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July 07, 2019


Yeah, it's just terrible how prominent Dems like Edwards, Weiner, Franken, and Spitzer have been able to glide through HUGE sex scandals unharmed, all while climbing to ever higher office.

Meanwhile Moore, Vitter and Trump have had to slink away from public view in shame after their teensy pecadillos came to light.

So unfair.

I agree. All three are disqualified from public service and Moore probably belongs in prison. That isn't exactly the point. And Republicans are huge hypocrites. And so are Democrats. Which is why your complaining about Trump/Epstein rings hollow. Very hollow.

like i said: whataboutism.

Don't be absurd, McKinney, you have to know about something to be credibly accused of enabling it. I have done as you suggest, and googled Bill's accusers, and although I believe their stories it's perfectly possible Hillary didn't, since Bill is (by common consent, including among people I know who have met him) magnetically attractive, and might be supposed by his wife not to "need" to assault women to get them into bed with him. After all, rape and sexual violence does not seem to be his normal MO, as Hillary would presumably know.

I just find it interesting that Democrats and the left revel so freely in Trump's awfulness with respect to women and are so blind in their own selectivity.

We revel (if you want to call it that) in all his awfulness, but your point is not made: nobody is arguing that Bill's awfulness should be excused, we are arguing about whether his wife should be held accountable. And your contention that she should be is extraordinary, to say the least.

Iirc in the past Hillary got blamed in certain quarters for Bill's womanising and adultery. If she had been a proper wife, Bill would not have gone astray seeking elsewhere what his wife was unwilling to give him (thus breaking her marriage vows even before him). Not to forget the 'questions' about Chelsea's paternity and/or maternity since the fanatical lesbian Hillary obviously never had a carnal relationship with Bill (a dissenting minority opinion deduced rape there but since that would exonerate Hillary it tends to get dismissed).
Also both were the Antichrist (Is two incarnations of the same person having sex technically incest?).

Iirc in the past Hillary got blamed in certain quarters for Bill's womanising and adultery.

Yes, a life-long Republican of my acquaintance made this very argument to me. But since she also tried to tell me that McCain's nomination of Palin was clever because it would attract women who would otherwise have been Hillary supporters (!), I gave her argument exactly as much respect as it deserved. These people who purport to respect women certainly have some pretty odd attitudes towards them...

almost everyone here will be shocked to learn that of the five mentions of Epstein on FoxNews' front page right now, three are in relation to Bill Clinton.

because Bill Clinton is the center of their universe.

Now if they could tie Epstein to AOC....

people own themselves and their labor.

And, as a logical extension, the income from their labor. Which would make any and all taxes unjust. Just for consistency.

Which pretty much makes government impossible. At most you can get the occasional voluntary cooperative for a specific purpose, with all non-members excluded -- at gun point if necessary. Doesn't sound like a particularly pleasant place to live.

Especially since you've got no way to keep the guys from down the road, who are OK with a government, from annexing you. Putting you right back under the thumb of a government. Just one where you have no say. And which could care less about your views on fairness.

Epstein/Barr has a nice ring to it.


2 hours in a locked room with the victims of his pedo ring, who are armed with nail clippers.

An amusing image from the outside. But for the victims sake, I'd vote for the Dismemberment of Mad Emperor Yuri. Also makes the final outcome more certain.

I tend to consider Bill Clinton an appalling excuse for a human being. (Albeit a reasonably competent President overall.) But I've seen enough examples of similar marriages to give Hilary the benefit of the doubt, pending proof that she was aware of anything more than serial adultery.**

Why she chose to tolerate that is a different question. But lots of people make choices I find inexplicable. Sometimes for reasons that, while I don't subscribe, aren't immoral either.

** Always True to You, Darling, in My Fashion" as Cole Porter put it.

people own themselves and their labor.

Yes, this is the Lockean basis for private property and natural individual human rights.

And when people move from being unallied bands of hunter-gatherers, to living in organized societies, they surrender some claim to those rights as part of belonging to a polity.

Man in nature, vs man in society.

You have to read the whole book, not just the parts you like.


