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February 29, 2020


I should also add that the reference isn't meant to throw shade on any particular candidate, but on a process that values appearance over substance and ends up pitting regions against each other as exemplars of the 'true' United States.

A prediction in keeping with the "regional" theme: Sanders and Warren will crush the moderates in CA/CO/UT on Tuesday. We won't know exactly how bad in CA for a couple of weeks as all the late ballots arrive by mail.

Well, Steyer has dropped out. With luck, that means his ubiquitous commercials will go away now, rather than afflicting us thru Tuesday. (Now if only Bloomberg would go as well!)

I undrstand the use of TV spots to establish name recognition. But are any voters actually persuaded by them beyond that? It seem crazy to me. But then, I routinely ignore commercials . . . and somebody must be persuaded by them or else why have they persisted?

Michael Cain,

As a Warren supporter, I can only opine that I don't see her crushing anybody on Super Tuesday.

The country's loss in this regard is......in my opinion....substantial.

I've held off mailing in my WA St. ballot until after Tuesday.

Hey, moderates! if it comes down to $$$ Bloombuger or Sanders, where do you flee to?

Hey, moderates! if it comes down to $$$ Bloombuger or Sanders, where do you flee to?

Call me a cynic:
1) Evviva Florimont!
2) Pourqoui ne Trumpe pas?
3) 3rd party, 3rd party is always right!

We will hear a lot about how as an ex-GOPster with megatons of money will clearly unite our country. And when the ex-Dem with far less actual dough will wipe the floor with him the blame will be as usual on the leftist dividers and their egotism and unwillingness to compromise for the good of the country.

Meet the new Acting Director of National Intelligence.

Seriously, why don't we just sell the f***ing country to the oligarchs and be done with it. Everybody gets their choice of one-time cash buyout, or gets some shares in the new USA LLC.

I know intelligent, well-informed, savvy people who will look at the Grenell appointment and say, "What, me worry?". Not one or two, but many. And that tells me that we are basically rogered.

Successful self-governance requires a critical mass of people who actually give a shit. Trump's at something like 43% approval rating. He's at something like 90%-plus in the (R) party.

I don't see how anyone can support Trump and simultaneously give a crap about the health of the institutions that make this country a functional self-governing republic. So I'm not seeing the critical mass. 51% is not a sufficient critical mass. 60% is probably not a sufficient critical mass. because anything you try to do has to drag along the other 40% of the country, who either don't give a crap or who actively hate your guts.

I don't see how this ends well. Regardless of who wins Super Tuesday, or even in November. The government of the country is being corrupted from the inside out by a man who is, himself, corrupt from the inside out.

And about half the country is fine with it. Because, tax cuts, or whatever.

I don't see a path to turning that around.

Okay, I'll rephrase. In CA/CO/UT, Sanders wins and Warren finishes second. The moderates are relegated to third and below.

Add more superdelegates and bribe or somehow remove delegates already pledged to the winners. Then wait for 2024 assuming Jabbabonk will not run again then. Everything is better than creating a precedent of a successful non-centrist. Just think of the megadonors that will turn away in disgust and horror if the holy pledge of centrist moderatism is broken.

Ultimately, russell, you have been identifying the underlying issue for a few years. Living in a country designed to institutionally create change incrementally with checks and balances along the way has become unacceptable to at least large minority, if not a majority, of Americans.

On both sides of every issue the other position has been defined as evil, for every one you can name someone on the right can name one.

Both sides have convinced their followers they are fighting a moral battle,we arent creating the civil war. We are creating the crusades. And yes. Both sides do it, in fact the left is smoother at it.

For a few years you have been talking about the social contract required to maintain society, that contract is essential to our form of government, the founders made that contract. Every discussion of intent centers on the differences in their discussions, the point should be there understanding that even the most difficult issues require that contract. It requires people of goodwill on each side to reach an accomodation.

It is important to me that the institution is not destroyed by the current holders of those positions, it is destroyed when we replace them through means outside the social contract.

Well, Steyer has dropped out

turns out simply throwing money at a race isn't sufficient.

Hey, moderates! if it comes down to $$$ Bloombuger or Sanders, where do you flee to?

i've already voted. and it wasn't for either of them.

I'm not defining the "other position as evil", I'm identifying Trump as, personally, profoundly and utterly corrupt.

Contrary to the BS about "deep states" and "trying to overthrow the 2016 election", nobody is or has been looking to remove Trump through any means outside the Constitution, or in violation of any social contract embodied in that document. Nobody.

