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May 21, 2019


My wife teaches primary school.
“Miss, Miss, she started it !” is expected of the less socialised ten year olds:

And they’re usually lying.

Which essentially changes nothing with regard to Brexit.

Soon we'll have a new clown in charge, but the farce will roll on.

Well, there is the potential (no idea how likely) change that the new PM will do what May never did and level with the country about what the real options are at this point (as seen from half way around the world):
1) no-deal Brexit. Followed by severe recession.** Ending with an economy resembling Greece . . . except without even the EU backstop that the Greeks get.
2) no-deal Brexit. Followed by severe recession.** Ending with England somehow rejoining the EU -- albeit without all the special deals that it has now.
3) no Brexit -- perhaps thanks to a new referendum.

All three followed by a massive political realignment. Details TBD.

** Almost as an aside, Scotland exits the UK. As does Northern Ireland, but more slowly and with a lot more violence.

I don’t think anything particularly positive will come from a change of Tory leader, particularly given the electorate.

Parliament will remain hung, with an opposition led by a man seemingly determined only not to commit himself on the Brexit issue.

And an insurgent party with no policy other than Brexit (an ill-defined Brexit at that), commanding around 30% of the electorate.

And the likely next Tory leader someone entirely without principle (though it’s not impossible that might be an advantage in the current situation).

Reputed patriot Robert Mueller wants to avoid answering Congressional questions in public. Allegedly, Mueller is not so much afraid of wilting like a delicate flower under the steely gaze of C-Span as he is afraid of letting himself be seen as "political". Because taking sides on the question of whether He, Trump is entitled to be king is "political", you see.

What rot.

My own theory is that Mueller thinks he would be unable to restrain himself from using naughty words like "jackass" and "lickspittle" when addressing Republican Congressmen in any public hearing.

Alternatively, Mueller is just another Republican.


Alternatively, Mueller is just another Republican.

It's a bit of a challenge to read Mueller's report and still see Mueller as a Republican like, for example, Barr. I mean, how hard would it have been to write a whitewash report? But he didn't.

All I have to say at this point is that I have never seen the likes of this mess.

Maybe the Nixon years, and all of the Cointelpro shenanigans, were this bad. They were genuinely horrifying. But this is like all of that, re-done as farce.

Calamity, for the lulz.

How many voters have already read or will ever read the Mueller report?

Let's not be disingenuous or naive. Televised testimony has a chance to make a "political" impact way beyond a redacted report on an investigation whose scope and duration may have been limited by "political" considerations.

Granted: Mueller is not a thoroughgoing flunky like Barr. But let's not pretend that Mueller's shyness is motivated by a desire to make He, Trump look bad.


One guess is that by having the Mueller hearing not televised GOPsters will have less opportunity for posturing (why bother, if no one in the target audience reads transcripts and there is no video?). So, the whole thing could proceed more smooothly and professionally.


I for one want GOPsters to have all possible opportunities to posture. The best way to expose a fool is to let him talk.

It's possible that the American public is stupid enough to listen to braying jackasses and think they're making sense. But in that case we (and by "we" I pretty much mean "the world") are already fucked.

That a man often described as a tough US Marine, with a reputation as an "honorable" public servant, is too dainty to speak openly about Dear Leader's complete and total "innocence" for fear of sullying his sparkling white shirt with "political" cooties ... well, it's like Ben Franklin said: "A Republic, as long as you don't defend it politically."



Could be I'm just old and cynical at this point, but I'm having a hard time finding cracks in this analysis.

I don't know what happens next.

I don't know what happens next.

I predict:

There's a slow crawl to impeachment. The House impeaches prior to the elections. Mitch McConnell's Senate either doesn't convict (or if there are votes, Mitch doesn't bring it to the floor).

Trump is reelected.

Our democracy is done.

The anti-Trump citizenry, being averse to violence, will go about their business just as most people in totalitarian regimes have done, sticking to their knitting and enjoying the occasional snark. That's all folks! (That existential crisis that was going to move us all to arms? Not until we begin to watch our families starve.)

By the way, it doesn't matter how many people support "us". That democracy thing is in the past.

Also, the Putin people? In the future, they'll probably allow a "Democrat" to win now and then. A "Democrat".

That's how this works, friends. And, no, as far as I know, I'm not schizophrenic or having hallucinations. This is what it is likely going to be. I don't want to believe what I'm saying for so many reasons. But it is likely.