Expose the facts of his behavior to the light of day, and give the man whatever justice is due him. Which will probably not look like much of an upside, to him.

Anyone who gets tarred as a result through their participation in or association with trafficking minors - or anyone - for sex, for rape or other sexual assault, for procuring sex partners for friends and associates, or whatever the hell else Epstein was up to, will deserve it.

Clinton, Trump, whoever.

My understanding of the Broderick case, specifically, is that she was not a particularly consistent witness. That doesn't mean it did or did not happen, it just means the case against Clinton is therefore legally weak.

Some of the other cases against Clinton involve consensual relationships, or situations that were described at various times by the claimant as either consensual or not.

Some appear to be straight up cases of assault.

A case can be made fairly easily that Clinton had a life-long habit of abusing his office to get laid. The case for unwelcome sexual advances is not , by any means, a stretch. Rape is less clear.

In any case, his behavior over decades can certainly be described as predatory.

I have nothing to say about Hillary's culpability in any of this. The distance from "she looked the other way so she could ride on his coattails" to blaming the victim is, IMO, vanishingly small. Just my opinion.

I don't care one way or the other if Trump is implicated by the investigation into Epstein. What would we discover, that he's a creep and a lecher and a narcissistic sex tourist? How would that be a surprise? What would that add, in any significant way, to what is already known about that man?

So, whatever.

Squeeze Epstein like a grape and let the chips fall where they may.

Squeeze Epstein like a grape and let the chips fall where they may.


Thirded. All of Epstein's compadres need a dose of sunlight, along with any who knew and allowed it to go on.

If Hillary Rodham had never married Bill Clinton, it's possible that he would never have become president, and that she would have.

Hillary did not get into public service through marriage to Bill. However, she was always more policy wonk than back-slapper. Bill was no slouch at policy himself, but he could play the good-ole-boy and appeal to the Bubbas pretty well.

I suppose it's not too surprising that press-the-flesh politicians are often lechers too. Of course, rumor has it that even germophobe politicians are sometimes lechers and worse -- even after they marry two or three statuesque gold-diggers.


Fourthed, including with Nous's corollary.

N-ed, obvs.

i somewhat expect to learn that Bill C stepped a bit too far into Epstein's world. i won't be a bit surprised if we learn the same about Trump, too.

i mean, it takes no imagination at all to envision the playmate-shush-money-paying, daughter-creeping, teenage dressing-room-entering, boastful pussy-grabber up to no good in a room full of paid-for Eastern European wink-wink-women.

he's a scumbag, after all.

but, at least he's not a Democrat, amirite!

By the way, for our Americans here, I don't think Boris Johnson's cowardice on the issue of the Trump spat with our ambassador and Theresa May is doing him much good in his leadership race. Of course some of his base love Trump, but I doubt most are so stupid. Many will have already voted, but for those who haven't, he's really looking like a lickspittle. And regarding any future relationship, the C4 newscaster has just asked Corey Lewandowski if Trump knows that Boris, who he (Corey) was just praising and longing for, once called Trump "abysmally ignorant". If he didn't before, he does now.

i mean, it takes no imagination at all to envision the playmate-shush-money-paying, daughter-creeping, teenage dressing-room-entering, boastful pussy-grabber up to no good in a room full of paid-for Eastern European wink-wink-women.

The timing, regardless of who is involved, will be interesting because of the statute of limitations. However, unless there is a specific under aged victim identifying a specific pervert, Esptein's associates will be under a cloud, but that will be the extent of it.

My research indicates Epstein mostly preyed on young American women, although there appear to be some victims who were trafficked internationally.

Epstein was in the biz (literally) of renting condos to a guy who used them to house underage 'models' for his agency, girls he recruited from all over the world (he charged them rent, of course - speaking of indentured servitude!).


I will never vote for Bill or Hillary Clinton for President again.

Yeah. Am I supposed to give a sh1t what happens to Bill Clinton if he's implicated in this Epstein case? Of course, he was a 1000-times-better president than Rump, but that's not the point. Is there hypocrisy in this?

