order for the cocksuckers who have done this to us for the past 45 years.

We can save money by not holding trials and move directly to the firing squads.

Trump saw this today and at his 8 pm shitfest tonight will order all American workplaces to duplicate ARAMCO's treatment of their workers throughout this country.


To trump and conservatives, all of us are Khashoggi.

To them, it's just a matter of how to dispose of the hacked-up evidence.

This is why I remain an active member in the Democratic Party and not a member of a pure sect of marxist-leninists meeting in somebody's basement plotting the revolution. Baring some really big exogenous change, the pure Left will continue to be politically irrelevant in this country.

Our job it to keep pushing the "middle" of the Democratic Party to the left.

I know it's thankless, and we have to put up with hippie punchers like Johnny Chait, but we simply have to endure and keep the pressure on.

We need to make our politics the "center". It can be done, especially by working hard at the state and local level.

See ya' in 2024. Good luck, Joe.

I've always wondered what the name of the official is?


Is it the same guy who said a month ago that the only direction was up?

Probably the guy who was recommending screaming buy recommendations on $200 stocks with an upside price target of $150.

When I saw that happening, I should have cashed in and moved to Tibet, but the stock market mob is the only crowd Americans think should be listened to, other than the God mob that invented the virus.

How do you have madness without crowds:


I should have cashed in and moved to Tibet

Possibly a better choice than Xinjiang. But only because China has been hammering the Tibetans longer.

If you really need somewhere remote to hide out, go for Patagonia. Better national government (no matter which side you go for) -- not necessarily good, but definitely out of comparison better.

It's going to be like in the old days of fake studio wrestling in Pittsburgh when there was an old lady with two teeth screaming for blood sitting next to a fat guy with a cigar on a bench next to the ring and behind them and to all sides was a chintzy painted backdrop of a huge crowd.

Finally, we return to real fakeness, instead of the fake reality we have now.

Them was the days, when America was great and you didn't need a dumb expensive hat made in Wuhan to say so and you could count on the pure heartfelt inauthenticity of the bullshit coming your way, unlike now when the liars and cheats you pay $50 for a seat believe their own crap and call you unAmerican if don't look askance.

Am I repeating myself, or is America stocked to the gunwales with bullshit?

Has Bannon flooded the zone so irrevocably with shit that the only thing for it is shoot him in the head and abandon ship.



It doesn't matter. They'll kill anyone who speaks the truth:


"Possibly a better choice than ..."

wj, you should start a soothing practical advice column for the lunatics in psych wards.

Isn't that what this is . . . ? ;-)

The doctor will see you soon.

Please take a straight jacket and call me in the morning.

I just want to watch the ballgame.


wj: LOL

I'm calling it a day.


This brings to mind a scene from Smiley's People.

George is meeting with Karla's daughter, the conversation turns to secrets, and she says "my secret is called 'Tatiana.'"

George: "Tatiana," that's a good name, "Tatiana." How did you come by that?

Alexandra: Oh, it's forbidden to talk about it. If you talk about it nobody will believe you, but they put you in a clinic.

George: But you are in a clinic already.

Conservatives, you have guns.

Protect your loved ones and use them.


Conservatives, you have guns.

Protect your loved ones and use them.



The populist, nationalist, neo-fascist government must be overthrown.

It will an object lesson for what is going to happen to the vicious gets in the Republican Party here.

Please take a straight jacket and call me in the morning.

I have to note that it is strait, not straight. We may be in the end times, but that's no excuse for spelling mistakes.

A priest, a minister, and a rabbit walk into a bar.

Bartender: "What's a rabbit doing with a priest and a minister?"

Rabbit: "I think I'm a typo."

I meant the jackets straight republicans will wear in their caskets.

Red, white, blue plaid with a gun bulge.

Dreher mandates the jackets in the dress code for Benedict Option enclaves.

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