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February 10, 2020


Wait, they weren't taxing McDonald's franchises?

What do they teach them in the schools these days? (Obviously not that the ability to vote is called the "franchise".) ;-) -- because I'm sure russell, at least, does know that....

"franchise" sounds like a way to cook potatoes

Wow, Charles was born before 1902.

Anyone heard from LJ recently?

I’m a capitalist. Here’s how you can tell. I have $30,000 in paper stock marke losses in the past three and half trading sessions.

I voted for Warren in the primary. I’ll vote for Sanders in the general if I have to.

Better being wiped out financially by a bog standard shouting socialist than a traitorous Putin-loving piece of traitorous dogshit ( more about that later in rebuttal of my friend Donald when I can get off the IPhone after Mardi Gras) who (trump) postulates (masturbates via mouth) that our virus will settle down come warm weather, against all, if conservatives will pardon my progressive French, scientific consensus, but who believes ( he believes like a fucking snake believes in slithering; kill him with a stick) global warming is a thing.

Understand that trump’s deep conservative murderous state ordered the release of the Coronavirus in China, the better to disrupt American corporate supply chains, the better to close borders, the better to shut China down as a competitor, with the exception of Ivanka’s and hubby’s shithead shallow business interests, assholes, and now his conception of exceptional America has no exceptional immune system

Wipe the Republican Party off the face of the Earth.

Doesn’t matter what comes next, whatever it is can be fixed.

THIS can’t be fixed.

Not a thing, it should read.

Ranting via fingertip is highly overrated.

Wow, Charles was born before 1902.

Yes, I'm about the same age as wj.

Truly sick vermin:


A politician suing over an editorial opinion. thug vermin.

It’s like John Wilkes Booth suing over the gunpowder residue on his waistcoat.

Elect me President.

There will be no suing.

My Supreme Court will declare in motion bullets Free fucking speech.

I will order on my first day The killing, butchering, and slaughtering of Fox News, Breitbart News, and Rush Limbaugh, and that’s only day one.

I’ll bet if I entered the Democratic primary today on that narrow platform alone, I’d poll at 23% on the first day.

America has no idea of the fury that is coming.

The good people here would abstain, but I wanna win.

Just stumbled across this fun bit:

Trump praised Modi's record on religious tolerance
Modi?!?!? Really? The mind boggles. And if there was any doubt ()not that there is that Trump is totally clueless about the rest of the world, that put paid to it.

Anyone heard from LJ recently?

Hi, just got back from Korea, on the last flight out of Taegu. (Seriously, the next day, the route was suspended and on the same day, it was announced that foreigners who visited Taegu would be banned from entering Japan. Which was performative, as there are no longer flights from Taegu to Japan AND there is no way Japan knows who was in Daegu) I'm trying to start a post about corona, hope it will be up this weekend.

Good to see you, lj! Welcome back, and stay healthy.


Looking forward to something on corona. I suspect it's going to be a hot topic for quite a while.

LJ! Glad you are well!

Feel free to delete my recent post!

“ Disinformation and propaganda are also more effective: if you convince people to change their "vote", they are (duh) convinced. They don't feel cheated when you win; they feel vindicated.”

This is identical to what the far right said during the Cold War, except that the far right had a much better case back then. I’m going to bed and have mixed feelings about getting into a fight with virtually everyone here, but I find this absurd,

This deserves a full on rant, because I disagree with it in so many different ways I hardly know where to begin.

Start with the fact that American lies are on a vastly greater scale. Go into detail. This would literally require several books. And I don’t just mean conservatives.

Then talk about other countries that interfere here. And they get nothing even close to this much paranoia. There are a few in the Middle East I could rant about. I don’t, because I think the choice to spread their bull is made here. Nobody forces us to support immoral policies overseas. Only Russians have magical powers of that sort.

Then move on to the fact that pointing out our flaws and sins is a good thing. Rightwingers made the same complaints about commie propaganda. Much of that propaganda was right. Liberals nowadays sound like a Mississippi sheriff circa 1964.

