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August 03, 2019


yeah, that's an interesting article, Donald.

Here's who murdered Epstein:

Whomever wins the Democratic Party Presidential Primary.

The dissemination of the conspiracy is already in the works and ready to be booked on every right wing media amplifier and right wing congressional office and every White House tweet.

Jim Hoft will be first up.

Lindsay Graham will grimly call for investigations.

William Barr will go completely Dirty Harry on this.

This election will be stolen, again, and on the way it will be the dirtiest violent piece of right wing shit in American history.

"According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial and political dealings are 843% more likely to commit suicide."
CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide

CDC: People With Dirt On Clintons Have 843% Greater Risk Of Suicide

ok. p.o.v. aside. not bad.

Then why is Marty still with us?

That's a haha question like the Babylon Bee is satire.

However, the Babylon Bee and the fake CDC will be quoted verbatim across the Twitter Universe by Federalist Society jurists jousting for Supreme Court appointments and Tucker Carlson will return from racist, white nationalist exile, should he live, with a new gig and a new drumbeat.

I'll know, because my all-up-in-there-on-p acquaintances, just home from seances with Vince Foster, will start every sentence with "Did you know Hillary Clinton managed to send concentrated poisonous sewer gas bubbling up through Epstein's cell toilet and snuffed him in his sleep. She's a she-Devil wraith, a wisp of witch-breath seeping into all of American political life."

Tell me how I'm wrong.

America is a dead letter as a recognizable entity.

The thumbs up by the conservative movement's thug obscenity of a President in the El Paso photo was the muerte signal to Epstein that NOW would be a good time to check out.

I wear a foil hat all the time so the Clinton's cant find me. Otherwise who knows?

Some cogent questions about Epstein's suicide:

You can feel the tremendous centrifugal force mounting as America is torn asunder at the seams:

Everyone should wear their plate carrier foils hats for protection.

This Epstein phenomenon is right up p's and his enablers' alley, right in their sweet spot, for deadly political exploitation.

America: The Death Panel by Free Market Ration

America: The Death Panel by Free Market Ration

Healthcare will always get rationed. The question is who or what will do it.

most everything that isn't trivially available (air, sunlight) is rationed. the question is 'to what degree'?

the food supply is finite and there are countless bottlenecks through the supply chain from farm to table. it's not free, ultimately. even if you didn't pay for it, someone did. but the US does a pretty good job in general of making sure that people don't simply starve. there's food out there if you need it, even if you can't pay for it. yes, we could do better; but in general, people can get food if they need it.

by comparison we do a terrible job of making sure that people don't die from lack of access to basic health care. we have a patchwork of public and private insurance and providers, and too many people just slip through the cracks - and the system just outright fails for many. we could do so much better, and all you have to do is look at other wealthy countries for examples.

we could increase the amount of care available (employ more doctors and nurses - there's certainly a demand). we could make it cheaper to see them (several ways to do that). we could make the safety net bigger and less porous. we could do all kinds of things.

"conservatives" don't want to.

"The question is who or what will do it."

Yes, but if it's the government who causes a diabetic to go without insulin, it's called the predations of socialism on a par with Genghis Osama Trotsky, and an occasion for prideful ideological smirking, and proof of the collective's incompetence.

If it's those left to perish by the inadequate and expensive private sector, it's the rational workings of the rationing free market and the victim's fault, and an occasion for prideful ideological smirking from the same people smirking in the above paragraph, and proof of the free market's well-oiled, efficient success.

Shall we compare body counts?

In the specific case of insulin, there is no socialist or free market case for some to have and some to have not.

Bullets aren't rationed. When there is a shortage, production is ramped up and, bingo, we have more bullets than one guy can spray a crowded Walmart with.

Insulin is rationed by an OPEC of insulin producers.

just think, if we outlawed guns, brave sportsmen could hunt sandhill cranes.

i hear they're delicious, and a lot of fun to kill!



Las Vegas neo-Nazi charged with plot to bomb gay club, synagogue.

The FBI executed a search warrant at his home on Aug. 8 and found thermite, sulfuric acid, a soldering iron, circuit boards and other bomb-making components, according to the complaint.

Raided on -no shit - 8/8. Let it never be said that the FBI has no sense of humor.

The question is who or what will do it.

If health care is something we want to allocate based on price, and the conditions for a free market exist across all of the goods and services that fall under the heading of "health care", then I'm fine will letting market dynamics be the basis of allocation.

Pencils, open heart surgery - same/same.

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