I don't have a problem with people who hold conservative views. I disagree, more than strongly, with many of those views, but none of this is about conservative policies vs not-conservative policies.

It is about the POTUS corrupting the institutions of governance, and the (R) party getting his back, without apparent reservation, on each and every occasion.

This is not a sustainable situation.

And about half the country is fine with it. Because, tax cuts, or whatever.

I think you've missed to motivation for most of that support. It is, quite simply, team spirit -- nothing more. That's actually good (OK, less bad) news.

Consider how often sports fans turn on a dime when players are traded or a new coach is hired. Even if it's someone they booed vogorously in the past, suddenly he's a local hero. Bring in a new and different Republican leader, and the base will change direction every bit as easily. As we have seen with Trump, their supposed ideological positions (and those of their Congressmen) were not actually real beliefs. So that won't be an impediment.

Of course, there is the challenge of coming up with such a new and different GOP leader. You may not see one now. But ask yourself, did even your wildest 2012 imaginings include anything like Trump? So, perhaps not totally improbable.

Team spirit for sure, but also cleek's law. And as the electorate continues to become less educated about, frex, the constitution, the situation becomes ever more dangerous and worrying.

Why are we at each other's throats, you ask? Well, here's one take.

Revolutions and civil wars don't always happen when things are at their worst. History can be fickle. True story.

Well, here's one take.

No disgreement with anything Reich says here.

I'd love to disagree with Reich. But then I remember the union steward that told all of his guys to show up for that bogus Trump rally at Royal Dutch Shell in PA because he was protecting their union jobs. And the idiot union leaders in NE who complained that M4A would take away the coverage they bargained for.

As a union member (and local officer) myself, I look at those people and see exactly what Reich is talking about. They are making bad decisions, but the reason for those decisions are clear short-term calculations for people who may not be swayed by better long-term prospects.

And, yes, the (R/D)NC's money-centric game has cut the legs out from underneath any populism and led to this impasse.

Unions should support universal healthcare because offloading that burden and decoupling it from employment frees them up to bargain more fiercely for wages and leaves them less exposed should they be forced to strike (legally or wildcat). And employer provided health insurance is nothing but the losing prospect of slow concessions.

But we've already let things slip to a crisis point, and people in crisis don't make long-term strategic decisions. They make marginal choices for temporary tactical advantage and do what damage they can.

Welcome to 2020.

Good article, bobbyp, thanks .

Some exemplary executions of banksters post-2008 financial crisis would have gone a long way toward fixing the situation we're in now.

Obama could have drone-struck Goldman Sachs, but he didn't. even. try.


"The fivesome of “Chapo Trap House" are not the only bards of the new American left — there is “Red Scare” and another whose name cannot be printed — but they have led the way for a movement that together generates millions of dollars a year. They are on their way to becoming the socialist’s answer to right-wing shock jock radio. Their primary targets, in evidence at that show in Iowa, are not the Republican Party or even Mr. Trump but rather centrist liberals, whom they see as the major obstacle to a workers’ revolution.

In blurring occasionally violent humor, jovial community meetups, and radical politics, they are the Tea Party reborn for progressives, and for their fans, the appeal is in a bawdy offensive balance to cautious mainstream liberal politics."
The Pied Pipers of the Dirtbag Left Want to Lead Everyone to Bernie Sanders: Many listeners would never repeat what these podcast hosts say. So why do they desperately want to hear from them?

So why do they desperately want to hear from them?

Who is they? Chinese who don't believe in the germ theory of disease thingy?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Buttigieg has dropped out


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Buttigieg has dropped out

Perhaps an offer he could not refuse? A VP slot?

But good to see the field narrow.

Sen. Amy goes Wednesday morning?

We'll see.

Buttigieg wasn't my candidate, but I didn't see the hatred for him. I hope he goes on to good things.

Amy? I like her too. She's more conservative than I am, but I've thrown staplers. I don't get what that's all about. I'd vote for her in a heartbeat against any R.

I'm voting for Warren on superTuesday. I have a couple of minor strategy-based issues with her, but she's on the right side in every possible way. What's not to like? Oh, right, she's a she.

Biden? I thought about voting for him just to hammer Bernie, but I have to vote my heart. I'll fight for him hard in the general!

Bernie? Yeah. I'll vote for him in the general. Nuff said. Not going to hate on him ever again.

Others? Don't care about whomever.