Job cuts coming in "Trump country"

Surprise, surprise -- Republican Congressmen are really upset at what this means to their districts. They're not real happy that nothing has happened about the opoid crisis in their districts either.

If everything Trump does is part of a plan, then the only apparent aim would seem to be to lose an impeachment fight. Why else work so hard to piss off guys whose votes you'll need?

Then again it's probably just another piece of rank ineptitude.

Run of the mill Republican grift aiming to go very big indeed:

what sapient said.

also this.

snark time is over.

If you saw the Marvel movies you need to see Endgame.

Next book to read: ask at your local library for favorites and reading clubs who can suggest new titles and authors! Yay libraries!

I've yet to meet a Republican who even realizes the 9th Amendment even exists.

So, Max Boot makes a strong argument against a strong central government.

And I expect that Congress expects to be lied to. And even approves when it allows them to give the appearance of investigating something without having to do something about it.

And if everybody spends the next 18 months investigating each other, maybe we can avoid some of the bad laws they would otherwise pass.

The P.R. risks of giving people an open-ended invitation to comment about your organization.

"On Friday, the United States Army asked Twitter users how the service impacted their lives, likely as part of a Memorial Day campaign.

The sad responses are a poignant and timely reminder of the toll of war. Appropriate for the holiday, but probably not what the Army P.R. team intended."
Army Tweets 'How Has Serving Impacted You?' Gets Thousands of Responses About the Horrors of War: "My cousin committed suicide while on duty at the armory after coming home from a tour abroad."


Public enemies should be privatized...

I have a private list of my public enemies but each name is divulged once they are permanently crossed off the list.

"maybe we can avoid some of the bad laws they would otherwise pass."

Rank conservative government corruption is the servant/handmaiden to libertarian ends, the latter of which is unchecked private corruption.


Well then, we'll redraw things by more permanent methods.


Tear Joffrey to pieces.

Public enemies should be privatized...

Ok, that was funny!

Thanks Charles.



Amen indeed. The "white working class" meme has always pissed me off.

The implication that "working" and "white" are practically the same thing is how racism gets promoted by clueless talking heads. Those clowns have to spout crap like that to make a living, but Heaven forfend you should call it "working". No, no: they might cop to being "white", just like the MAGA yahoos, but they'd never identify with the likes of Marty, McKinney, or other people who work for a living.

"White Working Class", as a term of art in current politics, is a brand name like "Weapons of Mass Destruction". It has been devised to conflate economic hardship with racial resentment, like "WMD" was designed to conflate chlorine gas with nukular bombs. Our non-working-class overlords have always known how to exploit brand names.


GFTNC: I am in fact (re-)reading Busman's Honeymoon at the moment, and while I am enjoying it, I don't think it really ranks with Gaudy Night as a novel. Too much her version of "And they lived happily ever after."

Of the non-HV books about LPM, Murder Must Advertise and The Twelve Tailors stand out, in extremely different ways.

GftNC, I find myself re-reading Hodgell's God Stalk. (The good news: there's several sequels.) It's a rather different fantasy universe, with an approach to theology that I haven't otherwise encountered.

dr ngo: I confess, I have a very decided weakness for "happily ever after", particularly these days. It is true that Gaudy Night does high romance at a very impressive pitch, but I found Busman's Honeymoon to be a very satisfying coda.

wj: several sequels? I'm in! At least to try. Thanks.

I don’t agree with all of this, but overall I agree with what one might call its general sense. It’s a summary of Russiagate


Putin, moreover, did not plant a sleeper agent in a Harvard dormitory in 2002 and then have him study psychology and computer science, develop social networking algorithms, drop out in 2004, insinuate himself into Silicon Valley, and set up a private company that attains phenomenal profit by monetizing Americans’ love of oversharing and constant need to feel outraged.


To paraphrase the anti-American sentiments of a great historical figure, who like Ringo's drums in "A Hard Day's Night, loom large in our very own American legend:

Why, it's as if commotions of this sort, like snow-balls, gather strength as they roll, if there is no opposition in the way to divide and crumble them. I am mortified beyond expression that in the moment of our acknowledged independence we should by our conduct verify the predictions of our transatlantic foes, and render ourselves ridiculous and contemptible in the eyes of the entire world.