And btw, the only place I can find a damning press conference of a State Department official lying about Yemen is on a YouTube clip put up by Russia Today. I don’t read or watch them much, but I would if there were more hours in the day. Yes they spread their slanted view. So does our press.

Dividing us and sowing doubt about our institutions— that’s the usual claim. If that is what they are doing, it is a steep downhill battle. That story sells itself. I read that stupid intelligence report back in 2017 — again, rightwingers in the Cold War had a much stronger case to make back then and if I weren’t going to bed I would put on my rightwing empathy simulator cap and make it.

The wikileaks emails had an effect because they were newsworthy. Most of the Facebook ads could only have effected people who were human examples of the butterfly effect — if you were swayed by that crap then you were swayed by every random nonsense that met your eye.

We have free speech because we ostensibly believe John Stuart Mill was right. If people are actually worried about Jesus armwrestling Satan memes, then America might as well call it a day.

I am of course wasting my time. The gap between my position and what most liberals believe on this can’t be bridged. I am just pointing it out.

Donald - there really isn't that much of a gap between what you describe as your opinion of US foreign policy malfeasance and my own. Seriously. We have been bad faith actors for years and have no moral high ground. I'm not looking for moral high ground.

And, among other things, I have done a lot of reading on propaganda. I have a Ph.D. in rhetoric and have published about military propaganda.

Where we diverge is in two particulars.

First, I am more worried than you are about the use of psychographic targeting. The propaganda of the Cold War was crude and relied upon either personal contact or on mass media. Today we have private tech corporations assembling huge databases of personal information and user habits that put the Stasi to shame. And there's really nothing that prevents anyone with the resources from making use of that data if they can buy access. The degree to which this data can be wielded effectively to influence voting or purchasing power is not precisely known, but it does allow a great deal more precision in targeting and fine tuning ones propaganda and even a little of this can have a ripple effect.

Second, I think that we have a much more clear understanding of how fear and implicit bias can be used to short circuit critical reasoning. There is more science behind the art of propaganda today, and that is made more effective by being able to access the psychometric data of millions of people and present them with your messages wherever they are throughout their waking day.

Again, that was something that could only be achieved during the Cold War at the mass media level with far less specific and targeted propaganda or at the personal level with a great deal of investment in personnel and a fair bit of exposure.

Cambridge Analytics, Facebook, and Experian are certainly overselling the effectiveness of what they offer their advertisers, but what they are selling ain't nothing.

There are a few in the Middle East I could rant about. I don’t, because I think the choice to spread their bull is made here.

Donald, did you mean this, or is there a "not" missing? It seems to me that pretty much all of us agree with you on Saudi Arabia (Yemen-related and otherwise), and even to quite an extent on Israel. Have I missed something?

The wikileaks emails had an effect because they were newsworthy.

I wonder whether Donald would think my private information is newsworthy, or whether I would think his private information is newsworthy, and whether that makes stealing, publishing, and weaponizing it okay.

I am of course wasting my time. The gap between my position and what most liberals believe on this can’t be bridged.

Donald is truly committed to the "USA is responsible for all bad things that happen in the world" mindset. I have no interest in bridging the gap between us on that.

The "climategate" hacked emails shows, pretty clearly, that it really doesn't matter who you are; if the RWNJs think they can score political points by trashing you, they will.

They'll "investigate" your countertops, if necessary. Shoot on sight.

What sapient said.
(And how often does that happen? 🤔)


Rest easy.

The scum who hate government, who want their taxes eliminated because not to do so is slavery and theft, who have been telling us for 50 years that government is incompetent, inefficient, and over-priced, that federal employees are in it for the long lunch breaks, that its functions must be cut to the bone and its funding eliminated, that it is socialist, communist, and gives it all away to the niggers and the fags and the greasy wetbacks, these very filth and their vermin government are on the job, it's here to protect you now.

Here this, if these always wrong conservative government-hating subhumans tell you to wash your hands, do the opposite.

If they tell you to use the new vaccine to protect your children against the coronavirus, run the other way and cough on your republican neighbors.

They can't be right.

They are the government.

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