Bernie? Yeah. I'll vote for him in the general. Nuff said. Not going to hate on him ever again.

Some tuff love advise for Bernie and his more rabid supporters here.

I endorse this message.

Who is the enemy? The enemy is the Republican Party.

The enemy is the Republican Party.

When the chips are down, bobbyp is my brand.

"There are two sides to every question" is a banal truism: if you don't have at least "two sides" you don't have a "question".

"There are two equally valid sides to every question" is a proposition that Bertrand Russell could have had some fun with. I mean: is that the one question in all of logic on which there cannot be "two sides"?

Sorry for the digression.

America is in grave danger:


I think this is a good analysis of possible things to come as far as the Democratic party is concerned:


not a very uplifting perspective, mind...

I'm not sure that's correct, novakant.
After all, not so long since, labour was more or less the same kind of coalition.

In any country with FPTP elections, broad electoral coalitions are essential to regularly challenge for government.

I favour PR, but I also recognise reality.

not a very uplifting perspective, mind...


In any country with FPTP elections, broad electoral coalitions are essential to regularly challenge for government.

Yes, consider the broad coalition that comprises today's GOP....oh, wait.

The real stress point may lie elsewhere-an increasingly radicalized GOP that sees its political rivals as essentially illegitimate and availing itself of every anti-democratic means baked into our Constitutional system by our not so wise Founders to maintain power.

And now Amy Klobuchar has withdrawn also.

Apparently the moderates will get a chance to focus on a single candidate. Which will make Sanders' consistent 35% of the vote less likely to generate "wins". We may not see it on Super Tuesday, especially because California does so much early vote-by-mail. But will it be enough, soon enough?

Sen Amy out today....two days ahead of my schedule.

Does the center want Liz to stay (siphon from The Revolution) or go (pray her potential voters 'move on' to Joe)? They can't seem to make up their minds.

The wisdom of crowds meets the dustbin of history?

Say it ain't so, Joe!


I want Warren to stay in until the end if she can. Either Biden or Sanders could keel over or be forced out by health concerns and Warren would be in a position to pick up their delegates. Would be a better narrative than any where a candidate who dropped out trying to jump back in.

Good thinking, nous. I'm with you, and am voting for her tomorrow.

I want Warren to stay in until the end if she can. Either Biden or Sanders could keel over or be forced out by health concerns

Or both! and Trump could join them.

Yes, good thinking nous, and as I've made clear she's been my pick all along (which means if history is any guide that she's never had a chance). But I like bobbyp's scenario just fine.

Case closed:


Elections matter not.

We've no idea what we are up against.

America is in grave danger.

Kill and butcher and slaughter.

Like Marty said, Democrats are smoother in the both sides do it gambit:


On the other hand, when liberals rape, Republicans admire and cheer like Kavanaugh frat boys and take the condoms away, because if there anything vermin republicans hate, it's an unwanted child on food stamps and looking for a fucking job.

Blow all of it up. Just fucking kill all of it.

Biden had so many mental slips in the last few days that it's getting actually worrying. Not loose cannon slips but stuff like 'vote for the other Biden' or confusing the hosts of the shows he is on. Jabbabobk gets a pass on such stuff but anyone running against him not 100% alert and 'there' is a liability.

When John McCain was running for president in 2008, his mother (in her 90's) said "he's too old for this".

Still good advice, applied the current crop of geezers.

I guess the "old white men" meme really hasn't taken root in the culture, despite what old white men keep telling us.

Is it a sign of civilizational decline that we turn to half-demented methuselahs to run the joint?

Here's some science, not that it fucking matters:


For those interested in leading economic indicators that might give a clue to worldwide recovery from this recent debacle, you can do worse than tracking the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks shipping activity around the world.


It has been edging up in recent days after a catastrophic decline.

On a related note, it was not comforting that the Dow Jones Transport Average far under-performed the rest of the market averages in yesterday's neck-breaking snap back, ya know, that "volatility to the upside".

That sets up the possibility of very negative divergences as the market tries to recover, which at some point will trigger a Dow Theory sell signal.

The small cap stocks are also lagging, which isn't unusual at times like these, but bears watching as well.

The Transports and the smaller cap stocks were lagging in comparison to the Dow and the S&P before this waterfall decline, which in the past has been indicative of the late stages of a bull market.

Once again, I make no predictions about the market, so if you act somehow on this info, you paid me exactly what I deserve ... ZIP.

Better just to send me checks for no reason whatsoever.

"Better just to send me checks for no reason whatsoever."

