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October 23, 2018


Theological treatises on the topolgy and inherent stability of Hell anticipate quite a few aspects of quantum theory. And Hell is clearly a place of neo-Euclidean geometry.
That its inner diameter far exceeds its outer is a given

Not to pile one hell upon another, but if the climate stuff plays out as predicted over the next couple of decades, emigration in large numbers may become a not-uncommon phenomenon.

So, I'll maybe see your Children's Crusade and raise you a Migration Age.

And that wasn't the only time that large migrations have occurred in human history.

People want food, water, shelter. If they can't get it at home, they'll move.

So, I'll maybe see your Children's Crusade and raise you a Migration Age.

Just a barrel of unbridled optimism, we are...


And we keep letting our air out of the country free of charge.

Those globalists cause wind to blow and the clouds to move.

Meanwhile, Canada lets its air across our borders, causing winter. The pure storm effrontery of it makes the little propeller on my MAGA hat spin out of control. THAT will stop, unless Congress becomes Democrat, and then get ready for foreign air to invade from all sides.

And everyone knows that caravan of ISIS malingerers heading for our southern border to rape what few women left in the country republican conservatives haven't already raped, are holding their breath en masse and will exhale when they make it to San Antonio, causing increased CO2 concentrations in Texas, as if that state wasn't suffering from political halitosis already.

Any room mp enters suddenly has a shortage of oxygen and everyone else in the room is left fighting for their breath.

My fellow Americans, breath harder and faster.

Close the the air gap.

Meanwhile, Canada lets its air across our borders, causing winter.

Yes, but they don't charge for it. As long as we don't let money flow out of the country, imports are OK.

An unwanted guest.

He broke in to our country during the middle of the night.

Deadly force seems appropriate.


The stock market is doing what it does during every vermin republican administration, save the liberal commie Eisenhower and the conservative Clinton spans ..... crashing.

Every gigantic tax cut in American history has been followed by a speculative spike, a crash and a recession, or worse.

Everything Republicans touch turns to fucking shit.

If only I could reach and out and touch all 100 million conservatives in this country and turn YOU into shit.

Obama (and Yellen) took it from about 6500 back up to 20000.

Don't fuck it up, Don.

Obama (and Yellen) took it from about 6500 back up to 20000.

Don't fuck it up, Don.

Not in his DNA, unfortunately. This is, after all, the guy who took hundreds of millions in inheritance and turned it into bankruptcy. Multiple times. Fucking something, pretty much anything, up seems his core competency.

mp was hired by the republican party to practice his only talent -- bankrupt the United States Government and destroy it and kill it.

He's Grover Norquist's Beria and Himmler rolled into one.

There will be blood.

So, odd topic, but bullshit is all of a piece in bullshit republican America.


As you know, I'm one of those commie stock market investors.

It's my cover.

I neither do weed nor have I invested in it.

I'm tickled though by bullshit business and market "journalism", excuse me, I mean shilling, and not Curt with a "c'" in there.

The pot stocks underwent a gigantic short squeeze (in America, even betting one's bearish inclinations has been turned into a bullish indicator by the bullshit Kudlow liars of the world) the other week aided and abetted by paid-off internet writers. In short, haha, the stocks went parabolic on account of the bears being forced, forced I say, to bet against their own correct opinions and cover their shorts by buying the shares.

Natch, carnage ensued shortly thereafter.

While simultaneously, I'm reading these exact, except for the XYZs, headlines:

XYZ pot stock is the Berkshire Hathaway of the industry

XYZ pot stock is the Cisco Systems of the industry.

XYZ pot stock is the Amazon if the industry.

Ya see, if you took the lying and fucking bullshit out of America's First Amendment equation, especially on Wall Street, the entire 240-year grift would go kablooey.

Pop would go the weasels. Ben Franklin would be standing there in his I Love Lucy boxer shorts fending off locusts.

We wouldn't even need the Second Amendment any longer in order to shoot the fucking liars and grifters.