Did Clinton get away with stuff that he wouldn't have gotten away with today? Yeah, probably. Was that because views at large regarding such things were different then? Yeah, probably. Does that include my views on such things? Yeah, probably.

So what?

On the flip side, no one a couple decades ago would have gotten away with the stuff Rump did and does as a candidate or president, but he has a special brand of supporters these days.

Of course some of his base love Trump, but I doubt most are so stupid.

Depends what you mean by base. As far as Tory party membership is concerned, a recent poll showed over kale of them think Trump would make a good Prime Minister.

The UK Conservative party is possibly beyond redemption.

In happier news, this is a exceptionally interesting invention:

It looks as though it will be readily commercialisable in the relatively short term, as there is nothing particularly radical about the technology.

The UK Conservative party is possibly beyond redemption.

At least you folks have a history of third parties springing up and lasting for decades as viable entities. Even becoming part of the government on occasion. Whereas our last success in replacing one of our (never more than two) potential governing parties was over a century and a half ago.

In short, you at least have experience on how to go about it. We don't.

Hmm, Nigel, for what value of kale?

p.s. Not that I disagree with your view of the Tories.

If you’re trying to cheer me up, can I just point out that the newly formed Brexit Party is ahead of the Conservatives in recent polls...

No chance of cheering you up on this matter, I shouldn't think: unbelievable situation where the Tories are in this state, yet personally I can't currently contemplate voting Labour.

I shall cheerfully vote LibDem. They need the encouragement.

A concerted effort to define down human rights:

There will be plenty of U.N. members happy to cooperate with this.

Yup, it's Lib Dem for me too. I wonder how widespread this will be.

Welp, maybe right wing radical conservatism in this country, which will be violently slaughtered in what is goddamned to come, will bypass their usual Clinton gotchas, and lay the Epstein fuckup on a more current topical target of their never-ending anti-American vermin hate, Republican law enforcer, Robert Mueller:


It won't stop until it is stopped.

Elections stop nothing.

Well, I’m not expecting Prime Minister Jo Swinson... but stranger things have happened.

With increasing frequency.


I remember back when old Horace Rumpole said of his Head of Chambers, Guthrie Featherstone QC MP, that he had given up politics and joined the LibDems:)


Would you Brits here be kind enough to follow in Major General Robert Ross's footsteps of 1812 and burn our White House to the fucking ground again:


Immolating anti-American conservative anti-Semites, racists, and pussy-grabbers would seem a break from the Brexit follies.

You may recall that the Justice Dept. was going to replace its lawyers in the census citizenship case. (Or maybe the original ones declined to support a baseless appeal.)

Well, turns out that, to change lawyers in mid stream, you have to give a reason and get the judge's approval. And the judge has refused, saying:
"Defendants provide no reasons, let alone ‘satisfactory reasons,’ for the substitution of counsel,”
He also pointed out that they are on a tight timetable. And that the proposed substitutes are from other divisions of the Justice Dept., with no familiarity with the relevant laws and regulations. Let alone the specifics of the case.

How awkward. Especially considering what this may reveal about exactly why this step was taken.



America just lays back and smokes a languorous cigarette after being fucked up the ass.

They murder first.

And then we butcher all of them in self-defense:


We are a nation that spans a continent, with a big ocean on the east and west. To our north and south, friendly non-belligerent neighbors with neither the resources nor the interest to do us serious harm. To top it off, we're rich as midas and we spend extravagantly - more than the next seven nations combined - on our military.


Anyone who wishes to defeat us, or at least neutralize us or minimize our role and presence in the world, will have to find a way to induce us to defeat ourselves.

As a martial art, judo allows weaker players to defeat stronger ones by getting them off balance and then using the larger size and strength of the opponent against them to throw and control them. Feints to provoke the larger opponent into a reaction may be used to draw the opponent into an unbalanced and therefore vulnerable position.

Who plays judo?

Perfect analysis, russell.

the Republican embrace of Trump completely de-legitimizes any and everything they said about Bill Clinton.