Unlike Wall Street, which operates fully under that principle, I don't need an MBA to see how your money might become mine.

Finally a headline about the market that sums it up:


No one really knows what is going to happen.

True of every day of market trading since those few traders gathered under the tree in lower Manhattan way back when.

See, you could now shut down all so-called news coverage .. journalism .. of market action, which has become more than anytime in history merely an extension of the touting fluffers on Wall Street, because now you know.

No one knows.

And if you think you know, you are the last one to know.

Back to what I know. The Republican Party must be destroyed and removed from the face of the Earth:


It's not good enough to be smooth about it.

Be savage and utterly ruthless.

It doesn't matter that both sides do it.

All that matters is who is the most ruthless motherfucker left standing at the end.

Otherwise we can join Merrick Garland in whatever he is wasting his time with.

The Federal Reserve, like every other institution in America, was abolished this morning by a ruthless motherfucker.


Easy money, the bane of all vermin conservatives when the nigger was handing it out, is now their vaccine for all ills.

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

Noodling around old presidential contests, I came across Wendell Willkie, about whom I knew more or less nothing.

Interesting guy, and lots of might-have-beens.

I was quite taken by this quote from his 1943 book One Word...

...I found this dread of foreign control everywhere. The fact that we are not associated with it in men's minds has caused people to go much farther in their approval of us than I dared to imagine. I was amazed to discover how keenly the world is aware of the fact that we do not seek—anywhere, in any region—to impose our rule upon others or to exact special privileges ... No other Western nation has such a reservoir. Ours must be used to unify the peoples of the earth in the human quest for freedom and justice...

World, dammit.

Never let a crisis go to waste:


I find the idea of an "emergency" reduction in ... interest rates to be at least a little absurd. Is there a red button in a glass case with a little metal hammer hanging on a chain next to it at the Fed?


The emergency is that the Fed Governors were about to be fired unless they enlisted as loyalists and vote-stealers in Trump's re-election.

The worldwide conservative movement must be executed:


Every one comes with a year's supply of Coronavirus vaccine in the glove compartment.

Try not to share, because, ya know, socialism:


The price of each car went down this morning as borrowing costs delined.

Everyone else might want to pay a visit to your payday lender for that high interest vaccine loan.

Never mind the Russians interfering with US elections. Just as a bunch of septuagenarian candidates for the POTUS are running around meeting crowds and shaking hands, China releaces the Coronavirus.

I recall that as the Soviet Union fell they rotated from one septuagenarian conservative grey beard to another in their final flails at saving the country.

Donna Brazile forgoes smooth and gets rough:


I too love that fucking conservatives serve as advisers to the Democratic Party (not that I'm at all happy with that mess myself), with the chief advice being that Democrats need to nominate and run a Republican to attract conservative votes.

We need two Republican Parties apparently.

Meanwhile, have any never-trump conservatives ever done ANYTHING, besides lecturing us, inside the republican party to get rid of trump and his filth.

No, all that has happened is your preferred Republican candidates in 2016 have fallen in the coward's line behind trump and holding their tiny balls.

Vote for Weld. Or at least say you will.

You people have the guns too. But the only time I hear them invoked is against Obamacare and Hillary.

Never against Trump and his authoritarian gummint.

Good for Brazile. Fuck off Republicans.

Trump's not leaving, no matter the outcome of the election.

Economist Roubini adds his voice to those who agree Trump will not leave the White House if he loses the election.

He will summon right wing militias to keep him in power.

Good, it's about time we have a reason to butcher all of those cocksuckers and their families.


Not a good sign when the market chokes on and spits out liquidity:


China releases the coronavirus.

Which would be more convincing if the virus wasn't making Xi's position more precarious.

Don't do anything to startle EVIL:


Vote for Weld. Or at least say you will.

Will you settle for my saying that I did exactly that? Because I figure that every Republican vote for someone not Trump is another thorn in his shoe. Every little bit helps.

As Trump and Bannon (save the bullet we won't have to use on Limbaugh for that guy) flood the zone with shit, their eviscerated corrupt captured institution flood the zone with cheap money.

Basically, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve stand ready to nationalize all of the means of production by handing us the money to do it for them.

Conservatives and Republicans are merely commie pinko filth when it comes to the bottom line.

The issues are not the issue.

Someone said that once too.

There're reports that the CCP has ordered people back to work to keep the economy going regardless of what the virus is doing. A measure of people being back at work is how much electricity plants are using. There're reports that plant managers are turning on all the machines in the plants while employees stay at home.

