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May 09, 2019


Remember that scene in "Red Dawn, so beloved by pigfucking subhuman conservatives, in which Soviet paratroopers land on the grounds of the Colorado public high school and force it to go private charter at Kalashnikov-point and brainwash the students into arming themselves, hitting the hills as a field trip, and letting their parents go without health insurance and vaccinations:


Hey, the financial markets are rebounding, so no sweat, most of my holdings were up today despite my socialist veneer.

Do I seem like I'm sweating it?

I know Mnuchin (that can't be his name) and Kudlow are placing massive buy orders in offshore futures markets with taxpayer monies to celebrate the use of taxpayer monies in the freely manipulated markets, ya know, like the law stipulates.

I'm long radiation futures, mushroom cloud startups and shorting the Red Cross's blood banking capabilities because I don't think they are quite up to what is coming.

Remember when you were a toddler and you still believed that if you made a movement with one apparently causative hand that there would be a corresponding movement in the reality around you ..... a leak would fall from a tree, a cloud would cover the sun, or your Mom would appear in front of you, and you thought it was YOU, the magic you running the show.

This is how p works. He tweets. The financial markets, like a yoyo attached to the poisonous root of his tongue soar and collapse, seemingly at his will. His Beck. His Call.

He gives his family a little taste, maybe a close criminal thug associate as well, Kudlow of course, and they dial in futures contracts with each move of the Wizard's tweeting tongue.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Toto just sniffs out the dog shit stuck to his shoe.

There are priceless doodads on display at the White House.

We'll never find them again.

leaf. Shut up.

Joe Biden thinks THAT political party will experience an epiphany.

It's not going to be like he thinks:


Might even be worse that I think:


I assumed you were in the tree.

Last word, that.

That Alabama anti-abortion bill is not that bad since it allows a woman to abort up to the moment that she knows that she is pregnant (according to one of the main sponsors of the bill). So, just put that abortion procedure into your daily routine. The only damper is that a woman can't know anymore that she committed a murder of an innocent* which is the whole point of the excercise (we know that the fun of that is the main driving force for women).

*caveat: fetuses go straight to hell since they are unbaptized, so they are innocent only as far as secular law goes. Whether a fetus murdering his mother could be prosecuted by secular law** is open to debate though (apart from the question whether it is to be treated as a minor or an adult or whether it is to be considered a citizen since that is a birthright).
**According to rabbinic interpretation a fetus with murderous intent (rodef) can be killed in self-defense.

sure, the Alabama forced-delivery bill is a disgrace, but we have to admit: HRC wasn't perfect.

More alarming data on Antarctic ice loss:

Pregnant women without health insurance, both those whose choice it is to bring their pregnancies to term and those who do not, will search in vain for life-saving medical care for themselves and their fetuses, as a result of this outrage perpetrated by a rapist lout, whose unpaid for aborted fetuses during his squalid lifetime, if placed end to end, could serve as a cordon to keep the Other off his fully mortgaged, bankrupt properties:


Pregnancy, under murderous, subhuman vermin republican governance, is a pre-existing condition which may be used to deny coverage .... a pre-existing condition the mother does not know about until it has pre-existed long enough to enable republicans to not only deny insurance coverage but to punish 13-year old rape victims if they seek abortions or attempt to abort the fetus themselves by desperately sticking a republican-supplied gun ... which conservative filth use to kill darker, more mature fetuses with if those fetuses break into their homes or drive while black ... up their vaginas and pulling the trigger, and to jail doctors and other medical personnel who attempt to help the young raped woman in her predicament before she is forced by republican neo-Christian bedbugs to marry her rapist and then submit to the re-consummation of his rape fetish on her during their blessed conservative-supervised honeymoon at Niagara Falls, after enjoying a ride over the Falls, fetus-intact, in a barrel since laws prohibiting such pregnancy-interruptus behavior were struck from the books by pox-spreading libertarian/republican c&cks&ckers to reduce the regulatory state.

My suggestion for monitoring the thinning of the antarctic ice sheets is to strap the pregnant daughters and girlfriends of Alabama, Missouri, and Ohio state legislators (we'll not tell their wives about the girlfriends the former of whom are probably being anally violated by their Christian divorce counselors in motels on the outskirts of town) to the ice flows and we can observe whether these fine, upstanding republicans believe global climate change is a HOAX or an abortifacient.

Marilyn Monroe was forcibly brutally anally raped by a Hollywood producer as part of his "auditioning" procedures for her role in the movie "Scudda Hoo, Scudda Hay!", and now male republican trash are poohing-poohing the notion by female actresses that the movie industry might boycott Alabama as a prime backdrop for their productions, wondering how it is that America can employ the same barbaric cracker birth control methods across state lines and yet use commerce as a weapon like 'at.

Roll into this comment that I personally would prefer to see abortion as a rare event, but legal nevertheless, with certain restrictions and medical safeguards, which we now have to varying degrees, but not for long, and financial support, state supplied, for surviving fetuses well into their majority age, should they not be shot by conservatives well before that for exhibiting socialist tendencies.

