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October 26, 2018


Interesting idea from Booker, which is neither foolish nor impractical:

Although its real benefits would take rather a long time to appear (or even because it’s not a quick fix) I am quite impressed.

Booker has an office in the building I work in. Lots of excitement here this morning. What a country!

Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this “Bomb” stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows - news not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!

Our President

Given his close attachment to alternate realities, I assume this means that Democrats are doing well in early polling....

they've found someone.
and, shocking news... his white van is covered in screechy Republican rage stickers.


Florida man FTW!!

The whole "Florida Man" thing is scary!

and, yes, he is a registered Republican.

Encouraging development in the one the most appearance obsessed societies on the planet:

they've found someone.
and, shocking news... his white van is covered in screechy Republican rage stickers.

So I guess you're gullible enough to fall for this obvious ruse. The guy has been pretending to be a Republican so he could pull this off.

But wait! He could secretly be a Republican pretending to be a Democrat pretending to be a Republican so he could make the Democrats look bad.


The wonderful thing about conspiracy theories is that absence of evidence merely "proves" how deceitful and clever, not to mention dangerous, the conspirators are. And therefore there's absolutely no way the believers can be persuaded otherwise.

add "while selling boner pills and diabetes supplies" and you have Fox News' business plan.

Encouraging development...

Hopefully a tipping point.

The bomber appears to be one sad dude.

He will be going away for quite a long time. I hope his sojourn includes some help for what appear to be "issues" of some long standing, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for that.

He's lucky nobody got hurt.

From what I've read about his social-media activity, I'm surprised I didn't go to high school with him.

I can't find a photograph of the suspect.

Does anyone know if he looks like Deborah Wasserman Schultz, maybe around the eyes?

When asked why the bomber had targeted Democrats and liberal public figures, Sessions, who mp, the leader of free world, I tell you, has told us to not to believe about anything and who sez talks like a cracker.

Sessions tried to look dumb when he said he didn't know, but that's not a far reach for the nitwit.

The press is reporting the news of this guy's capture. The very news media mp not 10 hours ago in a pre-dawn tweet exhorted us to never believe and whose every utterance is a conspiracy against his very person.

The FBI and the CIA and all Federal law enforcement, we have been informed and conditioned to chant by EVERY fucking vermin Republican and conservative in this country, are DEEP STATE conspirators against everything decent in America, collaborating with the leftist news media to hurt David Betrayevich Nunes' feelings.

And here's the straw that will break the camel's back, the poor beleaguered muslim camel, all of these FBI agents, all of the law enforcement are .... my gersh ... protected or are members of a Labor UNION, an entity hated by Nazis, Republicans, Chinese Communists, North Korea, and Vladamir Putin's thugs , in a word, the dirt of the world.

WHY would these union malingerers bother doing a competent job trying to find this suspect. They aren't competent by their very nature, we are told over and over and over and over by stinking filth.

They are time servers. Overpaid. Fat retirements. The very act of getting out of bed in the morning is an act of criminal theft of Americans' hard-earned money.

Do I hear an echo?

No, this guy is one of dozens, possibly hundreds, with tens of millions in support, of slithering conservative snakes and republican ratfuckers trying to murder Democrats, liberals, and minorities.

Every institution in the country has been neutered of reputation, stripped of legitimacy, and made suspect and useless by the vermin.

Believe nothing.

"one sad dude"

Aaah, he's a patsy.


You can take that news to the bank.

Try Lehman Brothers or the Keating Savings and Loan.


Sox in 5

I can't find a photograph of the suspect.

So here's your picture:

Sox in 5

Au contraire. Sox in 4.

The spitting image of Wasserman.

Sayoc -- Filipino

What are his ties to Rodrigo Duterte, one of mp's role models?

You are a hard man, wj.

Sox in 3! (Get it?)

Put a Sox in it. Dodgers in 7. The ratings demand it.

Aaah, he's a patsy.

Yes, but not the way Stone means.

Recieving mail bombs is a new status symbol. Anyone not on the list probably fails to protect democracy.

At minimum, anyone not on the list needs to rethink any 2020 Presidential ambitions they may have harbored.

Caught in the act, red MAGA hat and all:


A caravan of a different color, bomb-makers and senders-all, begins moving to the border:


She's from my hometown:


Not unusual among the Scaife-Mellon bugs in them thar parts.

I believe the identification of the bomb-maker as a true red mpper will boost both voter turnout among mppers and cause hundreds of thousands of them to attend bomb-making seminars at Hobby Lobby outlets in their neighborhoods.

A caravan of a different color, bomb-makers and senders-all, begins moving to the border

Send 'em to Guatemala. Nip it in the bud.

And let them walk, like the caravanseraim do.

She's from my hometown

Waffle houses and short order joints all across the land are forever grateful for the efforts of Salena Zito.

You can't buy that kind of advertising.

OT, but nonetheless: Roger Stone.

I try not to be vindictive, but I would be absolutely delighted to see Roger Stone behind bars.

Don't want to indict a sitting POTUS? OK, have it your way.

Bring me the head of Roger Stone and we'll call it even.

And this is an... interesting sidebar.

