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October 09, 2018


Meanwhile, back at US politics, we have this: North Dakota soybean farmers, caught in the trade war, watch the season run out on their crop

Money quote

The soybean plight has become a flash point in elections in the heavily Republican state, including the battle between Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and GOP challenger Rep. Kevin Cramer. But the situation also has tested Peterson’s — and other farmers’ — support for President Trump, who carried the deep-red state by 36 percentage points.

“He’s the president of the United States and he deserves our support,” Peterson said on a recent morning at his farm. “But I can’t help wondering about the methods he’s using with regards to trade.”

A glimmer of hope, perhaps, for Senator Heitkamp's reelection effort.

What are they gonna do, vote for a Democrat? Lol.

Well she has been elected there before...

What Nigel said.

Well she has been elected there before...

Yes, but that was before this happened.

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