Put that in your pipe, conservatives, and light the thing.

Then shove it up your virgin as&holes, and we'll call it love.

Marry me.

Next to go down the legal drain, all birth control methods outside of Elmer Gantry rogering a billy goat to maintain the proprieties.

Brett Kavanaugh is preparing a Valentine for Christine Blasey Ford proposing another gang roll in the hay, once the legal specifics are worked out.

murderous, subhuman vermin republican governance

John, indulge my curiosity. Think back to the middle of the last century, when Democrats' control of Congress was predicated on the racist Democrats from the Deep South. Did you think that all Democrats deserved to be denounced as racists, simply because they were tolerating the racists who kept them in power?

And how about during the New Deal, when the same dynamic played out?

Seems like consistency would require that. Certainly there were some seriously subhuman individuals in play. But I have a hunch that you wouldn't have. Am I worng?

We were talking about changing minds recently, and wj cited the change in public attitudes and legal status for LGBTQ people that has happened at what I admit is an astonishingly fast pace in this country, and worldwide, over the past few decades.

This is my brief summary, echoing another BJ commenter, of that optimistic observation. In short: "Things can change back."

See, for example, Waterville, Maine, where the mayor is in the news again, rabble-rousing as usual. And I do mean rabble.

Seriously, you don't want your kids to be read to by a drag queen? Don't fucking take your kids to the fucking event. But the rabble's anthem is "freedom [sic] for me and not for thee," so no one else is free to go to that event without being harassed.

Once a long time ago, during one of the many statewide referenda we had in Maine on gay rights, I had a dream. I mean, a dream while I was sleeping, not in the MLK sense. I was in a
long line of people, waiting to be loaded onto the trains that were going to take us ... away.

Backwards into darkness: that's where they want to take us. They won't stop with abortion, or children in cages, or ignoring marriages rights in the State Department.

Backwards into darkness: that's where they want to take us. They won't stop with abortion, or children in cages, or ignoring marriages rights in the State Department.

I have to say, dramatic as this sounds, I completely agree. It's why I told my late husband (to his surprise) that I could barely watch the first series of the Handmaid's Tale, which he was happy to watch almost as dystopian sci-fi, whereas to me it seemed a perfectly possible future (and indeed present, in some of the world).

You mean, when I was an 8-year old RINO, in the middle of the last century?

I would hope so. Same, same for the racist southern Democrats, as opposed to the racist northern republicans, during the New Deal.

And yes, yes, judging folks of earlier generations by today's moral sensibilities is a sticky wicket.

This we are lectured by conservatives who claim THEIR values are universal, eternal, etched in tablets, unassailably inspired by unquestionable divinity.

All men are created equal. Since when? The beginning? Or when some politically incorrect Texan republican state rep finally decides by noon this Friday that this should be the case because not only does consistency demand it, but if he doesn't mend his racist ways, and all of the other ways, someone is going to stick a gun in his mouth and force him too.

Time's up. We aren't going to backslide yet again, James W. Crow.

But, were I a sentient adult in 1935, as opposed to a pre-fetal fetus in the imagination of my seven-year old mother, I would probably have shared many of the racist insensibilities of the era.

I may well be racist in some ways right this minute. I'll bet any black person could point those ways out to me.

Seems to me black folks should have burned me out of house of home then for the privations my racist dumbshitedness forced upon them, given universal, eternal values always held forth by "conservatives", and if I haven't figured it out after 240 years of foot-dragging bullshit, I should be burned out now, finally.

I don't expect consistency from human beings, least of all myself.

But I just want movement conservatives, who issue blanket accusations regarding everyone, all, who doesn't/don't abide by their program to shut the fuck up about their fake news bullshit consistency.

In the meantime, until they do, I'll speak fully enunciated English to them.

Not you, wj.

You are maddeningly consistent in all of the right ways.

wj asks John Thullen: Did you think that all Democrats deserved to be denounced as racists, simply because they were tolerating the racists who kept them in power?

I'm not John, but I'm borderline irritated by wj's question on several levels.

First and least: "murderous, subhuman vermin republican governance" is not the same as "all Republicans are racists".

Second: there's at least some difference between "tolerating" racists and encouraging them, let alone surrendering to them. FDR needed racist Southern Democrats to enact Social Security (against Republican opposition, mind you) so he tolerated them to the extent of leaving farm laborers and domestic workers out of the initial deal because those racist Southern Democrats wouldn't vote for anything that might benefit black people. But FDR did NOT drop the idea of Social Security altogether in order to please those racist Southern Democrats.

Third: those racist Southern Democrats are all Republicans now.

Fourth: neither John, nor you, wj, nor I were politically conscious at the time you speak of. So your question is at least ungrammatical.

Other than that, I think you're a fine Republican. Whether the racist Southern former-Democrats would agree, I beg leave to doubt.


"First": it is, however, routinely being used that way (OK, not always racist, but varying kinds of objectionable) by John. Which is what set