THIS headline might have been on point.

XYZ stock is the next Cheech and Chong of the business.

"Hey man, I'm telling ya, this is some righteous stuff.

Looks like it's all seeds to me?

You heard of crunchy peanut butter? Just so with this nickel bag.


Yeah, Columbia, Maryland.

How much?"

There was a time in America before businessmen, who ARE America's overhead, ruined it for everyone.

The market goes down 1500 points in two days in bullshit America?

Headline: Volatility Wreaks Havoc on Wall Street

Market goes up 1500 points in two days?

Headline: Calm Returns to Market

Conservative: I hate inflation. You liberals are killing the value of the dollar.

Bystander: Your home is worth twice what you paid for it five years ago and Amazon is off the charts. Rents have soared.

Conservative: Fuck you, ya loser. I'm a landlord. Fucking my tenants is part of the job description.

Conservative: The Democrat commies made money too cheap. Get rid of fake low interest rates.

Bystander: Yeah, finally, the Fed is raising Fed funds rate to meet demand for money and to head off inflation.

Conservative: The fucking Fed is killing me over here. Abolish it. The Fed Chairman is the enemy of the American people. The only inflation I see is in what the rube/proles are getting in their paychecks.

Bystander: Well, they can still pay the rent on your 565 square feet of space you own.

Conservative: I can keeping raising the rent longer than their pay increases will keep up, because we got rid of all those bogus low income socialist schemes and I can always find new tenants to fuck in the mouth.

Megyn Kelly does blackface on the air:


Then receives the kiss of death, and denies she knew about Archie Bunker's "menstrual" show:


She lands new gig on the Food Channel. Title of the Pilot: "Melons You May Not Have Heard Of"


The blind in a one-eyes world (cut ahead to the 12:15 mark):


Ben Franklin would be standing there in his I Love Lucy boxer shorts fending off locusts.

I'm not sure what this means, exactly, but it is a wicked funny image.

Is it just me or does the caravan bring this to mind?

To me it brings this to mind.

Is our house falling down?

That's beautiful, byomtov. I know a lot of Gordon Lightfoot, but didn't know that one. I wonder whether it's because I didn't need to so much before.

Thank you.

Apparently, the bombs don't work. In fact, lack a key component to finish the explosive reaction.

Clearly then, a liberal democrat constructed and sent them.

In which case, I plan on sitting back and eating popcorn while conservatives, who have told us that gummint in its every action is incompetent, malign, over funded, and a theft from their very pockets and lies in its very utterance, has concluded that the bombs are friendly misfire meant to embarrass an orangutang who sits in the Oval office flinging papers and feces around.

An ape who fully lacks the embarrassment gene, anyway.

NOW, we're supposed to believe conservatives/republicans when they accept and hold aloft the conclusions of the institution of government that they hate to its very core and cellular level.

Fuck off. You folks purposefully destroyed the reputation of every governmental institution these last 40 years.

It worked.

You set off whatever emergency sirens you want, assholes, and no one is going to move.

Apparently, the bombs don't work. In fact, lack a key component to finish the explosive reaction.

If you send me a package with explosives, packed in a pipe, with some wires, you clearly intended that I should believe it's a bomb, and the authorities will have to treat it as a bomb. IANAL, but it seems to me that "working" is immaterial at that point -- you should be prosecuted for sending a bomb.

does the caravan bring this to mind?

It reminds me of this :


which used to be my favorite late-night background music.

does the caravan bring this to mind?




Yikes, cleek. That's fabulous.

And I'm still many weeks away from the border!


I kid you not, it came to me yesterday out of the blue that OCSteve would be along shortly.

This oughta be good!

Roger that.

A wanted guest.

Maybe it's trick of treat.

it seems to me that "working" is immaterial at that point -- you should be prosecuted for sending a bomb.

In other words, prosecution for sending a bomb doesn't depend on you being a competent bomb-maker. Nor should it.