I can't be the only person who thinks the bombing suspect is exactly who I think all trump supporters are: failures. Aside from being a failed bomber, he is also a failure in every other way, from living in a van down by the river to love, family, and general happiness.

No, I know four mp supporters personally. Two very successful people in their fields with families.

Another couple, the husband a former cop, fireman, and businessman.

But they CANNOT be talked to about mp. They HATE Obama. They would shrug their shoulders if Hillary Clinton was shot in the head.

They are fully body snatched.

I don't want to live in a polity with them.

They need to leave.


Not interested, Geraldo. Outsmarting yourself is easy, you dumb FOX c*nt. Even you can do it. Everyone outsmarts you.

Al Capone outsmarted you.

Every bandwagon full of bullshit you've jumped in front of and tried to take credit for leading in your fake news "career" has ended up running you over.



What a p*ssy. What a loser. What a coward.

He tries to lynch a n*gger and when the attempt fails, he can't bring himself to make the call.

Maybe Pence's wife will make the call, if Mike doesn't mind her talking to a black man without him around.

Ginni Thomas, wife of conservative vermin Clarence Thomas, at it again:


Abolish the Supreme Court. Or ignore its rulings.

Break every law they uphold and uphold every law they declare unconstitutional.

There is no rule of law in America.

Al Capone outsmarted you.

And Capone was dead at the time.

Two very successful people in their fields with families.

Another couple, the husband a former cop, fireman, and businessman.

Yes, but there are so many ways to fail.

Trump North Carolina rally: Crowd chants "CNN sucks" while president looks on

of course

Another relatively modest, but rather good proposal, this time from Warren:

On a less uplifting note, from the WaPo:
Later Friday afternoon, as he departed Washington for a rally in Charlotte, Trump told reporters he has no plans to tone down his rhetoric — “I could really tone it up,” he said — and noted that the suspect “was a person that preferred me over others.” He also rejected the notion of responsibility: “There’s no blame. There’s no anything.”...

"There's no anything"

Put that behind glass in place of the Constitution in Washington D.C.

Along with the final four words in Woodward's "Fear":

"You're a fucking liar"

Not a Democrat liberal quoted there.

mp's mother, putting the final touches on America.

An interesting business model


The Supreme Court is a pointless piece of shit institution now. Abolish it and close down the building.


Both Mnuchin and Soros took Sayoc's house, eh?

It's like a scissors move on the financially hopeless by the world's bipartisan elites.

Not that he knew the names, but very very symbolic of the past 20 years of worldwide chiseling by the elites.

It's a wonder Sayoc wasn't sending out nuclear bombs to everyone.

"There's no anything"

Can we have that printed on the currency instead of "In mp We Trust"

Perhaps in the Pledge of Allegiance as well:


"... to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under mp's thumb, invisible, with liberty and justice for a few clever assholes and no anything for the other marks."

It's not like jerks haven't changed it on a conservative whim from time to time anyway.

It's immutable, amiright?

This may be off-topic, but it sure is on to something about the times:


If you are homeless and have a job, of course, it pays to sleep at night right IN the cemetery so they can just roll your body into the grave without all the rigmarole over hearses and the decorative frills on the inside of the lid of your coffin.

Sox up 3-1.


Read Roberts' lips when he heard about mp's tweet while still in the dugout.

37 "f" bombs. He was as polite as Obama during the news conference.

I suspect Hill was being saved for further pitching duty. He has a pitch count on him most games because his devastating curve ball comes at the expense of debilitating blisters on his fingers.

Mp know as much about baseball as he knows about the details of governance.

Do you know why mp hasn't been invited to throw out the first in a major league ballgame?

Because instead of making the pitch, he'll pick up the game ball and go home.

If mp tweeted recipes:

Step One: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step Two: Throw everything, including the kitchen sink, in a pot.

Step Three: Shove it up your ass and eat me.

mp's had more staff turnover than both the Dodger and Red Sox bullpens combined.

Sox up 3-1.

Thus demonstrating that you know more about baseball than me. ;-)

Not yet. Still one to three games to go.

Yet. And you nailed it.

Because we need some good news occasionally

I'm particularly taken by the fact that whatt apparently fixed it was, someone flipped a switch on and off. Anyone who ever got told "Reboot" can't help but be amused.

my goddamned car radio/phone/etc system got itself locked up today and i was pissed that i couldn't reboot my car, while i was doing 80.

Well it generally takes a while to find and fix the bugs in a system. Even those that seem obvious in retrospect.

"There's no anything" could only stand as the all-American motto for a few days until Elon Musk tops it with "I am the nothing of Tesla".

Kafka use to read his stories aloud to his buds, among them Max Brod, while sitting in a chair in a room that situated his head unseen among and behind the hanging clothes in his open closet and one and all would fall to the floor laughing and gasping for breath about the absurdity of it all.

Then they woke up the next morning with the carapaces of skittering beetles and thought to call into work and take sick leave, because that's what bugs would do, right, thinking maybe the condition would clear up shortly.

Then Bergen-Belsen bada-bada-bing and everything began to make sense.

The colonial chickens, uncounted before they hatched, came home to roost by crossing the sea to get to Britain...

Oops!...wrong thread!

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