Kudlow stands athwart and gets kicked in the nuts again, within a week.

Usually it takes a week or two longer:


I'm old enough (I'll turn seven next week) to remember Kudlow and the entire cast of fake know-it-alls and their media fluffers excoriate the nigger and his federal reserve for destroying returns for savers and retirees via zero interest rates.

Compared to these guys, Bernie Sanders is fucking Adam Smith.

"There're reports that plant managers are turning on all the machines in the plants while employees stay at home."

Kind of a preview of our robot future, in which we spend our 24 hours a day of leisure time sniffling and sucking on cough drops.

When a robot tells you "work will set you free", remove its batteries.

Trump is preparing an executive order mandating that all of must spend our free time repeatedly flicking the light switches on and off to keep coal production high and leave our combustion engines running thru the night to save the underwater debt-laden frackers from bankruptcy.

He's going to introduce a robotic Milton Friedman to patiently and rationally explain to us on public television why this must be so and all pikers will be blindfolded and thrown out of airplanes off the coast of Chile.

She doesn't qualify for a coronavirus test but Rush Limbaugh qualifies for the Medal of Freedom:


America needs a rectal exam with a Sawzall to learn what climbed up our dumbasses when Ronald Reagan paid that visit to Neshoba County to announce that government will no loner be available.

Trump endorses Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for President. Will step down next week.


Ya know, there's a real nugget of truth in this little essay. As a far out loony left winger who has consistently voted straight Dem ballot since 1972, because "where else you gonna' go?", I can relate.

When you renew your drivers license in California, the form offers the option to register to vote. Unfortunately, it's not a check box but a Yes/No question. Most people who are already registered to vote have, understandably, answered No.

It appears, from what we have been seeing at the polls, that there is a glitch in the system. We've seen a bunch of folks who thought they were registered (as in they have been voting for years) but suddenly aren't on the rolls. If this was Georgia, or one of the similar states, I'd suspect foul play and voter suppression. But as it is, I'm guessing that the DMV system is helpfully removing the registration of anyone who checked No. Oops!

Ain't software wonderful?


but how can the DMV just reach in to the voter roll database and erase folks? But maybe I just don't know how these things work. :)

They've got an interface in order to do registrations, of course. Which (if our speculation is correct) also allows unregistrations.

Discounted software from an unknown source...

"We need two Republican Parties apparently."

From your comment to Gods ear.

A snapshot from California. In the (4) precincts voting at my poling place, Biden outpolled Sanders about 2 to 1. Mind, this is only in-person voting, and most people vote by mail.

I will be fascinated to see how our numbers compare to the statewide results.

It looks like the voters are going to pick the boring old white guys.

The VP pick could be rather more consequential this year.

Apparently, money in politics isn't a sure thing. Bloomberg isn't doing so well after spending enough money I could live comfortably on for 10,000 years.

Hey, Bloomberg did manage to buy his way to a win today . . . in American Samoa. Thus sparing the Democrats the embarrassment of a Gabbard win.

There're reports that the CCP has ordered people back to work to keep the economy going regardless of what the virus is doing. A measure of people being back at work is how much electricity plants are using. There're reports that plant managers are turning on all the machines in the plants while employees stay at home.

One should be careful about letting one's prejudices drive narratives. I've been one who feels that this is pretty serious, but it's kind of funny, in a sad way, to see it be turned into a yellow peril narrative. If the CCP were forcing people back to work, we would expect that case numbers would be up, but they aren't. And there would be lots of ways that Chinese could indicate this, and there are people looking at twitter and it would come out if something like this were happening. However...


I fully expect US companies to follow such a policy of a potentially deadly disease not being an excuse to stay off work (at least those jobs that cannot be done from home). The shareholders are not gonna get infected and the worker bees are not allowed on the executive floor either anyway. And if production suffers, there'll be a bailout, provided your company is big enough and a reliable donor to the GOPwald party.

As for Super Tuesday, I fear after the results we see, there'll be open civil war within the party up to, including and likely after the convention.
Sanders was a longshot anyway but imo Biden is weaker than Hillary was (from the start; but now it got worse with all the recent gaffes).

Is our only hope corona hitting CPAC hard taking out enough GOP senators?

I think you might be wrong, Hartmut.
There is evidently a reservoir of affection for Biden which took me by surprise. And if the trend continues, Biden may well beat Sanders soundly on delegates come the convention, which is likely to defuse any civil war.