Benjamin Franklin was accorded a back seat in the writing of the U.S. Constitution because his fellows believed he might try to sneak jokes into the thing, perhaps crowding out the less funny ghost-written punchlines that made it into the final draft.

More constructively, he wrote a treatise on flatulence and our American capacity for emitting great clouds of human wind detectable from space.

After p, by which I mean after the Second U.S. Civil War, school children will no longer study and memorize the particulars of U.S. Presidents, but rather they will recite the contributions of game show hosts and reality show contestants.

Gary Busey will loom large in the American legend going forward.

Corey Lewandowski predicts, with his customary malignant relish, political show trials of p's enemies, perhaps even of Joe Biden, by the Spring of 2020.

I predict Lewandowski will be dead by then.

We can all have a larf over it.

That quote about Zuckerburg in Donald's FA article is dispiritingly accurate. A wise guy muses about the end of personal privacy in his dorm room over a can of Mountain Dew and bags of stale Cheetos and the world, instead of killing him, throws their riches at him, including their formerly non-monetized personal privacy.

What Zuckerburg (and company) have wrought is basically a worldwide 24-hour a day panty-raid. And he sells tickets to it.

I don't invest in gun stocks or Facebook in the stock market. I admit to owning a tobacco stock for an intermediate-term trade but that's only after I read that more conservatives than liberals smoke cigarettes and eventually, but unfortunately not before they have done their damage, suffer from lung cancer.

Maybe the stocks of the gun manufacturers would be a more substantive investment.

The great historical figure who coughed up that paraphrased quote wasn't Franklin, by the way.

It was Jerry Lewis.

Apparently, Kim Jong Un has signed on as a 2020 republican campaign operative on behalf of p.


He'll gather dirt on Biden, perhaps even lending the p campaign an anti-aircraft gun to shoot Biden with at an opportune time. That's if Victor Orban can't definitely make up Biden's secret life as a Jew pulling the strings of the vast international Jewish conspiracy all these years.

p knows nothing about this, and has never met Kim, despite all factual evidence to the contrary, so let's not cast unfounded aspersions.

See, what I love about America is we can just make up a bunch of shit and then carve our mugs in rock as seekers of Truth.

Good article, Donald. Although the final section heading - "get over it" - is offensively glib.

The current political and social situation is, exactly, a reflection who we - Americans - are.

Is this who we want to be?

Japan has now signed on as a foreign influencer against the Democratic Party, joining Russia, North Korea, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, and terrorist organizations across the Muslim world in stealing American elections.

And unlike nationalist American home-grown traitors, the tens of millions of them, the foreign influencers aren't even bribed by p and the republican party with massive tax cuts and an increased ability to pollute the environment and discriminate against minorities in fuckfreedomland.

All of the Democratic Party candidates need to make whoopy with the Chinese government, at the very least, and let Americans know that if p prevails in 2020, the last American Presidential election in this century, China will vaporize America with nuclear attacks.

Fair's fair in the fuck you world we have styled for ourselves.

Israel and Saudi Arabia too on that list of republican shit-talking peddlers.

My favorite thing in Donald's article, in the twisted and perverse way that "favorite thing" has become a euphemism for "ok, this raises the bar for 'bad'", was Steve Bannon first saying that the Trump Tower meeting between Trump Jr, Manafort, Kushner, and the Russians was probably treason, and then saying they should have taken it to a Holiday Inn in Manchester NH.

On the record.

Bannon came up with the idea of putting the horse in a hospital just to see what happens:


That smack-dab metaphor is now, what two years old and the horse is now kicking the MRI machines to bits down in the labs so there will be nothing left to diagnose our collective political ills.

The horse is now headed for the hospital morgue because there's nothing like a horse loose in a hospital morgue to destroy all possibilities of finding accurate cause of America's death in the autopsy.

Assemble all of the magnificent brainpower among those who work in a hospital, the doctors, the nurses, the administrators, the inventors and operators of all of those diagnostic devices and they are no match for the eye-rolling, terror-stricken paranoid brain-stemmed intelligence of a horse ....

...loose ...


a hospital.

There's a horse loose in the solar system too:


I don't recall being asked if my remaining paltry view of the now already dim fucking stars should be taken away as well.

We are permitting jagoffs, mountebanks, pigfuckers, assholes, and sociopaths to run the show.