It delegitimizes 40+ years of lectures about morality, "family values," etc., so on and so forth.

And even if there were never a hint of sexual misconduct by Trump, that would still be true.

As for Bill Clinton, yeah, he's a bad actor with respect to sex also. He's not the all-purpose monster Trump is.

And what Hillary knew or didn't know, what she said or didn't say, we don't know.

Moore, Vitter and Trump have had to slink away from public view in shame after their teensy pecadillos came to light.

And Jim Jordan is still running around in Congress too.

Who plays judo?

No one plays judo. ;^)


The sad truth of the matter is that there are some industries and/or professions where the mix of money and power and celebrity make it possible for people to avoid accountability for their actions.

Government, finance, pop music, film, as examples. Hookers and blow, y'all.

In the case of government, specifically, the offense is more egregious, IMVHO, because as a field of endeavor it involves public responsibility.

You're not supposed to leverage the power with which you have been entrusted to get laid.

Epstein has apparently worked his connections among the wealthy, powerful, and famous to avoid responsibility for his actions up to now. "Up to now" may be coming to an end. If that takes down other folks who have abused their positions or neglected their responsibilities, so be it.

What I would really, really, really like to see is some kind of code of ethics in public service that would make participation in sex tourism and/or prostitution and sexual relationships with subordinates grounds for ejection from office.

I'm not particularly judgemental or prudish about people's sex lives, and all of the above is not about people having sex. It's about holding people who hold public office to a standard high enough that we can have some confidence in their conduct, judgement, and motivations.

Same for financial entanglements while holding office, same for leaving office and immediately taking lucrative positions in the private sector that leverage your prior public experience.

If any of that is inconvenient, don't seek or hold positions of public responsibility.

It really does not seem like a lot to ask.

I have a friend who is a research librarian at a university in Boston. She hired someone who she subsequently fell in love with. It was mutual. They held off on entering into a relationship until her soon-to-be-partner found a different job.

Because it is inherently problematic for people to be in relationship with people they are in authority over.

If a freaking research librarian can understand that and comply with it, at some personal sacrifice, then a mayor, governor, rep, senator, judge, or president can do so.

Squeeze Epstein like a grape, and let the chips fall where they may. It's government, not junior high school.

My two cents.

"Who plays judo?"

As a metaphor, it is a pretty good analysis:



It takes too long to learn:


There is this "close-in fighting dirty" school of thought, which is kind of an alternative. Like poet laureate Mike Tyson opined, "Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face", to which he later added "Ear-biting will get you nowhere."


But the American conservative movement, as now unconstitutionally constituted in 2019, this crippled, gnarled, ingrown, ridiculous, one-testicled, self-smitten, racist, fascist, tassle-loafered, deadly, ideological cartoon, which must be wiped off the face of the Earth along with its analogues in every other country on the planet (yes, p and the ayatollahs and Netanyahu, to name a mere three, deserve identical fates), has armed itself with military-grade weaponry to the teeth, so they brag. P points his snub-nosed finger and makes shooting noises like a little twat in his campaign, but on the other hand he has a $750 billion dollar cache of mass death weaponry at his fingertips. And despite infinite numbers of YouTube videos illustrating how to disarm a gunman with martial arts training, conservatives think like Indiana Jones, they'll just fucking shoot you as long as the guy threatening fancy footwork and twenty years of martial arts experience isn't within close combat distance.

Hell, they fucking shoot innocents in the back.


No, we need to use their weapons on them.

Stealthily, from a distance. Advanced gun scope technology on the rifles of a metaphorical nationwide loose affiliation of, say, 5000 highly trained but ideology-free (with the exception of liquidating gangster motherfuckers) assassins is the sort of war that would please the conservative bowel movement when used against them, by which I mean they would find it pleasurable for about four seconds until they got over the fact that giving a piece a chance isn't just some histrionic hippie-dippie liberal hypocrisy.

Showboat Chuck Norris can't touch assassins from 1000 feet away.

Of course, we are still speaking metaphorically, are we not?

Put all of my comments here under one cover and you might have a Tom Clancy novel. Fiction, right?