He would not be my first, or second choice. But against Trump, he'll do.

I'm a Warren fan and I think the Yglesias piece explains things well


I also will admit that I want Warren to run and win because Clinton lost, and I would like to see Trump beaten by a woman. I guess I'm bullheaded like that.

I also have a lot of affection for Biden and I thought that this Atlantic piece about his stutter gets at some of the things I like about him as well as possibly explain some of his missteps

On the other hand, Exra Klein's piece really has me wondering if Biden can treat the Republicans as (I think) they need to be treated

Warren performed as my personal history suggested she would, alas. Following on from Nigel's comment, if Biden gets the nomination, who do people think will be his VP pick?

Very interesting Atlantic piece on Biden's stuttering, lj. I really hope that is the explanation for the apparent "lapses". But if it is, the question then becomes whether to tell the American public and hope it helps not hinders his chances, or whether to continue to tough it out and hope Trump's obvious deficiencies play worse (I have doubts about this latter course, but am equally far from sure about the former).

Someone half his age, I'd hope.
Klobuchar would be 'safe' (from the DNC's POV). But we will have to be grateful, if they just do not act on their impulse to rub it in that the 'non-moderates' lost. In the latter case there will be a landslide since I doubt the 'left' will put up with it this time (and they know that they will be blamed in any case).
So, whateverbeingdamned, don't gloat, if Biden gets the nomination or create the impression of sabotage, if it is Sanders. Otherwise the lantern pole will get less metaphorical than comfortable.

As for 'electability', national polls are worse than worthless given that a handful of voters in a handful of swing states can outweigh several millions in 'safe' states.

VP? My guess is Kamala Harris possibly, though Biden will have to shore up Latina support, so Julian Castro (or his brother) might be more of a possibility. More likely Julian because he was a presidential candidadate.

"Apparently, money in politics isn't a sure thing. Bloomberg isn't doing so well after spending enough money I could live comfortably on for 10,000 years."

When I returned from my week-long trip, there were four glossy mailers in my mailbox from Bloomberg, delivered in rain, sleet, and snow while I was gone, none from anyone else.

I may forward them to McKinney to see if the Postal Service is doing its job, but I have a feeling McKinney's individual mailman must have a room in his house where he hoards all of the mail from his route.

OK, the question has rarely been whether or not money plays an effective out sized role when spent by a candidate on his own vanity campaign.

But if Bloomberg took the five million plus he spent on his campaign and funneled it to his legislators to have his will done over and above mine, I'm guessing THAT is where the bang is.

Steve Forbes could throw all his daddy's money at his own campaign and get maybe three votes, including his own, but his campaign contributions to far-right politicians to pay them for appointing judges he favors and to encourage them to privatize and gut Medicare and Social Security, and to lower his own taxes do the job.

So, c'mon, don't kid a kidder.

All of the shills and asswipes counting out the big bucks to dirty the linens at Trump's hotels know what their getting in return.

Wait, it's Trump, so probably the shiv is what they get.

So much winning:


Elizabeth Warren should go full Comanche and cut trump's wilted testicles off and shove them down his republican throat:


There is one thing General Mattis could have done to save this country, but he didn't, so fuck his patriotism.

At 10:12, I wrote their for "they're".

So Taliban me.

Sessions could have down the same thing Mattis didn't have the guts to do, but the former always loved the wrong country anyhoo, the Confederacy:


Would Warren be an absurd VP pick for Biden?

Not to my mind, but it might be politically wise to assuage the Bernies somewhat, so fewer of them defect to trump.

But if she can't be President, I want her in the Senate all up in McConnell's lunch instead of cooling her heels as Vice President.

Given that Biden's three biggest liabilities are his age, his mouth, and the entirety of the West, I'd think Harris would help him more than Warren, and Harris' spot in the Senate is less vulnerable.

I also was wondering about Harris, and (maybe wishful thinking) Warren. But nous's comment seems pretty sensible (not to mention not surprisingly displaying a great deal of nous).

Also what JDT said @10.56.

Hey, Bloomberg did manage to buy his way to a win today . . . in American Samoa.

I think he just bought American Samoa outright.


I fully expect US companies to follow such a policy of a potentially deadly disease not being an excuse to stay off work

More likely: the policy will be "if you're sick, stay home".

Of course, if you're sick and stay home, for many positions that also means you won't get paid, and if you're out long enough you'll lose your job. But that's on you, the worker. It's not the company's fault or responsibility.

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