Just as, if you attack me with a butter knife, it may not be assault with a deadly weapon, but it still may be attempted murder. (Especially if you have a history of proclaiming that I should be killed.)

In 30 seconds browsing I see many names I remember. You guys are indefatigable... Just checking in. Thinking about next week I assumed you all would be riled up. You do not disappoint. ;)
I don't want to talk politics (I won't be canceling out your vote, let's leave it at that...)
I was just thinking about you all, and wanted to see if you are still here.
I see so many names I hoped to, missing some though...
Hilzoy? Jes? Slarti? Charles?

LJ, russell, Count, wj, sapient, cleek, Nigel, Nous, jrudkis, novakant, hairshirt, Tony P., CharlesWT, Sebastian... Crazy that you are all still here. Sorry if I missed you but I just went through the most recent posts.

Believe it or not, even though I don't hang out here anymore, you have all had an impact and influenced my thinking.

OCSteve, you cross my mind more often than you might imagine.

I hope you are doing well.

Tell us what's new. How's the blood pressure?

Slarti and Jes ran away and got married.

No, they didn't.

We miss the missing too.

Hey! Good to see you. I don’t think you overlapped with Marty, which is unfortunate, I’d like to think he’d not have been so strident if you and a few others were posting. Or maybe not, not sure when you were herelast but I think it was pre Clickbait.

I’m away from my computer till Monday, but if you’d like to post about what you have been up to, I wouldn’t mind that going on the front page.

I am doing OK. How are you Count?

You cross my mind quite a bit as well. I miss our discussions. I would come back here more but things being what they are...

It seemed crazy years ago that we could discuss politics. Now it seems impossible. But still, I'm drawn here, just to see how you all are doing...

Blood pressure? I like to think I've learned to take it all in stride. I might be wrong. ;)

cleek - can you call off the ACLU? That one donation and they have never stopped...

For me it all started with Hilzoy, is she OK?

OCSteve! Wow! I hope you won the lottery or something. Nice to know you can still type. Damn, it’s good to see ... well ... your words in text ... on my device. Seriously, though - knowledge of your continued existence is uplifting. Stick around, if you’re so inclined.


It rarely comes up around here anymore.

Someone here links to Hilzoy's Twitter feed occasionally.

I hope she's doing OK too.

Thanks for the welcome hairshirthedonist! No lottery involved unfortunately. In all honesty, I just wanted to see if the site still existed. Then I saw posts and comments by so many folks I recognized I just wanted to say hi...

Hey OC back atcha.

Hilzoy has been gone from ObWi for a long time now. She's on twitter, though.

Slarti's raising pigs in southern IN.

Don't know about Jes.

Cool to see you buddy, glad you're doing well.

Also, am I a bad person if this makes me happy?

It's good to hear from someone outside of the current regular crew (much as I love you all).
The impression that we've spent the past few years talking only to ourselves is sometimes a strong one - though that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

An interesting and provocative article on birthright citizenship:

cleek - can you call off the ACLU

i wish i had the power.

i gave $25 to ActBlue last week and they put me on 25 mailing lists.

welcome back!

Also, am I a bad person if this makes me happy?

In a word: no.

If the market for Bannon's toxic idiocy is shrinking fast, that's good for the country. Now all we need is for him to discover personally that karma's a bitch. (Which, I suppose, makes me a bad person....)


The Democratic Party needs to start running ads, even after the election and every day for the next two years, warning mp, Bannon, and the entire republican party edifice that Whitey Bulger's long-postponed fate awaits every one of them.

They are anti-American thugs. They are the enemies of the entire planet.


I'd trade EACH better American individual in the fake caravan heading for the border for one million registered republicans any day, any time.

I'd trade EACH better American individual in the fake caravan heading for the border for one million registered republicans any day, any time.

No, no! 1 for 1! We need those highly motivated immigrants/ And their kids.


The republican party, the filth, deserves a genocidal generalcusterfuck on a national scale.

The republican party is the unwanted guest.

Get out of my house.

Get off my property.

Get out of my country.

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