But conservatives have never been under the illusion that Tom Clancy was just fucking around.

They believe their own shit.

They want the worst that is coming to them.

They spend countless days contorting themselves into white, for the most part male, Pat Buchanan/p, crypto-Christian victim status, thinking one day there might be affirmative action for them too, this after two and half centuries of their total domination of the OTHER in this country.

Fuck them.

"I have a friend who is a research librarian at a university in Boston. She hired someone who she subsequently fell in love with. It was mutual. They held off on entering into a relationship until her soon-to-be-partner found a different job."

IMHO, libraries are the most romantic, erotic settings going.

If Walker Percy had lived to write another sequel to "Love In The Ruins" ("The Thanatos Syndrome" was the first, well worth several readings), he could name it "Love In The Stacks".

See, there is no rule of law.

They do whatever they please, and when asked nicely to stop, they double and triple down:


And we think elections in which they don't win by theft will be abided?

Fuck them.

ALL is permitted by conservative vermin:


It takes too long to learn

Putin started when he was 12. He began in the KGB in '75.

Putin's the guy who came out on top in the post-Soviet-collapse free for all. He's overseen the transition of Russia from a kleptocratic Communist totalitarian state, to a kleptocratic non-Communist semi-totalitarian criminal enterprise masquerading as a state, with himself as capo di tutti capi.

Trump is a loud bully with a lot of money and a following among people who think that's a resume.

Advantage Putin.

Agreed, in that context.

There is a case to made that America at its cherry-tree-cutting-down-did-he-or-didn't-he story-telling core, has merely been an elaborate cover for slave labor and sex trafficking from the get go.


When we find out who these conservatives, after their autopsies, really are, besides I mean folks who give airplane rides to Bill Clinton, what then:



I'd like to think the FOX News higher-ups have an endgame in mind for subhuman, vermin Tucker Carlson: you know, as long as it doesn't publicly violate contractual obligations, the business bottom-line being the fuck-all of pigfucker American aspirations:


I will say that dumbass conservatives' self-inflicted assistance in wiping themselves out will be accepted with equanimity:



so, after Trump's Grab em By The Pussy tape first came out (to rave reviews! straight #1 on the charts!), the GOP tried to ditch him. Pence fretted that he couldn't appear with him in public. Priebus was under pressure to get him off the ticket.

within 48 hours, they'd all changed their tune.


because Trump's response to the tape included a threat to go after the GOP's real enemy: Hillary Clinton. (ominous music plays)

the GOP is a cult.

Turning Virginia blue:

Combine this with the draconian law on abortion that Alabama's legislature passed recently. You get the impression that state legislators have lost track of the fact that, while the most extreme views make the most noise, the actual views of even Republican voters are nowhere near what they keep voting for.

Democrats may not be able to win over Republican voters. But those voters may get shoved into their arms anyway. (And if the case to void the ACA keeps going, the GOP may well find itself inthe situation of the dog who actually caught the truck.)

You can argue that I'm being unduly optimistic. But it's no longer obvious that I'm being totally unrealistic.

The GOP murder syndicate:


No, martial arts and the above suggested self-inflicted bullet wounds are not enough, are too late, by about however many years it's been since Lincoln's assassination, and wholly inadequate to accomplish goddamned fucking vengeance.

To Erick Erickson:


Yes, Erick, mon ami, and if door-to-door Census takers each were armed with your slut wife's shotgun for this upcoming 2020 Census the conservative movement could be wiped off the face of the Earth in a few months.

We of course can discuss later whether or not Erickson's slut wife knew ahead of time about his threats to murder Census employees in 2009 with her shotgun, and judge and punish her complicity at that time.

Who is Erick Erickson's "slut wife", and why do you call her a slut?

No criticism intended, by the way, JDT, I know you are an equal opportunities insulter!


One presumes, as we are expected to do in every instance of Bill Clinton's bullshit, that the wife is always in on the bullshit, and in fact, may be dispatching his dog self out there to commit his peccadilloes, which if they include forced bullshit with under-aged women are no longer peccadilloes, of course.