They shoot horses, don't they?


Girl From The North Country, since you're laid up and looking for series, I'd like fly in with a recommendation from out of left field: a four-album series by one-man-band Aviators, the Bleeding Sun universe. It starts off with near-future-milieu Building Better Worlds, with various point-of-view characters dealing with the challenges and opportunities of a near future getting weirder and often worse. The albums Stargazers and Dystopian Fiction push their stories along, with escalating expanses of time and escalating power levels, culminating in Godhunter, which is practically Moorcockian in its vast eeriness and very-long-delayed reckonings.

This is what the title track of the final album sounds like. If you like the sound, you'll like the rest; if not, probably not. Aviators puts all his stuff up on Youtube so it's freely available. Since I liked it that much, I bought it from his Bandcamp page, but that wasn't necessary. Also, there's a serious labor-of-love wiki, available with a search for "bleeding sun universe" and wiki - it's got lyrics and annotations.


Out of left field indeed, Bruce Baugh, I can't ever remember a more unusual and original (as in thinking outside the box) recommendation. As a matter of fact I rather liked the way the track you linked sounded, but as it happens I am pretty sure this will not do the trick I need it to do at the moment. That's because I need to block out reality and be completely absorbed for nice long stretches of time, and reading prose does that for me, while listening (even while reading lyrics) does not. However, I may well check out some more of this stuff in due course. Thank you.

Here is another piece with a somewhat different view. The point, I think, is that our problems are much bigger than Trump. He also claims that the US economy might be half the size of China’s by 2050 and nobody is thinking seriously about what that world will be like (it’s also hard to imagine what the environmental situation will be like by then).


Girl from the North Country: Oh, yeah, I know about needing inputs in a particular medium and method. Best wishes for recuperating!

...The Twelve Tailors...

The Nine Tailors. Because "Nine tailors make a man..." - in the death knell the bell tolls three times three times to mark the death of a man (two times three for the death of a woman). Followed by once for each year of age.

Donald: I don’t agree with all of this, but overall I agree with what one might call its general sense.

I'm curious: what part(s) does Donald not agree with?

For my part, I don't know whether I agree or disagree with young Stephen Kotkin's sanguine faith in the "resilience" of American "institutions".

The SCOTUS is definitely an American institution. In one sense of the word, it is incredibly resilient, not to say entrenched. The Roberts Court will likely last beyond my lifetime. That it contains a pervert, a perjurer, and a receiver of stolen goods, and still gets obeyed, shows just how resilient it is. Let He, Trump appoint another Justice or two, though, and you'll see "resilience" that would make a pyramid blush.

The GOP used to be an American institution. For a century and a half, it was an admittedly regrettable but nevertheless distinguishable coherent participant in democratic governance. It has now become a solidly royalist coterie of He, Trump lickspittles who still call themselves "Republican" for some reason. The name, at least, is resilient.

Wall Street is an American institution. It is, as always, operated by your tax-cut-deserving, CEO-salary-maximizing, GOP-funding betters. And don't you forget it, White Working Class.

Main Street(TM) used to be an American institution. It may possibly revive, since chain stores and franchise restaurants catering to millenial-and-younger refugees from The Heartland can spot the trend toward urbanization as well as anybody.

And of course The Free Press is an American institution, standing ever ready to advise us to "Get Over It" so as not to be tweeted at by Dear Leader.

All in all, resilience abounds all over the place, I suppose.


Pro Bono: Of course _I_ knew it was The Nine [not Twelve] Tailors.

I was just testing you.

You passed. Everyone else failed. ;-}

‘Many good things coming out of North Korea....’

I see Trump is picking up on Kim’s idea that criticism of the great leader is tantamount to treason.

"I see Trump is picking up on Kim’s idea that criticism of the great leader is tantamount to treason."

Give Trump more years in office, and it'll be called Lèse-majesté.

BTW, my response to a leader declaring himself "President For Life" is to immediately grant his wish by giving him two in the noggin. Might be relevant, someday.

As this is an open thread, I find Memorial Day to be one of the saddest days each year. Time with family seems bittersweet. My emotions captured well in the song Soldier by James Taylor


"[I] smiled when [Kim Jong Un] called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse"

Disgusting though we know he is, it's still worth pointing out when Trump lowers the US by a few more steps, lest we get numb to it. Shame on anyone who voted for him.

