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December 04, 2018


Thank you, LJ. I feel kind of embarrassed and humbled. Happy holiday season, everyone!

I read most of Laura's book about the dog rescue operation on the Olympic Peninsula a few years ago. It's hard to say I "enjoyed" it, because the story is so hard. But it was absorbing and well-written. I'm going to get this one after the current work rush is over.

Laura -- nice cover! Do you work with a cover artist or, by chance, make your own?!?

A combination. I made the image of the girl and my publisher did the rest. My publisher is Tamira Theyne of Who CHains You. She is a niche publisher of books related to animals and she has a really lovely line of children's books, if anyone is shopping for little kids. She doesn't make any money. Her business also donates proceeds.

And thank you for the 'well-written". Every time I look at it, I find another comma error.

Okay, sine I have this opportunity for shameless self-promotion: https://www.amazon.com/Dog-Thief-Other-Stories-ebook/dp/B01LYUW10Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1544025890&sr=8-1&keywords=Jill+Kearney
That book is published under a fake name, It is very realistic.

Congrats, laura!

Laura -- I feel your pain about the comma errors. It seems like you can never find them all, no matter how many eyeballs you put on the task.

It has been interesting to watch the world of self-publishing since my daughter got into it in 2011, which was fairly early. It was the Wild West at first, but it was easy to see right away why there are such things as publishing houses, and the entire world of publishing is re-growing itself around self-publishing, in the form of free-lancers or small outfits that will do all the necessary stuff for a fee: editing (of various kinds), marketing and promotion, covers, etc. My daughter buys her covers (for the most part) and does the promotion, I do the editing and uploading. It's a lot of work. I might do a post on it if I ever get unburied from work; I've also got a lot of stuff I wanted to add to the "Darkness" thread, but I have no time.

However, a proofreading story: All the way back in the 1970s, I thought that the old Ballantine paperback copy of LOTR that I've kept to this day had a couple of particularly annoying typos. Those who have loved LOTR will remember that Treebeard has a refrain about how all the other peoples are "hasty," in contrast to the slow speech and long lives of the Ents. But there were a couple of places where the text said "nasty" instead of "hasty," I was sure of it. Indeed, it was corrected eventually, as can be seen in later editions.

So it isn't just us. I mark typos in books I own; publishers have been going on the cheap for a while now. As if spell-check could ever know where to put commas.

It's not self-promotion if someone else posts it, right?

this is all more than extremely cool.

well done, laura!!

Excellent! More power to you, Laura.

This is wonderful, Laura. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Laura!

The Amazon summary of the book mentions only "some" cats in Limbo, one dog, and chickens, among others of our beastly brothers and sisters.

ALL chickens, or did some make it to Heaven/Hell?

That's a lot of chickens, to paraphrase Woody Allen.

No books in Limbo?

I guess everyone can converse with Socrates.

Are Lennon, Harrison, George Martin and Geoff Emerick there, to make up for the lack of reading material

Back to part-time lurking and thank you.

Thank you! I put the animals in because...they deserve an afterlife more than people do!

Chickens ARE decent people, a late sagegrouser once said.

I use the Grammarly browser extension to keep my comments somewhat comprehensible.

I use to see word processor induced typos in books. Errors that were created when someone did a search/replace to correct errors and the software also changed text that shouldn't have been changed. An analogy for DNA editing tools.

Errors that were created when someone did a search/replace to correct errors and the software also changed text that shouldn't have been changed. An analogy for DNA editing tools.

Which is why, no matter how tedious it is, I always avoid doing global changes and go thru them one by one. The trouble with DNA editing tools is that it isn't really possible to go thru and check each instance before the changes get saved.

I use to see word processor induced typos in books.

You used to see them. ;^)

You used to see them. ;^)

The free version of Grammarly doesn't catch everything. :/

Just in time for the holidays, one good thing.


So many good thing are possible. If only McConnell will get out of the way.

I guess bah humbug. I mean, clearly, everything would be perfect except for McConnell.

Alternate theory, so much could be accomplished if Schumer and Pelosi would just get out of the way.

Perhaps. But in the specific case you referenced, McConnell had been refusing to bring the bill to the floor for weeks. A bill which passed 87-12 once he finally allowed it to come to a vote. It wasn't the Republican caucus the kept it from being brought to the floor, because the bill got an easy majority of Republican votes. Jusy McConnell.

Pelosi could be a bottleneck. Next year. But for the moment, and the last several years, the only bottleneck in the House has been Ryan.

Oddly though, he did bring the bill to the floor, and your response was criticizing the delay not celebrating the huge bipartisan success on an important issue.

Bills get delayed for lots of reasons, deals get made, then they get a vote. Same story if its Pelosi, or Schumer in a few years.

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