Therefore, I suspect, when Erickson asked his wife what kind of animal Republican Judge Souter might be fucking so that he could tweet the unfounded accusation, that his wife immediately and cheerfully chimed in "Well, he fucked a goat, of course, knumbknuts!" and Erickson ran with it while making a mental note that if the wife in a confederate Christian family is supposed to serve and submit, how come SHE owns the shotgun and he doesn't, and furthermore where and when did she come by her intimate knowledge of goats and carnality, hanh?

Well, I think we know.

The two of them dropped the kids off at fundamentalist Falwell finishing Sunday school and headed back to the house to oil up the firearms and much else.

Thank you for the opportunity to expand on my ravings.

Mr Epstein introduced p to Melania.

Russell's couple in the library were not in evidence in the gang hot tub in the grotto where the introduction took place, not that there is anything wrong with that, unless liberals and RINOs do it.

So, let's get this out of the way:

The attempt to impeach Bill Clinton noth for his acts with Monica Lewinsky and the lying about it, along with whatever else could be dredged up, true, false, who the fuck cared?, was not because the filth in the conservative movement* were in any way outraged, scandalized, constitutionally betrayed or whatever, it was a naked attempt to overthrow a democratically and Democratically elected government by other means, not to halt the practice of fellatio, by God, as we know, that is the republican party's favorite activity just behind putting kids in cages, encouraging pollution and government corruption, and eliminating their taxes and the buggery of everyone not them including our institutions, and not necessarily in that order, it's kind of a tie between the taxes and buggery.

*OK, McKT and maybe three other perfectly non-filthy conservatives whom I know of were sincerely outraged by Bill Clinton's behavior.

The rest of the conservatives saw the main chance and the liberals who like me, who choked down criticism of his behavior did so because we saw Gingrich and company holding up their trousers with one hand while overthrowing government with the other, because they were being paid to do it right wing and corporate dark money.

So, here we are, with 25 years of additional malignity from the conservative movement, including several instances of stealing elections.

And now this travesty of the past three years.

It's past time to end them.

And by the way, criticize me any time you like.

By the way too, once Mrs. Erickson reaches widowhood, may she live out her life in peace.

By the way too, once Mrs. Erickson reaches widowhood, may she live out her life in peace.

Perhaps she will have her goats to console her...?

Speaking as a goat, that's a disgusting thought!


They have "Bring Your Livestock Day" every third Saturday per month at the course too.

They claim it's to keep the roughs trimmed, but I suspect more is going on.

Let us pray.

If a girl comes on to you with alcohol on her breath, it's OK to rape her, according to the whore c*nts and bastard, micro-dicked vermin Hannitys on FOX News:


I think we can now assert that all of the females and males still working at FOX did more than twirl for fat bastard bisexual republican rapist Roger Ailes.

everybody ready to live the pre-ACA dream of not being able to get individual insurance if you have a pre-existing condition?

all set to thank the GOP for caring so much about the public health?

i am!

Emoluments are the new big thing in pristine conservative ethics:


Think about that the next time a vicious subhuman fascist conservative lout sets off firecrackers at the Lincoln Emolument.


Emolument Claus is cumming down our chimneys.

That first link disappeared.

No matter, the second one is eternal justice.

New link, same fucked up shit:



He should have refused to resign, the pussy.

England should kick out the fucking American Ambassador to their country and then shutter the American Embassy and all consulates.

England should order the shooting in the heads of all conservative republicans as they disembark from airplanes at British airports.

I'm thinking of visiting that great country next year, and if they shoot me down by mistake because I might look like a fucking subhuman conservative republican piece of American filth, then it's a justice I'll accept, because I let this travesty happen to my country.

Next up to read:


I already know from the review that the book ignores the only workable solution, thinking law is somehow still relevant and useful, but what the hell, I'll think about that at the gun range.

With the exception of Larison, all of the subhuman conservative names and much of the commentariat at TAC are fully behind Russia's traitorous efforts to destroy European governments and replace them with the right wing conservative gangster Putin policies Russell describes upthread.