Then there's this, headlined Trump backs Kim Jong Un over Biden, Bolton and Japan. Well, if he believes Putin over our own intelligence people, why wouldn't he believe Kim over them? And by now, it's hardly eyebrow raising.

President Trump on Monday denied that North Korea had fired any ballistic missiles or violated the United Nations Security Council resolutions, taking the word of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the assessments of his own national security adviser and his Japanese host. He praised the murderous dictator as a “very smart man.”

Pro Bono: Shame on anyone who voted for him.

Shame? What's that??

And anyway, the people who voted for Him could be excused as dupes of RWNJ and Putin/Wikileaks/Facebook/Fox propaganda. They are merely deplorable.

People like Poutin' Little Lindsey, Central Casting Mitt, and Yertl the SCOTUS thief Mitch, on the other hand, don't have even that excuse. They're straight-up despicable.

But they promise the rubes good "(Republican) policies" and anti-abortion pro-corporation judges, so the deplorables will keep voting for the despicables so that Dear Leader can stay out of jail.

Also, to piss of the libruls, of course.


I now believe in this great man:


Tomorrow, it will be revealed that Rush Limbaugh's anal cyst was actually Richard Nixon's secret plan to end the Vietnam War folded into a tiny package and encapsulated in the former's ample anal cavity for top secret delivery to Ho Chi Minh via tunnels underneath the demilitarized zone dividing North and South Vietnam in 1969.

Meanwhile, cloth-eared beet Mike Pence predicts war and death coming soon everywhere in the world while addressing the cannon fodder who are gonna take it all for the gipper:


He then pronounced himself unfit for military duty on account of the fact that if Lena Horne could be mistaken for a white woman, then he could don a dress and pumps and gain a seat on one of the Titanic's lifeboats and call it reverse affirmative action.

America's coming Civil War II, unlike the solemn first go-round, will be equal parts savage killing and uproarious laughter.

i like how the Average Joe on the bench in that one painting is totally out of proportion with all the former Presidents. the guy would be 7' tall and 350 pounds.

I had an ObWi-related dream last night. Members of the commentariat here showed up at my office for whatever reason. The specific things I recall are russell and I trying to name every hit song by the Greg Kihn Band (are there more than 2?) and cleek having some kind of problem opening an Excel spread sheet. Other than that, just random dream stuff I can't quite remember.


I had a nightmare last night that the EPA under p and republican murderers removed all restrictions on the use of Zyklon B and carbon monoxide, much maligned gases, but beloved by conservatives, to disinfect America following all future visits by liberal globalist George Soros and other suspects.

The Administration signed a multi-lateral accord with the governments of Poland and Hungary to drone spray their countries' more "cosmopolitan' populations with these newly popular household gases.

Mobile vans are being deployed to our southern border in which brown central American children, free of their mothers' humanizing influence, will be asked to count to ten backwards.

Murderous subhuman vermin Pompeo is a true believer in the global climate change hoax.

Maybe he's a Chinese agent.


Now there's a question to conjure with:


How do you privatize an institution no one wants privatized and placed in the hands of profit-seeking corporations to pay off those "people" for their campaign bribery of conservatives?

How do you lock-in year after year large percentage increases in the defense budget to pay off those who bribe conservatives for defense contracts?

You head up to West Point and promise eternal worldwide war to supply the maimed and butchered carcasses, ambulatory for the time being standing at attention on behalf of Christian murderer Pence, that will overwhelm the VA system, causing delays and breakdowns, while cutting their budget, and hasten its privatization.

Pence and p, both dead men walking, receive millions from the death industry, who would like nothing more than to see our country's military cemeteries placed in private hands, either to move the bodies of our soldiers to less valuable real estate and perhaps build gold courses and hotels, or to bury slaughtered soldiers two and three deep while charging exorbitant up-front burial costs to the grieving families while locking them into "subscription-model" long team fee structures to keep their loved ones' remains buried there.

Shareholder value, baby. Supply-side economics. Keep them bodies coming.

American flag manufacturers give generously to conservative vermin politicians.

Lotta caskets to be draped, the more the fucking better.

A nation of ghouls.

