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April 18, 2019


As an aside, it isn't too early to start serious planning for where we might relocate (and it will have to be relocate) the population of, for example, Bangladesh --

I hear Greenland will be available...

remember when AG Eric Holder refused to turn over documents to Congress? and the GOP House voted to hold him in contempt? and some House members wrote up articles of impeachment against him?

oddly! all those Rule Of Law "conservatives" are silent this week.

turns out, their deep commitment to the principles on the Constitution is quite provisional.

(for the record, i think Barr should be held in contempt for perjury, not for refusing to un-redact info about active legal proceedings)

What about all those Ds who voted for Holder's executive privilege, what have they got to say?

Were I one of them, I would say this:

In September 2012, after a nineteen-month review, the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General cleared the Attorney General of any wrongdoing with regard to Fast and Furious, stating that there was "no evidence" that Holder knew about the operation before early 2011.


Since I'm me, I'd just say that Darrell Issa is a douchebag.

What about all those Ds who voted for Holder's executive privilege, what have they got to say?

In what ways are the two cases the same?

In what ways does executive privilege, which was the claim in the Fast and Furious case, protect the findings of a special counsel's investigation?

it isn't too early to start serious planning for where we might relocate (and it will have to be relocate) the population of, for example, Bangladesh

The UNHCR counted about 1 million refugees from the conflicts in Syria in Europe. That was enough to threaten the Schengen area agreements and spark the resurgence of nationalistic fascism in Europe.

The Bangladeshi government's climate change action plan anticipates that 20 million Bangladeshis may require relocation by 2050.

Note that changing climate contributed to the Syrian conflicts, to the conflicts in Darfur, and are also a contributor to the exodus from Central America that we are freaking out about right now.

"Stand athwart history yelling stop!"

Good luck with that.

Note that changing climate contributed to the Syrian conflicts, to the conflicts in Darfur, and are also a contributor to the exodus from Central America that we are freaking out about right now.

Also the Rwandan genocide, IIRC.

"I hear Greenland will be available...'

How bout if all 167-plus million Bangladeshi seek high, dry land in California, get fed up immediately with the high real estate prices and taxes and then decamp, all 167 million, maybe in reverse-engineered Conastoga wagons, the better to call it Manifest Destiny in order to appeal to mythic American bullshit, to Texas and you can then brag about Texas' hospitable tax rates and setting new records for the state's uninsured population.

I understand the tax migrants will feel right at home in Houston during the humid rainy season when the water rises.

Think of the tens of thousands of Bengali food trucks in Austin.


Guess where else is available:


We've wasted our military assets on the Southern border when ice breakers might have been a good idea.

It would be cool if p withdrew us from NATO, hanh?

Seems the world's great military powers, including ours, are true believers in the global warming hoax.

Curious about those stinking fucking subhuman anti-science republicans, though I'm sure they are shorting ice in their offshore accounts, the filth.

The Manson Family Values Council put in place by vermin Falwell and company:


I liked it better when only the Democrat Party had a monopoly on blow and sucking.

Thems were the days.

Burning Hoschton, Georgia to the ground isn't nearly the chore torching Atlanta was:


I suggest the new 167-million strong Texas Bengalis settle near polling places to avoid the long illegal drives on voting days:


A nation of predators:


A doctor, a priest, and David Bossie walk into a bar carrying a hollowed-out pelican they plan to use as a canoe when the waters rise.

A bomb goes off killing all three.

America improves.

And it's only Tuesday.

At the time it was built, the Texas Capitol building was about the eighth largest artifact in the world. A later Texas politician once quipped that the capitol was built for giants and was inhabited by pygmies.

I would take as a starting point the approach we took during the previous Gilded Age.

With respect, I find this puzzling. What approach do you refer to?

I picked the Gilded Age example because it had a lot of the same issues we see today:
- enormous wealth inequality
- government jobs going to the well connected (with the folks in power) rather than the competent.
- combined with serious corruption in government.
- issues with new technologies
- issues with race and with immigration
- a narrowly divided electorate, where tiny shifts could swing elections

As for what ended that, see the Progressive Era.

But briefly, we got laws to break up monopolies and oligopolies, and to regulate corporations. We got laws to clamp down on corruption in government. And to shift political power from the rich to the people. We got the income tax, to both reduce income inequality and fund improved government services. We got changes to improve education and make higher education more widely available.

A lot of those laws are still in place. However, the world has changed drastically, and they need some updates for changed circumstances.

And, as noted, our overall economic situation is better, opening new possibilities. For just one example, we might combine higher tax rates on those who have more money than they can spend with higher Negative Income Tax for those who have little. I'm not sure I'd go as far as a guaranteed minimum income. But it's not a flat economic impossibility -- for all that it has other problems


Their aims are explicit and transparent: destroy democracy in the USA.