Because they want to kill the browns, the fags, the feminists, the liberals, the non-orthodox Christians, all of the Other, just as they will in America.

It's July only and Washington D.C.'s Emergency Fund is bankrupt because conservatives are permitted to live among us:


Seems to me to be an optimal time for many, many back-to-back dire emergencies in that city, which conservatives want to kill anyway and return it to the original swamps.

Open thread, so a link to some stupidity near me:


You'd think some people with a clue would have recognized this might be poor PR. Then again, it's been online since October, and this reaction has just popped up.

In order to prevent conservative republicans from not being able to help themselves in the pussy-grabbing department, better to evacuate and quarantine those with the offending vaginas and jobs to do:


He's only half of the three-fifths of the man he used to be:


I agree though that next time we have a chance to limit or prohibit representation in our national government by confederate conservatives from every state, we should count each resident who is not a conservative as twice the men and women they once were and designate each of the confederate conservative filth like Levin as a fatal pre-existing condition thrice times zero and don't carry the two.

Yesterday will come suddenly to the dead conservative movement.

He should have refused to resign, the pussy.

He has to do what's best for his country. What would be good for the US is, at best, a secondary consideration.

What's best for the UK is for Brits to decide, BUT:

Are the Brits any more sane than Americans are? Can they agree on what's "best for the UK" any more than Americans can agree on what "makes America great"?

So what's a conscientious civil servant, British or American, to do?


My son is in Michigan for the time being, so I'm relieved to hear this murderous lout has moved his bullet-headed act to Texas:


I thought Texans gunned down roadkill vermin like Nugent.

Maybe a Texas cop will a Sarah Bland on his white ass.

No, UberReichsvermin Gorka, the lady wants to ship you back home in a body bag as the first action toward reviving America's wholesomeness and saving the Judeo part of our country from you and wife's murderous concentration camps.


I nominate ugh's 3:55pm comment way up there as the winner of the thread:

"I will never vote for Bill or Hillary Clinton for President again."

That's got everything dry and deadpan going for it.

Are the Brits any more sane than Americans are? Can they agree on what's "best for the UK" any more than Americans can agree on what "makes America great"?

So what's a conscientious civil servant, British or American, to do?

In this case precisely what Sir Kim did. His immediate resignation was made inevitable by Boris Johnson’s public refusal of support.
Johnson has behaved, and will continue to behave in a craven and disreputable manner, but a civil servant can only operate at the behest of their political masters.

Boris Johnson's contemptible behaviour over Kim Darroch makes it clearer than ever that if the UK is unfortunate enough to be led by him when a trade agreement is being hammered out between the US and the UK after Brexit, the UK will cave and give the US whatever it demands. This has always been one of the dangers with Brexit, particularly with Tories in power, but with Boris it looks like a certainty. I only hope (without any conviction) that this somehow strengthens the possibility of another referendum and a reversal...

Kim Darroch was quite right to resign - he couldn't do his job any more once Trump turned on him. I can't see that BoJo's attitude had much to do with it.

And I can't see any ambassador anywhere keeping his job for long once his highly critical comments on the country's government have been leaked.

Of course KD was right about Trump, and Trump's reaction was the sort of contemptible bullying one has come to expect from him, but so what.

but so what.

And there is the damage done, in a nutshell.

Not disagreeing with you, pro bono, on any point. On the contrary.

Just SMH at what we have come to find normal.

I can't see that BoJo's attitude had much to do with it.

It determined the timing of the resignation.

Rather more importantly, it represented a public abandonment of a senior diplomat. You back your subordinates in public, and sort things out quietly in private.

Signalling a craven attitude towards someone you will soon be dealing with is simply bad politics.

It really is awful how a Mr. Pladimir Vutin leaked that diplomatic cable from the UK ambassador to the US.

MI6 should ask 007 to make use of his special "license" on that one.

>Rather more importantly, it represented a public abandonment of a senior diplomat. You back your subordinates in public, and sort things out quietly in private.

Signalling a craven attitude towards someone you will soon be dealing with is simply bad politics.