Speaking of ghouls, and since this is an open thread. I mentioned Saki's stories recently when JDT recommended Roald Dahl's short stories for adults. It prompted me to order a volume of Saki's short stories, since I lent my previous one to someone who never returned it (a frequent occurrence. I have had to replace Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas three times). Anyway, I mentioned his most famous short story, Sredni Vashtar, and have just re-read it in the newly arrived volume, where it is described in the preface as "one of the finest stories in the English language". I am unable to confirm, not generally being an afficionado of short stories, but it is very good. Here it is, for anyone interested:


I think my favourite Saki story is this one: http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Roma803.shtml

I'm also very fond of The Schartz-Metterklume Method...


(that site has much better formatting than my link for Sredni Vashtar - thanks Pro Bono)

I've always liked "The Open Window" and "The Secret Sin of Septimius Brope". Not to mention "Cousin Teresa".

Also http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Tob.shtml

They don't write'em like that anymore, hsh.

I am unable to confirm, not generally being an afficionado of short stories, but it is very good.

I think you can make a case that what Saki wrote weren't really short stories. They were cameos. Enough difference in length to be a different genre.

Maybe it's just me. But I really really love it when someone actually runs an experiment to see how a possible social policy will play out.

Will it get ripped on philosophical grounds, regardless of whether it works in practice? Sure. Will it work in practice? That's why we do experiments. But the initial results seem interesting.

speaking of running experiments...

what corporations did with their tax cut: nothing that helped anyone else!

just as predicted.

They don't write'em like that anymore, hsh.

Are you talking about hsh's dream, russell, or one of the Saki stories we have been distracting ourselves with?

It takes a weatherman to tell how much America blows:


He could move his fact-based weather forecasting operation to a journalistic broadcast enterprise.

From today's Guardian, the headline: "Bannon described Trump Organization as 'criminal enterprise', Michael Wolff book claims
Former White House adviser says financial investigations will take down president in sequel to Fire and Fury"


Isn't there a description, the source (and exact wording) of which I have forgotten, about rats criticising other rats?

speaking of running experiments...

what corporations did with their tax cut: nothing that helped anyone else!

just as predicted.

Well, I was thinking more of experiments on previously untested ideas. Not so much on ideas which have already been tried multiple times, and never panned out.

There's a term for trying the same thing over and over, and (saying you are) expecting a different result. It isn't "experiment."

"and I could see there were thousands of rats .. rats, Rats, RATS, thousands of them, millions of them .... if you would obey me."


It's RATS all the way down:


"By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation" Edmond Burke

"You learned the two greatest things in life, never rat on your friend and always keep your mouth shut." Jimmy Conway to Henry Hill in "Goodfellas"

"I wouldn't mind the rat race, if the rats would lose once in awhile." Tom Wilson

"We all love the environment, but we have placed creatures above people. A rat is a rat." Sonny Bono

"I feel like rat shit" Cher, Rolling Stone Magazine 1973

"It would be ugly to watch people poke sticks at a caged rat. It is uglier still to watch rats poking sticks at a caged person." Anonymous

"You dirty, double-crossing rat!" Jimmy Cagney

"How now? A rat? Dead, for a ducat, dead!" Hamlet

Just like what was set upon us in November 2016:


A self-help video: exterminating rats:


I've heard baking soda works too, if you believe in the humane method of solving the rat infestation, but can we afford to be humane at this late date with such inhumane rats?

Well, now we know:

The foundations for legalizing abortion in America were laid during the early 20th-century birth-control movement. That movement developed alongside the American eugenics movement. And significantly, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger recognized the eugenic potential of her cause. She emphasized and embraced the notion that birth control “opens the way to the eugenist.”
I, for one, had not realized that birth control was equivalent to eugenics. Thank you, Justice Thomas, for the enlightenment. (One might note that, under Trump, more of Justice Thomas' ex-clerks have been appointed to Federal judgeships than any other Supreme Court justice.)

Did Thomas write his rant in green ink?

Sanger was for birth control but against abortion. She embraced the eugenics movement as she felt that it gave her birth control efforts a scientific underspending. She was against forced sterilization except maybe in extreme situations.

But does Justice Thomas know (or care) about those details?

did Thomas explain why Sanger's opinions matter today?

re Thomas, the unoriginal Originalist, I can't recommend enough (thus, this is the second time I'm recommending it in the last week here) Jonathan Gianapp's "The Second Creation: Fixing the American Constitution in The Founding Era".