I don't actually think that's the goal. I think the goal is to preserve some "way of life" that they find congenial, and which is (or they think it is) threatened by broader social and economic changes.

I tend to agree with Janie here, though I'm not sure there's a lot of difference between her and Russell. Janie describes the means, Russell the ends.

They are trying to destroy democracy, in all the various people here have listed (and don't forget the census business, which I didn't see mentioned), in order to entrench themselves in power.

russell (referring to the 12pm post), I assume/fear the 'solution' will be Hilaire Belloc's most (in)famous quote: 'Whatever happens...'

A caravan, I say, a caravan of Americano wetbacks bearing chronic diseases and fleeing American predators invades the Canadian border with tiny terrorists in baby carriages in pursuit of a free low sugar lunch.


Canada needs to bring out the razor wire, the dogs, the teargas, and shoot to kill these banana republic refugees with faulty pancreases.

Where's Pompeo going, using up my tax dollars?


Maybe Canada to undergo a subsidized lobotomy at the hands of socialists.

Please do harm, socialists.

Last night, I asked:

Does anybody here doubt that Moderate Marty would be telling us, around Christmas and New Year's 2020, that however despicable He, Trump may be personally, we should chill out and have a reasoned debate on whether He may actually be within His rights? Anybody? Marty?
My prediction, you'll note, was about what Marty would do, not about what He, Trump would do. Naturally, Marty responded with:
Jesus you people. Do you think there is ANY way he could actually refuse to turn over power? Is there any credible notion that the military would defend him in that endeavor? The FBI maybe?
I harp on this merely to illustrate the classic misdirection maneuver that defenders of indefensible positions often engage in.

MY position is NOT that He, Trump will attempt to stay in the White House if he loses in 2020. It is NOT that the FBI or the Secret Service or the Army or the goddam "Oath Keepers" would take up arms to keep Dear Leader in power.

My position is simply that, IF He, Trump tried that on, Moderate Marty would admonish us angst-ridden commie pinko baby-killers to look at it from He, Trump's point of view. I am not mind-reading, I am making a prediction. About Marty, not about He, Trump.

I hope and expect we will NOT find ourselves able to test that prediction.


It would help if people on the left would drop the "democratic socialism" label and adopt "social democracy" instead.

I don't think many people would recognize a distinction. I doubt that very many people in the US could give an accurate definition of either.

Plus, at the national level, you can probably count the number of self-declared democratic socialists with your fingers. And I'm not sure all of them could give an accurate definition if what it is.

The Washington Monthly goes there:

Clean your damned house.

1000x this

If Congress is not to lose all powers of oversight over the executive, I see no alternative to starting the impeachment process now:

NPR had somebody from Trump's legal stuff on this AM, talking about all of the shenanigans.

The guy was reasonable, articulate, and more than sane. His people are talking to Nadler's people, these are the issues they are concerned about, surely they will reach some accommodation acceptable to both sides, etc etc etc. A good lawyer and a good spokesperson. Somebody you could work with to resolve an adversarial situation without burning the house down.

Watch Trump blow it all up.

He doesn't know how to interact with other human beings, other than by being a colossal jerk.

Character is fate.

assert executive privilege over the results of an investigation INTO THAT EXECUTIVE ?

we're in banana republic territory now.

We are, cleek, but it's really because of the people being super mean to our poor, beleaguered president. Everyone knows that.

Bananas territory too:



These two snapshots of singular and purely American-bred conservative cultural pig shit make me want to start a liberal charter school whose curriculum will be devoted to training adolescent liberal assassins, a sort of youth militia, outfitted with the latest in cultural and political paranoia, malignant performance art chops, and the military grade weaponry required to carry out what we adults are too civilized to attempt for the good of the country.

We could invite the NRA and the rest of the gun nuts to the school for an assembly and in the middle of the thing, the kids could blast forth with fusillades of gunfire during the question and answer session at the conservative gun filth who expect us to duck and cover (Fuck you!) in fucking schools for the rest of American history, which, God willing, will be short-lived.

Maybe Betsy DeVOS and her mercenary, murderous brother could cut the ribbon at the first school and then serve as an example of what is coming to the entire subhuman conservative movement in this world.

Further, when set upon by threatening alt-Right, QANON, White House and conservatively inspired shitheads, our kids here, good American kids, but fed up, vengeful kids, will be trained to seek out these Secret Santa f*ckers and carry out savagely violent attacks on them and their mothers, this last is very important, because we can't allow these conservative vermin to breed any longer if we plan to live any kind of normal life in the good ole USA of assholes.

This shit stops now.

but it's really because of the people being super mean to our poor, beleaguered president.

that must be what the "Pray For Trump" bumper sticker i saw yesterday was about.


Hey conservatives, get the f*ck outta my country:


Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, those you fit in with are egion.

Move now before we move YOU.


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