Exactly this. KD probably had to go, but BJ's behaving like a craven poltroon (and lickspittle: something about him inspires these somewhat archaic insults) was an illustration of just what we (and by extension, his civil servants etc) can expect from him.

It really is awful how a Mr. Pladimir Vutin leaked that diplomatic cable from the UK ambassador to the US.

As to this, Snarki is almost certainly right, at least in essence. Isabel Oakeshott, the "journalist" to whom this was leaked, was apparently the ghostwriter for Arron Banks's (funder of Brexit, subject of multiple investigations into his dealings with Russia, and where the money came from, friend and patron of Farage, friend of Trump etc) The Bad Boys of Brexit.

Putin's ongoing project to weaken and destabilise the democratic West continues apace.

Putin's ongoing project to weaken and destabilise the democratic West continues apace.

oddly, this was also OBL's raison d'terror, but the world's right still haven't stopped wetting themselves in fear over the threat. but the world's right lurves Putin.

but yes, Bill Clinton exists, so it's all a wash.

I'm desperately trying to work out who OBL is

Rather more importantly, it represented a public abandonment of a senior diplomat. You back your subordinates in public, and sort things out quietly in private

In brief, Johnson keeps looking ever more like Trump. Wonder what his take on Putin will turn out to be....

OBL: osama bin Ladin

Aha, that all now makes sense! Thanks, wj.

It is interesting to compare what Ambassador Darroch said in private diplomatic reports vs what Trump-appointed ambassadors say in public.

But then, Trump doesn't think that rules for others should apply to him.

It's like this:

Shit is gonna be fncked up and bullshit until we wise up.

It'll probably get worse before it gets better.

Show me where I'm wrong about this. I'd welcome it.

"OBL: osama bin Ladin"

Somehow, I think bin Laden would be quite aggrieved that his initials now elicit a mere quizzical "Who dat?".

The disappointment is second only to that he experienced when OBL looked around upon his express arrival in heaven and asked "So ..... 72 virgins? I don't see a one. What gives? I was told 72 virgins. I promised my warriors 72 virgins. Bring me the virgins!"

Well, he probably accidentally went to Christian heaven, where there are no virgins, but only demure fibbers.

Or maybe he misheard. Might "surgeons" or "sturgeon", or some sort of far flung Richard Branson operation have been the more accurate hearings.

We can thank the other Osama (in vermin, racist anti-American conservative movement eyes), Barack Hussein Obama for having the chops to terminate OBL, going where conservative movement government was too incompetent, mealy-mouthed, inattentive, cowardly, and quite frankly Saudi Arabian-aligned to do what needed to be done, except cough into their fake Viagra prescriptions.

"Show me where I'm wrong about this. I'd welcome it."

It's going to get much worse and getting better will occur only after a horrible national ordeal.

I never ask for change for my 2 cents.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am outraged and disappointed that I was snubbed from attending this important confab of my fellow victims of liberal media exclusion at the White House.

Why, over the years, I, but apparently not the attendees, have been de-platformed, banned, and moderated by Letters to the Editor sections of major metropolitan newspapers, the comment sections of Red State and The American Conservative and, I daresay, from the pages of the esteemed blog Obsidian Wings at least twice, including once at the hands of Hilzoy, an accomplishment I am most proud of.

Back in the day, I was ostracized from the Silent Majority because I wasn't enough of a loudmouth, if you can believe it, from the Proud Boys, for sticking my chest out TOO far, and from the blog Tacitus, for not displaying the requisite amount of bored insouciance at the tiresome prattling of the resident proprietor of that now unmourned, defunct blog.

My credentials for inclusion among the mountebanks and rank assholes at your conference are unsurpassed and I take the rejection of my victimhood as a personal affront.

I'm also missing the luncheon of day-old Whoppers and the experience of opening those little plastic packages of ketchup with my teeth among the company of giants therein assembled in the vicinity of where the heads carved into Mount Rushmore once rested their brows upon the fine taxpayer-owned linens.

As you know, this means Civil War, but hold the civility.

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