I'm halfway through now, rereading sections as I go, but I also have half a dozen books going simultaneously, but it recreates the debates over language used in the document that replaced the wholly inadequate and chaos-causing Articles of Confederation, and goes to the heart of the differences among those men in 1787, which live to this day, regarding a static, literal document set in the stone of time and a living document, fraught with ambiguity and subject to the ever-flowing and changing, Heraclitusean waters of time.

It turns out that the very same men (elites all, not that there is anything wrong with that, ha ha, among dimwits) who just finished writing the Constitution convened the inaugural new Congress and immediately were flummoxed by their own hand regarding whether or not a Cabinet Officer could be removed from office for corruption and which, if any branch of government was tasked with that removal, the Executive and/or the Legislative.

It's as if they asked Ben Franklin, "What have we wrought?'" and Franklin answered, "Search me, and by the way, search in vain in the Constitution we just slaved over for what the fuck we should do."

The originalists of the time argued that nothing may be done and no one may be removed for gross corruption, either by the President who appointed the miscreants or the legislature because the language of the document did not address specifically and concretely the issue.

James Madison, a Founder, argued the opposite against the original originalists (who at least had proximity in time to what they believed was their original originalism) but what's a little anti-originalism from a Founder to a bunch of fucking Johnny-come-lately smirking assholes in 2019?

If other cogent points emerge from the book, I'll let you know.

Anti-abortion, anti-contraception, pro-disenfranchisement of minorities, pro-authoritarian strongmen: O brave new world, that has such people in it.

In Justice Thomas' defense, despite his stiff-necked confusion (true, abortion is not addressed in the Constitution, but neither is appendicitis, the infield fly rule, or for that matter, eugenics!), and without going back and determining what Margaret Sanger believed or did not believe, it is a fact that generally (almost universally) speaking, the white race, (white men who were accorded the voting franchise first, but natch everyone else only grudgingly accorded the same, if at all) looked with horror, regardless of political affiliation racist Democrats and racist Republicans alike, on the reproductive fecundity of shiftless black men and their loose women (I grew up with this shit, they breed like rabbits!), unless of course the black father, mother and children were property and could be sold for a profit, then by God, don't you dare abort) and not content with them apples, (I can hear my Protestant paternal grandmother (she was otherwise a sweet lady, I loved her) holding her fork aloft at the dinner table like a laser powerpoint pointer on a demographic spreadsheet and saying "Mark my words. This keeps up, they are going to outnumber us!") they said the same about the damned Irish Catholics, the Papist Italian Catholics, the Chinese, and the Mexicans, and the Jews, and now the Muslims, and you know what they still do, fearing "demographic irrelevancy" as we are lectured every fucking day by these pigfuckers (nearly all now exclusively conservatives since Strom Thurmond decided to have his cake and eat it too by knocking up his black mistress AND switching his racist allegiance to the Republican Party) who happen to share my race and my gender and they were happy, once all of these groups reached the age of majority, to deprive them of their birthrighted voting privileges, originally not permitted in the Constitution.

They didn't like them fetuses voting.

So yeah, Thomas has a point of view registered and rooted in the annals of America's racist original sin, but now that all women, regardless of the color their skins, can make an informed medical choice about abortion, or better, whether to use birth control methods to avoid pregnancy or for other legitimate medical reasons, including avoiding an unfortunate abortion, but Judge, if your government prohibits the use of birth control, the majority of the women in this country will lower their drawers and water the tree of liberty, and I will join them in a sympathetic leak and then burn this government to the ground, the Supreme Court included.

Is Thomas telling us he would have prohibited Anita Hill from obtaining a spermacide? Or did he just want a blow job?

Thomas is correct that abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, but nevertheless in the real world in 1787, there were aborted fetuses.

If any conservative onlookers here would like to wade in and call me a "baby killer", feel free but I request that you travel to me physically and say it personally to my face so I can kick your non-fetal ass.

Charles WT: "scientific underspending" (sic, I know).

So she was a conservative republican after all?


Spellcheck... :}

Judge Ginsburg weighs in at 78 pounds:


Conservatives and republicans can't wait for her very late-term abortion and will dance and howl in the streets like subhuman ghouls when she dies.

"By the widely celebrated New York Times bestselling author of Last Call—the powerful, definitive, and timely account of how the rise of eugenics helped America close the immigration door to “inferiors” in the 1920s.

"A forgotten, dark chapter of American history with implications for the current day, The Guarded Gate tells the story of the scientists who argued that certain nationalities were inherently inferior, providing the intellectual justification for the harshest immigration law in American history. Brandished by the upper-class Bostonians and New Yorkers—many of them progressives—who led the anti-immigration movement, the eugenic arguments helped keep hundreds of thousands of Jews, Italians, and other unwanted groups out of the US for more than 40 years."
The Guarded Gate: Bigotry, Eugenics and the Law That Kept Two Generations of Jews, Italians, and Other European Immigrants Out of America

Presumably, Justice Thomas will join me in demanding reparations for the death of all fetuses and birthed children conceived by the groups enumerated above who were denied admittance to hospitals, denied the service of white Christian midwives, forced into a state of penury by racist employment laws, kept in a state of malnutrition by enforced poverty, and generally fucked before and after birth throughout this country's history.

How many fetuses were aborted or new born black infants fed to the sharks on the Norwegian and Carnival Cruise slave ships prior to 1866?

How come that wasn't a Census question back then?

Further, please join me in demanding that the government going forward purchase fetuses from women who might otherwise abort them and supplying those fetuses with adequate housing, health coverage, education thru college, clean air and water, protection from gun violence and a year's supply of jelly beans swiped from Ronald Reagan's Neshoba County candy jar.

What, are we afraid of unintended consequences and perverse incentives and disincentives for fetuses too?

I suppose CharlesWT is trying to make some point about something, rather than simply indulging in Sanger fetishism. I wish he'd make it explicitly.

Maternity-ward immigrants have always been more numerous in the US than port-of-entry immigrants. This has allowed them to preen themselves as more deserving: if God favored them by creating them USians, He must have meant for them to "close the door" if they felt like it.

But He forbade them "closing the door" to maternity-ward immigrants, even though they enter the country illiterate, dependent, and unproductive -- just like (supposedly) port-of-entry immigrants. And most of them take longer to learn English and get a job, also.

I'm just trying to plant, in the rocky soil between the ears of Clarence Thomas and his ilk, the idea that abortion is an anti-immigration measure. If that notion takes root, it would be interesting to see the fruits of it.


Look on the bright side. Justice Thomas is unlikely to join his fellow conservatives in reviving anti-miscegenation laws. ;-)

...in the 1920s

/looks at calendar

Further, please join me in demanding that the government going forward purchase fetuses from women who might otherwise abort them and supplying those fetuses with adequate housing, health coverage, education thru college, clean air and water, protection from gun violence and a year's supply of jelly beans swiped from Ronald Reagan's Neshoba County candy jar.

I agree with this other than the jelly beans, which must be stale by now.

Justice Thomas is unlikely to join his fellow conservatives in reviving anti-miscegenation laws.

Don't give him that much credit.

Thomas' 20 page irrelevant, incoherent rant is just...I don't know what. Apply its reasoning to the Founding Fathers who were slave owners...

If a Dem wins the 2020 Presidential election he will retire during the lame-duck session and Trump will appoint and McConnell will confirm his replacement.

Don't give him that much credit.

Well since such laws would invalidate his marriage, he's likely to feel a bit constrained. When the negative impacts are personal, the enthusiasm tends to fall away. (And not just for Justice Thomas.)


Expect republican conservative vermin to ridicule those devastated.

Expect Texan Republican Congressmen and others to vote against saving their lives and livelihoods.

Movie Quote of the Day: I think that I am familiar with the fact that you are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you on the ass!

Well since such laws would invalidate his marriage, he's likely to feel a bit constrained.

As I said, don't give him that much credit....


As I said, don't give him that much credit....

Ah, but it's you giving him too much credit. For intellectual consistency.

oh, hey,

THANKS AGAIN, GOP. you're the fucking best. so much class. so much honor. so much heritage.


The foundations for legalizing abortion in America were laid during the early 20th-century birth-control movement.

Says Thomas, the ur-originalist.

By traditional common law, abortion before quickening was not an issue. Quickening is somewhere around 15-20 weeks. The first actual legislation about abortion in the US is ca. early 19th C.

Originalism is a fraud.

If you simply consider abortion to be straight up wrong, you will get no objection from me. If that's where your personal beliefs lead you, so be it.

But I just don't have a lot of patience with people who make shit up.

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